The BEST Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build

Outriders is the latest game by developer People Can Fly. It is s Sci-Fi looter shooter RPG game. The game is very reminiscent of Borderlands, and like Borderlands, it has many builds. We are focussing on the best possible Outriders Worldslayer: Devastator Build.

The game also features a Co-Op mode where three friends can join each other and play together. The main setting of the game is a dark fantasy Sci-Fi world. 

Fans of People Can Fly developers showed their disinterest for the first time when the game was revealed. This is a developer with a very decent track record; with cult classics like Bulletstorm under its belt, people were expecting that Outriders might turn into something very charming.

Outriders have not been very successful commercially, but it has found itself a little bit of a cult following because of its constantly updating content and builds.

The game features four classes, all unique with their own exclusive skills and attributes. These classes are Pyromancer, Technomancer, Trickster, and the class whose build for Worldslayer we will be focussing on today, Devastator. 

What is Outriders Worldslayer?

Outriders Worldslayer Expansion
Cover of Outriders Worldslayer Expansion

Worldslayer is a massive expansion to the base game of Outriders. It takes players to the remotest areas of Enoch. Like any good live-action game, Outriders also developed the Worldslayer expansion with both veterans and newcomers in mind. 

In addition, even though we won’t recommend it, you can play Worldslayer before even accessing the main game’s original content. Chronologically it picks up right after the base game’s events have concluded. 

Our guide will focus on the strongest possible Devastator build in Outriders Worldslayer. With this, you will be crushing your enemies with ease.  

What is the Devastator Class in Outriders?

Outriders Devastator Worldslayer one of the four classes in Outriders game
Devastator Class Outriders Worldslayer

Devastator in Outriders is a class that works as a Tank and also as a heavy hitter and damage dealer. It can deal tons of damage to multiple enemies with its AOE abilities.

The Devastator class is mainly for those players that want to rush forward and stay in front of the team. If you are the type of player who just loves to spam abilities and shoot at your foes, then Devastator is most likely the best class for you.

With this class, you can get close to your foes. Then start blasting and absorb the bullets; by doing that, you are covering for your teammates. Naturally, Devastator can be a great support class for other classes or teammates who have low armor.

Our guide will inform you about an incredibly overpowered Devastator build for Endgame. With our build, you can demolish enemies and cover your friends more efficiently when going into Worldslayer.

Overpowered Endgame Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build 

This spectacular endgame Devastator of ours will focus on mainly inflicting the Bleed effect and the Anomaly Power. Alongside these, it will also have significantly low cooldowns, buffs to its strength, and overall a very high armor that will make the enemy’s attacks feel like nothing.

The main purpose of the Bleed effect is that it makes the enemies more vulnerable. You will be dealing way more damage than the usual one with the Bleed effect inflicted. 

In addition, Anomaly Power also does something very similar. It nerfs the enemies significantly by putting down their defenses. Just like in most RPGs, when the defense is down, you will do way more damage.

This Build doesn’t just focus on dealing damage. When the player is dealing massive damage to the enemies and tanking hits, they will also need to make sure that they don’t die. Our Devastator Build will also make sure that you gain Health alongside the armor regeneration.

The heavy Armor will make it so you can Tank hits easily. The cooldown will obviously reduce the time of your abilities. The Life Leech Effect will heal you. 

Best Weapons for Endgame Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build

Now you will, of course, need weapons; they will be your main damage dealers. Then, let us talk about the best primary and secondary weapons for the Endgame Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build. 

Primary Weapon

The Juggler Devastator Outriders Worldslayer Primary Weapon
Legendary Primary Assualt Rifle The Juggler Outriders Worldslayer

For the Primary Weapon, we recommend that you use The Juggler. This gun has the Life Leech ability. It is an assault rifle that will allow you to run and gun enemies. Whenever you take damage, you will be healed due to the Life Leech.

Moreover, The Juggler is the ideal primary weapon for an overpowered endgame Devastator. It fits all the criteria that we mentioned earlier. You can run and gun without worrying about your health depleting and you dying.

Now let us talk about the mods that you may get on The Juggler to make it even more effective in battle. We recommend that you look for Radiation Splash and the Scrap Grenade mods on the weapon. It will be godroll if you get both on the gear.  

Radiation Splash will initiate a small explosion. This explosion might be minor, but it is very deadly as it inflicts Vulnerability to the enemies whenever you Reload The Juggler.

Scarp grenade is also a very effective mod that we recommend you use with The Juggler as it does a 5-Meter Radius Anomaly damage to the enemies. 

As you can already tell that both of these go hand in hand, so these, combined with the Juggler’s Life Leech will turn you into an unstoppable force. Now we will shift our focus to the secondary weapon.

Secondary Weapon

Outriders Deathshield Secondary weapon Devastator Worldslayer
Deathshield Legendary Secondary Weapon Outriders Worldslayer

We recommend that you use alongside The Juggler is Deathshield. This weapon is very ideal for close-ranged combat. What is also very good about the Deathshield is that it also has the Life Leech Ability, similar to The Juggler.

In addition, while both the weapons share the Life Leech Ability, Deathshield has the stronger version. This means that whenever you kill enemies with the weapon, you will gain even more Health back than compared with The Juggler.

Our Endgame Devastator build is all about doing severe damage to your enemies and tanking damage for your teammates. That is why both of the weapons that we have recommended have the Life Leech Ability.

Furthermore, the mods that we recommend for Deathshield are Moaning Winds and Fortress. Both of these go very well with the secondary.

Moaning Winds is very ideal for situations when you are being ganged up on by a number of enemies. What the mod does is it will create a blast around your character; that blast will act as a shield which will deal severe damage to enemies with the 8-Meter Radius.

Fortress will assist you with tanking hits. It will buff the armor that you have equipped when you take hits. What Fortress also does on top of the armor buff is that it increases your damage by 30 percent for 10 seconds

And that covers both your primary and secondary weapons for our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build. Let us now talk about what you should wear for our build, and your gear.

Best Gear for Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build

The gear that we recommend for our build is a proper set. The main purpose of the set is that it buffs the Bleed effect by 50 percent. That is a very massive buff and will melt the enemies who have that inflicted. We recommend the Seismic Commander’s Set.

This is a proper set; what that means is it has almost all the pieces: the Helmet, Chest piece, and your Leg Armor. We will tell you more about the Gloves that you will be equipped later on in our guide. 

Moreover, the only things you will be equipped with outside of the set will be the Gloves and Boots. You will be using the Yruuk Utarah’s Gloves, and for the Shoes or Boots, we recommend The Engine Liquadator’s Boots

Now let us discuss all these pieces in a bit more detail, see what mods to equip on them, and see what is special about each of them.

Recommended Mods for Devastator Gear

The Helmet or the headgear goes very well with both your weapons as it has the Life Leech Effect that, as you must know by now, heals you. The mods that we recommend for The Helmet are Blood Shock and Despair.

The Chest Piece will provide you with a cooldown reduction for your skills. Alongside the cooldown, it also provides status power. We advise you to equip The Earth’s Legacy and Second Quake mods on the Chest piece.

The Leg Guard gives you status power and also provides cooldown reduction exactly like The Chest Piece. The mods that we advise you should try & acquire in random roll for the Leg Armor are Captain Hunter and Tainted Blood

In addition, the Tainted Blood Mod on The Leg Guard will increase your already overwhelmingly high Bleed damage. We are sure by this point in the guide, you must have realized just how insanely broken our Build will make your Devastator.

The Captain Hunter Mod for the Leg Armor will increase the damage that you will be dealing with the many bosses that you will encounter during the game. 

The Gloves will give you status effect power and cooldown reduction for your skills akin to the Leg Guard and Chest Piece. Additionally, they will also buff your Gravity Leap

The Boots also will be giving you the status power and cooldown reduction, just like almost every single gear for this build aside from The Helmet. The Boots will further buff your Anomaly Power as well. 

Moreover, we recommend that you put the Untamed Power Mod on The Boots as it will further buff your Anomaly Power.

The main purpose of the gear in our Outriders Worlslayer Devastator Build is to heal and increase the cooldown so that the player can spam skills. 

Best Skills 

Recommended Devastator Strongest Skills eXputer build
Recommended Skills for our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build

The skill tree that we want you to focus on for the Devastator class is the one at the bottom. Focus on these nods as they will buff your already extremely high Anomaly Power and Cooldown Reduction. 

Moreover, to be precise, the skills that we want you to acquire from the skill tree are Bloodbath, Paladin, and lastly, Strong Arm for Blood Donation or Anomaly.

Now let us talk about the skills that you will be equipping and how they will assist you during battle. The skills that you need to equip for this build are Gravity Leap, Golem, and Earthquake. 

Gravity Leap can stun or disrupt your enemies. The skill is an attack that takes you into the air and then strikes below. The resulting impact disrupts the enemies. Be wary though the area of effect for the skill is quite small.

Golem is a skill that you should activate whenever you feel like rushing enemies, as the main focus of the skill is that it allows the player to tank more hits from the enemies.

Earthquake works just like Gravity Leap; it can disrupt your foes. Both of these attacks are similar, but when used at the right moment can open up a perfect window for you to rush in and attack.

You can, of course, mix these attacks together. Use any disrupting attack, and while the enemies are confused, rush in by activating Golem. Your gear should handle your healing extremely well, and you will demolish your enemies easily.


That concludes our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build. We assure you that if you follow our guide carefully, you will have an insanely strong Devastator in your hands.

You might have realized while reading through the guide that this build has an insanely quick cooldown and Anomaly Power. As far as healing is concerned, the gear and weapons we have to make sure that you get healed as soon as you get hit.

Outriders have received a very mixed reception. Some people love the game and are addicted to it, while others can’t get the appeal. Developer People Can Fly has constantly been updating the game, making sure that it is in great playable condition. 

Furthermore, some gamers who were initially put off by the game have actually gotten used to it after giving the Worldslayer Expansion a shot. 

What do you think about the game? Do you think it is repetitive? Are you having fun? Did you check out the new Worldslayer Expansion? Let us know all about your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

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