Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mints [Explained]

Learn the purpose and effects of mints in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and dominate pokemon battles with stronger pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, just like previous Pokemon titles, have a way to change the nature of a Pokemon, and that is through Mints. More specifically, you can change the stats that are affected by the nature of a Pokemon through the use of mints. This gives players a way to tweak some basic stats of their pokemon and fine-tune their pokemon as they want. 

Key Highlights

  • Mints are used to change the stat effect the nature of the pokemon has.
  • If used correctly, mints can change the tide of the whole battle by making your pokemon much stronger.
  • You can find mints in chansey supply, in the wild, or through rewards after tera raids.
  • To apply the effect of the mints, you need to use them just like other items in the game.
  • Be careful when buying mints, though, since they are very pricey and can dry your poke dollar reserves.

The main method of acquiring mints in Pokemon scarlet and violet is by buying them from chansey supply, but it is very costly. So, instead, you can try your luck in the wild by collecting sparkling loot or by participating in higher-level tera raids during your pokemon adventure.

Among so many mints available to change the pokemon natures, the player must choose the best suitable mint for their pokemon so that they can maintain an upper hand during the pokemon battle.

What Is The Purpose Of Mints

PSAV mints description
Mints described in Chansey Supply [Image by eXputer]
Mints are consumable items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In a nutshell, when used on a pokemon, mints can change the nature of the pokemon. Each pokemon in scarlet and violet has a specific random nature that affects its stats. Each nature will increase a single stat by 10% while decreasing another by the same amount. There are a total of 6 stats in the game, and Mints lets you change 5 of those stats according to your usage.

When a specific mint is given to a pokemon, the stats of the pokemon change according to the mint given, this can be an extremely useful technique to make pokemons even stronger since this can essentially make up for the pokemon’s weaknesses. Or, instead, you can increase the pokemon’s stronger stats to make use of their strong suits.

The best strategy is to change the pokemon’s nature according to the type of damage it deals with. For example, you should opt for adamant nature if your pokemon deals physical damage since nature increases attack damage while decreasing special attacks. Alternatively, if your pokemon uses special attack moves more than normal ones, then Modest nature can be a great choice.

Although the main focus of the game is not on pokemons stats or nature, they do play a crucial role in any pokemon battle. Having adequate knowledge about the nature of pokemon and using mints to make your pokemon stronger, will help you win against friends or win gym battles more easily.

Where To Find Mints

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, mints can mainly and most easily be found in chansey supply shops. But mints also often appear as sparkling loot in the wild area or as a reward after a tera raid.

Chansey Supply

Chansey Supply example location
Chansey Supply – Mesagoza [Image captured by eXputer]
In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Chansey Supply can be found in 4 different areas in the Pladea region with the same items. Since no chansey supply has unique items, hence you can buy mints from any one of them. The locations are:

  • Mesagoza
  • Levincia
  • Cascarrafa
  • Montenevera

Keep in mind that as you progress through the story, you unlock more items to purchase from the Chansey supply. And you need at least 6 gym badges to be able to buy mints from Chansey supply. This means that without defeating 6 different gyms in pokemon scarlet and violet, you can not access mints from the Chansey supply.

Buying mints from the Chansey supply in pokemon scarlet and violet is quite simple. All you need to do is make your way to the chansey supply, enter the store, and select ‘I’d like to buy. Voila! You will be presented with a list of items available to buy, and mints are usually pretty down the list. Keep in mind that without 6 gym badges you will not be able to see mints in the chansey supply.

But be careful since the price of each mint is 20,000 poke dollars. Since money is an important asset in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, make sure not to spend all of it while purchasing mints. 20,000 poke dollars is quite a hefty amount since you have to grind pretty hard for money in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

So be sure to equip an amulet coin during your adventure or have a money farming method so that you don’t have any trouble buying mints in bulk amounts.  

Wild Area

Pokemon scarlet and violet mints drop in wild
Mints found in Wild Area [Image Credit: exputer]
In case you are lucky, you may have found a mint randomly lurking around as a sparkling drop in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Although the chances of a mint drop are quite low, keep your eyes peeled for sparkling drops and keep testing your luck. Because of their hefty price, if you can find a mint in the wild, it will be extremely beneficial.

Even if you find a random mint in the wild that has no use to you, you can always sell it in chansey supply for a large sum of money. If you don’t have enough money to buy mints from the chansey supply, this method can be used to get your hands on some mints through some effort.

Tera Raid Reward

Another method of obtaining mints in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is through Tera Raid battles. These are battles against terastallized pokemons. As you win a tera raid battle, you are given some rewards which vary according to the raid level. Mints, among other useful rewards, have a chance of dropping after you win a 5 or 6-star tera raid battle. So, take part in as many tera raid battles as you can during your journey.

If you have little money and don’t want to purchase mints from chansey supply. And if you don’t want to spend endless time trying your luck in the sparkling drops then this is the best option to get decent mints for you. Just make sure to keep your pokemon party strong enough to tackle the difficulty of these tera raid battles.

List & Effects Of Mints

There are a total of 21 different mints in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with each having a unique effect. Note that the increase and decrease are both 10% in each of the affected stat.

  • Serious Mint: Having this nature won’t affect the pokemons stats.
  • Lonely Mint: Increases Attack but decrease Defense.
  • Adamant Mint: Increases Attack but decrease Sp. Attack.
  • Naughty Mint: Increases Attack but decreases Sp. Defense.
  • Brave Mint: Increases Attack but decrease Speed.
  • Bold Mint: Increases Defense but decreases Attack.
  • Impish Mint: Increases Defense but decreases Sp. Attack.
  • Lax Mint: Increases Defense but decreases Sp. Defense.
  • Relaxed Mint: Increases Defense but decreases Speed.
  • Modest Mint: Increases Sp. Attack but decreases Attack.
  • Mild Mint: Increases Sp. Attack but decreases Defense.
  • Rash Mint: Increases Sp. Attack but decreases Sp. Defense.
  • Quiet Mint: Increases Sp. Attack but decreases Speed.
  • Calm Mint: Increases Sp. Defense but decreases Attack.
  • Gentle Mint: Increases Sp. Defense but decreases Defense.
  • Careful Mint: Increases Sp. Defense but decreases Sp. Attack.
  • Sassy Mint: Increases Sp. Defense but decreases Speed.
  • Timid Mint: Increases Speed but decreases Attack.
  • Hasty Mint: Increases Speed but decreases Defense.
  • Jolly Mint: Increases Speed but decreases Sp. Attack.
  • Naive Mint: Increases Speed but decreases Sp. Defense.

How To Use Mints 

To use a mint and apply its effects, you need to follow the same method as when using any item in pokemon Scarlet and violet.

That is, you first need to open the main menu by pressing the X button on your switch. Next, select and open the Bag option. Go to ‘other items’ and scroll down until you find the specific mint you want to use. Select the mint and then the option of ‘Use this item’. After that, select the pokemon you want to use this mint on, and the game will ask you whether you are sure of your decision or not.

Select yes, if you want to apply the mint’s effect to the pokemon, and there you have it. You have just changed the stats of your pokemon according to the mint. Now, if you have a look at the stats of the pokemon, they would have changed according to the mint. You might have noticed that the nature of the pokemon HAS NOT changed, and it is the same as before. Yes, that is the case. By using mints, you actually change nature’s stat effect on a pokemon and not entirely its nature.

Stats & Natures

pokemon Scarlet and violet how to access summary
How to access ‘Show Summary’ option [image by eXputer]
There are 6 basic stats in Pokemon Scarlet, and Violet. 5 of these stats can be affected by a pokemon’s nature, which in turn can be changed using a mint. The 5 basic stats which may change on the use of a mint are:

  • Atk
  • Def
  • Speed
  • Defense
  • Attack

There are 25 natures that can affect the stats of each pokemon in scarlet and violet. These natures are synchronous to the mint types listed above, meaning that lonely nature will have an increased Attack but decreased Defense. The 4 additional natures not listed above are Hardy, Docile, Bashful, and Quirky. These natures are synchronous to the serious mint, as they increase the same stat as they decrease, hence having no overall effect on the pokemon’s stats.

To check the pokemons stats, you need to open the menu by pressing the X button. From there, select the pokemon whose stats you want to check and choose the ‘Show Summary’ option. In the ‘Moves and Stats’ tab, you can see the 6 stats of the pokemon, and the stats affected by nature are also shown by an increasing or decreasing arrow.

Also, while in the ‘Show Summary’, if you go to the ‘Memories’ tab, you can see the nature of the Pokemon too. Note that using a mint would NOT change its nature, but only the stats effect of the nature in Pokemon scarlet and violet.

Wrap Up

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the latest title from the pokemon franchise, and just like the previous pokemon games, it has been a huge hit. With the freedom to choose your own adventure, a whole new region to explore, and the all-new generation 9 pokemon, pokemon scarlet and violet have a lot stored for their players. Apart from a few bugs and glitches, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has not only delivered what the poke community wanted but much more.

Unlike the previous pokemon titles, acquiring mints in scarlet and violet is much easier. Since you only need a lot of money and 6 gym badges to buy the mints from any chansey supply. And with these mints, you can easily change the nature stats effect and strategize them to best use. You can make your pokemon team much stronger with the effective and smart use of mints.

Apart from the gym and trainer battles, mints and their effects can prove really helpful in competitive battles. The presence of different natures and mints makes the game more detailed and introduces another level of difficulty for veteran pokemon players. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you must be clear about mints, where to find them, and their effects. Again, be careful when purchasing mints since you don’t want to go out of poke dollars.

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