Outriders Torrential Downpour: How To Get All Set Pieces

Are you searching for the ideal piece of Outriders legendary armor to complement your build? Discovering the appropriate pieces of legendary armor may turn a decent build into a fantastic build, giving you the power to take on the toughest foes the game has to offer. Each individual piece of legendary armor is pre-loaded with unique Outriders modifications that are exclusive to the set it is a part of, and the set’s overall benefits are determined by how many individual pieces are present.

Your Outriders world tier has a significant impact on the probability that legendary pieces of equipment will drop for you. Increasing the degree of challenge also has the effect of raising the probability that legendary items will be dropped. Also, consider reading our Outriders Lava Lich Armor Set and Seismic Commander Set guide.

By traveling to Outriders agricultural sites, you increase your chances of getting better equipment. It might be annoying to have to do the same tasks over and over again, but if you want the greatest armor that Outriders has to offer, it’s a little price to pay.

The construction of the ultimate build calls for the use of legendary armor, legendary weapons crafted by Outriders, and a significant amount of time spent in the crafting menu. While you’re at it, why not go through our Outriders Worldslayer best Legendaries farming method guide.

When you have all of the necessary pieces of equipment, you should go through our Outriders Worldslayer Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer build instructions to get a better understanding of what each class is capable of doing. You may also find the  Games Like Outriders Worldslayer guide an interesting read.

What is Torrential Downpour in Outriders

Torrential Downpour All Set Pieces Outriders
Outriders Torrential Downpour complete armor set

In Outriders, the Torrential Downpour Set is a legendary piece of armor that may be obtained. Armor Sets are made up of numerous individual pieces of armor, each of which contributes a different set of statistics to the overall set. These statistics may include Armor, Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction, Max Health, Damage Output, and many more.

When a player equips three or more pieces of armor from the same set, they have access to a unique bonus known as the Set Bonus. This buff increases their overall defense. Players have the ability to mix and match armor parts from other sets. However, it is suggested that they utilize pieces from the same set whenever possible to take advantage of the Set Bonuses.

How To Get Torrential Downpour Armor Set

It’s easier to say than it is to accomplish, but you don’t have to put all of your eggs in the proverbial basket if you want to get some legendary Outriders gear. There are a few things you can do to improve your odds of acquiring a legendary armor set while you are playing Outriders.

The first step, and one of the most essential, is to check that you are competing on the highest available World Tier. You may upgrade your World Tier by completing tasks on the World Tier that is one level higher than the one you are currently playing on.

Even though your foes will be 15 levels higher than you, the probability that they will drop a legendary item will rise by +425 percent, and the loot rarity modifier will be at 500 percent after you reach World Tier 15, which is presently the highest World Tier level that can be reached.

You may also enhance your likelihood of receiving legendary loot by farming optional side quests and elite monsters. When killing elites, you have a greater chance of obtaining a legendary item, while killing bosses results in an even larger likelihood.

Once you reach the endgame expeditions content, these are the missions you want to farm at the highest World Tier possible to ensure that you get the most possible number of legendary armor and weapon items.

In Outriders, it is feasible to farm for legendary weapons and armor; however, the procedure requires that you also have a little of luck on your side. You may increase your chances of obtaining the greatest armor set pieces, weapons & items in the game by selecting a higher World Tier; however, it is vital to keep in mind that this will also increase the level of challenge in the game.

It should come as no surprise that engaging in combat with more powerful foes would result in a greater possibility of plundering prized weapons and armor. You will run against Captains rather early on in the game. These opponents are notably more powerful than the average adversary. Even though any foe may leave behind ammunition and equipment, the odds of a Captain leaving behind a legendary item are much higher.

The ability to acquire Legendary stuff from regular chests and Epic gear from merchants while playing the demo was blocked at the beginning of March. Previously, players had the ability to achieve both of these things. The most effective way for farming in the pre-releases was to complete early side missions several times, such as Payback and Terra Infirma, followed by repeated boss battles in order to unlock the rewards chest at the end of each round.

Legendary armor sets are exclusive to each of the game’s four classes: the Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster. This is in contrast to firearms, which may be used by any class in the game. Each class has access to four complete sets of armor, each of which is comprised of five different components and grants a different benefit.

That comes to a total of 20 pieces of legendary armor for each class that has to be obtained via grinding. Although you technically only need three of each set’s components to earn the bonus, it is recommended that you use them all together for the greatest results.

It goes without saying that each set of armor will have its own level and statistics, but the benefits are the reason why it is worthwhile to grind out all of the pieces. You are certain to discover at least one item in any one-of-a-kind set that works well with the way you play if the collection is varied enough.

Torrential Downpour Armor Set Pieces & Mods

The five individual pieces of armor that make up a Legendary Armor Set come from a variety of locations. The Legendary Armor Set comes with a total of ten different Armor Mods, which can be broken down as follows: 

One Tier 3 Armor Mod that cannot be altered or swapped by a player, and one random Armor Mod that may be replaced. The Tier 3 Armor Mod cannot be changed or exchanged by a player. 

You will need to salvage the Legendary Armor Piece in order to gain a Tier 3 Mod that is tied to it. This will allow you to get the Mod. The following is a list of the Armor Pieces that are included in the Torrential Downpour Set, along with the relevant Armor Mods that go with them.


Outriders Torrential Downpour googles

Breathe In: Fixing Wave is the name of the first mod for Google’s armor set, and it cuts the amount of time it takes for the talent to cool down by twenty percent. If you get the Mod 2 of this armor set piece, which is known as More Traps: Scrapnel, you will be able to toss one more mine before the cooldown is triggered. This will be the case if you gain the More Traps: Scrapnel upgrade.

Chest Armor

Outriders Torrential Downpour body armor 1

The first modification of the chest armor set piece is referred to as Trap Cluster: Scrapnel, and it increases the maximum number of mines that may be hurled before initiating a cooldown by two.

If, on the other hand, you get the Mod 2 version of this armor set item, which is known as the Cleansing Wind: Correction of Wave: When the ability is used, any bad statuses that allies have are removed, and they are protected from them for 5 seconds. On the subject of status effects, consider reading our Outriders Worldslayer Status Effects guide.


The first modification of the gloves’ armor set piece is called Anomaly Echo, and it bestows a benefit of 138 Firepower and 115 Anomaly Power on skills that are activated for a period of 15 seconds.

Second, if you are fortunate enough to get Mod 2 of this armor set piece, which is known as Fine-tuned: Scrapnel, you will receive a 33 percent boost in both the detection and explosion radius.

Leg Armor

Outriders Torrential Downpour Legs

The first modification of the Leg armor set piece is named Head of the Ward, and it grants the ability to resuscitate an ally while also restoring their full health. The damage done by the skill is increased by 284 thanks to mod 2, which is named More Damage: Scrapnel.


Outriders Torrential Downpour footgear

The last footgear armor set pieces modification called the Mod 1 Quartermaster is as follows: Activating Fixing Wave brings one more weapon magazine to each of your allies and activates the talent.

Second, the second Mod, which is referred to as Supplies: Scrapnel provides the player with one more mine can that may be hurled before the cooldown is triggered. In addition, the duration of the cooldown is merely forty-five seconds.

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