Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build: Skills, Guns & Armor

There are a total of four classes in Outriders. With the Outriders Worldslayer expansion a lot was added to the game. Our guide entails one of the most interesting builds that you can make as of now.

Outriders is a new looter shooter RPG made for people who love to grind and experiment with crazy builds. Our guide focuses on one of the best builds in the game. It is the Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build for the Pyromancer class. While you’re at it, consider reading the Outriders Class tier list.

In addition, there are four classes in the game; these include Devastator, Technomancer, Trickster, and of course, the one that this guide focuses on, the Pyromancer. All of these classes have their own unique set of items and accessories. 

These are complex and deep classes made with every player’s playstyle in mind. So you are sure to find the best one for yourself. Once you do, you should check out our Best Outriders Worldslayer Builds guide to find the best possible build for your chosen class.

Outriders is the latest game from the developer People Can Fly. If that name sounds familiar, then that may be because you have played Bulletstorm, their criminally underrated first-person shooter.

Moreover, the game has received mixed feedback from both the fans of the developer and the general gaming public. However, there is no doubt many people love the game. They are also addicted to it, and these people are the reason why the game is still getting content.

What Is Outriders Worldslayer?

Worldslayer Expansion of Outriders
The Outriders Worldslayer Expansion Cover

Outriders Worldslayer is proof that People Can Fly is a very dedicated developer. It is an expansion, and more than that, it is a reward for the fans who have stuck with the game despite its lackluster and buggy launch. 

Outriders Worldslayer adds a lot to the game and also makes changes to the game. Some are necessary, while the others are totally not warranted. Our build is, of course, based on the content and changes made after Outriders Worldslayer. 

Furthermore, if you enjoyed the base game of Outriders, then it is a no-brainer that you should pick the expansion up whenever you can. Our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build for the Pyromancer is just one of the many crazy builds you are free to make and experiment with.

Now let us get into our build. We will let you know about every single thing that you need so that our build can perform to its complete potential. 

Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build

Pyromancer Class Outriders Worldslayer wallpaper
The Pyromancer Class in Outriders Worldslayer

As you already know by now, our build is for the Pyromancer. It is a medium ranged class that lets you burn your foes to a crisp because it has inferno powers.

The Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build is easily one of the best builds for the class. If you are a Pyromancer main, who is bored of using the same overpowered builds, we have got you covered with this new one.

Pyromancer is mainly a class for players that like to shoot at enemies from a bit far. If you want to rush in and annihilate your foes, then the Devastator will surely suit you. The eruption is a skill, and our build’s main focus is to buff it and make it extremely powerful and viable.

Let us start our guide with the best possible weapons that the player needs to equip alongside the compulsory mods that must come with the weapons; otherwise, the player won’t be able to utilize our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build to its full potential.

Best Weapons For The Eruption Build

There is something very special about our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build. That is, you don’t need to have a specific strong overpowered weapon to make it work. As far as weapons are concerned, the mods that they come with are the main important thing.

Furthermore, the build is an Anomaly Power build. If you have made multiple builds before, you must know that most Anomaly builds need two very specific mods on their weapons for them to work nearly perfectly. These are Mage’s Rage and Fortress

Mage’s Rage is the more important one out of the two. Every time you score a critical hit, it will boost your Anomaly power by 10 percent for 15 seconds; this can stack up to 4. It is going to be the mod that buffs your damage.

The fortress is something that the player also must have equipped on the weapon that they are using. It buffs the armor by 5 percent and stacks up to 3. When it reaches maximum stack, it will double the buffs and will provide 20 percent extra damage for 10 seconds.

If any of these are not on the weapons, you are using, go farm them. Who knows, you might even get a better weapon than the one you are currently using. Both of these are absolutely essential to our build and are also essential to Anomaly Power builds in general.

Even though the players are free to pick their own decent weapons, which must come with the recommended mods installed in them, we are still going to recommend some great options that we frequently use when we are playing.

Best Primary Weapon

Outriders Worldslayer legendary SMG Sunfall
Sunfall Outriders Worldslayer Legendary SMG

We frequently use the legendary submachine gun called Sunfall. It works very well with Pyromancer’s medium-range playstyle. What is our main reason for picking the Sunfall other than getting lucky with the mods is that it comes with the Life Leech skill in Outriders.

Life Leech activates very frequently, and it makes sure that the player doesn’t suddenly die when they are partaking in the chaos. It is the second thing that will keep you alive only behind the armor buffs. 

You already know that the weapon must drop with both Mage’s Rage and Fortress. You can get extra lucky, or if you are willing to farm even more for the third perk, Firestorm is an excellent choice.

Firestorm lives up to its name. It summons a literal firestorm that deals severe fire damage to the enemies. On top of the damage, it also inflicts the Burn status effect within the radius for 8 seconds. Now let us discuss the other weapon we will recommend.

Best Secondary Weapon

Outriders Worldslayer Roaring Umbra
Roaring Umbra Outriders Worldslayer Legendary LMG

Roaring Umbra is a legendary light machine gun; it is the second and the last weapon that we will be recommending in our guide. The main reason we use this is because of the armor-piercing effect that it possesses. 

You can, of course, go ahead and farm a version with the Fortress and Mage’s Rage, but the main reason why you will be using the Roaring Umbra is going to be because of the armor piercing. It will help you greatly against enemies that tank more hits than usual.

Burning Bullets is also a great mod that you should look for in the Roaring Umbra drops. It inflicts the Burn effect on enemies for 8 seconds.

Next up are the armor pieces. After those, we will focus on the skills trees that you need to follow and what skills you should pick up and use.

Best Armor 

Pyromancer Eruption Build Armor Set Outriders Worldslayer
Pyromancer Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build Armor

For our build to work perfectly, you are going to need to equip most of the pieces of the Lava Lich Set. It is mainly due to the fact that the set buffs the Eruption skill’s damage by 100 percent and its cooldown by 30 percent.

We will go into a bit of detail with each armor piece and also tell you about the mods it must have for it to work even more effectively. Also, remember that the buffs mentioned above regarding Eruption are compulsory to our build and are the bonus of the set.

Moreover, you can also decide to remove one of these armor pieces and use one outside the set. Mods that are completely essential to our build that you must have on the armor will compensate for the missing piece.

Before we begin, remember that this will probably be the most time-consuming and patience-requiring part of our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build for Pyromancer. You must have the mods that we deem essential.


The Helmet of Lava Lich will give you a significant boost to your Anomaly power which, as you must know by now, is one of the pivotal parts of our build. Aside from the boost, it also has Life Leech.

As far as mods go, Magma Coat and Unstoppable Force are excellent drops. The former one increases your Lava damage over time, while the latter one buffs your Anomaly Power by 50 percent of your Resistance Piercing

Chest Piece

Upper Robe of Lava Lich is what we use here. Just like the former piece, it also boosts the Anomaly Power and has Life Leech. 

Furthermore, For the mods, Turn Up The Heat is extremely essential to our build. It makes it so that we can use Eruption twice before it goes into cooldown. The other mod that we recommend you must farm is Giga-Blast which increases Eruption’s radius by 100 percent.


For the gloves, we use Charms of the Lava Lich. It provides different buffs, unlike most of the pieces of the set. It will increase your maximum health and will also provide cooldown reduction for your skills.

The mods we recommend that you try to farm for the gloves are Anomaly Echo and ETNA. Anomaly Echo buffs your firepower and Anomaly Power on activation, and it lasts for 6 seconds

In addition, ETNA is an essential mod as it makes it so that Eruption can now be used four times before requiring a cooldown. The cherry on top is that it also makes it so that the skill can now inflict the Burn status effect on enemies. 

Leg Armor

For this, our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build uses the Lower Robe of Lava Lich. Just like the other pieces of the set, it also buffs your Anomaly and makes sure you stay alive with its Life Leech ability. 

The piece we use possesses the Pompeii mod, which is extremely useful and necessary for our build as it makes it so that now you can use Eruption 3 times before going into cooldown. The other mod is Improved Damage; it buffs the Eruption explosion damage significantly.


Now for the final piece of the armor and the only one we use outside of the Lava Lich set. We use the Predator’s Boots. It has similar buffs to the set, though, as it will buff your Anomaly Power and also has Life Leech to provide healing.

Make sure to have mods that have boost Anomaly on the boots. Our piece possesses great ones are Arms and Anomaly alongside Phoenix Force. Arms and Anomaly is the essential one as it boosts your Anomaly damage after each critical hit when it is active.

That concludes all the gear pieces that we use with our build and the must-have mods that you will have to farm for. Most of the mods here are essential but also easy to farm when compared to other high-level build mods.

Now we are proceeding toward the end of our guide. We will now inform you of which skill tree to follow and which skills to acquire to make the build work in the first place. Continue reading, and then reign inferno on your enemies when you have successfully made the build.

Skill Trees And Best Skills For Eruption Build

Most of our build has been focused on multiple usages of skills and the cooldown reduction. It has all been because the skills are the most important part of our build, so read carefully to find out which Pyromancer skill tree to follow alongside the best PAX skill path.

Pyromancer Skill Tree

Pyromancer Tempest Skill Tree For Eruption Build

Let us begin by telling you what you should acquire in the Pyromancer skill tree. You must exclusively stay in the Tempest tree. Take as much of the Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction, and Burn Status Effects as you can, as they are the main focus of our build.

Take a look at the picture that we have provided above. It will pinpoint you to the Tempest tree and also give you an idea of what to acquire as you are going forward. 

PAX Skill Tree

Pax Skills Tree Pyromancer Outrider Worldslayer Eruption
Pax Skills For Eruption Build

These are the new sub-class skills that were introduced in the Outriders Worldslayer expansion. They become available once the player reaches level 30. There are skills you need to acquire from here that are obviously also essential for our build.

Similar to the Pyromancer skill tree, stick to the bottom of and acquire all the skills that are in the picture that we have provided above. As you can see, all of these are located at the bottom-most area of the PAX skill tree.

That concludes all you need to acquire from both the original base game’s Pyromancer skill tree and the PAX Outriders Worldslayer skill tree. Let us now focus on the three main skills that you will be using during combat. 

Best Skills

Best Three Skills Pryomancer
The Three Best Skills That You Will Be Using

The three skills that you will be using with our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build are Eruption, Ash Blast, and Overheat. We will discuss all of these in a bit of detail and then, later on, tell you about how to use them all together with great synergy. 

Eruption: It is the main skill our build revolves around and the one you will be using the most. It creates a volcanic eruption below the targeted enemy which also deals damage to the enemies around the selected one in a small radius and applies the Burn status effect. 

Ash Blast: As the name suggests, the skill turns the enemies into Ash. It also temporarily stuns the enemies and applies the ash debuff.

Overheat: This skill deals extra damage to enemies when they are inflicted with the Burn status effect. Other than that, it is a basic skill that is simply a damage dealer.

Furthermore, let us now get into the pattern you should use these skills in for synergy. The eruption can apply to Burn, so use it first. Ash blast can apply Ash, so after you use both of these skills and then go for Overheat to destroy the enemies. 

Most of the enemies will be dead by Eruption’s buffed damage already because of how much we have increased it with our build and with how many times you can spam it. 

Moreover, Keep in mind you can use Eruption 4 times before it will go into a cooldown state; it is due to all of the essential mods that are present in our armor pieces. It is always extremely viable to use Overheat whenever the enemies are suffering from the Burn effect, even if it isn’t from the Eruption skill.


That brings our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build for The Pyromancer class to an end. We hope that you have fun with our build and use it effectively. 

As we have mentioned multiple times earlier, you absolutely need to read our guide thoroughly. If you want to utilize our build’s maximum potential. Missing even one of the things can impact the entire build greatly.

If you have paid attention, you can already tell how all of the pieces come together to make the build work. It is also important to keep in mind that our build is extra effective against the many bosses in Outriders Worldslayer.

Outriders has had a mixed reception from both fans of the developer and the critics. What do you think about the game? Did it live up to your expectations? Do you have a crazy build that you would like to share with us? Tell us all about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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