Outriders Worldslayer BEST Class: Melee, Ranged & AoE

This Outriders Worldslayer Best Class guide will be rating all 4 classes upon different ranking criterias!

Outriders Worldslayer has four main classes that players can take advantage of: the Pyromancer, Technomancer, Devastator, and Trickster, all of which offer different gameplay aspects and Ease of use. In our Outriders Worldslayer Best Class guide, we will uncover all four classes and rank them based on a ranking system. Make sure to read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Class Tier List, where players can figure out what the best-ranked class is and which one to play!

Outriders Classes Ranking Criteria 

Regarding ranking, instead of rating them into an S, A, B, and C tier list, it is best studied to give them ranking options and criteria so that players in Outriders can figure out how each criterion will fit best for each class. Also, make sure to not skip on our Outriders Worldslayer Seismic Commander Set guide!

Considering there are different build options for each class, including the two main beings, AP (Anomaly Power) and FP (Firepower) for each class, the ranking will be purely based on versatile builds that can work for everyone if needed. Please remember that these rankings can change based on updates, as classes can get both buffed and nerfed. 

There are five ranking criteria for each class, as seen below.

  • Mobbing: Mobbing will entail how each class can take on smaller mobs, whether single target or crowd control, and how easily the class can perform against them. 
  • Bossing: As far as Bossing is concerned, it will be concerned with dealing with higher-difficulty enemies, such as elite opponents or even world and map bosses, and trying to take them down is where they will typically face issues. 
  • Gear Ease: The next criteria is how easily players in Outriders can gear up for the class they are using. It will include the skills, class tree skills, pax tree skills, weapons, and modding. 
  • Ease in Usage: Players will also need to consider how well their desired classes can be used, both in the overworld and in dungeons, and if they are slower or faster, etc. 
  • Team Play: Lastly, team play is another important aspect, with it being concerned with how well players can have a Co-Op experience while using the class or whether a single player can only use the class. 


Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Class
Pyromancer Class

Pyromancer essentially controls fire powers, and it grants players the ability to deal melee damage and consistently burn down their enemies, all while achieving victory as their enemies get burnt to a crisp. Take help from our Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build guide to learn just how to build and set up your gear for the Pyromancer class!

AP Pyromancer

Let’s look at AP Pyro first, which entails using pax tree skills to gain skill cooldown reductions so players can cast their skills repeatedly to take down their deadliest foes. AP Pyro hands-down has some of the most versatile builds. Therefore it has a strong damage output for all players. All in all, it is the Outriders Worldslayer Best Class for versatility. 

  • Mobbing: As far as AP Pyro Mobbing is concerned, players can have a strong damage output. However, the class will be on the slower side, making it a bit harder to launch quick shots. 
  • Bossing: Like mobbing, trying to defeat harder bosses is easier than other classes. However, it will still be slow. Therefore players need to time their shots to deal damage that will be deadly. 
  • Gear Setup: When it comes to Pyromancer Gear, it will simply depend on the kind of build being used; for a more versatile build, it will typically require long hours of grinding, making it a bit on the difficult side. 
  • Ease of Use: Again, Ease of use can also depend on the build type, it will be easy, but for players using a difficult build, it can also be on the more irritating end. 
  • Team Play: Pyromancer is insanely fun to use in Teamplay, making it not only an interesting gameplay experience but defeating enemies can be insanely fun too. 

FP Pyromancer

For FP Pyro in Outriders, players have always had issues with gameplay, such as Ammo management. While the pax tree and magazine doubling has fixed some issues, the class itself is still “unfinished” and needs some buffs. 

  • Mobbing: The class has a solid damage output but still feels lacking. Therefore it typically will face issues when trying to clear out single-target enemies. 
  • Bossing: While trying to defeat bosses and end-game elite enemies, the same can be said; while the damage output is insane, the class does not hold up as well as AP pyro, making it underwhelming. 
  • Gear Setup: In gear setup, it is incredibly easy to mod the weapons and choose class skills, making it one of the easiest classes to set up and have the build ready for dairy farming. 
  • Ease of Use: When mentioning Ease of use, FP Pyro is easy to use as well, both in daily grinding and completing harder bosses, therefore giving it a high ranking for Ease of Use alone. 
  • Team Play: For team play, it is pretty okay, though it is recommended not to participate in team play. However, it is not the worst experience. 


Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer Class
Technomancer Class

Next up, let’s discuss Technomancer in Outriders, which will grant players the ability to outlaunch damage unto opponents while inflicting Freeze onto them, inevitably taking them down and taking them down obliterating them. While you’re at it, why not read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer Build guide!

FP Technomancer 

Players that intend to use Techomancer Firepower Builds will already know just how dominant the class is and how easy it is to defeat enemies, especially considering its long-range capabilities. It can apply debuffs like Toxic and Vulnerable to enemies with ultimate Ease. 

  • Mobbing: Defeating smaller mobs is an absolute joke regarding Technomancer in Outriders, as it can take down enemies in no time. If you want the Best Class for defeating smaller mobs in Outriders Worldslayer, then this class should be your go-to. 
  • Bossing: Even for heavier and tougher bosses, players can take advantage of its long-range capabilities to take down elite enemies within a few seconds. The overall damage output is so overpowered that it can outdo many other builds. 
  • Gear Setup: The process of setting up the weapon mods and skills for FP Technomancer is incredibly easy, such as the Omen mod for weapons, which makes it even stronger in combat. 
  • Ease of Use: As long as the player has survivability mods placed on their characters, they will be able to use the class in pretty much any scenario handed over to them, which ranks the class higher on Ease of use. 
  • Team Play: As for team play, the class itself will not offer much, as the class itself is so broken that it can handle any kind of boss clearing on its own. Players will never need the help of other players considering they can take on enemies by themselves with Ease. 

AP Technomancer 

With Technmancer Anomaly Power builds, while there are a select few build types, those that exist are incredibly broken. The new Pax tree skill, “Lethal Devices,” allows players to spam Toxic on enemies back to back, making it all the easier to take them down. 

Players can output damage at insane speeds when pairing it with turret mods and achieve victory almost instantaneously. 

Add-ons like Cold Snap and Icicle Storm will end up giving you huge amounts of AoE damage, making fighting enemies a joke. 

  • Mobbing: As mentioned before, considering how broken the class already is, killing off enemies that are on the easier should be no difficult feat. With the great scaling damage and broken skills, obliterating smaller and more vulnerable enemies is a one-man job. 
  • Bossing: For bossing, Technomnacer mains can rejoice, especially when they are faced with heavier hitting bosses, considering their turret-based skills can easily launch out attack after attack, which should be enough to take them down on their own. Bossing and mobbing both are pretty insane with the AP Technomancer builds
  • Gear Setup: For Gear Setup, while it is on the easier end, players will need to have a few specific mods and skills, such as Cold Snap or Icicle Storm. But overall, even setting up the gear should not take that long and should be ready to go. 
  • Ease of Use: The build is *incredibly* easy. Unga Bunga gameplay involves the player throwing down skills and turrets, and it will essentially kill off all kinds of mobs and enemies for you without you needing to put in any kind of effort. 
  • Team Play: Once again, Techonmacner isn’t the Best Class for team play in Outriders Worldslayer; however, if need be, players can provide Crowd control with skills like Coldsnap, but there isn’t a lot of utility being provided by Technomancer. Therefore it is best to stick to a single player for the class. 


Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Class
Devastator Class

The third class we would like to feature is Devastator in Outriders Worldslayer, a class whereby players can attack enemies by launching out close-ranged shots from their wielded weapons. Alongside inflicting damage, players can apply debuffs like Bleed unto enemies, rendering them useless. You might find our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build helpful!

AP Devastator 

With anomaly power Devastator in hand, players can surely take on enemies. Still, one main caveat players face when using this class is that it is incredibly slow at clearing bosses and maps in general. With skills like “Puncture,” players can inflict bleeding on enemies, making them even easier to take down. 

  • Mobbing: Players can take them out without even blinking when it comes to killing single-target mobs. Considering how strong the Outriders Worldslayer Devastator class is, it gives players the freedom to go insane at annihilating opponents. 
  • Bossing: even for Bossing, the class performs exceptionally well, and the statement can be confirmed by equipping the Multistrike ability, which makes the Outriders player a killing machine. Players can deal millions upon millions of damage with it in their arsenal. 
  • Gear Setup: For gear setup, it is incredibly easy as well; all players need to put on is some armor, and using the multistrike kill will kill all foes without you needing to lift a finger yourself. 
  • Ease of Use: Technomancer has to be the Outriders Worldslayer Best Class because of how strong its survivability is, making it so that players are practically unable to die at all. 
  • Team Play: As for team play, the class works pretty well, especially when it is paired with friends who are also strong, and players can obliterate bosses together. 

FP Devastator 

Let’s take a look at FP Devastator; unfortunately, it falls off the radar. Most players will face difficulty trying to set up their gear. Overall, it’s a total disappointment to the point where many players who have tested it will recommend skipping over it. 

  • Mobbing: Both mobbing and bossing are incredibly underwhelming, and while it may change or get buffed in the future, for the time being, it is practically a hindrance to try and even invest in the gameplay. 
  • Gear Setup: Even setting up the gear seems tedious when the output is so disappointing. For that reason alone, players in Outriders might not want to upgrade skills and mods only to get disappointed. 
  • Team play: For the FP Devastator build, team play is also pretty meh, and overall it’s a class that needs a major buff, both in terms of playability as well as survivability. 


Outriders Worldslayer Trickster Class
Trickster Class

The final class in Outriders that we would like to discuss is Trickster, which essentially falls in the close-range character class, allowing the player to launch shots at incredible speeds. Once the shots are launched, they can decimate their enemies and then flee from the crime scene. They will also be able to inflict enemies with the “Slow” debuff upon hits. 

FP Trickster 

The FP Trickster builds on the underwhelming end of builds, and even with broken skills like “Goals Beyond Understanding,” which is supposed to give the player a 25% chance to deal 200% extra damage, it just simply doesn’t respond. 

  • Mobbing: When mentioning killing smaller enemies, FP Trickster in Outriders might be able to deal an okay amount of damage and eventually will be able to take them out and murder them. However, it is still pretty weak compared to other classes. Therefore it just feels like it lacks power. 
  • Bossing: No, just no. without the main skill that should be working to amplify the overall damage output, Trickster falls extremely short, making it not only annoying to use the class but also underwhelming as hell. The only way this could get fixed is if the skill gets a buff and starts working. 
  • Gear Setup: Another irritating aspect of the FP Trickster build is its gear setup, which is not only difficult, but it just takes longer than it needs to, which just wastes the player’s time in the long run. 
  • Ease of Use: Once again, FP Trickster might be the most tedious class to play. It is weak without skill; it requires proper investment; half of the players don’t even end up clearing mobs with it. Therefore it immediately gets a bad ranking in Ease of Use. 
  • Team Play: Team play is even worse than the other rankings, considering the class isn’t able to provide any kind of utility to the team. 

AP Trickster 

Let’s finish the final build, which will be purely an AP-based Trickster build. Once again, just because of how easily the FP Trickster killed off the class for players, AP Trickster is even more unwanted, though it could change. 

For late-game content like mobbing and bossing, it simply feels like the Trickster class needs to have a major upgrade. It used to be incredibly powerful, but it seems like it has fallen off the radar and really managed to disappoint the entire player base. 

  • Mobbing and Bossing: Both enemies are difficult to get rid of when players are using the Trickster class. 
  • Gear Setup: As for the gear setup, it is also pretty irritating as well, considering it is not easy to build the class, and it basically requires a lot of time and investment, but the output is just not the same. 
  • Ease of Use: No, once again, the Ease of use just isn’t there. It is laggy, underwhelming, incomplete, and all in all, it seems like it has been entirely neglected and needs a major power-up in order to work properly. The same can be said for its team play. 

With that, we will wrap up our Outriders Worldslayer Best Class guide; we hope it was helpful! 

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