Path To Nowhere 2-9 Dog [Best Strategy]

Learn everything from the plot to strategy of clearing Mission 2-9 Dog.

Story Highlights
  • Ted has ordered the gray-haired girl to kill Anne and it is up to us to save her.
  • Keep Anne safe by putting Reticle Sinners within her enemies' range.
  • Alternatively, you can also snipe them using Ultras.
  • For 0 SAN Loss, keep placing your Sinners in your enemy's path and do no let them reach your Chief.

Chapter 2’s 2-9: Dog is one of the more difficult Missions in Path to Nowhere. In this guide, we will describe how to clear it while achieving all the objectives.

Mission No: 2-9 Dog

Start screen for path to nowhere 2-9
Let us start the battle. [Image Credit: eXputer]
You finally find the gray-haired girl and Ted as he’s torturing Anne to get Suspect R’s location out of her. Anne’s wounds keep healing, but she is on her wit’s end. After seeing us, Ted orders the gray-haired Sinner to kill Anne along with us.

Hella tries to talk some sense into the gray-haired girl, questioning her reason to keep obeying Ted. But Ted boasts that the gray-haired Sinner is nothing but his dog, devoid of doing anything apart from Ted’s order. With this, the gray-haired girl starts forming gooey monsters using her mysterious powers as crimson smoke comes out of her wounds. And the battle begins.

Battle Strategy for 2-9

The 2-9 battle is one of the hardest battles in Path to Nowhere’s early game. Before this battle, all the previous battles are comparatively easier to cheese through without leveling up your Sinners or strategizing much. This battle is also unique as it is the first battle that forces you to keep a Sinner alive to continue.

This mission’s salient features are:

  • Level info: Anne is on the other side of the battlefield. Do your best to help her.
  • Victory Requisite: Defeat All Enemies, and Anne cannot die.
  • Special Mission: Lose 0 SAN in Battle
  • Recommended Level: 15

Tips and Tricks

Keep in mind that Path to Nowhere is a role-playing strategy game, and 2-9 is where the game expects you to put the strategy in SRPG. You should follow these points to maximize your chances of seeing that sweet VICTORY screen.

Reins of Power

Heal is selected inside the Reins of Power menu
Chief’s Reins of Power [Image Credit: eXputer]
Potestas or Reins of Power are the abilities or powers given to the Chief. You can use these powers throughout your battles to support your Sinners or to directly attack the enemies. You can also level up these powers to make them even stronger. But you should responsibly spend your resources and only spend them on powers you are sure of employing in Missions and Battles.

We recommend the Heal power for the 2-9 mission in Path to Nowhere. The reasoning behind this recommendation is that your Sinners will surely take a lot of damage in this stage. Furthermore, you need to keep Anne alive to clear 2-9. So, Heal will make it easier for you to keep Anne and your Sinners alive.

Also, we recommend upgrading your Heal power as much as you can afford. The resource investment will pay off greatly in the Battles. This will let you heal a higher amount of health each time you activate the Power.

Defending Anne Using Reticles

EMP is at the top left most slot in path to nowhere 2-9
You should place EMP or any other Reticle Sinner at the spot EMP is currently placed In.[Image Credit: eXputer]
Anne is primarily a healer so combat at the frontline is definitely not one of her strong points. To defend Anne we need other Sinners to cover her. She will have two gang member enemies in her area. On top of that, the game does not allow you to place any units in the area in front of her.

Thus, the solution to this problem is to use Reticle Sinners simply. That is to say, archer Sinners with a range high enough to snipe both of Anne’s problems away. You should have unlocked EMP in a side mission during Chapter 1 anyway. As she is of the Reticle Tendency and readily available, she is the perfect fit for the job. Place her at the spot shown in the figure above, and you should be good to go.

You can also use any other Reticle Sinners here if you have Arrested any. Just be sure to place them at the designated location. All the other spots are either too far away or too vulnerable for your Reticle Sinners. Alternatively, you can also help Anne by sniping the two gang members with long-ranged Ultras that do Core damage like Hecate’s or EMP’s.

Movement and Placement

Movement and placement of your Sinners is an integral part of Path to Nowhere’s Battle system, and it plays an even more important role in 2-9. Always remember that Path to Nowhere lets you freely move your Sinners around the battlefield at any point in time during the battle.

If the enemies reach or are about to reach your more vulnerable Sinners, you can always move them behind the frontlines or move a Sinner with the Endura Tendency in front of them. You can and should move the Reticle Sinner to a better spot after they have dealt with Anne’s enemies at the top. During 2-9, your enemies will focus mainly on the bottom half of the map.


Well-times ultras can easily win you games in Path to Nowhere. Keep track of your DPS Sinners‘ Ultras and unleash them on the appropriate enemies the moment you get the chance. Use Hecate’s and Wendy’s (if you have her) Ultras on strong units to get rid of them quickly. Ultras with Core damage should be prioritized as they greatly weaken the Core enemies.

Promotions and Crimebrands

This is less of a trick and more of a writing on the wall. But having higher-level characters will definitely make this mission a breeze. If you are constantly losing your Sinners to enemies, try grinding their levels for a bit and Promoting them as much as you can. Higher-level Sinners will be more adept at killing enemies due to their higher Attack and less likely to die due to their higher Health.

You should also keep Crimebrands in mind while devising strategies for battles. Crimebrands massively boost your Sinner’s attributes at higher levels, and we advise you to put your best Crimebrands on the most important Sinners for this battle, like Hecate, Wendy, and EMP.

Losing 0 SAN in Battle

You lose SAN if your enemies leak through the frontlines and reach your Chief. Any damage to your Chief makes you lose SAN. You get special rewards for winning battles without losing any SAN in Path to Nowhere, and 2-9 is no exception. Defend your Chief with quick and precise placement of your Sinners to avoid losing any SAN.

Always pay attention to your Chief’s lane. The moment an enemy leaks through your frontlines, put more Sinners in front of your Chief and get rid of the enemy as soon as possible with a good Ultra. Keep in mind that Ultras always display their Area of Effect when selected. Maximize the damage by unleashing Ultras in the most populous slots available.


Rewards listed upon first clear of 2-9
You receive these rewards on clearing the battle for the first time. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Upon being victorious, you save Anne, and the plot moves forward in 2-10. You are awarded the rewards shown in the image above on First Clear. On each subsequent clear, the rewards are not as generous, and you only get Sinner Promotion Materials.


Path to Nowhere is China’s latest offering to the ever-hungry Gacha whales. It was finally launched for global audiences a few days ago. What sets Path to Nowhere apart from other Gacha beasts like Arknights is the sheer effort put into the voice acting. The main story of the game is available in four different languages at the time of global launch, including English and Japanese, with completely voiced cutscenes.

With that, we conclude our guide to clearing Mission 2-9: Dog in Path to Nowhere. We summarized the whole story up to this point in Chapter 2. Then, we discussed the best strategy to clear the Battle while completing all objectives. Lastly, we explained how to get exclusive rewards by losing 0 SAN in battle. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re still having trouble choosing which characters to take into the battle with you, check out our Path To Nowhere All Characters: Roles & Rating Guide. If you want to make your characters even stronger than merely Promoting them, check out our Path To Nowhere Crimebrands Guide to get even stronger.

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