Path To Nowhere Ninety-Nine: Skill, Shackles & Farming

Learn how Ninety Nine operates, her skills, shackles and overall playstyle in detail!

Story Highlights
  • Ninety Nine is an A-ranking Fury sinner that is able to take on enemies head-on!
  • The best way to get Ninety Nine is either through gacha, or through recharging and topping up one dollar and gaining her!
  • The main benefit of having her in your team is that you will be able to have a solid sub-DPS!
  • You do not really need to use her, however she is pretty good for f2p players!

Path To Nowhere has one of the most aesthetically pleasing character collections for players to interact with, and one of the units is known as Ninety Nine (quite literally). Our Path To Nowhere Ninety-Nine guide will give a character overview about her that will go into great detail! 


Path To Nowhere Playstyle
Playstyle (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, let’s determine the overall playstyle that is offered by Ninety-nine and the way that she can take on the toughest of battles. Ninety-nine will be an A-ranking unit, which automatically makes her a unit that will be on the easier end to acquire, and she is beginner-friendly, too, therefore making her all the stronger. 

Apart from being an A-ranking unit, when it comes to her class or role, she will belong to that fury role. Whilst being assigned the fury role, she will be mainly a DPS potential unit, meaning that she will most likely be on the frontlines being able to instantly fight enemies while also being able to deal effective amounts of damage. 

Apart from that, she is known to be exceptionally adept at outputting a certain amount of physical or melee damage, which makes her even more useful while in combat. As a sinner, she will be able to also increase the overall lifesteal by 5%, which can come in handy for tougher battles. 

Now, when it comes to her minimum stats, they will be listed as follows: 

  • HP: 1282
  • ATK: 152
  • Resistance: 110
  • Defense: 111

Promoting Ninety Nine 

Path To Nowhere Promoting Ninety Nine
Promoting Ninety Nine (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s skip the jump to promoting ninety-nine and what resources are required for it. Alongside that, we will also be talking briefly about the way the promotion takes place. For each sinner, players will be able to max ascend them to phase 3, which makes them the strongest version. 

Phase 1

Path To Nowhere Phase 1
Phase 1 (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, before we can even mention phasing up your sinners, one thing that players should know is that you will need items like Mania Essences as well as the local currency for the game, which is known as Discoins to level up the unit in between the phasing process. 

So, players will need to level up their sinner to level 20 before they will be blocked by the first hindrance, which will not allow them to level further. They will be qualified for the first phase, which will lift the cap from level 20 and take it to 40 so that the sinner can be further leveled. 

In the process of phasing up, the base HP will be increased to 2218, while the sinner’s overall base attack will also be enhanced up to 258. Apart from that, players can also expect their sinners to have their defense to be increased to 186, while the magic resistance will also be increased to 184. 

Apart from that, the first phase will also allow players to unlock the skill that is called Ebullition, and it will also grant players will a total of 40 hypercubes in total. When it comes to the overall phase enhancement cost, players can expect the following: 

  • 15 phase 1 fury elemental particle
  • 12 arsenopyrite concentrate
  • 18 shriveled tentacle
  • 30000 discoins. 

Phase 2

Path To Nowhere Phase 2
Phase 2 (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at how phase 2 will operate. Once you have used your discoins and mania essence to take up your unit to level 40, the second hindrance appears, which will cause you to ascend Niney nine to phase 2. 

It will automatically raise the level cap and extend it to level 70, which will further allow you to make her all the stronger. Unlocking phase 2 will then further unlock a few things, one of them being Berserk, while also unlocking the crime brand column, which you can equip to your sinners, alongside also unlocking Blaze as well as giving players a total of 60 hypercubes. 

The base HP will be increased up to 3257, while ninety-nine will have her overall attack be increased to 381, as well as her having her overall defense be increased up to 276. With that, it will also increase her magic resistance and move it up to 273. As for the phase enhancement cost, it will require the following items: 

  • 15 Phase 2 Fury Elemental fluid
  • 12 arsenopyrite crystals
  • 18 organic tentacles
  • 100000 discoins. 

Phase 3 

Path To Nowhere Phase 3
Phase 3 (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, phase 3 will conclude the leveling-up process for Ninety Nine. Phase 3 will automatically increase the leveling cap from 70 and allow players to max out Ninety Nine, which will entail taking her all the way to level 90. 

Phase 3 will increase her hp and raise it to 4748, her attack to 58, and her defense to 404, while her overall magic resistance will be enhanced up to 401. Apart from that, players can also expect to have a new attire unlocked, which will also allow players to equip an exclusive crime brand on her while also granting players 80 hypercubes. 

As for the enhancement costs: 

  • 25 phase 3 fury elemental substance
  • 24 frosted arsenopyrite crystal
  • 36 infected tentacle
  • 480000 discoins. 


Path To Nowhere Skills
Skills (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at the skills that will be offered up to fury sinners, especially for a sinner like ninety-Nine. 

Furious Attack 

Kicking things off with her first skill will be known as Furious Attack, and it will essentially be er basic or normal attack. Since the skill itself will not require any form of energy to operate, ninety-nine will be free to use whenever needed. 

Whenever the skill is active on the battlefield and it is used on any kind of opponent, ninety-nine will take the huge sword that she is wielding and will essentially go forth against the enemy that she is being forced to face. With her facing the enemy head-on, she will be able to deal damage to the enemy. 

The damage that will be dealt will be equivalent to 108% of her base attack, and the damage that will be dealt will be physical or melee damage and not elemental. When it comes to the overall skill range, it will be in a grid where she can attack the opponent that is in front of her, behind her on the right of her, and on the left of her. 

Players will need to reach at least sinner phase one to level up the skill, and when it comes to the upgrade materials, players will need to access items like the skill module I as well as skill model II for higher damage output. Apart from that, players will also need the twilight stone raw ores, as well as tons of discoins. Let’s take a look at the level-up upgrades: 

  • Level 2: 115% increase. 
  • Level 3: 123% increase. 
  • Level 4: 131% increase. 
  • Level 5: 140% increase. 
  • Level 6: 149% increase. 
  • Level 7: 159% increase. 
  • Level 8: 170% increase. 
  • Level 9: 181% increase. 
  • Level 10: 194% increase. 


Next up, we will take a look at the other ability, which is called Incinerate. It will be Ninety Nine’s ultimate ability, and it will be her strongest pursuit when trying to take out enemies. 

With Incinerate in hand, players will be able to expend a total of 25 energy costs to use the skill. Whenever it is cast, ninety-nine can enter the incinerate mode, which will get rid of 50% of her base HP, but it will allow her to gain a total of 20% attack increase, which makes her all the stronger in combat. 

The attack bonus that she receives will last a total of 13 seconds, which should be enough for her to obliterate opponents in their wake. When she is present in the incinerate mode, any incoming damage from the enemy’s end that is aimed at her will be delayed by 5 seconds, allowing her to act even further. 

Players will need to reach the sinner phase once again 1 in order to level up the skill, while it will cost skill modules, twilight stone raw ores, as well as discoins in order to level it up. 

  • Level 2: 21.3% increase. 
  • Level 3: 22.8% increase. 
  • Level 4: 24.3% increase. 
  • Level 5: 26% increase. 
  • Level 6: 27.7% increase. 
  • Level 7: 29.6% increase. 
  • Level 8: 31.6% increase. 
  • Level 9: 22.7% increase. 
  • Level 10: 36% increase. 


Next up, we have a skill that is directly tied together whenever you want to take Ninety Nine and level her up to phase one. Whenever players are able to reach level 20 and can conveniently raise the level cap by phasing her, Ebullition will be unlocked. 

Ebullition itself will be a passive skill but can still be leveled to level 10 and will have all the benefits of a regular skill. Whenever Ebullition is cast, anytime Ninety-nine is unfortunate enough to lose 10% of her max hp, whether that be by using her ultimate ability or by being attacked by an opponent. 

Once 10% of her HP is lost, she will be able to experience a total of 2.5% attack speed increase, allowing her to outlaunch attacks on enemies all the faster, which makes her even more useful. As for the upgrades, they are listed as follows: 

  • Level 2: 2.7% increase. 
  • Level 3: 2.8% increase. 
  • Level 4: 3% increase. 
  • Level 5: 3.2% increase. 
  • Level 6: 3,5% increase. 
  • Level 7: 3.7% increase. 
  • Level 8: 3.9% increase. 
  • Level 9: 4.2% increase. 
  • Level 10: 4.5% increase. 


One of the next skills that we would also like to talk about is known as Berserk. It will be yet another passive skill which automatically means that it will not be cast or activated manually and would rather be used automatically in combat. 

Whenever the skill is cast, players can expect to have their overall damage output increased by 4%, which will allow them to defeat enemies even faster. Whenever Ninety Nine launches an attack against the same type of opponent, she will able to gain stacks of the damage increase and will be maxed out at 5 stacks. 

  • Level 2: 4.3% increase. 
  • Level 3: 4.6% increase. 
  • Level 4: 4.9% increase. 
  • Level 5: 5.2% increase. 
  • Level 6: 5.5% increase. 
  • Level 7: 5.5% increase. 
  • Level 8: 6.3% increase. 
  • Level 9: 6.7% increase. 
  • Level 10: 7.2% increase. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at the shackles that will be paired together with Ninety Nine, or so to say her upgrades, or her constellations if you wanna compare it to Genshin. These are supposed to be upgrades that are given to the player and activated once you achieve a dupe of the same characters

There will be a total of 5 shackles that you can activate for Ninety-Nine. The first shackle that you can use will be known as Boiling Point, which will basically directly affect the way Incinerate operates, which is her ultimate skill, as it will extend the overall duration by a total of 3 seconds, making it stay activated for longer. 

Moving on, her second shackle will be known as Shackles Sync I, which is typically known to be the same upgrade for every sinner that players have. Whenever you achieve this shackle, your overall normal attack will be enhanced by 5%, which makes it even more useful, especially since Ninety Nine is meant to be a mainline sinner. 

As for the third shackle, it will be called Carmen Lucia, and whenever it is activated, players can expect themselves to gain an overall attack bonus by a total of 2% for every time that Ninety Nine has 10% of her max HP reduction activated. 

Now, for the fourth shackle, it will be called Emotional Resonance, and the way that it operates is that it will basically reduce the total amount of energy consumption that would otherwise occur for her by 3 points, while her fifth shackle will increase up her attack by 5% further, same as S2. 

Farming Upgrade Resources

Next up, let’s discuss a little bit how you can actually farm the resources that are needed in order to level up the skills for promoting ninety-nine. 

Mania Essence

The first thing that players will need to farm will be known as mania essence, which will essentially come in handy in order to increase the level to make Ninety-Nine stronger physically. Mania essence can be found in the dungeon that is called Seed Of Omen, which will have a total of 4 different difficulties.

Seed of omen I will require players to be level one, while to beat seed of omen II, players need to be at least level 15. To get past the seed of omen III, players need to be level 35, while for the fourth one, players need to be even higher level. 

Skill Modules 

As far as leveling skills are concerned, players will need to get their hands on Skill Modules. In order to acquire the skill modules, you can first and foremost get them from the secret society, which is your guild. 

Apart from that, you can also get from the Restricted Area Investigations, and the first dungeon will be opened up after you clear chapters 4-8, and it will have a total of 4 dungeon difficulties to get skill modules. 

Twilight Stone Raw Ore 

Other than the skill modules, players will also need to get twilight stone raw ores, which can be achieved by three main methods: 

  • Supply chests are typically gifted to you by the game itself. 
  • By clearing stories 1-2, you can either decide to raid the story chapters once, or you can go ahead and do a 10x raid to fast-farm them. 
  • Secret society support can also provide these raw ores. 

Phase Fury Elemental Particles 

Other than that, in order to phase up Ninety Nine, one of the main things that you will require will be these fury elemental particles. 

One of the main ways that you can get it is through the Fury I instance, as well as by opening up the supply chest. 

Arsenopyrite Concentrate 

Now, arsenopyrite concentrates can actually be found by many methods. You can get your hands on them by opening the supply chests provided to you, or you can even get them from the secret society once you have formed one. 

Other than that, the main story 2-12, 3-8, 4-8, 6-7, 7-8, and 8-5 will also grant the arsenopyrite concentrate. 


As far as the tentacles are concerned, you will be able to get them through the supply chests, as well as by clearing the main story 1-7. Apart from that, if players have managed to form a secret society, they can also get support. 

These tentacles will range from shriveled, organic as well as infected tentacles, all marking the importance of phases one, two, and three, respectively. 

Other than that, discoins are pretty important, and they can be obtained through gold rush domains, which range from the gold rush I, II, III, and IV difficulties. 


And there we have it! A complete overview discussing her skills, shackles, and resource farming! With that, we will wrap up our Path To Nowhere Ninety-Nine guide! 

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