Outriders Pour One Out: Side Quest, Accolades & Rewards

This guide explains how you can unlock the Pour One Out side quest in Outriders, along with its rewards, Accolades, and connection to the main plot.

People Can Fly studio’s online action role-playing, third-person game Outriders released on April 2021 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia. The game focuses on builds such as the Trickster Build, Pyromancer Build, and Devastator Build.

It also contains Mod Effects & Anomaly Power, allowing you to exploit and stack it. Outriders contain a number of side quests and Pour One Out is the one we will be covering in the guide. While you’re at it, why not read our Outriders best builds guide?

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Key Takeaways
  • In Outriders, there are many different side quests that players can go through in order to gain more rewards and other bonuses.
  • There are 4 Quests that you are going to find in RIft Town. 3 of them are Terra Infirma side quests. Once you complete the main storyline of the game the Pour One Out side quest is going to be unlocked.
  • The minimum level for things to go smoothly in this quest is level 28. If not then things will surely get a lot tougher for the player.
  • After completion of the Pour One Out quest, you will be rewarded with the Legendary Convoy Customization Pattern by the Twoje Zdorie Accolade as well as 500 experience points. You will also receive a trophy for completing all the side quests in the game. 
  • There are many different Accolades that you can acquire in the game each with its own unique rewards and bonuses.

What Is Pour One Out Side Quest in Outriders

If you are looking for additional rewards and other types of bonuses then worry not. There are lots of side quests in Outriders that you can even complete after the story in free roam. It also gives you an option to keep track of your side quests’ progress. You can check it under Accolades where you will see Progression and in there will be Philanthropist. Also, consider reading the 10 Games Like Outriders Worldslayer guide.

In Rift Town, you will find four side quests. The first three are the Terra Infirma side quest, The Payback side quest, and the A Bad Day side quest. Once you complete the main storyline of Outriders the fourth side quest of Rift Town Pour One Out can then be unlocked.

In First City, there are two side quests: Endless Dark and No Place Like Home. Eagle Peaks has two side quests as well, the first one being Divine Intervention which can be unlocked once you talk to Jocelyn Dunham and the other one is the Scientific Method side quest. Deadrock Pass has the A Free Market side quest and the Nature’s Call side quest. 

These are only a few of all the side quests available in the game. However, these games will not be available directly. For each side quest, you will have to do something to unlock it. Sometimes you will need to interact with an NPC. For example, to unlock the Return Fire side quest, you will need to interact with Uijo who is in the bar.

Sometimes you will need to search for something. For example, to unlock the Outrider’s Legacy side quest, you will need to search for a hanged Outrider who is opposite the customization station. While you’re at it, consider reading the Outriders Worldslayer Trial of Tarya Gratar guide.

Pour One Out Quest Guide

Outriders Pour One Out Location
Pour One Out Location

To begin the Pour One Out side quest in Outriders you will first need to complete the main campaign story. However, make sure before you start the quest you have a minimum level of 28 so the side quest goes smoothly. Once it is done, you will be in Utargark. Fast travel from there to Rift Town.

Open the Door for Bottle of Vodka
Interact with the Door

When you reach your destination, you will need to interact with a door that is close to the Rift Town travel point, it will be near your stash. When you do that, there will be a new side quest available with the title “Pour One Out.” After starting it, you will need to go inside Jakub’s room. In his room, you will find a bottle of Vodka, along with a note stuck to it. There is Polish written on the note and then you will know it is time to pay a visit to Jakub. 

Outriders Pour One Out Vodka Bottle
The Bottle of Vodka along with the Polish note

Pick the bottle of Vodka and go back to Channa. From there you will have to travel to Utargak so you can meet Jakub for the last time. On your way to Utargak, take a right turn which will lead you to Jakub’s Grave. On his grave, share his bottle of Vodka with Channa and him. It will complete the ‘Pour One Out’ side quest in Outriders.

Side Quest’s Prerequisite

Outriders Por One out Prerequisite
Defeat Yagak to unlock Pour One Out

Before you try to play Pour One Out side quest, you will first need to complete the Humanity main quest in Outriders. The recommended level you should have for the main quest is 27 and it will reward you with 10,000 experience points. 

At the beginning of the quest, you will see Caravel at a distance, a ship that was not supposed to leave the Earth. You will be in Monroy’s Palace and you will notice that it is that from which the signals are being broadcasted. So you have to reach there to the ship to use the Uplink Node. It will allow you to connect to the Flores that is in orbit so you can call the drop pods down which contain resources.

The final boss in the quest will be Yagak and defeating him is quite challenging. To defeat him you will have to follow the strategy of maintaining a safe distance from him so you can easily avoid his attacks. 

He has the ability to summon glowing blue orbs, keep destroying them as it will reduce the distractions in front of you. Once you defeat the final boss Yagak in Outriders, you will be able to play the Pour One Out side quest.

Accolades And Rewards

Quest Completion
Pour One Out Completed

If you do not know about the Accolades then these are the in-game trophies of Outriders. They have different feats in different categories. You will find some Accolades related to progression while some to class-specific feats.

In Outriders, Accolades award you with cosmetic items. The items include Convoy Customization items, Banners, and Emotes. For the Pour One Out side quest, the Twoje Zdorie Accolade will reward you with a Legendary Convoy Customization Pattern. The reward will be useful for your truck.

Once you drink the bottle of Vodka with Jakub and Channa, you will be able to claim the Accolade. You can do that through your menu so you can complete the pouring one out for an old friend, Jakub’s Twoje Zdrowie Accolade. Moreover, on completion, you will get a reward of 500 experience points as well.

Pour One Out will also help you in achieving the trophy of completing all the side quests in Outriders. Not only is the side quest simple and rewarding but you will also be able to go through the game’s experience when it comes to the complicated ending of Monroy and the Pax.

There are different Accolades in the game for which you can complete quests. The Accolades will award you with different rewards each time. Without completing one class-related Accolade quest you will not be able to get the Trophy in the game.

However, the other Accolades are related to Bounty Quests, Historiam Missions, and Monster Hunts that can be completed as you farm the Legendary gear.


There are players who aim to complete 100% of the game, these completionists will surely complete the Accolade. However, if you are not one of them, you should still complete the Pour One Out side quest as it plays a vital role in the main plot of Outriders. It will give characters some closure for the events that have already occurred and prepare them for what is ahead.

All in all, the Pour One Out side quest is simple and it is worth completing due to its rewards, Accolade, and its link to the main story of Outriders. So we recommend you not to skip the side quest and play it as soon as you complete the Humanity main quest.

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