BEST Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build

This Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build guide will showcase a deadly build featuring weapons, skills and class trees!

Outriders Worldslayer is set in a sci-fi universe and essentially acts as a co-op shooter game whereby players can match with their friends but can also solo. With the four classes available, players will be stranded on the planet of Enoch and have to make their way through to combine the deadliest weapons, armors, skills, and class trees to dominate opponents.

In our Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build guide, we will uncover the skills, class trees, pax tree, and Armor and weapons needed! While we’re on the topic, you might like our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build guide

Outriders Pyromancer Build

The Pyromancer build for players features an assortment of the deadliest skills, class trees, and weapons, whereby players will be able to cast down ultimate destruction upon their enemies and will be able to clear the hardest maps with ease. If done right, players should also be able to clear the toughest bosses like the Arbiter with little to no difficulty. 

Please remember that this is primarily an end-game build and requires a near-perfect setup to pull it off nicely. For that reason alone, practicing before trying out the build is best if you are a first-time player in Outriders. With that, let’s get started!


Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Skills
Pyromancer Skills

Starting things off with the main skills, players can consist of three main skills, with one acting as the main damage dealer. 


The overheat skill will act as the main damage dealer and will be the guiding lead for players trying to decimate bosses. Upon casting it, it will deal a total of 143 299 damage to enemies in the radius. It will also cast down “Interruption,” immobilizing all their skills. 

Any enemies that gain “Burn” will receive a bonus of a million damage instead of the usual 100k damage, depleting their HP even faster. The cooldown for Overheat is 4.9 seconds, which is pretty fast to cast over and over again. 

Thermal Bomb 

Next up, pyromancer mains can use Thermal Bomb to cause even more destruction unto their enemies, as it will target one single enemy, and it will apply the “Burn” as well as the “interrupt” debuff onto them. With that, it will also deal an additional 532 250 damage to them, absolutely obliterating them in sight. 

If the debuffs have been applied to them and they die, they will explode and deal 4.5M damage to nearby opponents in their radius. 

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Ash Blast 

Lastly, the third skill will be Ash Blast, which will summon an “Anomaly” m which will cause a severe blast to occur, and it will inflict Ash on all kinds of foes, taking them down and dealing a ton of damage within a select radius. 

The cooldown for the Ash blast is 10.6 seconds, which may be on the longer side, but when it is timed right, it can be a great aid for players using the Pyromancer Build on the battlefield while playing Outriders Worldslayer

Class Tree 

Outriders Worldslayer Class Tree
Class Tree

Let’s dive deeper into the Outriders class tree and the respective skills that players can use. While in the middle of combat, going down the class tree, players will encounter four skills they can take advantage of. 

Mark’s Cumulation 

The first skill that they can use is known as mark’s Cumulation, which will grant the player the ability to mark down any opponent in their range and be able to deal their skill damage as usual. 

However, the main benefit of using Mark’s cumulation skill is that it will enhance the skill damage by a total of 8%, making it easier to take down tougher enemies in front of you. Marks’ Cumulation is essentially one of the first skills and probably the most important as it can prove to be useful in the fight. 

Grave Ablaze 

Another skill that Outrider players can abuse (and probably should) is known as “Grave Ablaze,” which is also an explosive skill, which means that it will mainly be used purely as a killing skill and be used to take down enemies as fast as possible without taking too much time. 

Whenever players use their explosive skills in battle, the base damage will be increased by 30%, ultimately decimating enemies in their wake. 

Flames That Burn Twice 

Alongside the other two skills, whenever players in Outriders combine it with Flames that burn twice, they will be able to come face-to-face with their toughest elite mobs and defeat them easily. 

The reason is that with the skill in hand, players will experience an increase in the overall damage that they will deal against elite enemies by 10%. It will deplete the elite mob’s health faster, making it all the faster to take them down. 


Last but not least, the fourth skill featured at the bottom of the class tree is known as Conflagration, and it will be of massive help in achieving the perfect Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build

Whenever Conflagration is cast forth, it will enhance the player’s overall Resistance Piercing by 15%, making it safer to survive in battle. 

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Hot Situation 

Now, Hot Situation will serve as an immobilizing buff skill, whereby any player that is using Hot Situation and manages to cast out their Immobilize skill and inflict opponents in the arena with the “immobilize” debuff will receive a buff. 

The respective buff they will receive will enhance their overall Anomaly Power by a total of 45% for 10 seconds, after which it will end. 


As we mentioned, Conflagration will be used with the Hot Situation main skill again to increase the player’s Resistance piercing by 15% and make them even more invulnerable. At the same time, they are being attacked by enemies that have a higher health pool. 

Conflagration is a perfect sub-skill for Hot Situation and can help them achieve victory against the toughest of opponents available.

Trial of The Ashes 

Moving on, the final skill players in Outriders can use the Trial of The Ashes, which essentially means that whenever players are present in the arena and are gunning down their foes, they inflict enemies with Ash will receive a respective buff. 

Any enemy inflicted heavily with the debuff will intake 10% enhanced overall damage from the player’s end, bringing down their health and instantly killing them off. 

Pax Tree 

Outriders Worldslayer Pax Tree
Pax Tree

Similar to the tree, there is also a system known as a Pax Tree in Outriders, which provides the players with extra abilities and skills that can power them up even mroe when they are in the middle of combat. 

Melting Point 

Starting with the first ability, Melting Point will essentially serve as a major buff to the player whenever they are busy trying to fend off enemies, whether single-target weaker mobs, elite enemies, or even map bosses. 

The way that Melting Point operates is that it will first increase the player’s overall Resistance Piercing by 15% whenever their health bar is filled up to at least 80%. However, whenever players’ health drops below 40%, their resistance piercing will be buffed up even more by 40%. 

Master Exploder 

Another important ability that can’t be skipped over is the Master Exploder, which works in ways to allow players to experience an enhancement to their explosive skill damage output being dealt with opponents. 

The damage output increase will be based on the player’s Resistance Piercing, and whatever the resistance piercing is, the damage output will be buffed by 100% of that. 


Next up, Convection will play yet another major role in seriously buffing up the players and how they perform whenever they are in the combat zone. Essentially, the way Convection works are that it will reduce the skills’ cooldown so that it gives the Outriders players a chance to cast them more. 

All skill cooldowns will be reduced by 4 seconds whenever any skill has been cast out once and is in the process of its cooldown. The cooldown for Convection is 3 seconds. 


Another important skill is Backdraft, which will provide the player with increased Anomaly Power by 30% anytime any skill is a timer or a cooldown. The higher the number of skills on cooldown, the higher the increase players will experience in their overall Anomaly Power. 

This ability is incredibly important simply because the Pyromancer Build is based on stacking as much Anomaly Power as possible in Outriders Worldslayer. Therefore an increase in power is significant. 

Coming in Hot 

The next ability/skill we would like to mention is Coming in Hot, which will enhance the player’s damage output when facing opponents that could be either weaker or stronger based on their difficulty. 

The main focus of the ability is placed on increased 15% bonus damage to opponents that have their HP above 80% and 30% additional damage to opponents whose health pool is depleted to less than 30%. 

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Ascension Points 

Outriders Worldslayer Ascension Points
Ascension Points

The next category we would like to discuss includes ascension points that players in Outriders can look into and the specific stats they should invest in. 


The entire basis of the Pyromancer build is that players invest as much as possible into Anomaly. Players should upgrade a few specific stats, which will make their Anomaly power even higher, making them all the more overpowered in combat. 

Anomaly Damage 

First, players are recommended not to skip over upgrades like Anomaly Damage, which will give the players a bonus in their next attack that they will launch against opponents in the middle of the battlefield. 

Whenever Anomaly Damage is upgraded, it will essentially allow the player to have their next Anomaly Damage bonus enhanced by 10%. 

Anomaly Power 

Another important upgrade to look into is Anomaly Power, which works as Anomaly Damage does. It buffs up the Anomaly Power and provides a bonus of 10%. 

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Resistance Pierce 

As for the next upgrade, Resistance Pierce will grant the player a Resistance Piercing by 10%, and it is recommended to prioritize Resistance pierce upgrade after Anomaly Damage and Anomaly Power, not before. 

Status Power 

Coming in fourth place, Status Power can also be helpful in certain situations. However, investing too heavily into this upgrade is not recommended since it will simply gain a 10% increase at the next upgrade. 


The next stat players can invest in is prowess, though it comes in at second priority after Anomaly, and there are two main upgrades that players should focus on. 

Damage Against Elites 

Starting with Damage Against Elites, the way it works is that it will gain an enhancement of 10% in itself. The next level gets upgraded by the player in Outriders. Players might find it helpful because they can take advantage of it and launch attacks against elite enemies and kill them off faster. 

Cooldown Reduction 

The final stat we will investigate is Cooldown Reduction, which works in the exact way you can imagine. It will gain an increase in a cooldown reduction by 10%, and it applies to all kinds of abilities and skills that hone a timer or a cooldown. 

The next two stats include Endurance and Brutality. Still, investments into those should be kept to a minimum since the main focus will be simply on maxing out Anomaly and upgrading certain Prowess stats for the player.

Weapons and Mods 

Let’s talk weapon options and the best ones available for the players that want to use the Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build to murder any enemies available

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Outriders Worldslayer Mythos

The first weapon players can go for is Mythos, which will probably be the first option for players, as its Armor pierce will be set to 30%, while its overall close range damage will be 11.3%. 

At level 70 and above, the three mods that players can go for is Omen, which will grant players the ability to output attacks that will be an Anomaly projectile that will continue to inflict Bleed on enemies until they are practically dead. The skill will deal about 2 Million damage. 

Mage’s Rage can be another roll on the weapon, allowing players to launch out shots that will provide a 10% anomaly power bonus that will last 15 seconds. The skill can stack 4 times. 

The fortress is probably the most important role, as every shot launched out will increase the Armor tanking and Resistance by about 5%, which can continue to stack 3 times. 

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Damascus Offering 

Outriders Worldslayer Damascus Offering
Damascus Offering

The next weapon you can invest in is Damascus Offering, which will have crit stats of about 45%, alongside a status power of 40.4%. The three main roles that can benefit players in combat are as follows. 

Claymore Torrent will launch out shots that will damage 4 opponents in a radius of about 6 meters using Anomaly blades, which will deal 2.0 million damage and has a 2-second cooldown. 

Firestorm is another roll players can keep on their Damascus Offering. With this in hand, every shot that players launch out will cast a “Homing Firestorm,” which will inflict them with Burn but also deal about 5 Million damage. 

The final roll can be the Weakness trap, which can prove even more beneficial for players who aim to use the Pyromancer Build in the battle of Outriders Worldslayer. It will launch out explosions and deal 2 million damage but will also apply the “Weakness” debuff on enemies, and it has a total cooldown of 3 seconds. 

Armor and Mods 

Last but not least, let’s take a quick look at the main armor pieces players can use to stay protected and the recommended rolls for them. 

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Boots of The Acari 

Outriders Worldslayer Boots of The Acari
Boots of The Acari

The first piece that players can invest in is the Boots of the Acari, which can use three main roles, one of them being Master Consumer, which will buff up the Overheat skill, and instead of inflicting the burn or ash debuff, it will deal increased damage. 

Another roll will be known as “No Resistance against The Fortified,” which enhances the player’s Resistance piercing” by 100% of the player’s total Armor Piercing value. 

The final roll can include that of Unstoppable Force, which will enhance up the Anomaly Power by 50% and will be based on the player’s Resistance piercing. 

Heat Seeker’s Helmet 

Outriders Worldslayer Heat Seeker's Helmet
Heat Seeker’s Helmet

As for the Outriders helmet piece, the Heat Seeker’s Helmet is the player’s best bet, and the three rolls will include one being Ashen Boost which will increase the damage being dealt against opponents who have been inflicted with Ash by 12%. 

Phoenix Force will improve on Overheat, which will provide the player with 52K extra Anomaly Power for about 8 or so seconds, and it can stack 10 times. 

The final roll will include Death Sentence, which will enhance up the Weapon Damage and overall Anomaly Damage by 40% and about 30% for a total of 5 seconds. 

Heat Seeker’s Chestplate 

Outriders Worldslayer Heat Seeker's Chestplate
Heat Seeker’s Chestplate

The next piece will be the heat Seeker’s Chestplate, which will have three rolls as well, one of them being Firetrap, which will just buff up Thermal Bomb, and anytime a target has been marked on inflicted with Burn, it will launch out an explosion, dealing damage. 

Ash Increase Range is another skill roll that will enhance up Ash Blast and it will enhance the skill’s overall range by 50%. Lastly, Captain Hunter will increase the damage output against elite enemies by 16%. 

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Heat Seeker’s Legplates

Outriders Worldslayer Heat Seeker's Legplates
Heat Seeker’s Legplates

The Legplates can protect the legs pretty well, and the first roll will be Arms and Anomaly, which will work in a way whereby any critical shots that are output will increase the player’s anomaly power by 400k for a total of 6 seconds. 

Fire Frenzy will increase the power of the Thermal Bomb by allowing the player to activate it one more time, before triggering down its internal cooldown. Lastly, the Branded roll will increase the way the Thermal Bomb works and it will basically allow enemies to intake 30% more damage. With that, we will wrap up our Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build guide! 

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