Dave The Diver: Pelican Eel [Location & Reward]

In this guide, I cover the location of the Pelican Eel along with how to capture it and the rewards it fetches in Dave the Diver.

Pelican Eel, found below the coldest depths of Blue Hole, not only fetches a hefty sum of gold but also allows Dave the Diver to craft a Steel Net Gun, which further aids him in capturing other species of aquatic life. Throughout Dave’s adventures of exploring the Blue Hole, he’ll come across a wide variety of fishes and eels that help him successfully run his restaurant and upgrade his equipment to catch bigger fish, and Pelican Eel Dave the Diver is one such fish.

Key Takeaways
  • Pelican Eel is a Rank 9 fish that is brown in color and can be identified via its large head and feline body.
  • Begin your search for Pelican Eel only during the day, as it doesn’t spawn at night.
  • Pelican Eel is located in Glacial Passage, although its exact spawn location can vary for everyone in Dave the Diver.
  • Glacial Passage is one the coldest areas, and it is recommended only to go there while wearing a wet suit when searching for Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver.
  • Before hooking Pelican Eel, make sure to wear it down using melee attacks and projectiles.
  • Its skin is helpful in crafting the Steel Net Gun.

Before You Start: Make sure to equip the wet suit before diving into Glacial Passage to catch the Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver.

What Is Pelican Eel In Dave The Diver

Dave the diver
What is Pelican Eel [Image by: eXputer]
In Chapter 4, Dave will be able to visit a new location named “Glacial Passage.” It is one of the coldest areas in the game, with a very low creature spawn rate, making Pelican Eel one of the rarest catches. The area itself is very compact and contains a series of puzzles leading to the next area. 

Pelican Eel is a Rank 9 fish weighing 8kg. It is brown in color and has a large head and petite body. Its attack patterns are comparable to Moray Eel, and it is recommended to weaken it with melee attacks or projectiles before catching it. Due to the harsh temperature of Glacial Passage, it is recommended to wear a wet suit to ensure a better survival rate in its harsh temperature when catching Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver.

Location Of The Pelican Eel

ice blockage
Using the beam to destroy ice blockage [Image by: eXputer]
Before You Start: Pelican Eel only spawns during the day.
  1. Once inside the Glacial Passage, there will be a giant mirror directly below your location leading to Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver.
  2. Behind the mirror is a giant ice cube that’s jamming its gears, causing it to get stuck.
  3. Go behind the mirror and interact with the ice cube to initiate a QTE.
    ice cube
    Removing the ice cube from behind the mirror [Image by: eXputer]
  4. Once the ice cube is gone, the lasers will strike the ice blockage, opening the path further below.
  5. Below the ice blockage is where I found the Pelican Eel.
Important: The spawn location of Pelican Eel inside the Glacial passage is random and rare, so its location may slightly differ for you.

How To Catch It

pelican eel
Pelican Eel in the hook
  • Pelican Eel cannot be caught directly, and you will have to wear it down to an extent before catching it.
  • Once you spot the Pelican Eel, slowly sneak behind it and trim down its health with melee or projectile attacks.
  • After wearing it down a little,e hook the Pelican Eel and try to capture it.
  • Ensure not to damage it to the point where its skin gets ruined, which can heavily devalue its price.
  • The ease of capture depends upon the equipment you have.


Pelican Eel skin is one of the most valuable skins in Dave the Diver due to being an essential component of Steel Net Gun. That gun can capture up to seven fish, making it worthwhile for all the trouble. Additionally, it has a shooting range of five and a magazine size of six. The rest of the components required to make a Steel Net Gun are as follows:

  • Steel Rope – 1
  • Gold – 3400
  • Large Net Gun – 1
  • Topaz – 20
  • Pelican Eel Skin – 3

Additionally, you can trade, sell, or even utilize Pelican Eel for sushi. 

This concludes my guide on how to capture Pelican Eel Dave the Diver, along with its location and rewards. Let me know your queries in the comments below.


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