Outriders Worldslayer: Best Way To Farm Legendaries

This Outriders Worldslayer Best Way to Farm Legendaries guide will showcase foolproof and unorthodox ways to farm legendaries!

Outriders Worldslayer has one of the best collections of weapons, armors, and mods t work with, which can greatly help increase the way players can perform in battles and kill off their deadliest enemies in our Outriders Worldslayer Best Way to Farm Legendaries guide. We will discuss three main categories and also list down the majority of legendary gear that is available to equip for use in combat! Make sure to read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Trickster Build!

Fastest Farming Method for Apocalypse Gear 

Outriders Apocalyptic Gear
Apocalyptic Gear

With the number of legendary items available for the players in Outriders Worldslayer, there is also a term known as “Apocalypse Gear,” which goes above and beyond that of legendary and can be farmed over and over again and make the player powerful. 

The main focus of the outriders Wordlslayer Apocalypse Gear is placed in the fact that it provides players a “third mod slot,” and while most epic gear will only have two mod slots, this legendary piece of gear will have three. 

The third mod slot will typically be used to get an extra stat, and if it manages to roll into a solid stat, it will make the payer’s overall performance much better in-game. The Apocalypse items are Epic and Lengdary loot sub-sections, and these weapons and gear can be upgraded to your heart’s content. 

The players who want to farm legendaries in Outriders Worldslayer should know that the best method will always be to farm the end-game boss, known as “Arbiter of Descent.” Let’s see how you can farm the legendary loot that the boss itself drops. Don’t forget to read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds guide if you’re confused about what class to go for!

Before Farming 

Before even starting farming the end-game boss, there are a few things that Outrider Players should know about the Arbiter of Descent. One of the main things to keep in mind is that it is one of, if not *the* hardest boss to defeat. 

Considering it is an absolute end-game boss, it will be leveled at higher Apocolypse tiers, making it all the more difficult to farm it up. The farming method will not work if you are an early-game player. Therefore it is essential to have a Devastator, a pyromancer, or any strong build that can defeat the boss easily.

Another thing that players should know is that they will need to head over to the trials section of their game progress, and they will need to complete the “Trials of Tarya Gratar,” which is essentially a long story progression that can not be skipped if you want to get to the final boss. 

Father’s Sanctum Boss 

After getting to the Father’s Sanctum boss arena, keep heading forward until you encounter the Arbiter of Descent in Outriders Worldslayer, which will be the source of all your legendary loot. 

One thing that players should do is that if they want to farm legendaries faster and efficiently in Outriders, they can set the difficulty of the boss to something a little bit more manageable such as Tier 13, especially if they are originally at a higher tier. 

Reattempts and Fighting Again 

After starting the boss fight and learning its attack patterns, make sure that you stay alive throughout the entire boss fight. Otherwise, one attempt will be wasted. After killing off the boss, players will quickly figure out that the Best Way to Farm Legendaries is by reattempting the fight instead of starting over in Outriders Worldslayer

After getting your loot, either an armor piece or a weapon, do not click on the “Abandon Trial of Tarya Gratar,” as it will lead you out of the boss fight, and you will not have another chance to farm the boss. 

Instead, players who want to click on “Return to Lobby” can click on “Continue Game,” which will respawn you back into the arena and give you another chance to play the boss fight again. 

The main reason for using your reattempts is to farm the legendary loot as effectively as possible and get the best builds quicker to become more powerful. 

If you end up dying during your three or four attempts, it will count towards one attempt and revive you. However, you will now be able to claim the loot fewer times, so it is recommended to set the Arbiter boss fight tier at a lower level than you originally are. 

The good thing is that if you lower the tier of the boss fight for farming legendaries, you will not have lower quality or rarity of the loot dropped, as it will all be Legendary loot or Apocalyptic loot still. 

With the remaining tries left, players can choose the best rolls that they get and use them in combat to obliterate enemies.

Outriders Apocalyptic Loot
Apocalyptic Loot

Legendary Martyr Armor Farming 

Perhaps one of the coolest Armor sets that players can get in-game is the Martyr’s Armor set, which looks like a one-on-one copy of the final boss in the game, which we mentioned before, known as the Arbiter of Descent. Let’s look into how you can get the set, one of which will be the Martyr Set. 

Supply Vendor 

The easiest way to get the Martyr Set in your arsenal is by heading to the supply vendor, which will sometimes roll around the Martyr Set on select days. They can get any piece that the player is missing from the Supply Vendor and add it to their collection for later use. For players that want to get their hands on the newest DLC, then our Outriders Worldslayer How to Start guide will be a great help!

Guaranteed Drop of Martyr Set 

Outriders Martyr Armor Farming
Martyr Armor Farming

If you can’t see the Outriders Legendary Martyr Set in the supply vendor, then the next way is to rinse and repeat the Arbiter boss fight. You must complete the Trials of Tarya Gratar before entering the boss fight.  

After completing the Trials of Tarya Gratar, players can choose to “restart the mission” of Tarya Gratar, allowing players to gain access to a secret location known as “The Catacombs.” 

After defeating the catacombs, players can go back into the arena to once again obliterate the Arbiter of Descent. This time, they will have a guaranteed drop no matter what. The drops will include one of the armor pieces from the set, which can then be worn and protect you against any enemy attacks. Let’s take a look at some of the armor pieces. 

Armor Pieces 

The armor pieces listed below will be included in the Outrider Worldlsayer Martyr Set

Helm of The Martyr 

Outriders Helm of The Martyr
Helm of The Martyr

The first piece will be the Helm of The Martyr, which will come in handy whenever it is adorned on the head and will continue to protect the player’s head from incoming attacks from the enemy’s end. 

The best mods for the set is Under Pressure, which will allow the player to get inflicted by any debuff, increasing their overall Armor by 38k and resistance by 4%. Another mod that will work great with the set will be the Untamed Power, which unleashes 151k damage to enemies. 

Chest of The Martyr 

Outriders Chestplate of The Martyr
Chestplate of The Martyr

Next up, the Chestplate of The Martyr is to be worn on the chest, increasing the player’s overall damage negation whenever foes attack the chest. The first mod will be Self-Medication which enhances the overall Max HP of the player, allowing them to stay alive for long in battle. 

The second mod will be What Goes Around, which will ricochet bullets towards foes when they are originally intended for players, and the final mod will be Power of the Stones. Our Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer Build is a must-read!

Legplates of The Martyr 

Outriders Legplates of The Martyr
Legplates of The Martyr

The legplates will result from consistent legendaries farming in Outriders, and it will simply increase the guard for legs. As for the rolls, players can go for anything, but the best option is the Vaccinated, which will increase the player’s damage negation by 20% whenever they have been hit with the debuffs such as Burn, bleed, or Toxic. 

Another roll that can work is Even Odds which will enhance the overall HP by a total of 10 for every enemy within a 10-meter radius around the player in the arena. Lastly, Shatter will inflict 16% increased damage to enemies hit with the Freeze Debuff. 

Unorthodox Method of Farming 

Outriders NPC Tiago
NPC Tiago

Now that players know about Outriders Worldslayer Best Way to Farm Legendaries methods, there is another unorthodox method that has been rumored to be patched. However, players are still free to try it out. 

One of the main requirements for the method to work is that they will need to have one of their characters in the game maxed out since the method features rerolling a newer character and then abusing the bug. 

For the process to work, players can go over to their inventory; from here, they will need to fill out with unneeded loot, and then, clicking on their character tabs and clicking on “Create new Character” will allow them to start a new character in the game. 

Heading back to the character and class selection scene will spawn the Outrider players in an area considered the end-game. 

NPC Tiago 

Go to the NPC Tiago sitting down, communicate with him, and sell him all of your dismantled items, which will significantly increase your Drop Pods, which is the currency needed to buy the Legendary items. 

Going back into the buyer areas will allow players to buy sets and weapons, and anytime you want to reroll and get better gear, you can simply do so by spending a certain amount of your attained currency. 

Simply Equip the items and gear onto your character, and players will find the solution to farm legendary items in Outriders. Remember yet again that the method might not work anymore or just fine for certain players, but it never hurts to try it out! 

All Legendary Weapons and Armors 

Last but not least, let’s list down the armor sets and weapons available for grabs. Starting off with the weapons, they are as follows: 

  • Lumberjack 
  • Thunderclap 
  • Charred Lance
  • Deathscape 
  • Mythos 
  • Decadence 
  • Final Penance 
  • Sunfall 
  • Vortex 

As for the armor sets, they are also listed below: 

  • Flame Leper Set
  • Techmonger Set
  • Scorched Zealot
  • Heat Seeker Set
  • Shield Beast Set
  • Terminal Velocity Set
  • Concussioner Set
  • Banner-Lord Set
  • Trigger Switch Set
  • Deadeye Set
  • Martyr Set
  • Maxwell’s Demon Set
  • Defiled Visage piece
  • The Shackled piece
  • Tundra Stalker piece
  • Descendant piece. 

With that, we will wrap up our Best Way to Farm Legendaries guide for Outriders Worldslayer DLC. For all Pyromancer mains, our Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build guide will surely help them out with coming up with a proper build!

Apocalyptic Gear Guide Inspiration: Laserbolt on Youtube

Martyr Armor Guide Inspiration: Laserbolt on Youtube

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