Path To Nowhere Best Crimebrands & How To Unlock

Learn everything about Crimebrands from unlocking to effectively using them.

There are a lot of ways to make your Sinners stronger in Path to Nowhere. Using Crimebrands is one of them. We will discuss everything about the Crimebrands system in Path to Nowhere in detail.

Key Highlights
  • Crimebrands are the items that you can equip and they can greatly enhance your Sinner attributes.
  • Note that Crimebrands are going to be unlocked at phase 2 for each sinner. You can do this by leveling up your sinner up to level 20.
  • Sinners can be upgraded by using Mania Essence and DisCoins currencies.
  • There are a total of 500 different Crimebrands in the game and each of them has its own attributes that they enhance.
  • Promotion of the Crimebrands can be done by farming the Memory Fragments.
  • The Exclusive Crimebrand can only be accessed if your Sinner is at Level 70 and Phase 3.

What Are Crimebrands?

The Crimebrands screen of Langley
Crimebrands, the attribute enhancers of your Sinners. [Image Credit: eXputer]
You can obtain a specific kind of equipment that improves your Sinner’s stats. Path to Nowhere refers to this equipment as a Crimebrand. You might be familiar with this concept if you have played other Gacha games. Crimebrands are like Artifacts from Genshin Impact.

Your Sinners can equip Crimebrands to supplement their most important attributes. Crimebrands give all kinds of advantages ranging from HP buffs to Attack increases. You should try to unlock them as early in the game as possible. It takes a bit of investment for each Sinner to be able to equip Crimebrands, so plan accordingly.

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How To Unlock Crimebrands

Crimebrand slots are grayed out with the text "Unlock at Phase 2" inside them
Crimebrands are grayed out since Kelvin has not been promoted to Phase 2 yet. [Image Credit: eXputer]
To unlock Crimebrands for a Sinner, you need to get them to Level 40 first. Although, you can still obtain Crimebrands from Daily Rewards. They will not be accessible till you have a Sinner who is leveled up enough to equip them.

How To Reach Phase 2

Firstly, you need to get your Sinner to Phase 2. To do so, you need to level up your character to Level 20 first. You need the following currencies to level up your Sinners:

  • Mania Essence: You can obtain Mania Essence by grinding Seed of Ill Omen I, II, and III in the Rust City.
  • DisCoins: You can obtain DisCoins from different Events and other Rewards obtained by playing regular matches.

Then you promote them to Phase 1. This will increase their Level Cap to Level 40 so you can repeat the process of leveling them up to Level 40. After reaching Level 40, you just need to Promote them to Phase 2 this time. This will unlock the previously greyed-out Crimebrands in the Crimebrands section of the Sinner screen.

You will also need additional materials to Promote Sinners to higher Phases. These materials differ from Sinner to Sinner but are usually easy enough to obtain. Also, keep in mind that you cannot level up your Sinners without Promoting them to appropriate Phases first.

Crimebrand Sets

Syndicate: Glory III Crimebrand from the Syndicate: Glory set is being shown on screen.
This is the Syndicate: Glory III Crimebrand from the Syndicate: Glory set. [Image Credit: eXputer]

At the time of writing this guide, there are 500 different Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere. And each Crimebrand is a part of a larger Set. 

Each Crimebrand focuses on a different type of attribute. Even within the same set, Crimebrands have different attribute buffs. For example, Syndicate: Glory II gives an HP buff, while Syndicate: Glory III of the same set provides a Magic Damage Increase instead. That is not to say that no other Crimebrand can’t have the same attribute. Crimebrand Sets are unique in their Set Buffs, not their individual buffs.

Firstly, you need to know that every Sinner has three slots for Crimebrands. Each slot corresponds to a different Crimebrand from the set. For instance, the Syndicate: Glory Set has three Crimebrands – Syndicate: Glory I, Syndicate: Glory II and Syndicate: Glory III. These Crimebrands will go into slots one, two, and three, respectively.

A Crimebrand Set can be made up of any amount of slots from two to three. You will get a Set Buff whenever you have all the required Crimebrands equipped. Select the required Set to check which ones you’re missing. There is no point in trying to grind three Crimebrands for each Set in case they don’t even exist.

How To Promote Crimebrands

Memory Anomaly Daily Mission
This is where you farm for Memory Fragments. [Image Credit: eXputer]
In the same way, your Sinner’s attributes level up through Promotions, and you can also Promote Crimebrands to get higher attribute buffs. You can promote Crimebrands to a maximum Level of 10.

How To Farm For Crimebrands

Just like Mania Essence in the case of Sinners, you need to farm Memory Fragments to Promote Crimebrands. You get to farm thrice a day as a F2P. But if you are willing to pay real money, you get refills to farm nine times a day instead of the usual three times. 

Follow the steps given below to farm Crimerbands:

  • From the Main Menu, Open The DisCity screen.
  • Switch to The Rust from the options down below.
  • Select Story Memories
  • A Daily Event would be available here
  • Draw as many times as you want to
  • You will receive Memory Fragments for Crimebrand Promotions along with Crimebrands themselves

DisCoins are also required to Promote Crimebrands just like for everything else in Path To Nowhere. But there are plenty of other ways to earn them. So, there is no need to farm a specific area with limited retries. You should still keep track of the DisCoins you allocate to each Sinner and Crimebrand.

The resources in this game are limited so you should only focus on your desired Sinners and Crimebrands. We do not advise Promoting everything in sight.

Exclusive Crimebrands

An Exclusive Crimebrand for Kelvin, Betray Thyself is grayed out on screen
An Exclusive Crimebrand for Kelvin. [Image Credit: eXputer]
After you have Promoted your Sinner to Level 70 and Phase 3 on top of that, the Sinner gets access to their Exclusive Crimebrands. These Exclusive Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere are custom-made for each Sinner and cannot be equipped by any other Sinner.

Exclusive Crimebrands are extremely powerful and usually have the best Set Buffs. For most Sinners, their respective Exclusive Crimebrands are the best Sets for them. And they have a bonus power on top of all that. Exclusive Crimebrands are comparatively harder to obtain than regular Crimebrands. Also, you can not obtain them by farming Daily Events like regular Crimebrands.

Despite all the wait and effort required for Exclusive Crimebrands, they are usually the best option for most Sinners in the late-game.

Best Crimebrands

The Crimebrands screen with all the Crimebrands in possession
The Crimebrands screen shows all the Crimebrands you can choose from.[Image Credit: eXputer]
Ideally, you should choose Crimebrands based on each Sinner’s pros and cons. But we are providing the best Crimebrands for each Sinner Tendency in Path to Nowhere in general for now till we make an individual guide for each Sinner.


Each Sinner in Path to Nowhere can fulfill one of the six provided Roles. These Roles are:

  • Endura: These Sinners can effectively block monsters and absorb Damage.
  • Fury: These Sinners can directly fight monsters and deal Damage.
  • Umbra: These Sinners are highly mobile and can deal effective Damage.
  • Reticle: These Sinners can provide continuous Damage.
  • Arcane: These Sinners can deal explosive Damage.
  • Catalyst: These Sinners can provide a variety of Buffs and Debuffs.


Enduras are the tank Role of Path to Nowhere. Sinners with the Endura Role can shield other Sinners by taking Damage in their stead. So, you should always put Endura Sinners at the front and equip them with Crimebrands that support their tank Role by providing Damage Reduction buffs.


Set Buff: Initial Energy +5

Equipping your Endura Sinner with Hope will help them keep their ground.

WhiteSands Apostle

Set Buff: A chance to Stun the target for 2 seconds when attacking. Guaranteed to trigger for monsters with core(s). Can be triggered once every 10 seconds. 

This is extremely helpful for your main Damage dealing Sinners behind the Endura frontlines. It will stun the enemy by the time it reaches your other Sinners’ range especially giving them an edge over enemies with cores.

In Host’s Name

Set Buff: Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each enemy blocked.

This will help your Endura Sinner last longer on the battlefield as they will take reduced Damage from oncoming enemies.


These Sinners are the DPS Role of Path to Nowhere. Fury Sinners have Damage dealing as their number one priority. So they should be put as close to the front as possible, ideally behind an Endura Sinner so they do not take direct Damage. Crimebrands with Attack buffs should be prioritized here.

Eastside: Dream

Set Buff: Normal attack Damage +15%

Dishing out damage is all that Fury Sinners do. Thus, you do not need to think twice before putting this Set on your Fury Sinners. 


Set Buff: Attack +6%

Providence provides a flat increase on your Attack. On top of that, it is pretty easy to farm too.

Soul Rift

Set Buff: Reduces a target’s Defence by 4% after every normal attack for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Soul Rift is a very fun choice as it chips away at your enemy’s Defence with each successive attack. This results in more Damage taken by your opponents as the Set Buff keeps on stacking.


Umbras are similar to Furys as they also dish out massive amounts of Damage. They should also be placed near the Front. Their Ultimates are their main selling point.


Set Buff: Attack +6%

Providence works just as well for Umbras. And you will get enough of Providence Crimebrands to put on both Umbra and Fury Sinners.

Tuning: Zero

Set Buff: Gains 3 Energy points after using Chief Skill. It can be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Tuning: Zero works well on these Sinners, as Umbras love to use their Ultimates.


Set Buff: When dealing with Core Damage, True Damage (Attack *120%) is added.

This Set helps a lot in dealing with enemies with Cores. With Premonition equipped, Umbras will deal massive Core Damage and disable Core enemies almost instantly.


Reticle Sinners fill the Archer archetype of characters. These Sinners are usually placed at the back of the battlefield. Here, they snipe your enemies without any danger.

Shackles of Life

Set Buff: CRIT Damage +50%

Since Reticle Sinners provide continuous Damage, they are the most likely to score CRITs. Shackles of Life complements their playstyle very well.


Set Buff: Attack +6%

Providence works for most Damage dealing Roles, and Reticles are no exception.

Eastside: Dream

Set Buff: Normal attack Damage +15%

Same story as Providence. The attack Damage buff provided by Eastside: Dream is just as useful for the Reticle Sinners as it is for the Fury ones.


The Sinners with the Arcane Tendency fill the mage role in the game. Arcane Sinners magically deal explosive Damage from across the map. They are the most compatible with Magic-related Crimebrands.

Syndicate: Glory

Set Buff: Magic Damage +15% and Damage received +25%

Syndicate: Glory makes the most sense out of all the Crimebrands for the Sinners with the Arcane Tendency. But you should also keep the 25 percent increase in Damage received from enemies in mind while choosing to run this build.


Set Buff: Attack +6%

Providence is a one-size-fits-all yet again. The Providence’s Attack buff also affects Magic Attacks.

Tuning: Zero

Set Buff: Gains 3 Energy points after using Chief Skill. It can be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Arcane Sinners also use their Ultimates a lot. So, an Ultimate spam every 10 seconds would not hurt anybody except, of course, your enemies.


Catalyst Tendency is comprised of the Sinners that apply Buffs and Debuffs. This Tendency includes your healer Sinners.


Set Buff: After using the Ultimate, all Sinners except the caster increase 5% Attack for 10 seconds.

As the Catalyst Sinners do not attack enemies themselves anyway, they are perfect for the Justice Set. This will greatly help your actual Damage dealers.

Final Prologue

Set Buff: Healing is increased by 25%

The best fit for Catalyst Sinners who can heal. Final Prologue will greatly supplement their healing capability.


Path to Nowhere is the recent underdog of the gacha world. It follows a dystopian cyberpunk aesthetic where your task is to control some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Furthermore, the art style of the CGs blends exceedingly well into the atmosphere of the game’s writing. Suffice it to say, the high-quality voice acting and art are a welcome addition to the gacha community.

This concludes our guide about Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere. We discussed the requirements for unlocking them in the first place. We also explained how to get access to Exclusive Sets for the Sinners. Then we briefly touched on the best Sets for each Tendency. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re still having trouble getting into Path to Nowhere, check out our Path To Nowhere Beginners Guide. If you are unhappy with how your gacha fate turned out this time around, check out our Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide for another chance and good luck!

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