Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide: Complete Guide

Learn the fastest ways to reroll S-tier Sinners and know who to roll for!

Path To Nowhere offers a wide range of sinner to choose from for players, hence rerolling becomes a crucial decision for meta-heavy players, and in our Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide, we will uncover everything in great detail! 

Key Takeaways
  • To reroll In Path To Nowhere, follow these steps:
    • Use your main account and open the main screen.
    • Go to the Discity tab and open up the MLBC SALVA CHAOS chapters.
    • Story chapters that need to be completed are 1-1, 12, Side Story SD-101, 1-3, Side Story SD-102, and chapters 1-4.
    • Each of these stories completed can grant you unique rewards.
  • Claim your Chief Inauguration Bonus, 4 arrest warrants, and 600 hypercubes from your mailbox on the top right of the screen.
  • The pre-registrations going on in the event tab, if it reaches 1 million, can reward you 5 arrest warrants and 200 Hypercubes as well as other rewards.
  • On every 10 arrests you perform, the beginner banner in the arrest tab can offer an S-tier unit and a 20% discount on warrants used to pull.
  • Head over to the banner to see if you had any luck getting the units. If not, you can start rerolling.
  • Logging out from your main account can be a pain but follow these steps in order to do so:
    • Sign In Option -> Servers being shown -> Press the 2 Arrows beside the server to know which server you are in.
    • Do not press the Enter Bureau option.
    • Go to the login screen and click on the symbol in the bottom right to log out.
  • Gmail accounts are the fastest way to re-roll. Use the steps described below:
    • Have an active phone number to create as many Gmail accounts as you want.
    • Create a Gmail account and link your active phone number.
    • Login
  • The units that you should aim for by using rerolling are Bai Yi, Zoya, Nox, Hamel, Demon, and Langley.

How To Reroll 

First things first, let’s figure out the main process of rerolling and how you might be able to reroll multiple times. When you first enter the main screen on a new account, if you have already made up your mind that you want to reroll, then there are a few steps that you need to follow! 

To actually get the resources to roll units, the first thing that you will need to do from your main screen is to head over to the tab that is labelled “Discity”. From there, you will be led into the MBCC SALVA Chaos chapters, which is going to be the main storyline that will help you progress through the game. 

The first chapter that appears in front of you will need to be opened, and then from there, you will need to progress through a few story stages. Precisely, you will need to cross story chapters 1-1, 12, SD-101, which is a side story, then the main story chapter 1-3, side story SD-102, and then eventually main story stages 1-4. 

  • Story stages 1-1 will grant you Ice Stone Raw Ores, Random low-level materials, and 70 hypercubes which are crucial for pulling units. 
  • Story stages 1-2 will grant you twilight stone raw ore, random low-level material, and 70 hypercubes for your first-time clear. 
  • Side story SD-101 will give players one KK and 35 hypercubes. 
  • Story stages 1-3 will grant players red stone raw ore, random low-level materials, and 70 hypercubes for their first clears. 
  • Side story SD-102 will grant players EMP and 35 hypercubes. 
  • Finally, the story stage tears stone raw ore, random low-level materials, and 70 hypercubes. 

It will take players a total of 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how immersed you want to be in the storyline. After that has been done, head back to the main screen. 

Mailbox Rewards 

Path To Nowhere Mailbox
Mailbox (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, from there, head over to the top right corner of the screen where you will be able to view your mailbox. Now, as a new account, mailbox rewards are essential, and the main reward that you want to focus on there will be the Chief Inauguration Bonus mail that each player will receive. 

Below attached in the mail will be a total of 4 arrest warrants as well as 600 hypercubes, (each arrest costs 180 cubes). 

Pre-Registration Rewards 

Path To Nowhere Pre Registration Rewards
Pre Registration Rewards (Image Credits Exputer)

Now that you’ve collected your first free rewards, you can then head back over to the main screen, which will lead you directly to the event tab

The event tab will have the pre-registration event going on, which will grant players several different rewards that they can collect which may include mania essence, discoins, stamina, crime brands, etc, but right at the one million total pre-registrations, you will see a total of 5 arrest warrants and 200 hypercubes ready and waiting for you. To save time, claim all the rewards at once. 


Path To Nowhere Banners
Banners (Image Credits Exputer)

Now you are ready to roll in your account. Head over to the arrest tab which will lead you to the beginner banner. The beginner banner is extremely crucial, since every first ten pulls/arrests that players do will guarantee an S-tier unit, and it can be ranging from bai Yi, Eirene, Hamel, summer, or Zoya.

The beginner banner will only cost 8 warrants instead of the typical 10 due to the 20% beginner discount so make sure to take advantage of it. You can pull twice on the beginner’s banner and it will only cost you a total of 16 warrants instead of the usual 20 warrants. 

Now, with your other 10 pull with the warrants and hypercube, you can head over to your desired banner to see if you can get lucky if not, then it’s time to reroll! 

Creating Multiple Accounts 

Now, if you don’t end up getting the units that you want in your main account, then you can go ahead and start rerolling. So, when you are first starting with your account, it will take you through the entire process of the loading screen and then the login screen. 

Path To Nowhere Four Sign-In Options
Four Sign-In Options (Image Credits Exputer)

It gives you four options to choose from, and you can either choose from signing in with an apple ID, Facebook, Twitter, or Google, depending on whatever fits best for you. Logging into an existing account is pretty easy, however logging out of the same account to create a new account can be quite a tedious process. 

Path To Nowhere Enter Bureau
Enter Bureau (Image Credits Exputer)

After clicking on your usual sign-in option, it will lead you to the screen where it showcases your current survey that you are on, whether it is Asia, Europe or America. From there, you will also be showcased an option to “enter bureau”, *don’t click it*. 

Path To Nowhere Changing Servers
Changing Servers (Image Credits Exputer)

Instead, click on the two small arrows that are present beside the server which will be able to showcase which server you are currently on. Going back to the login screen, on the bottom right, there will be a small symbol that you can click on. 

It will essentially log you out of your main account and will bring you back to the page where it showed the four original login options. 

Gmail Accounts 

One of the best ways that you can fast-reroll accounts is through Gmail. It is impractical to reroll accounts through Apple ID since every user will only have one, and the same goes with Facebook accounts as the entire process can get extremely tedious. 

As long as the player can have an active phone number that they can link to one Gmail account, they will be allowed to create multiple Gmail accounts without being held back. These accounts can then be used to log in to your PTN account. 

With your Gmail, you are also able to create various Twitter accounts if that is the choice of login that you want to go for. Nonetheless, the process remains the same. 

  • Create Gmail account
  • Link phone number 
  • Create Twitter (optional)
  • Login
  • Reroll, rinse and repeat. 

Who To Aim For 

Now, if you are truly wanting to reroll over and over again, then you might want to reroll for these units from the banners! 

Bai Yi 

Path To Nowhere Bai Yi
Bai Yi (Image Credits Exputer)

An adept S-tier sinner that is excellent at breaking cores, and can unleash a lot of core damage whenever she uses her ultimate. She has the role of being Umbra, with these minimum and maximum stats respectively. 

  • HP: 1161 and 4991
  • Atk: 147 and 631
  • Def: 79 and 339
  • Resistance: 87 and 348


Path To Nowhere Zoya
Zoya (Image Credits Exputer)

Zoya is adept at being able to unleash physical damage, and being able to deal 5% extra damage, and for any enemies that have their cores broken, she can unleash 5% extra damage against them. Her role is of being a Fury. 

  • Hp: 1377 and 5920 
  • Atk: 153 and 657
  • Def: 123 and 528
  • real 116 and 497. 


Path To Nowhere Nox
Nox (Image Credits Exputer)

Another fury role sinner, as a leader, her physical penetration increases by 15% at a direct hit, and she is once again really capable of being a DPS unit in most situations. She can deal a 5% increase damaged and an extra 5% against opponents who have their cores broken. The stats are shown below min and max respectively:

  • HP: 1349 and 5800
  • ATK: 145 and 622
  • DEF: 122 and 523
  • Res: 116 and 497


Path To Nowhere Hamel
Hamel (Image Credits Exputer)

Hamel is a catalyst user, meaning she hones magic abilities and she can provide buffs and enhancements to the team. When she is in your team, the overall team healing is increased by a total of 10%, she has an attack speed of 0,5, and her stats are listed below: 

  • HP: 868 and 3732
  • ATK: 139 and 597
  • Def: 53 and 227
  • Resistance: 53 and 227


Another Endura role sinner, whenever she becomes a leader, she gains determined encouragement, which will help all sinners on the field gain an increase in their overall attack based on 0.5% of their shield value. She herself is the best at defending in the frontlines and can block 2 opponents at a time: 

  • HP: 1697 and 7297
  • Atk: 104 and 446
  • Def: 156 and 670
  • Resistance: 154 and 661


Lastly, langley is another solid unit that is a reticle, or an archer. She is best at dealing damage from a long distance, and with her being the leader, her physical penetration is enhanced by 15%. 

  • HP: 844 and 3628
  • Atk: 156 and 670
  • Def: 54 and 231
  • Resistance: 59 and 253 


And there we have it, the process of rerolling isn’t all that difficult and while it can be annoying to have to skip through the story, it pays off! If you do end up skipping the storyline and want to get familiar with the way the game works, then our Path To Nowhere Beginner’s Guide is an excellent read! With that, we will wrap up our Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide!

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