Path To Nowhere Hypercubes: How To Farm Faster

Learn about how hypercubes operates and the various ways that you can increase your count!

Path To Nowhere runs on the main system of hypercubes, which are used to summon most sinners, and farming them can be quite the menace.

Key Highlights
  • Hypercubes are the currency that you use in order to drive players as well as to summon a Sinner.
  • If you farm a large number of Hypercubes you will be able to summon any sinner you desire.
  • That is why it is extremely important to know how to farm hypercubes.
  • The best way for you to farm hypercubes is through missions, stories, and much more.
  • If you were to not have hypercubes you will not be able to arrest sinners which is a major part of the game.


Path To Nowhere Chapters
Chapters (Image Credits Exputer)

Starting with one of the main ways that players can get their hands on these juicy hypercubes will be by clearing the main content in the game. If you head over to the tab that is known as Discity, then you will be able to access the story stages. 

There will be a total of 8 or more chapters to flip through, and if you click on each stage, then there will be more files that players can access. For example, story stage chapter one will provide 9 sub-stories. 

Completing each stage while doing the regular missions, such as killing enemies, will grant you a total of 35 hypercubes for the first time, while there will also be a sort of special mission that players will be able to complete, which will also grant them 35 hypercubes.

So if you manage to clear the stages 1-1 to 1-9 in the first chapter, then you get 70 x 9 hypercubes for the first chapter alone. 

In the middle of each story stage, there will also be side-stories known as SD-10x stories, which will provide 35 hypercubes upon your first completion, and at the end of each chapter, players will be able to access what’s known as a Re-x, which allows them to gain a recap of the entire chapter and an ending and gain 35 hypercubes. 

Other than that, a maze which will also be known as Mz-0x will provide 35 hypercubes upon the first completion, and this same method can be applied to all story chapters that are provided to the player. 


Path To Nowhere Bureau
Bureau (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at the bureau and how it can provide even more hypercubes for players like us! 


Path To Nowhere Libram
Libram (Image Credits Exputer)

If you head over to the archives tab, you will be able to enter the libram area, which will present the player with 7 classes, ranging from violence, love, greed, treachery, limbo, anger, and heresy.

  • Violence class will provide players with 100 hypercubes upon reaching 500 soul chimes. 
  • 500 soul chime will grant players 100 hypercubes in the love class. 
  • The same can be said for all the other classes, where they all will provide players with a total of 100 hypercubes upon reaching 500 soulchime. 

Other than that, for each unit that you unlock in the libram, you will be able also to gain 20 hypercubes per sinner!


Next up, when you are done taking your hypercubes from the libram, make your way over to the Interrogation center, and you will be able to find a few sinners lined up there. They will range from ariel, countless Chelsea, hella, wendy, ninety-nine, Anne, Sumire, roulecca, cinnabar, and more as you unlock them. 

If you click on each sinner’s interrogation file, then it will open up an interrogation letter, and you will be able to expend an identity investigation record once you are done interrogating the sinner; your rewards will grant you a total of 50 hypercubes. 

So for a total of 9 sinners that you might have unlocked the interrogation for, you will be able to gain 50 x 9 total hypercubes. 


Path To Nowhere Sinner
Sinner (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, let’s move on to the actual sinners and how you can farm these sinners to get as many hypercubes as possible. If you click on any sinner and then head over to the promote tab, players will discover that there are a total of 3 promotion phases that they can access for each sinner. 

Each phase raises the level cap, with phase one unlocking the ability to level up your unit from level 20- 40, then phase 2 unlocks it and allows you to level them up from level 40 to 70, and then phase 3 allows you to unlock the ability to max out your sinner all the way to level 90. 

With each phase, you also get hypercubes, with phase one granting players 40 hypercubes, while getting the sinner to phase 2 will give you a total of 60 hypercubes, and phase 3 will get you to a total of 80 hypercubes. 

Now, the 40 + 60 + 80 hypercubes are just the reward that you can get for one sinner. Because there are a total of 45 sinners in the game as of now, and with more incoming, you can expect to gain 180 x 45 and more hypercubes if you can grind for hours and min-max the game (tho we don’t recommend doing this as it burns players out). 


Path To Nowhere Surveillance Order
Surveillance Order (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, there will be yet another way that players can farm hypercubes. With each game comes its form of battle pass, which grants players the ability to level up as they log in every day. 

The battle pass that is offered to players by PTN is known as Surveillance Order, and it contains a total of 60 levels, which players can cross by doing different tasks. One of the main ways to farm surveillance is by completing your daily missions. 

Players can do their daily missions, which include spending 300 stamina, oblivion pits, dispatching characters, donating to secret societies, and completing stormy memories. 

Apart from that, the weekly missions will include purchasing things like buying items from the supply offices, claiming supervisions rewards, spending a total of 1000 stamina, participating in the broken frontlines 3 times and then 9 times, getting done with oblivion pits, etc. 

With the 60 available levels, players can also unlock the advanced surveillance order, which will be the essential way to gain hypercubes. Once unlocking it, you will be able to get extra rewards. 

Make your way over to surveillance level 30, which will give you one arrest warrant in the regular order, and with advanced order, it will grant you another warrant as well as an extra 200 hypercubes. With that, if you manage to make your way over to level 50, then you will be able to get yet another basic warrant, another warrant, and 680 hypercubes with the advanced order. 

Operation Summary 

Path To Nowhere Operation Summary
Operation Summary (Image Credits Exputer)

Yet another way that you will be able to gain some extra hypercubes will be by progressing through the main storyline and checking off the operation summary

The operation summary is meant to be a checklist that helps absolute beginners progress further, and it gives players rewards with each mission that they can complete. Let’s take a look at the rewards given with each operation summary chapter! 

With chapter one, there will be a few missions that players will need to complete, which will range from: 

  • Complete the Side story level SD-101, which will grant you 10 low-level supply chests. 
  • Complete side story level SD-102 will give players yet another 10 low-level supply chests. 
  • Complete side Story level SD-103 will also give you 10 more of these chests. 
  • Complete main story level re1-9 will give you more rewards. 
  • Completing Mz–01 will give players another 10 chests for low-level supplies. 
  • Completing cleansing operations G-01 will give players 3000 discoins. 
  • Completing the cleaning operation C-01 will give you 3000 mania essence, and completing the entire chapter will grant you 5000 mania essence, 5000 discoins, 20 phases one elemental particle supply chests, as well as 200 hypercubes

With chapter 2, players can go even further and gain rewards for doing missions. These missions will include the of: 

  • Automate one production building
  • Management center reaches level 2
  • Complete main story level re2-3
  • Complete maze level mz-02
  • Complete main story level re-2-12
  • Complete cleansing operation G-02
  • Complete cleansing operation C-02
  • Complete oblivion pit 01- limbo resonance
  • Complete any 1 level with a chief skill which is a dark sound
  • Complete any one level with chief skill empower
  • Complete any level with heal chief skill which completes all chapters and gives players 8000 amnia essence, 8000 discoins as well as 20 phase one elemental particle supply chests, as well as 200 hypercubes

When it comes to chapter 3, will also contain missions like: 

  • Complete main story level 3-2
  • Management center reaches lv-3
  • Complete oblivion pit 02- death by sand
  • Reach 100000 in the broken frontline with low-risk area
  • Complete 2 levels with ignite skill. 
  • Complete maze level mz-03
  • Complete main story level re3-3
  • Complete main story 3-1 with ignite skill
  • Complete any parma ruins 5 times which grants players 10000 mania essence, 10000 discoins, 20 phases, 2 elemental fluid supply chests, as well as 200 hypercubes

Like that, all other chapters will also give players other upgrade supplies, mania essence, ample discounts go by, as well as 200 hypercubes anytime they manage to complete all story missions. 


Another way that you can get hypercubes is by doing the events that end up rolling around one patch or the next. Typically, with each patch comes a few events that allow f20 players to farm hypercubes and save up for their favorite units! 

Suspect Pursuit 

One of the newest events that are currently going on (as of Nov 22) is known as Suspect Pursuit

One of the events will feature a sinner that is known as Summer, which is currently on the rate-up banner. Her event will involve her test run and beating enemies, and after getting done with it, players can gain a total of 30 hypercubes. 

With that, four other sinners will also have their suspect pursuits, one of them being Zoya, a fury unit which is also on a rate-up, and completing her pursuit will also give players 30 hypercubes. However, completing Ariel, Chelsea, and Ninety-Nine’s pursuits will grant players 10 hypercubes. 

The events involve placing the characters meticulously, and then waves of enemies keep following you, and you need to make sure that the chief (you) does not end up losing even one SAN. 

Dis Jackpot 

Path To Nowhere Dis Jackpot
Dis Jackpot (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, newer players will be able to gain access to Dis Jackpot pretty early on since it entails players being able to progress by leveling up and then gaining rewards. 

Now, we have to admit that this event is not for f2p players, as you need to pay 20 dollars to get the hypercube rewards. 

  • Level 5 gets players 400 cubes.
  • Level 10 gets players 400 hypercubes
  • Level 15 gets you a total of 500 hypercubes
  • Level 20 gets you 500 cubes
  • Level 25 gets players 600 hypercubes
  • Level 30 gets players 600 hypercubes. 
  • Level 35 will gain players 600 hypercubes. 
  • Level 40 will give you 800 hypercubes
  • Level 42 gets you 800 cubes
  • Level 44 will reward you with 800 more
  • Level 46 will grant players a total of 1000 cubes
  • Level 48 will give you 1000 hypercubes 
  • Level 50 will get players a total of 50 hypercubes. 

Pre Registration Event 

Last but not least, players will be able to gain access to the pre-registration rewards pretty early on since PTN was able to reach 2M+ pre-registrations. 

1M preregistrations granted players 280 hypercubes, while 1.5 million gave them 360, and so did 2M. 

Getting Nox Event 

Path To Nowhere Getting Nox Event
Getting Nox Event (Image Credits Exputer)

Another way that you can surprisingly get hypercubes is by striving to complete the event that is presented at the start of the game to players! 

Essentially, it is an important event that eventually leads players to get Nox, who is known to be a fury role sinner that can act as a DPS unit and can help players fight enemies head-on when facing them in combat. She is also known to be incredibly strong, which makes her one of the most f2p-friendly units if you can get her. 

The event will be a 7-day event, and each day will have various missions that will get players something known as imprint points, and after the 7th day, players should have 65 imprints lined up if they want to get Nox. 

These missions will also include a few that can reward players with hypercubes; one of them will be to create your own secret society, which will grant players a total of 60 hypercubes. Similarly, day five will have a mission like that too, where players need to deal with a total of 20 supervision incidents to gain 80 hypercubes, while for day seven you will need to take your management center to level 6 to get 100 hypercubes. 


Path To Nowhere Achievements
Achievements (Image Credits Exputer)

If you aren’t already familiar, achievements play a really crucial part in PTN, especially since it allows players to get even further in the game and helps motivate them even more. 

In order to access your achievement center, go over to the top left, where it states your current level, and from there, the third option will be known as achievements, and you can click on it to see your achievements. 

These will be split off into four different sections, known as bureau saga, archives Zero, ripples of the void, as well as the echoes from the abyss. 

The bureau saga will have various achievements that you can complete, such as: 

  • Induction commemoration: being in office for a total of 100 days, and it will give you 50 hypercubes. 
  • Power of money: you need to have 1000000 discoins to get 5 hypercubes
  • Power and duties VI: chief needs to reach level 45, which will grant the player a total of 15 hypercubes. 
  • Reins of Power II: you need to unlock 5 total chief potestas during which you will gain 20 hypercubes. 

Similarly, you are able to also ascertain hypercubes from archive zero, which will include a few like: 

  • Heart of violence: librance violence fully recorded, which gives you 50 hypercubes. 
  • One is all: collect all available sinners from the first batch, which will grant players a total of 100 hypercubes. 
  • Maximum level alert: detain 5 s-tier sinners to get 30 hypercubes and more. 

Other than that, the Echoes from the abyss will also allow you to grind hypercubes when you complete abyss, while the ripples of the void will also be able to hand over quite a nice selection of hypercubes to players by accomplishing missions there. 


Path To Nowhere Mail
Mail (Image Credits Exputer)

Another way that you can go for is simply by waiting. The mail is simply a mailbox that is provided by Path To Nowhere to include announcements, update patches, and compensations. 

These compensations will be the main source of hypercubes from the mail itself for the chief, as compensations like system updates, character bugs, birthdays, new events, and more can have an x number of hypercubes attached to them. 

As seen from the image above, the description of the crimebrand was bugged, therefore, when it was corrected, 100 hypercubes were provided to the chief. Just like that, more hypercubes can be compensated for solving various different error issues by the game itself!

14-Day Sign-In Event 

Path To Nowhere 14 Day Login Event
14 Day Login Event (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, for players that intend to stay here for r long time, and as beginners, you will have the opportunity to log in for 14 days in total, of which you will be able to gain precious rewards. These rewards will include that crime brand packs, memory fragments, skill modules, discoins, and a special sign-in chest when you login consistently on day 14. 

For day 8, as well as day 13, you will be able to gain 200 and 300 hypercubes, respectively. 


And there we have it! These are some of the biggest as well as smaller ways that you can gain hypercubes, and with that, we will wrap up our Path To Nowhere Hypercubes guide! 

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