Outriders Weapon & Skill Leech: How to Upgrade

The Leech Skills are one of the most useful skills in Outriders and in this guide, we will inform you of everything related to them

Outriders is an online-only looter shooter ARPG game developed by the studio People Can Fly. The game feature numerous builds, such as the Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer build. Aside from builds, players can customize their character with different skills. Some of these skills in Outriders are the Skill and Weapon Leech skills, and in this guide, we will inform you of everything related to these skills. 

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The Leech skill is extremely useful, and using the said skill will prolong the time you get before your next inevitable game over screen. In our guide, we will inform you of everything related to these skills so you can utilize them properly when needed.

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What is Leech Skill in Outriders

Players are encouraged to experiment with all the different skills available in Outriders. The Leech Skill allows the players to regain some of their health based on the amount of damage they deal to their enemies. 

The healing from the Leech skill is a little different from the standard healing and health regeneration. The Leech Skill is extremely useful for players who prefer to fight their enemies head-on and put themselves directly in the line of fire.

The Leech skill in Outriders is further divided into two categories

  • Skill Leech
  • Weapon Leech

How Skill Leech Works

The Skill Leach in Outriders allows the players to regain their health based on the amount of damage the player is able to deal with their Class skills. These class skills include Anomaly damage and Status Damage such as Toxic, Bleed, Burn, and more.

Skill and Weapon Leech in Outriders
Skill Leech on armor

What is Weapon Leech

The Weapon Leech in Outriders allows the players to regain their health based on the amount of damage the player is able to deal with their weapons. Therefore try keeping your best weapons with you to regain the maximum amount of health possible.

Skill and Weapon Leech in outriders
Weapon Leech on a weapon

How Does It Work

The Leech Skill attributes are shown in the form of percentages. These percentages represent the amount of health you will regain after dealing damage to the enemy. Let us give an example. Say you were able to deal 200 damage to the enemy with a weapon, and you have a Weapon Leech of 10%. Then you will regain 20 health points.

Best Weapon With Leech Skill in Outriders

While there are numerous weapons in Outriders, all offer different advantages to the players. We consider these as a few of the best weapons with the Weapon Leech Skill

  • The Juggler
  • The Eventide Cleaner

The Juggler

The Juggler is a legendary Assault Rifle in Outriders. It has a Weapon Life Leech of 12.3, which can further be upgraded to 23.3. Aside from the Life Leech Skill, the Juggler also offers an extra 13% damage at long range and 13% Healing Received. 

Further details about the Juggler are given below

  • Clip Size 40
  • RPM 600
  • Damage 10898
  • Reload 1.5s
  • Critical Multiplayer 125%
  • Accuracy 86%
  • Stability 91%
  • Range 35m

The Eventide Cleaner

The Eventide Cleaner is an epic Light Machine Gun. It has a Weapon Life Leech of 18% and a Skill Life Leech of 4.25%. The Eventide Cleaner also offers an extra 10% damage at short range. 

Further details about the Eventide Cleaner are given below

  • Clip Size 150
  • RPM 663
  • Damage 913
  • Reload 3.8s
  • Critical Multiplayer 110%
  • Accuracy 63%
  • Stability 93%
  • Range 42m

How To Upgrade Leech Skills in Outriders

Skill and Weapon Leech in Outriders
Upgrade Menu

The Leech skill can be upgraded in two ways. The first way is to equip weapons and armor that increase the Skill Leach or Weapon Leech. The weapons and armor of higher rarity will naturally offer better attributes and percentage of the Leech skill.

Needless to say that the player will only be able to benefit from these attribute boosts if they have the weapon or armor equipped. The attributes of the weapon can also be improved through crafting and upgrading.

The second way to upgrade the Leech skill is to spend your class points on perks that specifically increase the Weapon Leech skill or the Armor Leech Skill. 

Different classes have different attributes to upgrade. The Trickster Class has the “Life Transfer” node in the Reaver Tree. Each of these nodes will increase the Leech skill by 6%, while the Pyromancer Class can improve their Weapon Leech by 5% for each “Moth of the flame” perk they unlock.


That concludes our guide on the Skill and Weapon Leech in Outriders. We have told you about everything related to these skills and how to upgrade them.

Initially, Outriders was not well received. It had mixed reviews and was brushed off to the side as another average online ARPG game that does not try to establish an identity by doing something unique. The developers continue to add more content to the game, so it is only natural that the game will gain more fans with time. 

Outriders is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The game is also available on Gamepass at the time of writing this article. What do you think about the game? Do you like it? Do you have some more suggestions regarding the topic that you would like to share? Let us know about it in the comment section below. 

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