Pokemon Crown Zenith: Complete Card List [2023]

Become the Next Pokemon Master by learning all the cards in the Pokemon Crown Zenith Card List.

Pokemon Crown Zenith has one of the most amazing artworks and cards we have seen before. There are a lot of amazing cards in the set some having different versions such as the V and Vstar and also Rapid Strike. All versions have beautiful unique art and different rarities. There are many collectible cards that you will love to have available in the set. We got the Pokemon Crown Zenith Card List with pictures for you.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 159 Pokemon cards in the Pokemon Crown Zenith Card list.
  • There are different variations of cards, such as Rapid Strike and V cards.
  • There are 3 types of V cards:
    • V.
    • VMAX.
    • VSTAR.
  • Knowing the value of each Pokemon Crown Zenith card will help you aim for the ones you really want in your collection!

All Cards In Pokemon Crown Zenith

Crown Zenith All Cards Pokemon
All Cards Pokemon Crown Zenith- Image by eXputer

Crown Zenith will be the last expansion to the Sword and Shield series, so there are many cards that are unique in the set. For collectors, you can find cards with amazing art, rare holos, and even autographed trainer cards which will be a prized possession for sure.

The different versions, such as the Vstar and Rapid Strike, is an interesting feature and makes your cards unique.

Here is the complete Pokemon Crown Zenith Card list along with their type and stats in alphabetical order. 

Pokemon NameRarityHPTypeMove(s) / Description
AbsolRare100Disaster PokemonSlash and Lost Claw
AggronRare180Iron Armor PokemonCounter Press and Heavy Impact
AronCommon70Iron Armor PokemonRam and Slight Intrusion
BaltoyCommon60Clay Doll PokemonSmack
Basic Darkness EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardBoosts your moves with Darkness or Colorless type
Basic Fighting EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardBoosts your moves with Fighting or Colorless type
Basic Fire EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardBoosts your moves with Fire or Colorless type
Basic Grass EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardBoosts your moves with Grass or Colorless type
Basic Lightning EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardBoosts your moves with Lightning or Colorless type
Basic Metal EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardGrants 1 metal or colorless energy
Basic Psychic EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardBoosts your psychic and colorless moves
Basic Water EnergyRareN/AEnergy CardBoosts your water or colorless type moves
BeaRareN/ASupporter TrainerDiscard the top 5 cards in your deck and attach
energy card to your benched pokemon
BedeRareN/ASupporter TrainerAttach basic energy card to your benched pokemon
BellossomRare120Flower PokemonFlower Spin
BidoofCommon60Plump Mouse PokemonCarefree Countenance and Hyper Fang
BisharpUncommon110Sword Blade PokemonSpike Draw and Power Edge
CalyrexRare110King PokemonKing's instructions and Bloomshine
CarnivineUncommon90Bug Catcher PokemonFestering Saliva and Bind down
Charizard VRare220Fire Type PokemonIncinerate and Heat Blast
Charizard VStarRare280Fire Type PokemonExplosive Fire and Star Blaze
ChatotCommon70Music Note PokemonCycle Draw and Flap
CherubiCommon50Cherry PokemonLeafage
CorphishCommon70Ruffian PokemonWater Gun and Crab Hammer
Crushing HammerUncommonN/ATrainer ItemFlip a coin and discard an Energy from 1 of your
enemy's Pokemon if it's heads
Digging DuoUncommonN/ASupporter TrainerFlip a coin. If heads put 1 of the cards in your hands
from the bottom 8 cards. If tails do it with the bottom 3.
DittoRare70Transform PokemonSudden Transformation
DragalgeRare120Mock Kelp PokemonRocket Poison and Razor Fin
DubwoolRare120Sheep PokemonOverhead Throw and Rolling Dash
Duraludon VRare220Dragon Type PokemonMetal Claw and Breaking Swipe
Duraludon VMaxRare330Dragon Type PokemonSkyscraper and G Max Pulverization
DusclopsUncommon90Beckon PokemonFade To Black
EelektrikUncommon80EleFish PokemonAd Hoc Shock and Static Shock
Eevee VRare200Normal Type PokemonTackle and Vee Brave
Elesa’s SparkleRareN/ASupporter TrainerChoose up to 2 Fusion Strike Pokemons
EmolgaCommon70Sku Squirrel PokemonThunder Shock
EnamorusRare120Love Hate PokemonDraining Kiss and Loving Sympathy
Energy RetrievalCommonN/ATrainer ItemPick up to 2 basic energy cards from your discarded pile
Energy SearchCommonN/ATrainer ItemPick a basic energy card, reveal it and place it onto
your hand
Energy SwitchUncommonN/ATrainer ItemMove basic energy from 1 pokemon to the other
EnteiRare120Volcano PokemonExplosive Heat Dash and Claw Slash
ExeggcuteCommon60Egg PokemonPsy Bolt
ExeggutorRare130Coconut PokemonPowerful Storm and Stampede
Friends in Hisui (Full Art)RareN/ASupporter TrainerDraw 3 cards at random
Friends in HisuiUncommonN/ASupporter TrainerDraw 3 cards at random
Friends in Sinnoh (Full Art)RareN/ASupporter TrainerDraw 3 cards from the deck
Friends in SinnohUncommonN/ASupporter TrainerDraw 3 cards
Galarian MeowthCommon70Scratch Cat PokemonFasten Claws
Galarian Mr. MimeCommon80Dancing PokemonPound and Find It
Galarian PerrserkerRare120Viking PokemonSharp Claws and Slash
GirafarigUncommon90Long Neck PokemonDouble Draw and Psybeam
Glaceon VRare210Water Type PokemonFrost Charge and Freezing Wind
GloomUncommon70Weed PokemonOffensive Scent
GravelerUncommon110Rock PokemonTackle and Boulder Crush
Great BallUncommonN/ATrainer ItemSee the top 7 cards in your deck. Reveal and withdraw
any 1.
Greedent VRare210Normal Type PokemonBody Slam and Nom Nom Nom Incisors
GrubbinCommon70Larva PokemonEnergize and Suprise Attack
GumshoosRare120Stakeout PokemonStakeout Headbutt and Lunge Out
Hatterene VRare200Psychic/Fairy TypeHoroscope and Teleportation Burst
Hatterene VMAXRare320Psychic/Fairy TypeWitch's Domain and G Max Smite
HelioliskRare120Generator PokemonStatic Shock and Wild Charge
HelioptileCommon70Generator PokemonStatic Shock and Rear Kick
HoopaRare120Djinn PokemonAssault Gate
HopRareN/ASupporter TrainerAllows you to draw 3 cards
KoffingCommon70Poison Gas PokemonSmog
KricketotCommon60Cricket PokemonTrip Over
KrokorokUncommon90Desert Croc PokemonBite and Dredge Up
KyogreRare140Sea Basin PokemonWave Summoning and Dynamic Wave
Kyogre VRare230Sea Basin PokemonDual Splash and Aqua Typhoon
LaironUncommon90Iron Armor PokemonConfront and Wreck Havoc
LarvestaCommon80Torch PokemonLive Coal
Leafeon VRare210Verdant PokemonLeaf Guard and Slashing Strike
Leafeon VSTARRare260Verdant PokemonLeaf Guard and Ivy Star
LeonRareN/ASupporter TrainerProvides your Pokemon with a +30 damage boost
LiepardRare100Cruel PokemonFury Swipes and Claw Slash
Lost VacuumUncommonN/ATrainer ItemPick any pokemon tool attached to your pokemon
LunatoneUncommon90Meteorite PokemonCycle Draw and Moon Kinesis
LuvdiscCommon70Rendezvous PokemonEmotional Draw and Tackle
Luxio (Rapid Strike)Uncommon80Spark PokemonJumping Kick and Headbolt
LuxioUncommon90Spark PokemonShorting Spark and Bite
Luxray (Rapid Strike)Rare150Gleam Eyes PokemonElectrostep and Scar Strikes
LuxrayRare160Gleam Eyes PokemonExplosiveness and Seeking Fang
LycanrocRare120Wolf PokemonMidnight Fang
MetangUncommon100Iron Armor PokemonBullet Punch
Mew VRare180Genetic PokemonEnergy Mix and Psychic Leap
MewtwoRare130Genetic PokemonPsypump and Limit Break
NessaRareN/ASupporter TrainerPick out any 4 cards and put them in your hand
OddishCommon50Weed PokemonLeaf Boomerang
OranguruRare110Sage PokemonPrimate Acting and Hammer In
PanchamCommon70Playful PokemonChop
PangoroRare140Daunting PokemonCorkscrew Punch and Wild Tackle
Pawniard (1st Version)Common60Sharp Blade PokemonReckless Charge
Pawniard (2nd Version)Common70Sharp Blade PokemonPierce
PincurchinUncommon80Sea Urchin PokemonCall For Family and Continuous Tumble
Poke BallUncommonN/ATrainer ItemFlip a coin. If heads summon a new pokemon from your deck
Pokemon CatcherUncommonN/ATrainer ItemFlip a coin. If heads then switch out 1 of your opponents benched
pokemon with their active pokemon
PotionCommonN/ATrainer ItemHeal 30 damage from 1 of your pokemon
Professor’s ResearchRareN/ASupporter TrainerDiscard your hand and draw 7 cards
PurrloinCommon60Devious PokemonFury Swipes
Radiant CharizardCommon160Fire Type PokemonExcited Heart and Combustion Blast
Radiant CharjabugRare90Battery PokemonShocking Block and Linear Attack
Radiant EternatusRare170Poison/Dragon Type PokemonClimactic Gate and Power Beam
RaihanRareN/ASupporter TrainerPick a basic energy card from your discard pile and attach it
to your pokemon
Rare CandyUncommonN/ATrainer ItemPick any of your basic pokemon on the playing field
Rayquaza VRare210Sky High PokemonDragon Pulse and Spiral Burst
Rayquaza VMAX (1st Version)Rare320Sky High PokemonAzure Pulse and Max Burst
Rayquaza VMAX (2nd Version)Rare320Sky High PokemonAzure Pulse and Max Burst
Regigigas VRare240Colossal PokemonHammer In and Angry Wack
Regigigas VSTARRare300Colossal PokemonGiga Impact and Star Guardian
Rescue CarrierUncommonN/ATrainer ItemPut up to 2 Pokemon each with 90 hp or less from your
discard pile into your hand
RioluCommon60Emanation PokemonLow Kick
RockruffCommon60Puppy PokemonInvite Out and Smash Kick
Rotom VRare190Plasma PokemonInstant Charge and Scrap Short
Rotom VSTARRare250Plasma PokemonScrap Pulse and Conversion Star
SalanditCommon70Toxic Lizard PokemonCall For Family and Scratch
SalazzleUncommon120Toxic Lizard PokemonTail Trickery and Super Singe
ScizorRare130Pincer PokemonX Scissor and Dangerous Claws
ScytherCommon80Mantis PokemonMash Cut
SeelCommon70Sea Lion PokemonHeadbutt and Rain Splash
ShayminUncommon70Gratitude PokemonGather Flowers and Rear Kick
ShinxCommon60Flash PokemonThunder Jolt
Shinx (Rapid Strike)Common60Flash PokemonRear Kick
Simisear VRare210Ember PokemonBursting Power and Flare Juggling
Simisear VSTARRare260Ember PokemonFireball Fever and Ember Star
SkrelpCommon60Mock Kelp PokemonTackle and Melt
Sky Seal StoneRareN/ATrainer ItemAttack a pokemon tool to a pokemon that does not have
it attached | Star Order
SnorlaxRare160Sleeping PokemonHeavy Impact
SnoruntCommon60Snow Hat PokemonHeadbutt
SolrockUncommon90Meteorite PokemonSun Energy and Spinning Attack
StarlyCommon60Starling PokemonClaw
Stoutland VRare210Big Hearted PokemonDouble Dip Fangs and Wild Tackle
SunkernCommon40Seed PokemonSeed Bomb
SwitchCommonN/ATrainer ItemSwap out your active pokemon with the one on the bench
TangelaCommon80Vine PokemonBeat and Vine Whip
TangrowthRare150Vine PokemonSuctioning Vines and Hammer In
Tapu LeleRare110Land Spirit PokemonEnergy Burst and Spiral Drain
TaurosRare110Wild Bull PokemonSmash Kick and Adrena Tackle
Trekking ShoesUncommonN/ATrainer ItemPut the top card in your hand or discard it and pick another
Ultra BallUncommonN/ATrainer ItemSearch for a pokemon in your deck, reveal it and put it
in your hand
VolcanionRare130Steam PokemonHammer In and Hydro Burn
VolcaronaRare130Sun PokemonWill-O-Wisp and Volcanic Heat
VoloRareN/ASupporter TrainerDiscard 1 of your benched pokemon cards and all attached
WailmerCommon120Ball Whale PokemonNap and Water Gun
WailordRare220Float Whale PokemonBubble Drain and Heavy Impact
WoolooCommon70Sheep PokemonRolling Rollout
YanmaCommon70Clear Wing PokemonSwoop Across and Cutting Wind
YanmegaRare130Ogre Darner PokemonShoot Through and Jet Wing
YungoosCommon70Loitering PokemonSharp Fang
ZacianRare130Warrior PokemonBattle Legion and Slicing Blade
Zacian VRare220Warrior PokemonPiercing Strike and Behemoth Blade
Zacian VSTARRare270Warrior PokemonBreak Edge and Sword Star
ZamazentaRare130Warrior PokemonMetal Shield and Rataliate
Zamazenta VRare220Warrior PokemonRegal Stance and Revenge Blast
Zamazenta VSTARRare270Warrior PokemonGiga Impact and Shield Star
ZarudeRare120Rogue Monkey PokemonDrag Off and Triple Whip
ZeraoraRare120Thunderclap PokemonWild Charge
Zeraora VRare210Thunderclap PokemonClaw Clash and Thunderous Bolt
Zeraora VMAXRare320Thunderclap PokemonReactive Pulse and Max Fist
Zeraora VSTARRare270Thunderclap PokemonCrushing Beat and Lightning Storm Star

These are all the cards in the Pokemon Crown Zenith Card List. If you like Pokemon, you will love Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Learn how to get a Charizard Scarlet and Violet because that is the coolest Pokemon. You can even get a Pikachu or Lechonk.


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