Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Greninja Raid Battle Guide

Learn How To Defeat Greninja In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Poison Tera Type Greninja is coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Like the Cinderace event, the Greninja event has a set time restriction. Greninja will be a very difficult battle. This is a 7-Star raid event as well. At the end of the month, a 7-Star Tera Raid will bring Greninja to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the same as how Charizard and Cinderace did.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Mark Cinderace has just been completed. They are revealing the impending big Tera Raid challenge to stimulate players’ curiosity. The Greninja Raid battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be incredibly challenging for all players because this brief event offers you the chance to capture the Kalos water starter. One of the hardest challenges Paldea players have yet to face will be the Greninja Raid battle.

Key Highlights
  • Greninja Tera Raid Battle event is available for a limited time.
  • You will get two windows for Greninja Raid Battle, and you can participate in both.
  • You can challenge Greninja multiple times, but you can catch it only once.
  • Greninja Tera Type will be Poison or Dark, which makes it enormously powerful.
  • Clodsire, Quagsire, Toxicroak, Vaporeon, and Kingambit are the best counters for Greninja.
  • You will get a Level 100 Greninja with Mightiest Mark as a reward for the Greninja Raid battle.

Greninja Tera Raid Time And Details

According to the official Pokemon website, a Greninja with the Mightiest Mark will appear in 7-Star black crystal Tera Raid Battles. The first window of Greninja’s availability will be at the end of this month, while the second window will be at the beginning of the next month. The event’s structure is identical to that of Charizard Tera Raid events. The following windows are available:

  • Friday, January 27, 2023, at 19:00 ET. to Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 18:59 ET.
  • Friday, February 10, 2023, at 19:00 ET. to Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 18:59 ET.

During the last event’s two weekends, you were only able to catch one Charizard and one Cinderace, but there is no restriction on the number of items you may get. There is currently no set rule for this event, so it’s possible to catch both Greninja or only one; however, it’s more probable that you’ll only be able to catch one Greninja. The Poison Tera Type will be present in the 7-Star Greninja. This Greninja can be fought repeatedly, but it can only be captured once. You will receive rewards from the additional raids, such as XP Candy and Poison Tera Shards.

How To Unlock The 7-Star Greninja Raid

You must complete the identical requirements in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in order to unlock the Greninja Tera Raid. These procedures were the same for the Charizard and Cinderace Tera Raid Battle events.

By hitting L, you must first access the in-game menu before you can connect to the internet. Then, open the Poke Portal and press + to view the news. After choosing Mystery Gift, select Check Poke Portal News. Additionally, make certain that the Poke Portal is up to date. The Poke Portal will download immediately if your Switch is online.

To take part in 7-Star Raids, you must first finish 6-Star Raids. Your game’s 7-Star Black Tera Crystals 7-Star Black Tera Crystals are only accessible once you have completed the post-credits Academy Ace Tournament and defeated 15 of the 5-Star Tera Raids. You also need to unlock 6-Star Raids.

You may participate in the raids by registering for Tera Raid Battles online. To play online, you must purchase a Nintendo Switch Online subscription; however, to participate in the 7-Star Cinderace Raid Battle, you must first unlock 6-Star raids.

How To Beat The Greninja Tera Raid Battle

How to beat Greninja In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
Greninja In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The Poison Tera type of Greninja in the 7-Star Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid renders it very vulnerable to Ground-type and Psychic-type attacks. Other inherent vulnerabilities of Greninja include Electric and Fighting types. However, these are less important in Tera Raids because the Tera-type predominates.

Due to its dual nature as a Water and Dark-type Pokemon, Greninja has a vast range of attacks that make it particularly effective against Ground– and Psychic-type Pokemon. Greninja will also be at Level 100, as in all 7-Star raids. You must thus make certain that whatever Pokemon you bring to the Greninja Tera Raid battle is at its maximum level, or level 100.

Greninja will have a Poison Tera-type that overrides its Water and Dark affinities and has a base type of Water. Additionally, Greninja will probably use Dark and Water attacks. Pokemon of the Ground type is often more powerful and durable than those of the Psychic type. Greninja will also astonish players with its fantastic counter-moves against its vulnerabilities in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids.

The easiest and most apparent techniques to use against Ground and Poison types are Water and Dark types. The strong Water Shuriken move and the Battle Bond ability, which gives Water Shuriken even more potency, are presumably available to Greninja. It is advised that you utilize Pokemon resistant to Water-type attacks.

Many skills in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet give you water immunity, including Water Absorb, Storm Drain, and Dry Skin. If you pair these Water immune abilities with a Ground-type Pokemon that can deliver extremely efficient damage to Greninja with the Poison Tera Type, you will have a lethal weapon against the Pokémon.

For instance, Armarouge possesses psychic attacks that would damage Greninja’s Poison Tera type, yet being a Fire and Psychic type, it would be extremely vulnerable to Greninja’s Water and Dark abilities. You must be able to endure the assaults that the Greninja Tera type will employ against you in Tera Raids in addition to weakening them. These attacks will largely be Water and Dark.

Best Counters for Greninja

Greninja will have a fantastic Physical and Special attack stat in the 7-Star Greninja Tera Raid battle, in contrast to previous Tera Raids when Charizard was designated as a Special attacker and Cinderace as a Physical attacker. You can cause a ton of damage to Greninja if you can endure his strike. But in order to beat Greninja, you must pick the correct Pokemon to bring with you.

If you intend to take part in the Greninja 7-Star Tera Raid battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you should be aware of how potent Greninja’s defense and attack may be. You should be aware that in addition to its Dark-type attacks, Greninja can also have Ghost-type and Bug-type moves like Shadow Sneak and U-turn if you decide to use Psychic-type Pokemon against it. Greninja will probably include at least one Status move, its distinctive Water Shuriken of Water type, and a Poison move like Gunk Shot to represent its Tera type.

A Greninja’s trademark move will be the multi-hit, special water attack known as the Water Shuriken. Numerous Physical attacks, such as Night Slash and Dark Pulse, are among its Dark attacks. Other Tera types can also be covered by Greninja by drawing from an eclectic pool. Aerial Ace is a potent flying strike that has a respectable damage output against Fighting and Grass-Type Pokemon. Ghost attacks like Shadow Sneak may be used by Greninja.

Greninja is quicker than Charizard and Cinderace, and his attacks will be extremely swift and strong; therefore, you should consider your Pokémon’s ability to survive. Clodsire, Quagsire, Toxicroak, Kingambit, and Vaporeon are the best counters for the Poison-type Greninja Tera Raid battle. Greninja, a Poison-type Pokémon, may sustain more harm from these five Pokémon. These five are better than others since you can fight Greninja on your alone, without the assistance of any companions.


Clodsire In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Clodsire
  • Tera Type: Ground
  • EV Spread: 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Special Defense
  • Ability: Water Absorb
  • Held Item: Leftovers
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Movesets: Yawn, Curse, Earthquake, Recover

The greatest ability of Clodsire in 7-Star Tera Raid Battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Water Absorb, which protects Clodsire from the Water-type techniques of Greninja and instead recovers HP. With the help of this ability, Clodsire becomes incredibly effective against Greninja. Due to Clodsire’s aggressive nature, which is ideal for enhancing its offenses. Use Clodsire with Ground Tera Type to increase the potency of its Ground-type STAB because it is a physical attacker.

Your EV Spreads should tend toward a massive attack to help you with this stuff since, just like in Tera Raid Battles, you need to do as much damage with survivability as possible. Maximize your attack and HP EVs first, then use the remaining EVs to increase your Special Defense. Leftovers, the item that Clodsire is holding, gives Clodsire passive healing by enhancing its maneuvers and abilities.

Yawn is a great way to start the raid battle and put Greninja to sleep after one round. Then use Curse to boost Clodsire’s Attack and Defense. When using the Curse during the encounter with the Greninja, bear in mind that it will also diminish Clodsire’s speed stat by one stage. Once you have enough Tera Orb charge, terastallize into a Ground-type and utilize enhanced Earthquake to inflict STAB super-effective damage. Keep a mind to use Recover to cure yourself whenever necessary.


Quagsire In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Quagsire
  • Tera Type: Ground
  • EV Spread: 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Defense
  • Ability: Water Absorb
  • Held Item: Leftovers
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Movesets: Rock Tomb, Curse, Earthquake, Recover

In Tera Raid Battles, Water Absorb is Quagsire‘s greatest ability, similar to Clodsire’s. Water Absorb, which appears to be a potent ability against Greninja, renders Quagsire immune to the Water-type attacks of that Pokemon instead of restoring your HP. Because in Tera Raid Battles, you must also consider your capacity to survive against the assaults of Greninja; you must not only concentrate on your attacks to take down Greninja.

Like Clodsire, Quagsire is incredibly powerful against Greninja due to their Adamant nature. To increase Quagsire’s STAB Earthquake, pair it with a Ground Tera Type. Max out your attack and health points as well. Quagsire receives passive healing from Leftovers, the same as Clodsire.

Quagsire’s move sets are similar to Clodsire’s. Curse, which increases Quagsire’s defense and attacks, should be used to start the battle, when in contrast to Quagsire, Greninja moves amazingly quickly. Even with repeated speed reductions, Quagsire cannot outrun Greninja. Therefore, it would be wise to lower your speed in order to increase your assaults and defenses. While creating your own Tera charge, use Earthquake to do the Greninja a ton of damage.

Terastallize Quagsire and utilize Earthquakes to inflict more harm on Greninja. Greninja’s speed can be decreased by Rock Tomb so that your teammates can strike first.

The move sets and assaults of Quagsire and Clodsire are comparable. Their base stats and type differences are the main distinctions between the two. Due to Clodsire’s excellent Special Defense stat, if Greninja is a Special Attacker, you should pick Clodsire as your Pokemon. However, Quagsire will be a fantastic pick for you if Greninja is a Physical Attacker with Gunk Shot, as long as Greninja does not have Trailblaze.


Toxicroak In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Toxicroak
  • Tera Type: Ground
  • EV Spread: 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Special Defense
  • Ability: Dry Skin
  • Held Item: Shell Bell
  • Nature: Adamant

Toxicroak’s greatest ability in Tera Raid Battles is Dry Skin, which also helps it against Greninja. This power restores Toxicroak’s HP while granting immunity to Greninja’s Water-type attacks. You should be advised that using this ability might expose you to Fire-Type attacks and cause harm. Toxicroak is effective against Greninja because of its stubborn nature.

Use Toxicroak with a Ground Tera Type to increase Earthquake’s strength because it is a Physical Attacker. To survive the fight with the Greninja, make use of your Tera Raid EV Spread to increase your attacks. Maximize your attack and health points. Every time Toxicroak employs an attack, Shell Bell passively heals it.

Start the Greninja Tera Raid Battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by using the Taunt moveset. Greninja cannot utilize Status moves while utilizing Taunt. Then use Swords Dance twice to increase Toxicroak’s attacks. Toxicroak’s attack gets a four-stage increase from Sword Dance. Mud-Slap may be used to reduce Greninja’s accuracy. Then, attack Greninja with Earthquakes for incredibly powerful damage. To increase your damage against Greninja, terastallize your Earthquake into a Ground-type when you have adequate Tera charge.


Kingambit In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Kingambit
  • Tera Type: Dark
  • EV Spread: 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Special Defense
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Held Item: Shell Bell
  • Nature: Adamant

Kingambit’s greatest ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Defiant. Every time Kingambit’s stats drop, Defiant essentially bumps up the attack power of the Pokémon by two stages. Since Kingambit may also do physical damage, your Adamant nature can help you increase Kingambit’s attacks. Utilize Kingambit’s Psychic Tera Type to increase the potency of Night Slash.

When fighting the Greninja, aim to focus your Tera Raid EVs Spreads on increasing your attacks and your ability to survive. Always aim for maximum attack and health values. Shell Bell, a leftover of Kingambit, gives you passive healing anytime you employ an aggressive move.

Swords Dance, which increases Kingambit’s strikes by four stages when used twice, should be used to commence your Greninja Raid. After that, use Thunder Wave to paralyze the Greninja and reduce its speed in half. Use Zen Headbutt to immobilize Greninja and do heavy damage to him. When you have enough Tera charge, use Earthquake to deliver massive damage to Greninja, then Terastallize into a Ground-type to strengthen Earthquake.

Terastallize into a Dark-type when you have a full Tera charge to use Night Slash with increased damage. These move sets make it simple to one-shot Greninja.


Vaporeon In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Vaporeon
  • Tera Type: Ground
  • EV Spread: 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Special Defense
  • Ability: Water Absorb
  • Held Item: Covert Cloak
  • Nature: Modest

The greatest ability for Vaporeon in Tera Raid Battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Water Absorb. Water Absorb both heals you and gives Vaporeon resistance against Greninja attacks of the Water type. It will be more advantageous to Terastallize into a Ground Tera Type when you have greater Water Absorb. Utilize Vaporeon with the Ground Tera Type to effectively battle Poison Tera Greninja. Vaporeon’s modest demeanor will be very beneficial in the Greninja Tera Raid Battle because he is a Special Attacker.

Maximize your Special Attack and HP EVs since you should utilize them to strengthen your attacks and fortify your defense. When Greninja uses moves like Extrasensory Flinch and Gunk Shot, Covert Cloak will shield Vaporeon from their extra effects. Start the Greninja Raid Battle with a Calm Mind. Vaporeon’s attack and defense will be enhanced by Calm Mind.

Use Stored Power to heal yourself so that you can continue fighting the Greninja. Vaporeon should be terastallized using ground tera type. Vaporeon may do extra damage to Greninja of the Poison Tera Type after it terastallize.

Use Calm Mind two or more times because if you just use it once, your Stored Power will increase to 60, which is insufficient to do enough damage against a Greninja Raid. By utilizing twice, Stored Power will increase to 100, which is enough to hurt Greninja of the Poison Tera Type quite well.

GreninjaTera Raid Battle Rewards

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a Level 100 Greninja with perfect “Best” Individual values will be given to you. This Pokemon is naturally rather Adamant. Mightiest Mark will be given the title “Greninja the Unrivaled.” Rain Dance, Night Slash, Sword Dance, and Gunk Shot are among this Pokémon’s moves.

You will also receive many more items, such as Bottle Caps, Ability Patches, Fighting Tera Shards, Protein, Star Pieces, Rare Candy, and Exp. Candles


Following the event’s conclusion, get a team if you can for this battle because it will be easier for you to defeat Greninja with your allies. Go through the Pokemon Scarlet Walkthrough if you have just started Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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