Path To Nowhere Hecate: Skills, Rating & Playstyle

Learn all there is to know about Hecate's playstyle, role, skills, affinities and more!

Path To Nowhere, with its range of 45+ sinners to choose from, players can unlock all sorts of sinners to equip to their parties, one of them being known as Hecate, who will go in-depth about in my Hecate guide! 

Key Takeaways
  • Hecate is an A-tier Sinner and belongs to the Arcane role and an S-ranked overall unit!
  • The main benefit of having Hecate on your team is that she is able to deal explosive damage and can help win your battles!
  • Hecate is very easily achievable since it is given to you for free when you first start the game!
  • While you do not have to use Hecate in every team, she is a great addition nonetheless!

Before kicking things off, let’s quickly overview Hecate character in Path to Nowhere:

StatisticsPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Skills
HP: 921
Atk: 146
Def: 54
Resistance: 54
Attack Speed: 0.54
-Unlock the Into The Night skill
-15 Phase 1 Arcane Elemental Fluid
-12 organic bone shards
-18 twilight stone raw ore
-30000 discoins
-Unlocks the Ghastly Shadow skill
-15 Phase 2 Arcane Elemental Fluid
-12 infected bone shards.
-18 twilight stone concentrates
-100000 discoins.
-Unlock a specific skin
-25 phase 3 Arcane Elemental Fluid
-24 Mutated Spiked Bone Shard
-36 Twilight Crystal
-480000 Discoins.
Level 2: 112% Damage increase
-Lightless Mirror
Level 2: 672% increase
-Into The Night
Level 2: 1.1% increase
-Ghastly Shadow
Level 2: 10.7% increase


Path To Nowhere Playstyle
Hecate Playstyle (Image Credits Exputer)

In Path to Nowhere, Hecate is introduced as a crucial A-rank sinner, also known as an SR or 4-star character. She falls under the arcane role, specializing in dealing explosive magic damage at the beginning of each match. Hecate is particularly skilled at inflicting magic damage on opponents, making her a valuable asset for dealing core damage in tower-defense gameplay. Her affiliation is with Limbo, a realm characterized by blindness and vanity.

When it comes to her min stats, they are listed as follows: 

  • HP: 921
  • Atk: 146
  • Def: 54
  • Resistance: 54
  • Attack Speed: 0.54

At any given time, she can deal core damage to enemies, and considering she doesn’t belong to Endura, her blocking abilities aren’t all that strong. Therefore, she is only able to block one enemy at any given time. 

Promoting Hecate 

Path To Nowhere Promoting
Promoting Hecate (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at the promotions that Hecate will require and what items players will require to level her up. For every sinner, there will be a total of 3 phases, and they can max out when they reach level 90, which will be their final phase. 

Phase 1 

Path To Nowhere Phase 1
Phase 1 (Image Credits Exputer)

Before the first phase, players can level up Hecate to level 20 using resources like Mania Essence and Discoins. Once at level 20, the first phase of leveling up becomes available, raising the level cap to 40. In this phase, Hecate’s base HP increases to 1547, base attack to 248, defense to 90, and magic resistance to 93.

Her phase one will also unlock the Into The Night skill while also giving players a total of 40 hypercubes.

As for the phase enhancement cost, it will cost players: 

  • 15 Phase 1 Arcane Elemental Fluid
  • 12 organic bone shards
  • 18 twilight stone raw ore
  • 30000 discoins

Phase 2 

Path To Nowhere Phase 2
Phase 2 (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, phase 2 arrives. From here, players can take Hecate and move her even further up from level 40 and stop at level 70. Phase 2 increases the HP to 2293, Attack to 367, Defense to 134, and magic resistance to 137. 

Unlocking phase 2 also unlocks the Ghastly Shadow skill while also unlocking the crimebrand column, alongside also unlocking fatal reflection as well as giving players 60 hypercubes as a reward. 

To get Hecate up to phase 2, players will need the following: 

  • 15 Phase 2 Arcane Elemental Fluid
  • 12 infected bone shards. 
  • 18 twilight stone concentrates 
  • 100000 discoins. 

Phase 3

Path To Nowhere Phase 3
Phase 3 (Image Credits Exputer)

Her final ascension or her final phase will allow her to be maxed out and will take her to level 90 from level 70, and will increase her final HP to 3365, Attack to 536, Defense to 197, and magic resistance to 200. 

It will also unlock a specific skin for her, which I will showcase later, while also unlocking her exclusive crime-brand slot.

Players will also be given 80 hypercubes for maxing her out, and as for her phase enhancement cost: 

  • 25 phase 3 Arcane Elemental Fluid 
  • 24 Mutated Spiked Bone Shard
  • 36 Twilight Crystal 
  • 480000 Discoins. 


Path To Nowhere Skills
Skills (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a quick look at how her skills operate and how she can dominate the battlefield as an arcane unit. 


Hecate’s first skill is called Delusion, serving as her basic attack. This skill doesn’t cost any energy, allowing Hecate to perform it repeatedly. With the skill always active, she attacks using Nightmare’s power, dealing damage equivalent to 105% of her base attack as magic damage to the opponent in front of her.

The skill has a range in a 9×9 grid in front of her, hitting enemies one tile to her right and left (excluding the initial 9×9 grid). To level up this skill, players need to reach Sinner Phase One and spend resources like Discoins, Skill Modules, and Raw Ores.

The skill can be leveled up to level 10, and the enhancements are as follows: 

  • Level 2: Damage is enhanced up to 112%
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 120%
  • Level 4: Damage gets increased to 128%
  • Level 5: damage is enhanced to 136%. 
  • Level 6: 146% enhancement. 
  • Level 7: 155% enhancement
  • Level 8: 166% enhancement 
  • Level 9: 177% enhancement 
  • Level 10: 189% enhancement. 

Lightless Mirror 

Hecate’s ultimate skill is called Lightless Mirror, and it has an energy cost of 30. This skill deals one core damage to enemies when used in combat. When unleashed, Hecate taps into the brutal power of Nightmare, delivering damage equal to 630% of her base attack as magic damage to enemies. Additionally, she inflicts core damage to opponents with exposed cores.

Lightless Mirror is a single-target ultimate, dealing explosive damage to the targeted grid. To level up this skill, players must reach Sinner Phase 1 and use resources like Discoins, Skill Modules, and Arsenopyrite Raw Ores.

As for the damage increases, they are listed as follows: 

  • Level 2: 672% increase. 
  • Level 3: 714% increase. 
  • Level 4: 763% increase. 
  • Level 5: 819% increase. 
  • Level 6: 868% increase. 
  • Level 7: 931% increase. 
  • Level 8: 994% increase. 
  • Level 9: 1057% increase. 
  • Level 10: 1134% increase. 

Into The Night 

One of Hecate’s passive skills is called “Into The Night.” This skill is automatically activated during battle. When Hecate and Nightmare inflict damage on enemies, the enemies will enter a dream mode. For each stack of dreams on the opponent, the combined damage from Nightmare and Hecate will increase by 1%, with a maximum of 10 stacks. Players can upgrade this skill by reaching Sinner Phase 1 and using materials like Skill Modules, Arsenopyrite Raw Ores, and Discoins.

As for the upgrades, they are listed below: 

  • Level 2: 1.1% increase. 
  • Level 3: 1.15% increase. 
  • Level 4: 1.2% increase. 
  • Level 5: 1.3% increase. 
  • Level 6: 1.4% increase. 
  • Level 7: 1.5% increase. 
  • Level 8: 1.6% increase. 
  • Level 9: 1.7% increase. 
  • Level 10: 1.8% increase. 

Ghastly Shadow

Another solid passive skill that players should not miss out on is known as Ghastly Shadow

Players can unlock the skill once they get Hecate up to Phase 2 or level 40 or above. With the passive in hand, players will be able to gain a total of 10% magic penetration increase once the match has begun.

As for the enhancements: 

  • Level 2: 10.7% increase. 
  • Level 3: 11.4% increase. 
  • Level 4: 12.2% increase. 
  • Level 5: 13% increase. 
  • Level 6: 13.9% increase. 
  • Level 7: 14.8% increase. 
  • Level 8: 15.8% increase. 
  • Level 9: 16.9% increase. 
  • Level 10: 18% increase. 

Match Leader Skill 

When it comes to other skills, before every match or level starts, players can select one of their sinners as the leader of the team, which consists of a total of 6 sinners that players can lay out before the battle officially starts. 

  • With Hecate being made the leader of a team, the skill Fatal Reflection will come into action, which will automatically increase her core damage that will be dealt whenever she casts her ultimate by one point.
  • While the skill may not seem crucial, it does help in certain situations with bosses whose core needs to be broken to progress further. 

Special Ability 

lastly, as for her special ability, it will add up to an exclusive all, which will be the Forbidden Nightmare. Hecate will be able to bring out Nightmare into the targetted grid and will be able to block a total of 2 opponents at once. 

Nightmare will be able to take Hecate’s HP based on 120, 135, or 150%, and 60, 70, or 80% of her base attack, as well as 160, 180, and 200% of her base defense as well as magic resistance. 


Path To Nowhere Shackles
Shackles (Image Credits Exputer)

In terms of shackles, Hecate has several options for enhancements:

  1. Bad Dreams (Shackle 1): This shackle enhances Hecate’s Lightless Mirror ultimate. When activated, the damage from Lightless Mirror will be boosted by 10%, reaching up to a maximum increase of 30%.
  2. Shackles Sync I (Shackle 2): This shackle provides a straightforward attack boost, increasing Hecate’s overall attack by 5%.
  3. Shadow in Dream (Shackle 3): Hecate’s damage reduction gets an additional 15% boost whenever she inflicts a dream on an opponent.
  4. Emotion Resonance (Shackle 4): This shackle reduces the energy consumption of Hecate’s skills by 3 points.
  5. Shackles Sync II (Shackle 5): Another 5% increase in attack is granted with this shackle.


When it comes to her overall affinity, it will be listed as follows: 

  • The first affinity unlocks information such as her supervision record while also being able to directly increase her magic resistance by a total of 3 as well as increasing her attack by 4. 
  • The second affinity will increase the magic resistance by 3, and the attack will remain at a +4. 
  • The third affinity makes the magic resistance stay the same while the attack is increased to +5. 
  • The fourth affinity unlocks her special talk 1 voice files, makes magic resistance stay the same, attacks the same, and the same can be said for her fifth affinity. 
  • The sixth affinity will unlock data about her which will be her surveillance records. 
  • Seventh Affinity will unlock her special conversation and 2 voice files about her.
  • The eighth affinity will unlock her third special conversation. 
  • Her ninth affinity will unlock data about her which will be her monitoring record as well as her emoji.
  • Her tenth affinity unlocks information such as monitoring records, as well as obedience, is fully increased voice files and gives her the title dreamer. 


Last but not least, here are the ranking and factors when it comes to the Path To Nowhere tier list: 

  • Overall Rating: S, as she is able to take her ultimate skill and is a pretty good arcane unit, especially for being an A-rank sinner. She is able to clear most content in the game and is an excellent unit that is also very beginner-friendly, especially since she is given to players for free. 
  • Main Storyline: She is given an S rating for clearing story content, such as main chapters, while also being pretty useful in the SD side stories. 
  • For Broken Frontline, she gets an SS rating, and for guide events, she gets an overall rating of S. 


And there you have it! An overview of how Hecate operates and how she is able to perform in combat, as well as how her skills operate. Rerolling can be extremely helpful for players who want to get further faster. Therefore, our Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide will be useful! And for complete beginners, our Path To Nowhere Beginner’s Guide is a must-read! With that, I will wrap up my Path To Nowhere’s Hecate guide! 

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