Overwatch Level Borders: How to Level Up Quickly

Overwatch is a multiplayer-themed, team-based shooter game that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was first released on May 24, 2016, for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Overwatch debuted on Nintendo Switch a year later down the road. Playing multiplayer matches, getting better in understanding, and controlling the heroes is the core feature of the game. While you rinse and repeat the same old stages with the same old heroes, Overwatch level borders never stay the same. They become more aesthetically pleasing and radiate your experience level in the game.

Overwatch features six-player, intense close-quarter combat featuring a total of 32 characters, each having unique active and passive abilities. Not all characters in the game are flawless; many heroes offer little to no strategic advantage while playing with them in a team. Our Overwatch tier list can tell you which characters are the absolute best in the game and which ones you should avoid picking up.

Overwatch features various character roles to choose from, each unique in its own way. There are Tank heroes who can take other team’s attention and soak up the damage. Then there are high-DPS ones which are crucial in turning the tide of the game. Equally important are the Support characters, which take up the responsibility of keeping the allies alive by healing and buffing them. This game also features Competitive, ranked, and casual modes. All and all, players who love team-based shooter games should play Overwatch, even in 2021. This is a must-try game that everyone should play.

If you are jumping into the game on PC, you need to tick the right boxes and toggle the right settings to get the best performance. Otherwise, you may run into some errors such as rendering device lost and crashing on startup. This is why our Overwatch PC settings guide covers why you must have the highest FPS and the best visual fidelity in the game. Read our guide and learn how to strike the perfect balance between the two without compromising on the former or the latter. Let us get back onto the topic of level borders in Overwatch.

What are Level Borders in Overwatch?

Basically, the level borders are fancy and cool-looking frames that surround a player’s profile. They are much like badges of honor, and they look more aesthetically pleasing when you keep them leveled up. Not only that, but Overwatch level borders really show how much a player has played the game or how much experience they have. However, they do not show the skill or how good a player plays because they are leveled up by just playing the game. The level borders were a feature since day one in Overwatch.

How Does Leveling the Border Work?

Just like most games, when you start playing Overwatch, you get a 0-star level 1 default overwatch border. At this point, you may wonder how to level up the borders? Well, the answer is much simple than you think. Your star level increases by one after every 100 levels. This goes on till you reach 599, upon which you would receive five stars. After level 599, at level 600, your star level will reset, and you would notice a significant visual change in your player profile portrait. This indicates that you have now reached a new tier of your border.

So basically, after every 600 levels, your star level resets, and your border tier increases by one level. After every level 599, your profile advances to the Silver tier from Bronze. The Silver tier comes in the range of level 600-1200. After level 1200, you jump further to the gold tier. All tiers advance once they are leveled up at 600 levels. When you hit level 1801 to 2400, you roam amidst the realm of the Platinum tier Overwatch veteran players. Lastly, after reaching or hitting 2400 level, you fall into the legends category or the top tier Diamond Overwatch level borders players.

How to Level Up the Borders

There is no easy way or shortcut to achieve a higher-tier border in Overwatch. However, there are some ways that may require a little less effort to achieve the same outcome. Here are several ways on how to level up your Overwatch Borders quicker.

Just Play The Game

The first one is as easy as anything, and that is to just play the game – the grind will level you up. It does not matter if you keep winning or losing the matches or get any medals. All you have to do is keep investing the hours while playing Overwatch regularly. This is one of the best sources of XP because regular playtime rewards you with badges.

No Quitting

The second method is match completions. Upon completing each match, you will get 150 XP, even if you lose that match or perform poorly relative to your companions. However, the key element is not to quit and leave the match. 

Overwatch Level Borders
Overwatch Leave Penalty

First Win Of The Day

The third one is the first win of the day. Players can get 500 XP upon winning the first match on a new day. This method may be suitable for people who do not have enough time at their disposal so that they can invest about 5-10 hours in Overwatch regularly. The first win on each day will surely boost your level progression, allowing you to have better Overwatch level borders.

Play With Friends

Additionally, when a player teams up with other teammates and forms a group, all the players receive a 20% extra XP bonus for all the above methods. For example, if a player usually finishes a match without a group, that player will get a 150 XP reward. Whereas if that same player completes a match while playing in a group, all companions receive a total of 180 XP. So, make sure you play with your friends to get that additional 20% boost.

Be A Better Player – Earn Medals

A little less convenient method to level up the borders quickly is to perform better in matches. Players get medals whenever they land a killing spree or hit multiple headshots and get a good number of kills in a match. You will get additional XP by receiving three types of medals: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold medals reward 150 XP, Silver medals give 100 XP, and Bronze medals reward 50 XP. So, sharpen your skills, go into the matches guns blazing, and always make sure you show no mercy on your enemies!

Overwatch Level Borders
Double XP Weekends – Overwatch

Double XP Weekends

If all of the methods mentioned above are still too much for you, then Double XP Weekends is something that might interest you. This limited-timed event happens multiple times throughout the year. They double nearly all XP sources of the game, such as; the time spent in a match, completing consecutive matches, winning a match, and earning medals. Basically, these events double whatever XP you earn. Suppose you usually get 150 XP upon match completion; well, you would get 300 experience points during Double XP Weekends event. So make sure you grind the most of your time while this limited-time event is live.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Overwatch level borders. If you think we missed out on something, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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