Outriders Worldslayer Status Effects: Weakness & More

This Outriders Worldslayer Weakness Effect guide will uncover all status effects alongside the weakness effect for players!

Outriders Worldslayer is essentially known to be a Co-op looter shooter-based game whose entire basis is to take down and go head-to-head against other players that can also defeat you. With the different effects available, players can go insane fighting against their friends or their rivals. Our Outriders Worldslayer Weakness Effect guide will not only cover that one effect but all status effects in great detail! Make sure to read up on our Outriders Worldslayer Eruption Build guide!

Key Takeaways
  • Outriders Worldslayer is a Co-op shooter game. The main goal is to clash head-to-head against different opponents either friends or foes. 
  • In Outriders Worldslayer there are things known as Status Effects that you can apply to your enemies.
  • In return, the status effect can cause changes in your opponent with the main basis for these status effects being Crowd Control, Damage Over time, and Debuffs.
  • There are a total of 8 status effects in the game which are as follows:
    • Ash 
    • Freeze
    • Slow
    • Toxic
    • Bleed
    • Burn
    • Weakness
    • Vulnerable.
  • Each of these status effects has a unique effect on your opponent. 
  • How to prevent the status effect and different methods on how to apply it for each of these 8 status effects stated above are explained in detail..

All Status Effects Explained In Outriders  

Status EffectBase DurationTier 1 Tier 2Tier 3
Ash2.5 secondsAshen Bullets 8sImproved Ashen Bullets 4s, CrematoriumUltimate Ashen Bullets 1s
Freeze3.5 secondsFreezing Bullets 8sImproved Freezing Bullets 4s, Snowsquall 1sWinter Blast 1s, Ultimate Freezing Bullets 1s
SlowNAStiffening 8sImproved Stiffening 4s, Vortex Chamber 3sUltimate Stiffening 1s
Toxic6 secondsToxic Bullets 8sImproved Toxic Bullets 4sUltimate Toxic Bullets 1s
Bleed5 secondsBleeding Bullets 8sImproved Bleeding Bullets 4s, Bone Shrapnel 3sUltimate Bleeding Bullets 1s, Ultimate bone shrapnel 3s
Burn6 secondsBurning Bullets 8s, Hot Blood 0.3sImproved Burning Bullets 4s, Mark of the Stake 1sWrath of Moloch 3s, Ultimate Burning Bullets 1s
Weakness6 secondsWeakening Bullets 8sImproved Weakening Bullets 4sRavenous Locust 6s, Weakness Trap 3s
Vulnerable10 secondsVulnerability Bullets 8sImproved Vulnerability Bullets 4sUltimate Vulnerability Bullets

If players are unaware, there are certain status effects, and with certain weapons as well as skills in Outriders Worldslayer, players can apply a few “status effects” to enemies. There are three main bases on which these status effects affect your opponents, and these are stated below: 

  • Crowd Control 
  • Damage Over Time 
  • Debuffs 

The status effects can cause enemies to get stunned, slowed, or even have their HP deplete over time. Currently, there are a total of 8 status effects, as shown here: 

  • Ash 
  • Freeze
  • Slow
  • Toxic
  • Bleed
  • Burn
  • Weakness 
  • Vulnerable

There are different ways to stay protected while being under these effects such as the Ash and Outriders Worldslayer Weakness Effect


Outriders Ash

Starting with the first effect, Outrider Worldslayer Ash is known to be a status effect. Whenever it is placed on either an enemy or a player, its main effect will include that of reducing the player’s overall movement and mobility, all the while also reducing their attacks. 

It will cause so that the player becomes practically using whenever they are in the middle of the battlefield, and the effect can make the Outriders player incredibly vulnerable as it can cause the opponents to take advantage. They can march forward and practically render you useless. Here are ten other games like Outriders Worldslayer if you enjoy playing this one!

How To Prevent It 

There is one main way that players can prevent from being applied with the crowd-control status effect. The easiest way is to use your melee attacks to continue trying to move and inch your way forward, and eventually, your melee attacks will allow you the ability to break free from the status effect. 

Different Methods To Apply It 

Alongside being affected by it, there are certainly some ways to apply the Ash effect in Outriders, with the first method being through using certain weapons. 

  • First Tier will essentially cause Ashen Bullets to launch out attacks, which will continue to inflict Ash on enemies 
  • The second tier will use Improved Ashen Bullets to launch even deadlier status effects on enemies. 
  • The third tier will have a reduced cooldown for the ashen bullets. 

Pyromancer Class Applications 

The Outriders pyromancer class is also more than capable enough to apply the Ash status effect to enemies with skills, and weapons such as Feed The Flames, Ash Breaker, Ash Blast, Thermal Bomb, and Eruption. 

Class Points Enhancing Ash 

Apart from the ability to get enhanced up by certain weapons, and abilities, certain Pyromancer class points can also enhance it up. 

The Curse of The Pompeii can cause the Ash in Outriders effect to last for a total of 15% longer on enemies, while Ashes to Ashes will also apply the Vulnerable status effect on opponents. 

Trial of The Ashes will cause enemies to take in 10% increased damage if they have been inflicted with Ash. If you are having difficulty with the Trials of Tarya Gratar, then our guide will be of a great help!


Outriders Ash and Freeze Combined
Ash and Freeze Combined

Next up, the next debuff that we would like to take a look at is essentially once again a status effect, and it is from the crowd-control series as well. Outriders’ status freeze is probably one of the easiest to understand since it works in simple ways to debuff your enemies and make them all the weaker. 

Whenever it is applied to any kind of opponent, it will cause both their attack and movement speed to get slowed down to a vast extent. Not only will they not be able to move, but it will not allow them to attack you back, granting you the ability to go towards them and hit them. 

How To Prevent It 

As we mentioned before, there is one main way through which players will be granted the ability to stay safe from the Freeze status effect being applied to them. The way to be safe from it is to continue launching melee attack after melee attack, which will eventually cause the freeze t shatter and break you free. 

How To Apply Freeze 

Once again, there are a few different ways whereby players will be able to apply feeze unto enemies and enhance it even further. Using weapon mods is pretty easy as can be seen here: 

  • The first tier will make it so that anytime the Freezing Bullets is enabled, it will cause enemies to get inflicted with the Freeze Ability, and it will have a cooldown of a total of 8 seconds. 
  • The second tier will use two skills, one being Improved Freezing Bullets, and the second being Snowsquall which will make it so that whenever the player in Outriders reloads their weapon, it will reapply the freeze status on enemies. 
  • The last tier will reduce the cooldown of the Ultimate Freezing Bullets. 

Technomancer Applications 

As for the class applications, players can use the Technomancer class applies for the freeze status once again, but this time it will use skill applications, such as Cryo Turret, Cold Snap, and Pain Launcher as well as Blighted Turret. Farming legendaries can be an absolute menace, therefore our Outriders Worldslayer Legendaries guide will be a worthwhile read!

Class Points Enhancing Freeze 

With the weapon mods and abilities increasing the potency of Freeze, players can also take advantage of the Class points such as Exposing Forst which will cause the Vulnerable status to be applied to enemies every time freeze is done so. 

Another Point such as Fracture will make it so enemies will in 10%damage whenever they have been inflicted with freeze. 


Let’s keep going with the different status effects that it offers up to the players, with one of the most important ones being known as “Slow”. It is yet again one that belongs to the crowd-control status effect families in Outriders

Its main focus is placed on basically reducing the player’s or opponent’s movement as well as attack speed. It depends on the potency of the status effect and if the potency is a lot stronger, the debuff can reduce the mobility and attack speed by as much as 75%, depending on the overall resistance that the opponent has. For players that want to play as a Devastator main, then our Outriders Worldslayer Devastator Build will be an excellent help!

How To Prevent It 

As for knowing ways on how to prevent yourself from getting debuffed with slow, there aren’t any ways to coutnerattack it, at least not yet. The only known way to stay safe is to have mods or skills that can keep you safe whenever you are in the middle of the battlefield trying to take down the other players in Outriders

How To Apply Slow

As we have discussed in great detail in regards to the other status effects available, there are two main ways to apply these status effects, with one of them being with weapon mods, and the other way is through specific class skills. The weapon mods methods for Slow are listed as follows: 

  • The first tier will use Stiffening, and whenever it is cast, it will cause it so that the player’s shots will continue to inflict the slow debuff onto the enemy with time. 
  • The second tier will enhance the overall effects that Stiffening provides, and it will reduce the cool down so that it becomes even more potent and players can apply the Slow debuff even more. Apart from that, it can also make use of the Vortex Chamber to allow players to reload weapons and reapply Slow unto enemies. 
  • The third tier will change the cooldown for Stiffening to 3 seconds and its name will be changed to Ultimate Stiffening. 

Trickster Applications 

Apart from Outriders Worldslayer Weakness Effects and Slow effects, players can use the following class skills to inflict slow once again on their targetted opponents. Skills like the Trickster Melee Skills, Temporal Blade, Slow Trap, and Venator’s Knife are examples of applying the effects on foes. 


Outriders Bleed

Now that we are done with the Crowd Control status effects in outriders, we will be venturing into debuffs that will inflict “Damage Over Time” also known as DOTs, which are far deadlier. 

Whenever it is placed on players, it will cause players to continue taking damage as long as they are moving continuously and not stopping. The damage will be based on the total anomaly power of your opponent, and it will be equivalent to 2.5% of their overall anomaly power. 

How To Prevent It

There might be one of the easiest ways to prevent taking in bleed damage from opponents. As we mentioned before, you will only continue to take in damage as long as you are moving in the arena, so, the simplest way to prevent having your HP depleted is to simply *not move*. Staying as still as possible until the effect is over is the way to go! Make sure to not miss out on our Outriders Worldslayer Trickster Build guide!

How To Apply Bleed 

When it comes to apply bleed unto enemies, apart from just the weapon and class skills, this time, armor mods also come into play. For weapon mods: 

  • Tier one will cause Bleeding bullets to allow players to launch out gunshots and cause bleeding to enemies. 
  • Tier two will reduce the cooldown for Bleeding Bullets to 4 seconds, and make it even more potent. 
  • Tier three will reduce the cooldown to just one second for the Ultimate bleeding bullets. 

Class Skill Applications 

For the different class skill applications, the following skills will be affected and increase the overall effects of Bleed. Skills like Impale, Endless Madd, Golem, Earthquake, Gravity Leap, and Devastator’s melee skills will also improve the bleed effects. 

Armor Applications 

Apart from the weapon and class skills, the armor mods will also work towards causing damage to enemies in the following tiers: 

  • Tier two will use Vein Ripper to land critical shots on enemies which will inflict a certain amount of bleed onto foes. Bloody Boost will enhance the player’s overall damage done on foes by a total of 15% who have been inflicted with Bleed. 
  • Tier three will use Tainted Bleed to improve the damage being inflicted on them by 25%. 


Outriders Burn

We strongly believe that apart from the Outriders Worldslayer weakness effect and bleed effect, the Burn effect has also got to be one of the strongest there is, considering the amount of damage that can deal to enemies as well as players on the field. 

Whenever it is placed on enemies or players, it will cause them or you to take damage over time considering Burn is also a DOT effect in outriders. When it’s active, it will deal damage based on the caster’s anomaly and will be equivalent to 1.85% of their total anomaly power every 0.5 seconds while on the field. Our Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds guide will showcase all kinds of builds that players might need!

How To Prevent It

While other status effects can be negated by either standing still or simply using your melee attacks to break free from the status effects, the way to get rid of the Burn effect is rather unconventional. Players will need to Dodge-roll their way out of the status effect and it will be negated. 

How To Apply Burn 

The weapon mods will provide a way whereby players can wreck their enemies and they are listed below: 

  • Tier one uses Burning Bullets to inflict the burn status to overtake enemies and the cooldown will be a total of 8 seconds. Hot Blood will allow enemies to take in the Burn debuff. 
  • Tier two will reduce the cooldown even more and so will tier 3. 

Pyromancer Class Applications 

The pyromancer class can use its skills to also inflict the burning effect on opponents for a certain period. These skills will include that Heatwave, Thermal Bomb, whether it is a single-target or an AoE skill, as well as Volcanic Rounds and F.A.S.E.R Beam too. 

Enhancing Burn Through Class Points 

Tons of class points will enhance the potency of Burn, especially for endgame Outrider players

The class points include that of Incinerate which is part of Ash Breaker, as well as skills like Meltdown, Let Them Burn, and Trial By Fire which is part of Fire Storm. 


Outriders Toxic

The last of the DOT status effects for late-game players include that of Toxic, which works in ways to make it so that whenever you have affected it, you will of course continue to take in damage over time. However, it will deal damage based on 1.75% of the caster’s overall anomaly power. 

The damage output will be active every 0.5 seconds and will continue to deplete your overall HP slowly but surely. 

How To Prevent It 

If you are looking for ways to prevent yourself from continuously depleting HP over time while eventually dying out being present on the battlefield, the main way to protect yourself from taking in the Toxic Debuff is to receive some sort of healing. The second you receive healing from any source, the debuff will be completely removed. 

How To Apply Toxic 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways that players can incorporate their Toxic effect by using weapon mods firstly: 

  • Tier one will make use of Toxic Bullets and whenever it is summoned forth, your character’s shots will continue to inflict Toxic unto foes that are in front of you. 
  • Tier two will convert the cooldown from 8 seconds to only 4 seconds and also change the name of the skill to Improved Toxic Bullets. 
  • The same Toxic Bullets can now be cast every second, as the name will be converted to Ultimate Toxic Bullets, and its main focus will be the same as always. 

Technomancer Class Applications 

The main class that can aid players in applying toxic to opponents is the Outriders technomancer class, which uses its skills like the Standing Melee Skill, as well as Blighted Rounds and Blighted Turret to render enemies useless. 

Class Points Enhancing Toxic 

Below listed will be some of the Technomnacer class points that will make the Toxic DOT all the more deadly for opponents. 

Pestilence will use Toxicologists’ ability to increase the duration of Toxic on opponents by a total of 20%. Exposing Toxin will be cast to also apply for the Vulnerable status on enemies. 


Outriders Weakness

Next up, we will actually head into the final section of our status effects, and it will basically include the Outriders Worldslayer weakness effect as a debuff, and when the Weakness effect is placed on players, it will reduce the damage output by a total ofn30%. 

If you have been affected by the debuff, then it is a direct loss and there are currently no known ways to prevent getting this buff unto yourself. Perhaps one way might be to put on skills and mods that might counter it and prevent you from getting hurt greatly. The overall duration of the effect is a total of 6 seconds. If you are a completely new player, then check out our Outriders Worldslayer DLC How To Start guide to get a headstart!

How To Apply Weakness 

There are as usual a few weapon mods that might buff up the way Weakness can counteract against enemies and make them even more vulnerable than they usually might be. 

  • Tier one will use Weakening Bullets to inflict Weakness unto enemies and have a cooldown of 8 seconds. 
  • Tier two will change the name to Improved Weakening Bullets and the cooldown will be reduced to 4 seconds. 
  • Tier three will use Ravenous Locust to call forth a swarm of locusts, dealing damage over time and also applying the Weakness debuff to weaken enemies

Pyromancer and Trickster Class Applications 

The pyromancer and Trickster class can both come in handy to make the weakness debuff even stronger. Pyromancer will use its class skills like Heatwave and Volcanic Rounds, while Trickster will use skills like Slow Trap, Hunt The Prey, and Cyclone Slice. 

Class Points To Enhance Weakness 

To make the opponents even weaker, the class skill points will also enhance the way late game Outriders Worldslayer weakness effect impacts the opponents by using these class points. 

The Harbinger will use Atropgy to cause the weakness debuff to last 30% longer while being active on enemies. 


Outriders Vulnerable

Last but not least, let’s discuss our final status effect, which is known as Vulnerable, and the way that it works is that whenever it will be cast, it will basically cause players to intake 15% increased damage. The damage intake will not be from one source, but rather from every source, making it all the deadlier. 

It is best used to kill off enemies faster considering the amount of damage that they will take when it is active. As for the counters, there aren’t really any counters that save players from being affected by Vulnerable as of yet. 

How To Apply Vulnerable 

Weapon mods will come in incredibly handy to decimate any enemies that dare come in front of you: 

  • Tier one will use Vulnerability bullets to allow players to launch out gun attacks that will apply the Vulnerable debuff on enemies. 
  • Tier two will improve on the already overpowered Vulnerability Bullets by decreasing the cooldown to only 4 seconds. 
  • Tier three will convert the name to Ultimate Vulnerability Bullets and now the cooldown will be officially only one second, allowing for even faster casting of the debuff on foes. 

Devastator and Trickster Class Applications 

There are two main classes in Outriders that can inflict Vulnerable on enemies, and they are Devastator and Trickster. Devastator will use Reflect bullets and Endless Mass, while Trickster will use up the Hunt The Prey class skills. 

Class Points To Enhance Vulnerable 

Pyromancer will come in handy and will make use of Ashes to Ashes, meaning that anytime Ash has been applied to foes, Vulnerable will be applied too. On the other hand, Technomancer will use Exposing Frost and Exposing Toxin to indirectly inflict the Vulnerable debuff on opponents. With that, we will wrap up our Outriders Worldslayer weakness effect guide!

Guide Inspiration and Photo Credit: DadeFuye on Youtube

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