BEST Outriders Worldslayer Builds: DPS, Ranged & AoE

There are four classes in Outriders and its expansion Outriders Worldslayer. Our guide focuses on all of these and entails about the best builds possible.

The four classes in Outriders are Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer. All of these classes have their own respective skills and attributes. They are completely different, and the player may choose the one whose playstyle they find most appealing. Our guide entails the Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds that we have made.

In addition, our guide will not focus on any single one of these. Rather than that, we will provide you with some of the overall Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds. This will include all of these classes; some might appear more than once.

Key Takeaways
  • Pyromancer, Devastator, Technomancer, and Trickster are the four classes, each having its own unique advantages.
  • The first Build we are going to discuss is The Closed Range Build for the class Trickster.
    • Main Primary Weapon: The Primary weapon we recommend you use is the Deathshield equipped with the Life Leech Ability.
    • Fortress And Dark Sacrifice are the two mods you should use with the Deathshield.
    • Secondary Weapon: For the secondary weapon, we recommend using any weapon that has a long range. 
    • The primary weapon is for Close Range and the Secondary for Long Range.
    • For the Headgear, use the Trespasser’s Cowl with Captain Hunter Mod. Gloves also from the Trespasser’s Set with the Pain Transfer Mod.
    • Boots also from the Trespasser’s Set with the Stare Into The Barrel Mod. For Leg Armor use Predator’s Waistcloth.
    • Twisted Rounds, Time Rift, and Hunt The Prey are the best Skills to use for this Build.
  • For the Technomancer Build, we recommend using the Absolute Zero as the Primary Weapon with the Ultimate Freezing Bullets and the Bone Shrapnel mods.
    • For the Secondary Weapon, use the Earthborn Renegade’s Assault Rifle with the Grave Digger’s Frenzy and Dark Sacrifice Mod.
    • Helmet: We recommend using the Tooka Helmet with the Sharp Eye Mod. Chest Piece: Use the Robe Of Borealis Monarch with the Icicle Storm Mod or Radical Therapy.
    • For Leg Armor, Gloves, and Boots, use Waistcloth, Gloves Of The Borealis Monarch, and the Yruuk Otara’s Boots. 
    • Use them with the (Freezing Boost, Captain Hunter), (Bloodlust, Shatter) Euthanizer, and Toxic Lead mods, respectively. 
    • The best Skills for this build are Blighted Turret, Cold Snap, and Blighted Rounds.
  • Pyromancer Firepower, Pyromancer Speedrun Build, and Overpowered Endgame Devastator Build are some of the other builds we have discussed in this article.

Before you get into the details of these Best Outriders Worldslayer Builds make sure to check out our comparison table down below:

BuildMain WeaponSecondary WeaponGearSkills
Best Close Ranged Trickster BuildDeathshieldAny weapon of choice- Trespasser's Set
- Predator's Waistcloth
- Enchian Outrider's Breastplate
- Twisted Rounds
- Time Rift
- Hunt The Prey
Best Overall Technomancer BuildAbsolute ZeroEarthborn Renegade’s Assualt Rifle- Tooka Helmet
- Robe, Gloves & Waistcloth of Borealis Monarch
- Yruuk Otara’s Boots
- Blighted Turret
- Blighted Rounds
- Cold Snap
Pyromancer Firepower BuildDamascus OfferingAny weapon of choice- Torturer’s Set
- Guantlets of the Cannonball
- Volcanic Rounds
- Feed the Flames
- Ash Blast
Pyromancer Speedrun BuildFuneral Pyre
Deathshield- Acari Set- Ash Blast
- Heatwave
- Overheat
Overpowered Endgame Devastator BuildThe JugglerDeathshield- The Seismic Commander Set
- Yruuk Utarah's Gloves
- The Engine Liquadator's Boots
- Gravity Leap
- Golem
- Earthquake

Best Close Ranged Trickster Build

Trickster Class Outriders Worldslayer
Trickster is one of the four classes in Outriders.

Our Trickster Build focuses mainly on close-rangled battles. The Trickster class mostly works as a ranged one as you can’t get too close to the enemy without any major damage. The build also focuses on severe AOE damage alongside middle-range combat.

In addition, aside from everything mentioned above, our build will also focus on Life Leech, which is necessary for healing, and Cooldown Reduction, which as the name suggests, will reduce the cooldown of your skill moves. 

We have made an ideal close-ranged overpowered Trickster build. Let us start by telling you which primary and secondary weapons you need to equip and what mods you should install on them for maximum damage.

Best Weapons

All of the builds on our guide will feature the best possible weapons suitable for them alongside the best mods. Let us proceed with the main and secondary weapons for the Trickster build.

Main Weapon

Deathshield legendary weapon
Deathshield is a legendary class weapon.
  • Fortress 
  • Dark Sacrifice
2402 Sec281194%54%17m

The main or primary weapon that you must have equipped for this build is Deathshield. It is a legendary weapon and is an excellent choice for close combat. The gun is by default equipped with Life Leech, so that means you won’t have to worry about healing much.

Moreover, the gun will shine when you see an opening for yourself and rush into the hordes of enemies. You will annihilate them in no time and then will be able to retreat to safety easily too.

The mods that we advise you to fit into the Deathshield are Fortress and Dark Sacrifice. Both are excellent for our build as Fortress buffs your current armor and on top of that, it also buffs your damage by 30 percent for 10 seconds. 

Dark Sacrifice reduces your health by 50 percent. Now the Nerf to the health is a pretty massive one. That’s half your Health gone, but you get a 75 percent weapon damage bonus in return, so it is a very good pick. 

Secondary Weapon

The secondary weapon does not matter much, and the player is free to choose one that they like using. We advise using a strong-ranged secondary as the primary that we have recommended is a close-ranged one.

For most of the time, you will be doing massive AOE damage to enemies and melting them with the Deathshield at close range, but for the times when you are at a distance, the ranged secondary will surely come in handy.

Best Gear 

Best Armor for Best Trickster Build Outriders
All the gear pieces for our Trickster build

Our main focus when choosing the gear for our build was that it must reduce the cooldown, increase the power of the weapons, and be good for close-range damage. Our guide will now let you know about each gear piece and what mod to use on it.

Head: For the headgear, use the Trespasser’s Cowl. It gives you cooldown reduction and, alongside that, also provides buffs to your weapon damage. For the mod, we advise you use Captain Hunter. It will buff your damage by another 25 percent.

Gloves: As far as gloves go, they will also be a part of the Trespasser’s set. These gloves will similarly also buff your weapon damage and reduce the cooldowns. We use the Pain Transfer mod on the gloves. It will increase your Anomaly Power damage by 30 percent.

Boots: These will be the same as your headgear and gloves and will provide the same two buffs. The mods that you should use with this is Stare into the Barrel. It increases the damage of your weapon depending on how many enemies are close to you. So it will work extremely well with Deathshield

Leg Armor: Equip the Predator’s Waistcloth. It will, like all the pieces so far, give you the cooldown reduction alongside a boost to your weapon damage.

Chest: For the chest armor, we use the Enochian Outrider’s Breastplate. Which also gives the same buffs as everything else here. The must-equip mod is Personal Space. It will buff the damage by 25 percent when at close range.

That covers all the gear pieces and their mods that you need to equip for the build to work at its best possible. Let us now proceed to the ideal skills for our close-ranged Trickster build.

Best Skills 

Best Skills for Outriders Worldslayer Trickster
Best Skills for our Trickster build Outriders Worldslayer

We have applied a lot of mods on the armor pieces and weapons for the build to decrease the cooldown of skills; it is all because of these. The following are all the most essential skills for our build.

Twisted Rounds: The skill increases your weapon damage by 35 percent of the Anomaly power damage. It will remain active until you switch the weapon or reload it. 

Time Rift: This skill is very useful against hordes of enemies. It will inflict Weakness and will launch all the enemies into the sky, leaving them unable to fight for 3.5 seconds

Hunt The Prey: Hunt the Prey have you selecting an enemy; once you have done so, you will teleport behind it, receiving a shield bonus.

And that wraps the first of our Outriders Worldslayer Best DPS Builds. Next up, we will show you our best overall Technomancer build. 

Best Overall Technomancer Build

Outriders best Techomancer build worldslayer
Technomancer is one of the four classes in the game

Technomancer in Outriders is a ranged class. It can inflict Freeze and has heavy usage of Toxins. That is what our build will focus on. Our guide will help you make a build that will utilize the Technomancer’s abilities to their fullest. 

Furthermore, the toxins will help the player stay alive as they will heal them. The AOE damage that our Technomancer inflicts is insanely high and melts enemies. Let us start by discussing the best weapons first. 

Best Weapons 

Both of our weapons, the primary, and the secondary ones, will be focused on dealing massive damage to enemies who are far away from you.

Primary Weapon 

Legendary Assualt Rifle Outriders Worldslayer
Absolute Zero is a legendary assault rifle in Outriders Worldslayer
Absolute Zero 
  • Ultimate Freezing Bullets
  • Bone Shrapnel
60015 Sec132066%91%35m

Our choice for the primary weapon is Absolute Zero. It has a very high critical damage bonus alongside the long-range damage buff. Absolute Zero is a legendary assault rifle. It is ideal for battling enemies that are far away from you. 

We recommend two mods that go extremely well with the weapon. Ultimate Freezing Bullets, as the name, suggests freezing the enemies while also inflicting severe damage on them. Bone Shrapnel is the second mod that you should apply, and it inflicts bleed damage.

Secondary Weapon

Epic Assault Rifle Outriders Worldslayer
Earthborn Renegades Assault Rifle as it appears in Outriders Worldslayer
Earthborn Renegade’s Assualt Rifle
  • Gravedigger’s Frenzy
  • Dark Sacrifice
3671.5 Sec721282%95%42m

Earthborn Renegade’s Assault Rifle is our choice for the secondary weapon for this build. It is an epic rarity burst assault rifle that has the same capabilities as our primary weapon. You can use both of these and switch between them freely and easily. 

The mods that we recommend for Earthborn Renegade’s Assault Rifle are Gravedigger’s Frenzy and Dark Sacrifice. The Dark Sacrifice Skill will take half your Health but will do 75 percent extra damage. Gravedigger’s Frenzy boosts critical skill by 50 percent

Best Gear 

Technomancer best gear outriders worldslayer
All the gear pieces for our Technomancer build

Now that we have told you about the best weapons for the build, let’s continue and talk about the gear. Most of the gear of our build will be of Borealis Monarch. It is mainly because it gives a boost to Freeze and Toxins. 

Headgear: For the headgear, we use the Tooka Helmet. It provides bonus damage on both long and close ranges. Sharp Eye mod is best for it as it will let you aim down sights so you can shoot more accurately. 

Chest armor: The Robe of Borealis Monarch is what we use as our build’s chest armor. It also buffs your damage on close and long ranges. Icicle Storm is a great mod to fit with it as it will deal extra damage to the frozen enemies.

Moreover, you can use Radical Therapy, a mod that will 15 percent extra damage to the enemies that were inflicted with the Toxin status effect. 

Leg Armor: The Waistcloth of the Borealis Monarch is what we use as Leg Armor. It has the same buffs as the two pieces above. For mods, use Freezing Boost and Captain Hunter

Freezing Boost increases damage by 15 percent on enemies that are Frozen, while Captain Hunter buffs the damage the player deals to Elites.

Gloves: For the gloves, use Gloves of the Borealis Monarch. They will give you a buff at long range, maximum health, and cooldown reduction for your skills. The mods we recommend for this are Bloodlust and Shatter

Shatter boosts the freeze damage while Bloodlust buffs the damage that your weapons deal to the enemies. Both of these together will slow them down and will deal severe damage to them.

Boots: The Yruuk Otara’s Boots are our pick for the boot armor. They will give you max health and reduce the cooldown of your skills. The mods we recommend are Euthanizer and Toxic Lead

Best Skills 

Technomancer best skills outriders worldslayer
All the best skills for our Technomancer build in Outriders Worldslayer

We have entailed both the gear and the weapons for one of our Outriders Worldslayer Best Ranged Builds. Now we will tell you which skills are best suited for our build. 

Blighted Turret: This skill will have your enemies frozen, and its bullets will put the Toxin status effect on the enemies it hits.

Blighted Rounds: It affects your bullets and will turn them into Toxin poisoned ones. Any enemy who gets hit will have the Toxin Status Effect on them. 

Cold Snap: As the name suggests, it is a skill that will freeze all your enemies around an area. You can then proceed to shoot them with your modified guns to inflict extreme damage. 

That brings another one of our Best ranged Builds in Outriders Worldslayer to a close. Next up is our overpowered endgame Devastator build.

Pyromancer Firepower Build

Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Class
The Pyromancer

Pyromancer is a medium-ranged class that uses fire. That is what our build is focused on. To melt your enemies with the flames, it is possibly the shortest build in our guide, so continue reading to find out more. 

Our build does increased damage to bleeding enemies, which might be unusual for a Pyromancer build but trust us, it’s extremely powerful. Let us start the build by recommending the best primary and secondary weapons alongside their mods.

Best Weapons

Most of the Pyromancer builds before have been based on Anomaly Power damage increase. Ours is completely different, and we have picked the perfect weapons for it.

Primary Weapon

Pyromancer Light Machine Gun Best Damascus Offering
The Damascus Offering Pyromancer Light Machine Gun
Damascus Offering
  • Claymore Torrent
  • Dark Sacrifice
5002.5 Sec337876%93%50m

Damascus Offering is a legendary light machine gun with 100 rounds, and it is the weapon for our build. As far as mods go, we use the Claymore Torrent, and it deals shot damage to 4 enemies in a 6-meter radius

Furthermore, use Dark Sacrifice for increased maximum damage. It takes 50 percent of your health but, in return, gives you 75 percent more damage.

Secondary Weapon

You are free to pick this on your own. They are mainly just going to be there, and you won’t be using them almost all the time.  So pick any that you enjoy using in the low chance sometime you want to.

Best Gear

Worldslayer Outriders Pyromancer best build gear
All the gear pieces for Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer

We have picked out the best gear pieces that work extremely well with our build. Continue reading to find out more about all of these.

Headgear: For the headgear, we went with Torturer’s Mask. It has the Life Leech skill that will keep the player healed when they are continuously taking hits.

Chest Armor: The vest that we chose for our build is also part of the Torturer’s set. It is called the Torturer’s Vest, and it buffs your long-range damage. 

Leg Armor: It is also part of the Torturer’s set. The name is Torturer’s Waistcloth, and it will give you a cooldown reduction for your skills.

Gloves: For this, we used Gauntlets of the Cannonball; whenever you get a kill with your melee skill with these equipped, it replenishes the ammo for the weapon you are using. In our case, it will replenish the 100 rounds of Damascus Offering.

That covers all the armor pieces that you must equip for our Firepower Pyromancer Build to work properly. It is, without doubt, one of the Outriders Worldslayer best builds out there. Let us finish up the build by taking a look at the recommended skills.

Best Skills

Pyromancer Outriders Worldslayer firepower build skills
All the best skills for our Firepower Pyromancer build

All the cooldown reduction buffs that we have had have all been so that the player can freely and easily use their skills. We have picked the following skills as they go extremely well with our build.

Volcanic Rounds: It is the essential skill for the build, and it is mainly the one you will use to deal extreme damage to the enemies. It adds a special effect to your bullets.

Feed the Flames: It is an incredible skill as it instantly refills your ammo and also has great healing capability. With the mods that we have advised you to use, Feed the Flames will essentially never be on cooldown. 

Ash Blast: This is a skill that you will be using against hordes of enemies as it locks them all in a single place. When they are incapable of defending themselves, you can go in and finish the job.

With that, we have concluded another best build in Outriders Worldslayer. Let us tell you about the next build, which also happens to be for the Pyromancer.

Pyromancer Speedrun Build

Pyromancer wallpaper outriders worldslayer
Pyromancer showcasing their inferno powers

Speedrunning is something that takes a lot of time and dedication. So we have put together the perfect speedrunning pyromancer build. It goes without saying, but you can also utilize the build in a normal playthrough.

Moreover, it is objectively one of the strongest builds as its main purpose is to kill the enemies as fast as possible, so it basically demolishes them very quickly and effectively. First and foremost, let’s take a look at the weapons that we use.

Best Weapons

We use two awesome weapons that go hand in hand with our build. Let us take a closer look at these and what mods to use on both of them. 

Primary Weapon 

Legendary automatic shotgun outriders worldslayer
The Legendary automatic shotgun Funeral Pyre
Funeral Pyre
  • Shadow Comet
  • Fortress 
4623 Sec133879%64%10m

For the main weapon, we use Funeral Pyre. It is a legendary automatic shotgun that is very fun to use and is effective in dealing with enemies while rushing and gunning.

As far as mods are concerned, use Shadow Comet as it deals severe AOE damage to enemies with a 3.5-meter radius. The second mod that you should use is Fortress which buffs the armor and increases the damage by 30 percent for 10 seconds

Secondary Weapon 

Deathshield outriders worldslayer weapons legendary
The Deathshield is a secondary weapon for our Pyromancer Speedrun Build
  • Moaning Winds
  • Fortress
2402 Sec281194%54%17m

The second weapon that we use with our Speedrun Pyromancer build is Deathshield. Yes, this close-ranged beast returns once again. 

As for mods, go with Moaning Winds which deals high damage to a single target, and, like the primary use, Fortress. These two are the ideal mods for Deathshield. Both of these will add speed to your character, which is essential to the build.

Next up, we will focus on the gear and which mods to use alongside it for maximum effect. We have selected the perfect gear to go with our build.

Best Gear

Outriders worldslayer acari set armor wallpaper look and design
The Acari Set for our Pyromancer Speedrun build in Outriders Worldslayer

The best gear that we used for our build contains the Acari Set. To inflict burn, you must fit the Fire Tsunami mod on two pieces. To spread the debuff, you need to have the most compulsory mod also installed, Death Sentence

Furthermore, we use Burn-Out on the pants/leg armor. It gives you 25 percent more damage for 8 seconds which is absolutely necessary for our speedrun pyromancer build. This is probably the shortest gear description in our guide. 

Now that we know which gear to equip and what mods to use alongside it, let us proceed towards the end of the build and discuss which skills are perfect for it.

Best Skills

Best Skills for Pyromancer Speedrunning build outriders worldslayer
All the best skills for our Pyromancer Speedrun build

The three skills that we will be utilizing in the build are Ash Blast, Heatwave, and Overheat. All of these will be available frequently, thanks to the cooldown reductions.

Ash Blast: It is a skill that creates an Anomaly power blast that inflicts Ash on all enemies within a large radius. This can destroy loads of enemies very quickly, if not instantly.

Heatwave: Heatwave summons a fiery wave that deals damage to anything that comes in its path. It also, as you might have guessed, inflicts the Burn status effect.

Overheat: It can interrupt the enemies’ skills and moves alongside dealing massive damage to them in a large radius. It is very good for when you just want to spam the skill and run away.

And that brings our pyromancer speedrun build to a close. Next up is another one of our best endgame devastator builds in Outriders Worldslayer. 

Overpowered Endgame Devastator Build 

Devastator Outriders Worldslayer class
The Devastator Class in Outriders Worldslayer

The main focus of our endgame Devastator will be on inflicting the Bleed effect and the Anomaly Power. Alongside these, it will also have significantly low cooldowns, buffs to its strength, and a very high armor that will make the enemies’ attack even more useless.

The main purpose of the Bleed effect is that it will make the enemies vulnerable. The enemies are going to bleeding, and you will deal extra damage to them during that. If you are familiar with RPGs, then this should be nothing new to you.

In addition, Anomaly Power damage does something very similar. It weakens the enemies because it reduces their overall defense. Similar to most RPGs, when the defense is reduced, the player will do way more damage. It is the perfect time to use the strongest attacks.

What the build also makes sure is that the player keeps getting healed. It would be a very pathetic and useless build if the player died while they were rushing the enemies.

The Heavy Armor is also there so the player can tank hits and take minimum damage. The cooldown will, as the name suggests, reduce the time of your abilities. The Life Leech Effect heals you its the thing that will keep you alive. 

Best Weapons

Now you will, of course, need weapons; they are the main damage dealers in Outriders Worldslayer. Then let us proceed and talk about the best primary and secondary weapons for our Endgame Devastator. 

Primary Weapon

Legendary Assault rifle the juggler
The Juggler A Legendary Assault Rifle
The Juggler
  • Radiation Splash
  • Scrap Grenade
6001.5 Sec69786%91%35m

For the Primary Weapon, we use The Juggler. It has the Life Leech effect, which will keep you alive. It is an assault rifle that will allow you to run and gun enemies. You can freely run, and gun without worry as the life leech will heal you whenever you take damage.

Moreover, The Juggler is the ideal primary weapon for an overpowered endgame Devastator. It fits all the criteria that we have for the build.

Now let us talk about the mods that you need to fit on The Juggler. We recommend that you use the Radiation Splash and the Scrap Grenade mods. 

Radiation Splash will cause a small explosion. It is very deadly as it inflicts Vulnerability on the enemies that are caught in its area of effect. Scarp grenade is also a very efficient mod that we use with The Juggler as it does a 5-Meter Radius Anomaly damage to the enemies. It is another area of effect mod.

As you can already tell that both of these go hand in hand with the Life Leech Effect that The Juggler possesses, we have already turned our Devastator into a beast, but we are just beginning. Let’s proceed to the secondary weapon.

Secondary Weapon

Deathshield outriders worldslayer weapons legendary
The Deathshield is a secondary weapon for our Overpowered Endgame Devastator 
  • Moaning Winds
  • Fortress
2402 Sec281194%54%17m

The weapon that we use alongside The Juggler is Deathshield. This weapon is very ideal for close-ranged combat. What is also very good about the Deathshield is that it also has the Life Leech Ability, similar to The Juggler.

Deathshield already appeared earlier for another one of our builds. It is an excellent choice for our Endgame Devastator too. It is one of the strongest weapons in the game and is the best one, in our opinion, when it comes to close-range combat.

Furthermore, the mods that we use with Deathshield are Moaning Winds and Fortress. Both of these go very well with our heavy damage dealing close-ranged secondary.

Moaning Winds is very ideal for situations when you are being ganged up. It will create a shield around the player’s character. It will deal severe damage to enemies in your 8-meter radius vicinity. 

The fortress is a mod that will help you tank even more hits. It will buff the armor that you have equipped whenever you are hit. What Fortress also does alongside the great armor buff is that it increases your damage by 30 percent for 10 seconds

That covers both of the weapons for our overpowered endgame devastator build. Now we will discuss the perfect gear and the mods you need to fit in it.

Best Gear 

Seismic Commander Set Outriders wallpaper
The Seismic Commander set makes up most of our gear for this build

The gear that we recommend for our build is a proper set. The main purpose of the set is that it buffs the Bleed effect by 50 percent. It is a very significant buff and will melt the enemies who were inflicted. We use the Seismic Commander’s Set.

The Seismic Commander is a proper set; what that means is that almost all the pieces are from it. The Helmet, Chest piece, and your Leg Armor. The gloves and boots that we use are different we will tell you about them in a bit.

Moreover, the two things that the player will need to equip outside of the set are going to be the Gloves and Boots. We will be using the Yruuk Utarah’s Gloves, and as for the Boots, we will use The Engine Liquadator’s Boots

Now we will proceed by discussing all these pieces in a bit more detail and mainly what mod or mods we must fit on each of them to buff their effects and/or to add special effects.

Best Mods for Devastator Gear

The Headgear or the helmet goes very well with both your weapons as it has the Life Leech Effect that, as you must know by now, heals you. The mods that we use with it are Blood Shock and Despair.

The Chest Piece provides a cooldown reduction for your skills. Aside from the cooldown, it also gives status power. We recommend you equip The Earth’s Legacy and Second Quake mods on the Chest piece.

The Leg Guard gives cooldown reduction for the skills and also provides status power exactly like The Chest Piece. The mods that we set on The Leg Armor are Captain Hunter and Tainted Blood

In addition, the Tainted Blood Mod on The Leg Guard will increase your already overwhelmingly high Bleed damage. At this point in the build, you must have realized just how all of the pieces come together to make a broken, overpowered build.

The Captain Hunter Mod for the Leg Armor is also extremely essential as it increases the damage dealt to Outriders Worldslayer’s many bosses.

The Gloves will give you status effect power and cooldown reduction for your skills akin to the Leg Guard and Chest Piece. Additionally, they will also buff your Gravity Leap skill, which we will discuss later on. 

The Boots also will be giving you the status power and cooldown reduction just like every single gear, and that is why this best build is amazing for lower cooldowns in Outriders Worldslayer. The Boots will also buff your already high Anomaly Power. 

Moreover, we recommend that you put the Untamed Power Mod on The Boots as it will also once again buff the player’s  Anomaly Power damage. 

As you might have noticed, so far, the main purpose of our gear is to decrease the cooldown and make sure you deal insane damage. The cooldown reduction is, of course, done so that the player may spam skills as much as they want.

Best Skills 

Endgame Devastator Build Overpowered Outriders Worldslayer
The Best Skills for our Overpowered Endgame Devastator build

The skill tree that we use is at the bottom. All of these are focussed on rushing or stunning the enemies so the player can kill them with maximum ease.

Moreover, to be direct, the skills that we want you to acquire from the skill tree are Bloodbath, Paladin, and for the last one, Strong Arm for Blood Donation or Anomaly.

Now let us talk about the skills that you will be equipping and how they will assist you during battle. The skills that you need to equip for this build are Gravity Leap, Golem, and Earthquake. 

Gravity Leap: It can disrupt the enemies. The skill is an attack that takes the player’s character into the air and then makes them strike below. The resulting impact disrupts the enemies. The area of effect is pretty small, so you must use the skill at the right opportunity.

Golem: This is a skill that you should activate whenever you have the desire of rushing enemies. The main focus of the skill is that it lets the player tank extra hits when it is active.

Earthquake: It works just like Gravity Leap; it can disrupt your foes. Both of these attacks are similar, and when you use them at the right time, they can give you a perfect chance to rush in. 

All of these skills have great synergy. So you can mix them all together based on the situation to gain the most output.  Our endgame devastator is the Best DPS Build in Outriders Worldslayer. 

What Is Outriders Worldslayer?

Outriders Worldslayer Expansion
Cover of Outriders Worldslayer Expansion

This is a massive expansion to the base game, which takes the player to the farthest areas of Enoch. If you are new to the game, there is no need to worry, and the Outriders Worldslayer expansion was designed with both veterans and newcomers in mind.

Moreover, even though we will advise against it for obvious reasons, you can play the expansion before the base game. The original game is far more beginner-friendly, and chronologically Outriders Worlslayer picks up after its ending.


With that, our Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds guide comes to an end. We have told you about 5 of our best builds. While extremely strong, all of these are also very fun to use.

Fans of the developer People Can Fly were expecting something different from what Outriders turned out to be. The game has grown on the majority of the players; some are still disappointed, but as we mentioned earlier, if the game continues to add new content, it will gain even more fans with time.

Moreover, Outriders and its expansion Outriders Worldslayer has received mostly mixed reviews, but the people who liked the game have stuck with it since day one. Who knows, maybe if developer People Can Fly keeps working on the game, it might gain a full positive reception someday. 

What do you think about Outriders? Do you think the Outriders Worldslayer expansion was worth the wait? Do you have some best build suggestions in Outriders Worldslayer that you would like to share with us? Then freely do so. Tell us all about your thoughts on the game in the comments section located below.

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