Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Terastallize [Explained]

Learn about the terastallization technique, its effects & dominate your pokemon battles in Scarlet & Violet.

Terastallization is the new and unique phenomenon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that differentiates it from previous Pokemon titles. Terastallization not only boosts up the power of the pokemon but also changes its clothes or appearance by adding a crystal crown to its head. In our how to terastallize Pokemon guide, we will cover not only the method of terastallization but also the requirements and the effects of the phenomenon. 

Key Highlights:

  • Terastallization is the new signature phenomenon of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • You can terastallize only during a pokemon battle, and you will need a tera orb.
  • Terastallization greatly affects the outcome of the battle, so players are advised to strategize.

Terastallization can change the whole tide of the battle, so it is important to know about the phenomenon. That’s why read till the end and know all there is about terastallization in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Method Of Terastallization

Different types of terastallizations
Different Terastallizations [image captured by eXputer]
You can terastallize pokemon only during a pokemon battle in Scarlet and Violet. Be it a battle with a gym trainer or a wild pokemon, and it does not matter. During the pokemon battle, you will need to select the ‘Battle’ option, after which you can see the Terastallize option.

Since it takes up a large area on the screen, you can’t miss it, and the button which should be pressed to activate terastallization is also mentioned. (By default, it is R, the right shoulder button on Switch)

After you press the terastallization button, the hexagonal star-shaped symbol will change to your pokemon’s tera type. This change in symbol allows you to make the best use of terastallization as you can now choose the move whose damage will double. Succeeding the selection of the move, there will be a short, smooth terastallization animation before the move is executed.

The effects of Terastallization remain until the Pokemon is defeated or the battle is over. Terastallization effect will remain even if the terastallized pokemon is switched out and sent back again. The effects of terastallization in pokemon scarlet and violet are discussed a little later.

Tera Orb

Tera Orb
Tera Orb given by Nemona [image credit: eXputer]
To terastallize Pokemon, you will need a special item called Tera Orb. This item is given by Nemona, in quite the early stages of the game. For those who don’t know, Nemona is your rival in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Only a select few trainers carry the Tera Orb in Pladea region, which means you will encounter trainers with terastallization ability rarely.

All 8 Gym leaders in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have the Tera Orb and terastallize their final and main Pokemon, so strategize accordingly.

How To Acquire

One of the first few missions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is to head toward Naranja Academy. Upon arrival at the academy gate, you will be shown a glimpse of Terastallization in a pokemon battle with Nemona. You will receive 3 revives as thanks after winning the battle, and Nemona will make a promise to teach the player how to terastallize their pokemon soon.

After entering the gates, you will be given a brief intro to the academy. After that, you can either make your way straight to the school building or take your time exploring the academy. Once you reach the stairs towards the school, you will encounter a couple of team star grunts.

After defeating the first team star trainer, Nemona will show up and hand you the Tera Orb. After receiving the tera orb, you can now terastallize your pokemon in battles, given it is charged.


Terastallization in pokemon Scarlet and Violet uses up the energy stored in the Tera Orb. So, you can only terastallize once during a battle, and after using up the energy in tera orb, you will have to charge it again. You can recharge the Tera Orb by interacting with shiny crystals that are overflowing with terastal energy or just by visiting a Pokemon Center.

The recharging of Tera Orb is free of charge, just like pokemon healing in the Poke center. The Poke center clerk will not make any comments on the usage of the Tera Orb and will just tell you that your tera orb has been recharged too.

Effects Of Terastallization

When you terastallize a pokemon in scarlet and violet, its type is also changed into the tera type. Tera Type is basically the type that the pokemon changes into after terastallization. Normally, the pokemons will have the same tera type as their normal types. However, there are a few exceptions, with some pokemon having special tera types. These special tera type Pokemons will have a shiny light around them in the wild, indicating the unique tera type.

The Type change effect of terastallization is different for offensive and defensive purposes. For offense, the terastallized pokemon will keep its Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) for its original types and gain STAB for the tera type.

That is, the pokemon move which aligns with the tera type, will become STAB move and deal double damage, while the original STAB moves will remain. While for defense, the terastallized pokemon will lose its original type’s weakness and strengths and gain them for the single tera type it has terastallized into.

Let us consider a Pikachu with ghost tera type as an example. We know that Pikachu is strong against water type and weak against rock type, among other types. After terastallization, the Pikachus type will change to ghost, which means that it will now be weak against the dark type and strong against ghost and psychic types. When it is terastallized, this Pikachu will also be immune against normal and fighting-type moves since ghost types are immune to those.

These effects are only active during terastallization, and the Pokemon will return back to its original type after the terastallization ends.

Tera Blast

Tera Blast is a special move related to terastallization in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This move deals maximum damage when only when the Pokemon has been terastallized. It is a special move that changes its type to the tera type of the pokemon. Making it a STAB move under terastallization. And even under normal conditions, this move deals 80 normal damage.

Tera Blast can be learned only through TM 171. This TM can be obtained after you have defeated the fifth gym leader, no matter the order, as a reward. This move can be a great addition to your arsenal since it deals considerable damage in the normal state. And double damage if the Pokemon has been terastallized.

Wrap Up

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced fans to a new phenomenon known as terastallization, just like other pokemon titles. Following Z moves, Dynamax and gigantamax, Terastallization is the signature phenomenon of the Pokemon series in the 9th Generation. Terastallization adds a crystal-like crown to the appearance of the pokemon, in addition to changing its type. 

All pokemon in the Pladea region are able to terastallize. There are some wild terallize-able pokemon randomly roaming in the wild area, which you can capture. And there are also tera raid battles featuring teraliized pokemons in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There are 18 types, so countless combinations of pokemons and tera types are possible. 

Hopefully, all your doubts about terastallization and how to terastallize in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are clear after reading this guide. If you need help with money in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, take a look at our Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Money Farming Methods. Also, Did you know that you can acquire all 3 starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet too? That concludes our guide on how to terastallize pokemon. In case of any suggestions, let us know in the comments. 

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