Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Lacey’s Elite Trial [All 5 Answers]

Complete Lacy's Trial in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk by participating in a quiz, and answering questions successfully to battle her.

During your quest to defeat all of the Blueberry Elite Four, you will first need to complete an Elite Trial before battling an Elite Four. To complete Lacey’s Elite Trial in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk, you have to answer all the questions accurately in a Pokemon quiz. After completing the trial, you will be able to beat Lacey.

Important: If you fail to answer a question correctly, you will be forced to battle a trainer as a penalty; the quiz progress does not start over.
Key Takeaways
  • In Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk, you can complete Lacey’s trial by answering the question correctly. 
  • Lacey will ask you five questions to complete her trial in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk. 
  • Some questions are trickier to answer, and that’s where you need to put your observation to use. 

Question 1

In which part of the body does a Pikachu store electricity?

Lacey's quiz answers in pokemon scarlet violet indigo disk
Lacey’s first question (Image by eXputer)

Once Lacey asks you the question, you will be promoted to select the body part to answer the question correctly. The correct answer to the question is the cheeks. It is a well-known fact among Pokemon fans that Pikachu stores its electricity there, as it is mentioned in pokedex entries and shown several times in the anime. Pikachu is often shown to display its electricity in the cheeks in some Pokemon in-game animations. 

Question 2

Which part of a Venonat’s body functions like radar?

Lacey's trial answers pokemon scarlet violet indigo disk
Lacey’s Venonat (Image captured by eXputer)

The question was tricky, and I got it wrong the first time by choosing antennae. However, the correct answer is those giant eyes that can see through everything, so don’t let those antennae deceive you. Furthermore, it is also mentioned in the Pokedex entry for Venonat that its eyes act like radar, allowing it to navigate its way in the darkness. 

Question 3

Which Sinistea is an Antique form of Sinistea? 

Lacey's elite trial answers pokemon scarlet violet indigo disk
Antique form Sinistea (Image taken by eXputer)

Lacey begins to explain the Antique form of Sinistea and how it differs slightly from others by choosing to reside in an actual Antique cup. To find the correct Sinistea cup, look for a brand mark at the bottom of the cup. For my playthrough, it was the middle cup with an Antique form of Sinistea.

Question 4

Which of these is the Pink Minior?

Pokemon quiz answers scarlet and violet indigo disk
Lacey’s fourth question (Image by eXputer)

For the next question, Lacey will show a Pink Minior and will ask you to take a good look at it. After that, several Minior will show up. The Miniors will lose their colors and shuffle around. Lacey will ask you to point out the Pink Minior among them. To answer the question, keep a sharp eye on the Pink Minior. However, the one on the far right was the correct answer for my playthrough. 

Question 5

Which part of Granbull does Lacey use as a pillow? 

pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk lacey trial answers
Lacey’s final question (Image captured by eXputer)

The question is answered purely from good observation, deduction, and Logic. Of all the Granbull’s parts, its soft and large belly seems like a good pillow. Point towards the belly to find the answer to the last question. 

My Thoughts On The Trial

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk, Lacey’s Elite Trial is food for player’s minds. The questions aren’t complicated to answer, especially if you have been a veteran of Pokemon games. Good knowledge of Pokemon, along with observational skills, will help you ace the quiz and guess the answers to Lacey’s trial questions easily. 

After completing the Elite Trial, you can proceed to battle Lacey. After Lacey, there are other elite four, like Drayton and Crispin, that you need to beat. Also, check out the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Walkthrough for more helpful guides. 

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