Outriders Worldslayer Trial of Tarya Gratar Guide

The Trial of Tarya Gratar is a newly introduced endgame content that is accessible after completing the main storyline of Outriders Worldslayer expansion, bringing new adventures for the players to explore. The game developer often releases new updates that come with additional quests and content so that players can continue to enjoy the game even after finishing the main walkthrough.

Out of many endgame pieces, our article will specifically discuss all the details about the Trial of Tarya Gratar and how to make the best out of this activity. While you’re at it, make sure to check out how to get Outriders Seismic Commander Set

The advantage of doing the Trial of Tarya Gratar is that you get to explore new locations in Outriders Worldslayer that features different kind of bosses, multiple loot chests, and additional XP gain. Similar to other Expedition content, players are provided three attempts to pass the Trial of Tarya Gratar.

If you fail to complete it in the three attempts, you will be sent back to the last checkpoint area, where you have to start the activity from the beginning. Also, why not read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build.

What is the Trial of Tarya Gratar in Outriders Worldslayer

OW Trail of Tarya Gratar
Outriders Worldslayer Trail of Tarya Gratar

Tarya Gratar is basically an endgame dungeon that features new combat arenas, tough enemies, boss fights, and other encounters. The Dungeon has up to 19 different optional encounters in which you can take part to earn rewards and increase XP.

The optional battles are held in the Troves, which are tough side areas that reward you with different items such as boots or helmets. Similar to Eye of the Storm, when you will defeat the final boss of Tarya Gratar, it will allow you to choose between one of three Legendary items as a reward, each of which consists of a third Apocalypse mod.

Gratar Trial Map
Tarya Gratar Location

Just like other Expeditions in Outriders Worldslayer, Tarya Gratar has no randomized elements and is a static activity. All the dungeons and Troves are the same and not randomized, but clearing this Dungeon is not a simple task. Once you start the activity, you will encounter Mechanic-heavy boss fights with plenty of enemies on the way but defeating the Dungeon and clearing all the stages is worth the effort as you will be entitled to a lot of Legendary and Apocalyptic gear.

How To Unlock The Trial Of Tarya Gratar In Outriders Worldslayer

If you want to get access to the Trail of Tarya Gratar, you must have to complete the Outriders Worldslayer main campaign. You can do that easily by investing a couple of hours in the game. Once it is complete, the Trial or Tarya Gratar will automatically unlock. In addition to that, you will also access the Pax Points progression system. Also, make sure to check out our Outriders Class tier list to learn about the best ones. 

Once the Trial of Tarya Gratar is unlocked, you can start exploring the dungeon and farm different useful items from it. If you want to gain bonus items, go for the Side Paths explorations, as they contain additional troves and loot chests that have plenty of valuable rewards. It will help you to achieve farm items more effectively and make the most out of this endgame activity.

Navigating The Mini-Map

Navigating the Tarya Gratar is not a difficult task. All you need to do is open your main map, and it will automatically showcase the layout of Tarya Gratar once you unlock it. The map will completely guide you as it will show your current location along with accessible arenas close to it. 

The Trial of Tarya Gratar
Navigating the Tarya Gratar

The rooms having a dead-end will act as optimal zones and will spawn you back to the previous Crossroads when they are cleared. Zones that are merging horizontally will continue spreading through the Dungeon in the normal path. No matter which zone you choose, all of them will eventually lead you to the final boss fight.

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All Arenas To Explore

Once you enter the Tarya Gratar, you will find different rooms and arenas throughout the Dungeon, which are full of hidden enemies and monsters. Here are all the possible locations you can encounter in the Tarya Gratar of Outriders Worldslayer. While you are t it, make sure to check out the best Technomancer Build in Outriders as well.


The first phase is the entrance of the Tarya Gratar, which is technically not a part of your main run. Here, you can utilize all the base camp facilities and gear yourself up, such as restocking your ammo, fixing your gear, and trading items. Use this area to your advantage to prepare yourself for the unexpected adventures lying ahead.


The Crossroads are the checkpoints that can be located in between combat arenas. These spots act as a checkpoint to save your progress for the last combat arena. You can identify Crossroads with the help of a map and make your way to each of them to restock yourself and prepare for the next encounter. If you get killed in the battle arena, you will be spawned to the last checked Crossroad.


Skirmish is the typical battle arena in Tarya Gratar and is the most common area in the Dungeon. Here, you will face and fight different kinds of opponents, with their difficulty levels varying according to your Apocalypse Tier. The higher-tier enemies will drop better rewards upon killing. Once you clear all the enemies of this arena, you will get access to a Trove in which you will get all the possible loot of the zone once you open it.


Landmarks are the side arenas that are off the main track of your current run. These areas are optional to explore but hold a considerable amount of loot. So, if you are looking for some additional items other than the main run, you can go off the track and explore these areas too. Here, you will find tougher enemies and more sturdy bosses, but their loot will also be exceptional with plenty of rare items in it.


The Trial is a boss arena in Tarya Gratar, where you need to defeat one of the bosses from the pool in order to explore deeper into the Trial. If you have well-upgraded gear with assisting items, you can face off these enemies easily. The loot dropped from these bosses will be greater than the Skirmish arenas. You can also use the trial as a checkpoint to save your progress for the precious Arena.

Final Trial

This is the final zone of every run in Tarya Gratar. In the Final Trial, you face the main boss of the Dungeon that is waiting for you to arrive. The fight can be very challenging, especially if you are on greater Apocalypse Tiers. Clearing the Final Trial is the most difficult task in your run. Once you are successful in beating the final boss, you will clear your run, and if you beat the final enemy at Apocalypse Tier 25, you will unlock an additional Achievement.

Trial of Tarya Gratar Rewards

Getting on higher Apocalypse Tiers and doing runs through the Trial of Tarya Gratar is the most optimal way to get the best rewards and rare items. If you are lucky enough, you can also get your hands on Legendary items through these strategies.

Another best way to get the most rewards out of Tarya Gratar runs by exploring the Trove arenas located on the map. Although these areas are relatively competitive as compared to the normal Skirmishes, the loot is also of a higher tier, with an increase in the drop rate of Apocalypse items. Each Trove is specific for one kind of loot item, i.e., helmets, shields, boots, etc. You can farm a specific type of gear by looking through the map by seeing the type of loot a specific Trove is offering as a reward. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you should always take assistance from the map on every step as it contains all kinds of information regarding rewards and loot items. We recommend you target those areas that have higher chances of dropping Apocalypse gear.

Best Ways To Farm Trials Of Tarya Gratar

Gratar Final Boss
Tarya Gratar Final Boss

The main purpose of starting the Trial of Tarya Gratar is to farm useful items and resources. Here, we will discuss the optimal way of farming to make the best out of Tarya Gratar.

The first thing you need to do is to start the run solo and make your way to the final checkpoint of the final boss in the Dungeon and kill it to get all the possible rewards. The key is to avoid any unnecessary fights in the optional arenas and just target the main boss to get the best loot.

Basically, you have to do the run normally and pass all the checkpoints that come in your way one by one. The end goal is to neglect the minimal loot of small arenas and just save up your lives to focus on the final boss of the Dungeon.

While you are going for the run, you have to make sure that you do not die and lose one of four lives. So, make sure you take all the necessary items with you that will assist in boosting your survivability. If you are successful in saving up your lives, you can use them all in the end, which will make the fight easy for you.

If you survive the complete challenge, you will receive plenty of amazing rewards and useful items, including Apocalypse gear. You can also explore the Troves if you want some additional loot as they are optional arenas with valuable rewards but beware of the sneaky enemies that lie within these areas. The enemies you face in the Troves are much more competitive than those inside the arenas of the Dungeon.

Farming Apocalypse Gear

The best way Apocalypse gear is by killing the main boss of Trial of Tarya Gratar, as the chances of dropping Apocalypse gear are quite good. Fortunately, there is one sneaky way to reach the final boss of the gauntlet without passing the complete Dungeon again. Although it is a shortcut way to get hands-on Apocalypse gear, we recommend you to go through the entire Dungeon so that you can receive other rewards as well.

In order to do this technique, you need to reach the Antechamber checkpoint, which is the final landmark before facing the boss of the Dungeon. Before reaching the checkpoint, make sure that you equip all the necessary gear and crucial items that you will need to encounter the demon.

After that, proceed to the Father’s Sanctum to initiate the fight with the boss. Once you kill the final enemy, do not head back to the camp after that. Instead, open the game’s Main Menu and select the Return to Lobby option.

Once you reach the lobby, simply click the Continue Game option, and you will reach the final Antechamber checkpoint again, which is right before the final boss. In that way, you can defeat the final boss as much as you want without going through the entire Dungeon again.

This technique can surely get you plenty of valuable loot and rewards. All you have to do is reach the final boss arena and defeat it, then return to the main lobby and continue at the last checkpoint again. Do this until you utilize all your attempts. It will give you plenty of XP and rewards and even Apocalypse Gear if you are lucky enough.


This sums up our guide for Trials of Tarya Gratar in Outriders Worldslayer. If you want to get higher-level loot, try to complete the Gravatar activity at a higher Apocalypse level. Make sure to explore the optional Trove Areas as well and fight off the stronger enemies if you have some spare lives remaining. Use the “return to lobby” technique to fight the main boss multiple times and get the most loot out of it until you consume all your lives.

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