Path To Nowhere Beginners Guide [Best Tips & Tricks]

Learn all there is to know about Path To Nowhere covering characters, classes, UI and more!

Path To Nowhere is a recently released tower-defense strategy game with enticing characters, storylines, and more! Our Path To Nowhere Beginner’s Guide will reveal everything in great detail! 

Key Takeaways
  • Strategy games like Path To Nowhere can not be tackled by newbies without knowing the best tips and tricks.
  • Beginners should be aware of a few pointers, some of these include:
    • The game first starts with a tutorial to familiarize you with the game mechanics.
    • The Battle UI of the game is important to know.
    • Sinners have a green bar on top showing their health and a Blue bar below it.
    • Arresting is the act where you are able to pull your favorite sinner and add them to your team.
    • Stamina is essential for you to take on story stages.

Here’s a quick overview of the crucial tips and strategies mentioned in our Path To Nowhere Beginner’s Guide:

Tips and TricksWhat It Offers
Game IntroductionOverview of the Path To Nowhere game.
Battle UI OverviewUnderstanding the key elements of the battle UI.
Arresting SystemHow to acquire new Sinners and earn rewards.
Character ClassesInformation about the different character classes.
Stamina ManagementManaging your stamina for story stages.
Sinner TiersUnderstanding S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier Sinners.
Sinner Profile DetailsIn-depth look at character attributes and skills.
Event ParticipationHow to participate in events for rewards.
Surveillance Order and MissionsProgressing in the game's battle pass system.
Operation Summary and InventoryTasks and inventory management in the game.
Supply Office OffersDetails on available items and purchases.
Miscellaneous Tips and InformationAdditional game aspects and important details.

Starting Out 

When you first start up the game, you will be introduced to the main storyline, where you are introduced as the main chief. After selecting your gender, a few dialogues play out, after which the first gameplay tutorial begins. 

Path To Nowhere Tank Protector
Tank Protector (Image Credits Exputer)

As the first tutorial fight starts, a tank unit (the unit that will be able to absorb the highest amount of damage) will be placed on the forefront of the battlefield. As for the main damage dealer (your adjutant in this case), she will be standing right in front of you (the chief) and being protected by the tank so that she can deal damage to the opponents. 

Path To Nowhere Placing The Tank Down
Placing The Tank Down (Image Credits Exputer)

Inevitably, you are guided to place the tank one tile down since another enemy is spawning from the bottom. The main tank will handle the stronger enemy while another archer appears from the top vent. Eventually, the adjutant can pull out a shield and cover herself and you (the chief) as the enemy crowd increases and the tutorial battle is complete. 

Battle UI 

First, in a battle, the player can see a small number on the top of their screen, which will allow you to see the number of “regular” or, so to say, weaker enemies that will be coming your way that are within your range. 

Path To Nowhere San
SAN (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up is your SAN, which is essentially your life points. Your SAN is one of the most important things in a battle. It is crucial to maintain your life or your shackles; however, if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of your SAN, then a stronger enemy can be damaged more easily at the expense of your SAN. 

Path To Nowhere Shackles Link
Shackles Link (Image Credits Exputer)

You have the shackle’s link beside the SAN, which is known to be the positioning of your sinners.

Path To Nowhere Sinner Details
Sinner Details (Image Credits Exputer)

Sinners are essentially the characters you own and can bring into battle. By taking hold of the shackles link, you can instantly relocate a sinner any time you want and carry out a new order. 

Path To Nowhere Enemy Spawn
Enemy Spawn (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to the enemy spawn route, vents will be strategically placed across the floors. That will be known as the enemy’s invasion position. You can click on the invasion positions to know your enemy’s attack route and how they will approach you. 

Sinner UI In Battle

Among many Path To Nowhere Tips And Tricks, you must know, Hella (sinner) will be used to protect you, so you can carry out a dispatch order and order using one of the shackle links to move Hella in front of you, and she will be able to block off one enemy.

Remember that each sinner has a certain block limit for each enemy, meaning they can block enemies only a few times before their defense line breaks and the enemy simply pierces through them.

Below their green HP bars, there will be a faint blue line, which will also be known as their energy. Over time, the energy accumulates, and they end up releasing their ultimate attack. Eventually, the energy fills up enough that you can “sense her attributes.” 



Path To Nowhere Arresting
Arresting (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the next things you will be introduced to is Arresting or uh- gacha pulls. Players can pull for their favorite “sinners” on this screen and add them to their team and arsenal. 

Your first “arrest” will be given to you for free, and once you obtain a character, you will get another thing known as a Confidential Arrest Credit, which will simply be used to get resource rewards. 

For each 10 pull that the player wants to do, they will be guaranteed an A sinner at least. For the beginner banner, the 10 arrests will cost only 8 and guarantee you your first S-tier sinner. 


Path To Nowhere Discity
Discity (Image Credits Exputer)

When you head back to the main screen, or what is known to be the Bureau, there will be an option on the top right, which will lead you to an area known as the Discity. Upon opening the screen, you will be given access to your story stages, also known as the chapters. 

Considering the fast-paced aspect of the game, the story stages will go on like chapter 1, and then sub-sections in the stages, chapter 2, and so on. As you clear each stage, progression will start, and players will be introduced to newer mechanics for the game. 

Story Stages 

Path To Nowhere Story Stages
Story Stages (Image Credits Exputer)

Upon entering any stage, you will be met with a screen. There will be a Special Mission that players will need to complete, as in this case, our mission is to lose 0 SAN in the battle. Below that, the players will be able to take note of the rewards, which will be 35 hypercubes, ice stone raw ores, and a random low-level material. 

Path To Nowhere Enemy Info Tab
Enemy Info Tab (Image Credits Exputer)

Below the stage description, there will also be an enemy info tab, which will showcase the enemies you can expect to fight, and in the first story stage, the mobs will be an underground fistfighter and a gang thug. 

Stamina Consumption 

Path To Nowhere Stamina
Stamina (Image Credits Exputer)

Apart from that, the game runs on a purely stamina or energy system. Each story stage will require a certain amount of stamina, as some can take only 5 stamina, some can take 10 or 15, etc. at the start of the game, players will be able to have full stamina of 120. 


Path To Nowhere Sinners Collection
Sinners Collection (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at our sinners. The sinners in the game rank from S tier sinners, one of the best and highest ranking units in the game, but they also don’t come at a cheap cost. Then we get A-tier sinners, then the B-tier sinners. 

Upon clicking the sinner’s tab, you can view your collection. You can gain most of the sinners through the gacha system. However, you will also be granted A and B-tiered sinners through completing various story stages. 

Sinner Profile 

Now, let’s go in-depth about how the sinner profile looks and operates. 


Path To Nowhere Info
Info (Image Credits Exputer)

You will be met with the overall character overview on the front end. Right on top, you will be met with the name, the sinner number, and the tier of the sinner. 

Below that, there will be a small box describing their role (hang on, we’ll discuss this further on). Beneath that, they generate information, such as being able to “deal multiple core damage.” 

Path To Nowhere Character Stats
Character Stats (Image Credits Exputer)

Below, you will be able to view the attributes or stats of your unit. These will range from your basic attributes, which will cover your: 

  • Base HP 
  • Attack 
  • Defense
  • Magic Resistance 
  • Block
  • Attack Speed 

For Hecate’s level one stats, she will have 921 hp, 146 base attacks, 54 defense, 54 magic resistance, 1 block, and 0.75 attack speed. 

Then we will get into the advanced attributes where we get stats like our: 

  • Crit rate
  • Crit damage 
  • Damage increase
  • Physical damage increase
  • Magic damage increase
  • Physical penetration (players will be able to ignore a percentage of the opponent’s defense)
  • Magic penetration (players can ignore a percentage of the enemies’ resistance to magic). 
  • Normal attack damage increase
  • Skill damage increases. 


Path To Nowhere Promote
Promote (Image Credits Exputer)

On the promote screen, which will be pretty to grasp. Currently, at level one, you will be able to level up your unit to make them stronger, and you will also be able to promote them to phases. 

Promotions will increase your HP, attack, defense, and elemental resistance. Each level-up will cost a certain amount of material, and in Hecate’s case, it will cost 150 Discoins (currency of PTN) and mania essence. 

There will be three phases for each character, and the first phase will increase the level cap from 20 to 40, and it will also require a certain amount of phase enhancement cost. 

Phase 2 increases the level cap from 40 to 70, while phase 3 increases it from level 70 to 90. 


Path To Nowhere Skill
Skills (Image Credits Exputer)

In our skill tab, you’ll find four skills for each sinner. The first is the normal attack skill, like Hecate’s Delusion, upgradable with skill modules and Arsenopyrite raw ore.

The second is the ultimate skill, powered by accumulated energy during battles, with leveling options using skill modules, arsenopyrite raw ores, and discoins. Finally, there are two passive skills for each character, unlocked at phase 1 and phase 2 upgrades.


Path To Nowhere Shackles
Shackles (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving onto shackles, these can also be known as constellations. Whenever you acquire spare or dupe copies of the same sinner, you will increase one shackle with each dupe copy at a time. For that reason alone, gaining dupe copies of A and B-tier units will be easier compared to S-tier characters. 

There will be a total of 5 shackles that a player can potentially activate if they get really lucky, and it simply makes your unit even stronger. 


Path To Nowhere Profile
Profile (Image Credits Exputer)

Lastly, you will be met with the character profile, which showcases general info about them such as their name, birthplace, height, alignment, case, gender, DOB, ability, etc. it also showcases their criminal record, mutation assessment, arrest records, and performance in serving team. 


Moving on, when you make it back to the main screen, there will be a tab labeled events on your left-hand side. 

Dis Jackpot

Path To Nowhere Dis Jackpot
Dis Jackpot (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first events you will get as a beginner will be known as the Dis jackpot, which will grant you resources whenever you start to level chief up. There will be basic rewards for free, and then extra rewards which will cost money but will grant you hypercubes. 

  • Level 5: mania essence – 400 hypercubes
  • Level 10: 3000 discoins- 400 hypercubes. 
  • Level 15: phase 1 elemental particle supply chest- 500 cubes
  • Level 20: low-level material supply chest- 500 cubes
  • Level 25: skill module 1- 600 cubes
  • Level 30: Providence II- 600 cubes
  • Level 35: memory fragment -600 cubes
  • Level 40: 15000 discoins – 800 cubes
  • Level 42: providence III- 800 cubes
  • Level 44: phase 2 elemental fluid supply chest- 800 cubes
  • Level 46: mid-level material supply chest – 1000 cubes
  • Level 48: skill module II – 1000 cubes
  • Level 50: Hope II – 1800 cubes. 

Pre Registration Event 

Path To Nowhere Pre Registration Event
Pre Registration Event (Image Credits Exputer)

There will also be a preregistration event, which will grant you resources like discoins, mania essence, hypercubes, and much more, and the sooner you claim it, the better, though the event time is permanent. 


Right on the main screen will also be a tab labeled as the Bureau. It can be compared to Honkai Impact’s dorm system or genshin impact’s serene tea pot system, as it will be considered your personal space. 

The first button with a small triangle will lead you to your exclusive supply, showing you the stamina you can possess. It will continue recharging over time, and you can claim it from the beauty. 

On the extreme right, there will be a small record-play button. Clicking it will lead you to your records, where you can add and play new songs as you collect them throughout your progression in the storyline, and these will continue to play as long as you are logged into the game. 

Clicking on your archives, you will be led to your Libram first. In the libram, you will be able to note the sinners you have acquired alongside the class they belong to. 

Below that, the core crisis will lead you to the playbacks for your story stages that you have already played. This includes the cutscenes, audio files, and dialogues you played out if you wish to relive them. 


There are a total of 7 classes in the game, each with their units, sinners, and capabilities. Their descriptions are as follows. 

  • Treachery: Known as the Faithless, dishonest, unbelievers. 
  • Limbo: Blind Idiot, all is vanity. 
  • Anger: The rages of fire may burn out, but you will be their fuel. 
  • Heresy: Outside of the lights, you dwell in their shadows.
  • Violence: no matter how much you try, you will always be mired in blood.  
  • Love: Get rid of my most frantic loneliness. 
  • Greed: If you wish to dominate all of them, you will perish as a servant. 

Surveillance Order 

Moving on, the next thing that you will come across will be your Surveillance Order tab. Once you click on it, it will end up being a battle pass. Like all games, the battle pass will be pretty simple to understand. 

With each level you end up progressing, you will be able to get materials such as discoins, supply chests, and much more. Of course, players who want to spend a bit of money in the game will stand at an advantage since they will be able to gain even more rewards like mania essences, etc. 

Apart from that, you are also able to purchase levels if you are too lazy to play the game. 

Surveillance Mission

Apart from your battle pass, you will also have your surveillance mission which will simply be your dailies, such as spending a total of 100 stamina, spending 300 stamina, and buying any item from the supply office 1 time or more. 

Other than that, you will also have your weekly missions such as having to buy any item from the supply office 5 times, spending a total of 1000 stamina, spending a total of 200 stamina, and more, and the surveillance missions also accumulate points for your battle pass. 

Operation Summary 

Next up, we have our Operation Summary, which entails chapter-based tasks that will reward you with level-up materials for your sinners. 

  • Complete Side Story Level SD-102: grants supply chest. 
  • Complete side story level SD-101: grants supply chest
  • Complete cleansing operation C-01: Grants 3000 mania essence
  • Complete cleansing operation G-01: grants 3000 discoins
  • Complete maze level MZ-01: grants low-level material supply chest. 
  • Complete main story level Re1-9: grants 1000 pieces of evidence. 
  • Complete side story level SD-103: grants 10 supply chests. 
  • Complete main story level 1-5: grants 2000 mania essence and 2000 discoins. 

Players will gain a total of 5000 mania essence, 5000 discoins, 20 phases, 1 elemental particle supply chest, and 200 hypercubes for completing the entire chapter one operation summary. 


Path To Nowhere Inventory
Inventory (Image Credits Exputer)

Below the operations summary, you will also have your basic inventory, which will hold all your belongings. 

These will include items such as arrest warrants and raw ores. It will also include your consumables such as crime-brand packs, crimebrand packs A and B, and your supply chests. You also have marks on the very bottom, which are fragments for sinners. 

Supply Office 

Path To Nowhere Recommended Store
Recommended Store (Image Credits Exputer)

The next thing you will find from the main screen will be your supply office, or in other terms, a haven for whales. 

It showcases your recommended buys of the day, which will be your monthly pass, which can be directly compared to the welkin from Genshin. It is a 5-dollar pass that grants you 300 ultracubes from the get-go, and then it will continue to give you a total of 60 hypercubes (pretty stingy), and 100 stamina every time you log in. 

Then you can get your featured packs which are just supplied packs for progressing faster though it’s not recommended for free-to-play players. You can also buy attires, exchange arrest credit standards for warrants, etc. And lastly, you get your crystal supply, just ultracube packs. 


Some other things that you might not want to miss out on will include the following. From the main screen, 

  • Assist Mode: It represents your personal assistant, which shows you your new mail, free gift packs, and more. 
  • Mail on the top right corner for easy access to incoming rewards, notifications as well and updates. 
  • Stamina is showcased on the top. 
  • Discoins right beside it
  • Hypercubes can also be converted by purchasing ultracubes which can be compared to genesis crystals from Genshin. 
  • Your character profile is on the top left corner, which showcases your UID, inaugural, gender, alliance, role, attires sinner showcase, etc. 

And there we have it! A basic overview of how the game works, and with that, we will wrap up our Path To Nowhere Beginner’s Guide!

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