How To Get Oysters In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Check out the guide to know about the best location for Oysters along with its recipes.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley some of the yummiest meals are made from seafood. The game features many fish types that can be captured by playing the mini-game at sea. Similarly, you can find different types of Shellfish at the beach as well. In the game, there are three different types of Shellfish and the Oyster is the rarest of them all. So, today we will discuss how you can find oysters in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what meals you can prepare from it. 

Key Taakeaways
  • Oyster is one of the rare seafood in the game and is used in plenty of dishes.
  • Out of all the three Shellfish available in the game, the Oyster is the rarest one and has a low spawn rate. 
  • You can find Oysters only in the Dazzle Beach bione.
  • Make sure to spend Oysters wisely and save it up for advanced levels. 

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What Is Oyster In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

While progressing through different stages of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you often have to go to Remy and prepare different kinds of dishes. To prepare a specific meal, you must possess certain ingredients, and sometimes it’s difficult to find some of the items. Some materials are limited to a certain location while some are available only in a specific season and others have a low spawn rate. 

We can undoubtedly say that Oyster is one of the rare materials that have a low spawn rate and is present in a specific area only. Below is the basic information about oysters that you need to know. Furthermore, if you are ever stuck on Mystical Cave Puzzles, then you can take help from our article.

  • Material Name: Oyster
  • Type: Seafood
  • Energy: 250
  • Selling Price: 250

How To Get Oysters

To get Oysters in the game, head to the Dazzle Beach biome. You can unlock the beach biome at the beginning of the game but if you have not done it, you can unlock it easily once you reach the spot.

All you need to do is spend 1,000 Dreamlight coins to fix the foresight and get access to it. Also, it is crucial to unlocking the biome as you will have to visit the place for many quests and tasks. 

DDV Oyster
Dazzle Beach biome

At the Dazzle Beach biome, the Oysters will spawn on the sand, and you can collect them by walking up to them and interacting to pick them up. One thing you need to keep in mind is that Oysters are rare and their spawn rate is considerably less than Clams and Scallops.

So, you might have to do a bit more exploration in order to collect a healthy amount. 

Finding oysters in the game is also dependent on luck, as you might get multiple Oysters at the same spot, and if you’re unlucky, you have to wait for respawning of materials at the beach. Till now, this is the only way to get Oysters in the game.

That is why if you are farming Oysters, get ready for some grinding and deep explorations.

Meals You Can Make With Oysters 

Oysters can be used as Shellfish for any recipe. A meal prepared with Oysters will provide more value and energy as compared to other shellfish such as Scallops or Clams. We recommend you save Oysters for special meals and use other Shellfish in regular meals. However, there is one meal that you can prepare from Oysters only, which is. 

  • Oyster Platter
Oyster Recipe
Oyster Platter

The other versatile recipes in which you can use Oysters are. 

Although you can use Oysters in all the above-mentioned recipes, we recommend you save them up for your tasks and quests so you do not have to go for their hunting. If you have more than required in your inventory, you can always sell them for 250 gold.

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