Outriders Worldslayer BEST Technomancer Build

This Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer Build will showcase abilities, skills and weapons!

Outriders Worldslayer has a combination of some of the best classes, some of them being the Pyromancer, Devastator, Trickster, and now, the Technomancer, each having a unique set of abilities, gameplay, and skills. In our Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer Build guide, we will uncover all there is to know about the Skills, class trees, and weapon options for the class!

Key Takeaways
  • Outriders Worldslayer consists of a total of 4 classes: Devastator, Technomancer, Trickster, and Pyromancer.
  • Each class has its own unique skills and abilities for players to choose from.
  • Having a good build for the Technomancer Class will allow you to deal with enemies easily.
  • The Skills we recommend for this Build are Cyro Turret, Blighted Turret, and Cold Snap.
  • Cyro Turret: Will allow players to put enemies under the Freeze debuff and damage of 65K.
  • Blighted Turret: Will allow players to put enemies under the Toxic debuff with 32k Damage.
  • Cold Snap: Allows players to drop a gadget which will then put enemies under the Freeze debuff. Only enemies under a certain radius. 
  • There are a total of 9 Class Tree Skills we recommend, which are Exposing Toxin, Fracture, Gadgeteer, Marked For Execution, Overclocked, Wipe Out, Anomaly Fuelled, Adrenalizing Antenna, and Armor Plating.
  • Each skill has its own unique abilities.
  • There are a total of 5 Pax Tree Skills we recommend, which are Initial Striker, Pain Killer, Permanence, Dissection, and Lethal Devices.
  • Weapons: There are two weapons that we recommend you use, which are Thunderbird and Deathshield.
  • Thunderbird contains 59.9% of critical damage statistics with the Ultimate Storm Whip and Mage’s Rage abilities.
  • Deathshield contains the Life Leech Ability, which allows you to restore your health while dealing damage to the opponent.

Technomancer Class Build in Outriders

-Cryo Turret
-Blighted Turret
-Cold Snap
-Exposing Toxin
-Marked for Execution
-Anomaly Fuelled
-Adrenalising Antenna
-Armor Plating
-Initial Striker
-Pain Killer
-Lethal Devices

The Technomancer class is already broken as is, combine it with the perfect build setup, and players will be able to take down bosses like the Arbiter in under a few seconds.

The gear, skill, and weapon setup is also extremely easy, making it all the more desirable for players, especially those who are experiencing the end-game content and want to clear it faster. You might want to read up on our Outriders Class Tier List to find out which class is best!

The Outriders Worldslayer build is an AP-based build, and we will showcase everything; therefore, let’s start with the Technomancer Build! Also, make sure to also read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator build!


Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer Skills
Technomancer Skills

There will be three main skills players in Outriders can use and take advantage of, shown below. 

Cryo Turret 

Starting with Cryo Turret will grant players the ability to place down an automatic turret, which will launch out 65K damage and will also place down the “Freeze” debuff on enemies. The turret will slowly continue to fall in its overall health and will have a cooldown of 7.6 seconds.

Blighted Turret 

Another turret-based skill is the Blighted Turret, which allows players to launch an automated turret on the ground again, which will inflict enemies with a total of 32K damage, and it will also apply the “Toxic” debuff to them. Once again, the turret will continue to deplete its health until it dies out and will enter a 3.5-second cooldown which is pretty low. 

Cold Snap 

As for the support skill, Cold Snap will play an important role. With it in hand, players can drop down a gadget that will apply the “Freeze” debuff onto any opponents in a certain radius surrounding the Technomancer main placement on the ground. After it disappears, it will enter a low cooldown of 7.1 seconds. 

Class Tree

Outriders Worldslayer Class Tree
Class Tree

As for the class tree, players will be able to yet again use the mentioned skills below to destroy opponents. 

Exposing Toxin

The first Ability, known as Exposing Toxin, will give players the freedom to inflict Toxic onto the foes in front of them. Whenever that has been done, any enemy that has had the Vulnerable debuff inflicted on them will also be affected by the Toxic debuff. The Ability itself will make them weaker and easier to deal with. 


Another skill that players in Outriders will make use of will be Fracture. It operates because it will affect enemies who have been inflicted with the Freeze debuff, as it will allow them to intake 10% increased damage. It allows players to go insane and continuously launch attacks against them.


The next skill in question is Gadgeteer, which, simply put, will allow players to cast out their Gadget skills a lot faster. It manages to do this by reducing the overall cooldown that gadget skills normally have by 15%, making it easier to cast them over and over again. 

Marked for Execution 

Another important skill that Techonamncer mains can’t afford to skip out on is Marked for Execution, which will buff up how the “Vulnerable” debuff impacts the enemy on the field. It will make the enemies a lot more vulnerable, making it easy for them to take damage. 


Next up, players aiming to use the Technomancer class can also abuse “Overclocked,” which works to increase the player’s overall Anomaly Power by a total of 40% while also buffing up their Weapon Damage by 40%. If the player dies while on-field, they have a chance to get resurrected with 50% health. 

Wipe Out 

The WipeOut skill is pretty easy to understand, as it will cause enemies with less than 30% HP to take in 20% increased overall damage, allowing players to die out faster and helping them achieve victory. 

Anomaly Fuelled

While on the topic of easy skills, Anomaly Fuelled simply enhances the player’s overall Anomaly power by 10%, making the player even more overpowered than they already were as a Technomancer user. When it is combined with other skills, it can cause absolute destruction to enemies.

Adrenalising Antenna 

Anytime the player activates their Decay skills whenever they are in the middle of a fierce battle, they will be able to experience an enhancement in their Anomaly Power by a total of 30% for about 10 seconds. The skill doesn’t just affect the player; rather, it also affects their other teammates. 

Armor Plating 

If the player feels like they want to make their Technomancer Build tankier in Outriders Worldslayer, then they can take off their skill known as “Disturbance Coating” and place it on “Armor Plating.” The skill will enhance the armor by 20%, allowing them to gain more survivability. 

Pax Tree

Outriders Worldslayer Pax Tree
Pax Tree

Next, let’s talk about the Pax Tree and the kinds of skills that it offers for use while in combat. 

Initial Striker 

The first skill is Initial Striker, which means that anytime the player activates one of their skills, they will experience an increase in their Anomaly Power by 10%. With that, they will also increase their Firepower by a total of 10%, which will continue to be activated for 5 seconds. 

Pain Killer

Upon casting out Pain Killer, players will be able to launch attacks against enemies, whether they are strong or not, and anytime they land a hit against them, it will allow players to regain a certain amount of their HP. The total HP that they will regain is 2% for 3 seconds, and the skill can stack twice. 


Anytime the player inflicts the “Toxic” debuff on any foe in front of them, it will always have a 100% chance to launch out debuffs and status that are random, which means that the player can cause even more damage than before. The skill can also cause enemies to have their HP depleted. 


Any enemy with any status being applied to them will consistently take in more damage from the player’s end anytime they launch shots against them. Dissection becomes even more effective when the opponent has more than one debuff inflicted on them, making it easier to kill them off. 

Lethal Devices 

Whenever players are suing Lethal Devices, they will be allowed to use their Ordnance and Gadget skills at any time. Still, whenever they do, it will continue to apply for the Toxic status to enemies.

It will also continue to make them intake 5% of the Technomancer main’s overall anomaly power as extra damage. 

Ascension Points 

As for the player’s ascension points, considering there are four main ascension points in Outriders, players can invest in an of the four them being Anomaly, Endurance, Brutality, and Prowess. 


In Anomaly, players want to place points into Anomaly Damage as the priority, after which they should invest in Anomaly power. After that, they should look into upgrading Resistance Pierce. 


As for the prowess stats, players can go for upgrades like “Damage against Elites,” and that is it. Stats like Brutality and Endurance don’t need many investments for the Technomancer build


Players can use different weapons to destroy their enemies in combat whenever they are in the middle of a tough fight, with the two main ones featured in every overpowered Technomancer Build of the Outriders Worldslayer


Outriders Worldslayer Thunderbird

The first weapon option is the Thunderbird, which has a crit damage stat of 59.9% while also honing a status power of 44.9% at level 66. With the three rolls, players can use Ultimate Storm Whip, which will allow players to launch out shots, and every shot will cast down lightning and deal 2M damage. 

Another role they can have in their weapon is the Mage’s Rage, which will let players land critical hits, enhancing their Anomaly power by a total of 10% for 15 seconds, and it can stack 4 times. 

Fortress can also play a role in powering up the weapon, which will increase the player’s Resistance by 5% and stack a total of 3 times. 


Outriders Worldslayer Deathshield

Last but not least, another option for players is Deathshield which will have a Weapon Life Leech of 22.5%, and the first skill players can use is Fortress. As we mentioned, it will buff the player’s damage negation and strengthen them in battle. 

Omen also works to launch out an Anomaly projectile against enemies whenever the player shoots out shots from their gun, and they will continue to cause Bleed unto enemies and also deal 1.1M damage. 

With that, we will wrap up our Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer Build guide! 

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