Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Money Farming Methods

Learn about different methods of farming money in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Money is required to get various items that help you throughout your journey in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet; that is why money farming is important. Money in Pokemon is interchangeably used as Poke dollars, and it can be farmed in different methods. In our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet how-to-farm money guide, we will cover all of these methods so that you can enjoy your adventure without having to worry about getting low on cash.

Key Takeaways
  • You can farm money by various methods in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • Money is an important asset that allows the purchase of important items that help you throughout your adventure.
  • Seeling useless items can bring you a ton of money quickly.

All of these methods are great, and you can get a considerable amount of money if you invest time in any of these. So without further ado, let us dive right in.

Selling Pokemon Material & Items

As you roam around the region of Pladea, you are bound to find red or yellow pokeballs, or even some shiny star pieces lying on the ground. These pokeballs can contain medicines, TMs, items that can be held by your pokemon, or even pokeballs themselves. And the shiny stars have a chance of containing valuable items like stardust, star pieces, nuggets, or pearls.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, these items can be sold in the poke mart, and they sell for a great amount. You can see the price of each item when you visit any poke mart in the game, and this method is one of the most reliable ways to farm money.

Where To Find Items

Although the items are scattered around the whole region, some areas on the map are more densely packed with them than others. The desert areas will always contain many items for the players to find and sell. Some of these areas are around:

Here are all the methods to acquire these items: 

Selling Pokemon Material & ItemsCollect pokeballs and shiny star pieces in the pladea region for money farming
Meowth & PersianSelling items at poke marts is a reliable way to farm money. Catching meowth using payday increases earnings
Pokemon BattlesWinning pokemon battles , especially against other trainers, is a lucrative of money farm,yield between 250 and 2,500 poke dollars per battles
Gym BattlesGym battles despite being challenging serve as a profitable way of money farm with higher payouts
Tera Raid BattlesRaid battles provide lucrative loot drops, with valuable items like stardust and pearls, making them a profitable money farm
Amulet CoinMoney farming can be boosted by using amulet coin that doubles battle earnings
  • East Province (Area Three) Watchtower
  • Near Cascarrafa (North) Poke center in the Asado desert
  • Asado Desert Watchtower (Away from Cascarrafa)

We would suggest players unlock the dash ability of their legendary ride before heading out for the hunt of items. This will allow for faster search through the above-mentioned areas and save their time. You can unlock the dash ability by defeating the Stony Cliff Titan (Klawf) in the rocky terrain in South Province (Area Three).

All you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for any shiny object that isn’t a pokemon and interact with it. If you are lucky, you can make up to 250,000 Poke dollars in just half an hour through this method.

Reset Item Spawn

By going into the system settings, closing any running game, and setting the clock two hours forward, you can refresh the availability of items in-game. Remember to save your progress beforehand to resume without losing any progress. This method, familiar to players of previous titles like Pokémon Sword and Shield, takes advantage of the game’s mechanic where item spawns reset every two hours. This strategy can be used to efficiently farm in-game currency, making it a reliable method for gathering resources.

Meowth & Persian

The Pokemons Meowth and its evolved form, Persian, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, can learn a move called PayDay. This move basically provides extra money after each battle if the move is used during the battle. Although the extra amount isn’t that much, if used consistently, this can be an easy method of money farming. And so it literally pays to have a meowth in your team.

You can catch meowth in almost any area and can use the move PayDay multiple times. Increasing the amount of money you get each time.

Pokemon Battles

Like other previous Pokemon titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also give money after the player wins any pokemon battle. This amount is more if the battle is against another trainer and relatively less if players fight wild pokemons. Just search for a yellow text box above any NPC’s head, and you have a battle against a player that’ll earn you good cash. So, Pokemon battles also tend to be a good money farm.

Head in as many battles as you can to earn maximum money. You can earn anywhere between 250 and 2,500 Poke dollars after each battle.

Gym Battles

Apart from the perks you get from earning Gym badges after defeating a gym, Gym can also be a great money farm. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, each battle gives the player some money if he wins. And gyms are no exception. In fact, Gym battles pay more than your regular trainer battles, and hence it is always a good choice to hit up the gym when you need money.

There are 8 gyms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, spread across the region of Pladea. Gym battles do tend to be hard and time consuming at times, but the money earned in the end is worth the effort.

Tera Raid Battles

What tera raid locations look like
Random Tera Raid Crystal [image credit: eXputer]
Tera Raid Battles introduce a fresh challenge, focusing on the Terastal Phenomenon. Players team up in groups of four to battle a terastallized Pokémon. This feature offers not only a new layer of gameplay but also serves as an effective way to earn money. Defeating these special Pokémon rewards players with valuable items like Stardust and Pearls, which can be sold for a profit. The game scales the difficulty and rewards of raids, encouraging progression. For easier gains, players can opt for lower-level raids. The game world is dotted with shiny crystals that initiate these battles, accessible both online with others or offline with NPCs, streamlining the adventure in the expansive lands of Paldea.

Amulet Coin

Amulet coin description
Amulet Coin [Image Captured by eXputer]
Another method of farming money in Pokemon Scarlet and violet is to use an amulet coin. An amulet coin is an item that can be held by a pokemon, and it doubles any money earned from the battle, given that the holder enters the battle at least once. This can be a game changer since this item literally doubles the amount of money earned from any battle.

The flip side of this method is that the amulet coin isn’t available in the early game. Players need at least level 30 pokemon in their party to get their hands on this item. Basically, in medali town, you need to talk with the pokemon League Rep (in the suit) near the Poke center. He will ask you to defeat 5 trainers in West Province (Area Three). After defeating these 5 trainers, you will need to talk to him again to get the Amulet Coin.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will have an idea of how to farm money in pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you need help starting your journey, give a read Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Tips & Tricks. And if you want to know how to get your hands on all 3 starters, the How To Get All Starters guide is a must-read. Let us know in the comments if you find this guide helpful.

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