How To Get Mages Rage In Outriders & Best Mods

Our Outriders Mages Rage guide tells you what Mages Rage is, how to obtain it and which mods and builds go best with it.

Outriders being an online multiplayer game, offers highly competitive and challenging gameplay that can obliterate you if you are not prepared enough. How do you prepare? Well, mainly through collecting the top-tier weapons, armor, and mods.

Speaking of, the “weapon mod” feature can turn you into a seriously overpowered killing machine. Provided you know which ones to use and, more importantly, How to use them. Now Outriders has a vast range of weapon mods, but the one that stands out the most among them is the Mages Rage.

Key Takeaways
  • Outriders contain many different mods from which players can choose and make their own unique builds from them.
  • The Mages Rage is one of the mods players can use for their build in the game. It is a mode that can basically one-shot your enemies, which is ridiculously overpowered.
  • Increases your Anomaly attack by 10% after every critical hit. The greater the Anomaly level, the more overall damage you will do to your enemies.
  • To acquire the Mages Rage, you must get your hands on the Final Penance. 
  • This weapon already comes equipped with the mod, and you can extract the mode by disassembling the weapon.
  • Combine the Mages Rage with the Embalmers Rage Mod. That mod allows every hit you land to become a critical hit, making this pair a deadly combo.
  • The mode itself can be used by any Anomaly Power Build, which is quite a bunch. Like the Anomaly Power Pyromancer, Anomaly Power Devastator builds, and a few more.

What Is Mages Rage In Outriders?

Mages Rage Outriders
Mages Rage Outriders

The Mages Rage is among those mods which can one-shot your enemies. Basically, what it does is it gives you a 10% boost in your Anomaly power every time you successfully land a critical hit. This buff can be stacked up to four times and lasts for 15 seconds.

Now, what is Anomaly power? It basically summarizes all the damage outputs you deal with through the melee attacks, the skill attacks, and the status effects. Long story short, the higher your Anomaly Power is, the happier you will be in Outriders.

Obtaining Mages Rage In Outriders

Now the real question is, how can one get their hands on the Mages Rage? In order to acquire the Mages Rage in Outriders, you first need to get your hands on the Final Penance. It is a legendary double gun that the developers added with the “Worldslayer” expansion.

Speaking of it, read Outriders Worldslayer How To Start guide & learn how to start the DLC. Although the Final Penance comes pre-equipped with the Mages Rage, it really is not the best combination.

Because the activation of Mages Rage requires you to land critical hits, and anyone who has played Outriders knows that double guns are the worst for landing criticals.

On the bright side, you can extract the Mages Rage from Final Penance and use it on a weapon that has a higher probability of landing criticals. But you still need the Final Penance first to actually extract the mod from it, so let’s talk about that first.

Acquiring The Final Penance

Mages Rage Outriders Final Penance
Final Penance

Now you can either spend tons of hours in Outriders in hopes of getting the rare Final Penance, or you can use the following strategy to cut that process down to mere minutes. This strategy works best if you already have a few characters around level 50 in your roster.

However, if you are a complete beginner, well, it will still work, but it will take a bit more time. So without further ado, let us jump right into it.

Step 1


Your first step is to enter the Lobby through a previously played and upgraded character. Now go to the stash and fill it up with all your gear (the higher the level of the gear, the better).

Now come back to the character selection screen, create a new character and enter the lobby through them. When presented with the “Where do you want to start” pop-up, choose World slayer.

Step 2

Mages Rage Outriders Inventory
Inventory Screen

Doing so will jumpstart your character to level 30, unlocking an NPC you can only access once you are level 30. The next step is to select the class of your choice and hit start. Once in the world, go to your stash and transfer everything to your inventory. Now select all the items in your inventory and dismantle them. This will give you a huge number of materials.

Step 3


Now go to the NPC we mentioned before. His name is Tiago, and he is sitting right where you spawned. Sell all your Titanium and switch back to the “buy tab”. Now you are just two steps away from obtaining the Mages Rage in Outriders.

Under the buy tab, you will see the “re-roll” button. Keep pressing it till you find the Final Penance, and then buy it. The best thing about this strategy is that you can use it to get everything in Outriders. While you are at it, consider reading Outriders Class Tier List.

Final Step

Assuming now you have obtained the Final Penance, let us head to the final step. The last step to acquiring the Mages Rage in Outriders is you dismantle the Final Penance, that’s all. Now you possess one of the most overpowered mods in Outriders.

Additionally, before going off to slay your enemies in Outriders, read the following section of our guide to read some bonus tips regarding Mages Rage. Consequently, enabling yourself to deal as much damage as the game engine allows you to do deal.

Best Mods Pairing For Mages Rage

Mages Rage Outriders Embalmers Rage
Embalmers Rage Mod

There is no denying the fact that the Mages Rage is among the most overpowered mods. However, when you combine it with the Embalmers Rage Mod, you literally have the deadliest combination of mods. Embalmers mod guarantees that every hit you land is a critical one that activates once you successfully kill an enemy in Outriders. Now combine the power of Embalmers Rage Mod with that of Mages Rage, and well, we will leave the rest up to your imagination.

Which Builds Can Use Mages Rage In Outriders?

Mages Rage Outriders Builds

When it comes to the question of which builds can best utilize this mod, the answer is quite a few. The mod basically acts as a catalyst for any Anomaly Power build, so you can guess that many builds can put it to work in their favor.

Some of them are Hybrid Meta Power builds, Anomaly Power Pyromancer builds, and Devastator Anomaly Power builds. The Technomancer build in Outriders provided uses the Techmoger set with it, or some other Anomaly Power Ordinance build.

That covers everything you need to know about the Mages Rage in Outriders. If you have made it to the end, then we congratulate you as you are armed with the most dangerous mod and tactics to obliterate your enemies.

If you found our Mages Rage Outriders guide helpful, then our Outriders Worldslayer Trickster Build guide will also interest you.

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