Outriders Best Warden Build: Weapons, Mod & Skills

This Outriders Warden Build guide will uncover a Devastator Build for players to use in combat!

Outriders Worldslayer is an excellent game with outstanding graphics. Players never run out of fresh gameplay and build with the four main classes that players can choose from, the Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and the Devastator. The Devastator class, fortunately, features an Outriders Warden Build, which will cover in our guide and go through the weapons, mods, and skills that players will use! Make sure to read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Status Effects guide considering it might help you later on!

What Is Devastator Warden Build In Outriders 

Whenever players are playing as the Devastator class in Outriders, they will be pretty familiar with the overall playstyle that the Devastator in itself provides for you. The class is a close-range damage dealer built to help players stand their ground and never fall back no matter what. 

The class is meant to be on the defensive end, allowing their fellow allies to remain guarded throughout the fight. At the same time, the main DPS goes on the frontlines and obliterates any enemies that dare face them in the arena. 

The main focus is primarily on stacking as much HP as possible, considering that the players will need to do their best to defend themselves and their party members. Another aim of the Outriders Worldslayer Warden Build is to focus on health regeneration so players don’t die out whenever they fight the deadliest foes. 

We will mix and match the perfect skills that players can look out for, that will not only help them be excellent defending Warden but also be able to have enough damage output that if they do get stranded on the battlefield, they can sustain themselves and survive. If you like this build, then you might also enjoy reading our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build guide!

Devastator Best Skills 

Considering each class will choose three main skills to start with, players in Outriders Worldslayer can take advantage of the type of build that they are going for and focus on three skills, as we will discuss below. 


Outriders Impale

Starting with the class’s first skill, players should go for a skill that is essentially known as Impale. With the skill in hand, players can take charge of their “interruption skills” and stop the enemies from launching deadly attacks against you, thus preventing you from taking in excessive damage. 

Players can target any one kind of enemy, and they can interrupt all of their skills, rendering them useless. With that, they will also be able to inflict Bleeding on the targetted enemy, causing them to grow even weaker and take in increased damage. While the damage dealt isn’t fatal, it is still pretty noticeable as the HP bar drops. 

If the damage output is higher than expected, the enemy will automatically get “impaled,” as the skill name suggests. The impalement will cause all allies present in the team to have their HP regenerated for a total of 9 seconds. If you’ve been looking for a fast way to farm legendaries, then our Outriders Worldslayer Best Way To Farm Legendaries guide will be an absolute help to you!


Outriders Golem

The next skill that we would like to feature is Golem, which works to increase the player’s overall damage negation, which also grants them the ability to charge forth towards enemies and launch attacks against them. 

The main aim of the skill itself is to fortify the Warden main for a total of 8 seconds, during which players will be saved from 65% of the total incoming damage from the enemy’s end, allowing them to survive for as long as possible whenever they are trying to take their enemies out. 

Players can also up the overall duration of the Golem skill by placing the Golem of Death mod onto the skill, which will make the skill all the more overpowered and protect the player even more. 

Gravity Leap 

Outriders Gravity Leap
Gravity Leap

Last but not least, Gravity Leap is yet another crucial skill, especially for the defensive end players will be going for when they use the Warden build in their combat against all kinds of foes, whenever they are easy to beat or the toughest of bosses. 

Whenever the Gravity Leap skill has been equipped on the player, they will be granted the ability to launch themselves up into the air, and from the skies, they will be able to strike down devastating hits on their enemies. 

When players land back down, they will cause a certain amount of interruption while also dealing damage to a certain radius. How about checking out our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build guide?

Weapon Options

Next up, let’s dive deeper into the late-game Outriders Warden Build weapons players can go for! 

The Reaper 

Outriders The Reaper
The Reaper

Players will want to look into weapons that have a cooldown reduction on them, as well as a solid amount of close-range damage, and one of the best warden weapons for that is the Reaper. With the weapon being a Light Machinegun, it will have an automated firing mode, allowing continuous shooting against enemies. 

At level 41, the gun will have a clip size of 150, with the base damage output being 736, and the gun itself will have a 110% crit multiplier, which allows for critical hits that can damage enemies. It has a reload time of 3.8 seconds and a 63% accuracy, making it one of the most viable options. 

The Employer

The next gun that players can look into equipping is The Imploder, which will be a Double Gun type, and it will also hone an auto-firing mode, which can allow players to launch attacks against foes in your range whenever they so, please. The weapon is also of a legendary rarity. 

With the weapon having firepower of 19.2K, at level 39, it will have a clip size of 60, alongside a raw attack of 681. The crit multiplier is even higher than the Reaper; set it at 125% instead of the Reaper’s 110%. The reload time is even lower, as it is only 2,7 seconds and has a 76% accuracy. 

Inferno Seed

Outriders Inferno Seed
Inferno Seed

An assault rifle can be another option that players in Outriders can go for as well. It will be a Burst firing mode rifle,  and the Inferno Seed is one that players can equip and use whenever they are in the middle of the battlefield. 

When the gun has been upgraded to level 50 or above, it will hone a clip size of 30 and a 9k damage output. The crit multiplier will be even higher than the preceding weapon we mentioned before, with it being fixed at 164%. There will only be a short 1.5 seconds of reload time for the weapon, and it will have an 82% accuracy. 

Damascus Offering 

Outriders Damascus Offering
Damascus Offering

Another viable option that works excellently as well will be the Damascus Offering weapon, and it will also be a light machinegun. With the same auto-firing mode, players do not have to rely on Burst-firing modes and can take advantage of just shooting down their opponents. 

The Firepower will be set at 86.6K, alongside the clip size being 100. While the damage is not the highest, the weapon still gets the job done pretty well, as the damage is 3.3k, the crit multiplier is 110%, and it has a 76% accuracy. For players that want to experiment with other classes like the Trickster, then our Outriders Worldslayer Trickster Build guide will be a worthwhile read!

Devastator Build Skill Tree

Outriders Skill Tree
Skill Tree

For the Outriders Warden Build skills, several skills can work perfectly and aid players in dominating their build. Make sure to check out our Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds guide if you are an end-game player who’s been wanting to experiment with different fun builds!

  • Colossus: The first skill will increase the player’s health by 10%, allowing them to stay alive for longer when they are busy fighting the toughest of enemies on the battlefield. 
  • Anomaly in Veins: Upon casting down Anomaly in Veins, players will be able to experience that as the seconds pass, their overall HP will continue to be regenerated by a total of 1%, and while it may not sound a lot, it is definitely enough to keep you alive for a while. 
  • Into The Fray: When players in Outriders cast down their kinetic skills and their activation ends, the player’s damage negation will be enhanced by 15%, allowing them to tank more hearts, and the skill itself will stay active for a total of 10 seconds. During the active period, the players will get the chance to become even more overpowered. 
  • Vim and Vigor: The total damage output of the player’s equipped weapon will be increased by 10%, allowing them to launch even deadlier shots against their enemies and render them useless. The damage output will be based on 10% of the Anomaly class nodes. 
  • Resistance Paragon: Another ability that players can use for their Devastator class build in Outriders will be Resistance paragon, which works in simple ways to just enhance your overall resistance by a total of 20%, which might not seem like a lot, but when players are faced with tough foes, it is better than nothing. 
  • Heirloom Armor: Next up, Heirloom Armor can also work pretty well to serve the players. When cast, any enemy that ends up dying at close range to the players will have about 20% of their armor handed over to the players, increasing their strength while in combat. 
  • Profit Squared: every time players pick up ammo while fighting opponents, they will get healed for a total of 5% of their max HP, which allows them to stay alive for even longer, and take out enemies a lot faster considering they will stay alive. 
  • Outrider Commander: Enhances up your healing by 20, while also enhancing p your shield strength by a total of 20%, which allows you even to become stronger while being on the defensive end of the frontlines. Not only for yourself, but the effects will also be active for your allies. 
  • Resist The Mob: Players will increase their resistance by 15% for every opponent present within a close radius of them. 
  • Tank: With such a simple skill, its function will also be self-explanatory, as its main aim is to allow players to tank hits more. The way that it happens is that it will enhance their armor strength by 20%. 
  • Unbroken Vow: Unbroken Vow will grant the players a 100% chance to ignore any incoming damage that would have otherwise oneshot the players and gain up an extra 50% health back. 
  • Overlord of The Battleground: Any opponent that is unfortunate to be struck down by you and ends up dying at a close range will grant you 10% extra HP regeneration. 
  • Mighty Tank: Boosts up your Firepower based on 10% of your armor while also increasing your Anomaly Power by 10%. 

Mods To Consider

Last but not least, let’s discuss the types of mods that players will use while min-maxing their Outriders Warden Build for Devastator class. Our Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer build will be the perfect guide to follow for all our fellow Technomancer mains out there!

  • Life Absorption: It is put on Gravity Leap, and it will be able to grant heals to players based on 100% of the damage that they inflict on enemies. 
  • Golem of Death: Used on Golem skill, whenever it is cast, it will extend the duration of Golem by a total of 1.5 seconds every time an opponent is murdered on the battlefield. 
  • Restoration: Used on Impale skill, it will heal players for 5% of their max HP as a bonus based on the Impaled opponents. 
  • Rivers of Blood: Used on Impale skill, it will increase the overall skill damage being dealt to enemies by 50% whenever the Bleed debuff has been placed on them. 
  • Bloody Boost: Opponents inflicted with Bleed will intake 15% extra damage from the Outrider player’s end. 
  • No Resistance: Enhances up the player’s overall Resistance piercing by about 50% based on the value of the Armor Piercing of the player. 
  • Even Odds: Players will experience an increase in their max HP by 10%, and it will be based on the number of enemies present in a 10-meter surrounding radius around the player. 
  • Mitigation From Death: Players gain extra Armor Points by 10 whenever they are shooting shots from the sky.
  • Damage Absorber: Enhances the player’s Armor and personal damage negation by 10%. 

With that, we will wrap up with our Outriders Warden Build guide! While you’re at it, take a look at our Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build guide!

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