Pokemon Scarlet & Violet History Class: All Answers

Learn the class answers to ace the history class in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and unlock shrines to capture legendaries.

Part of your adventure in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the classes that you have to take in the academy. There are 7 different classes that players can take in the game, and history is one of them. You would need to take 6 lessons, 1 midterm, and a final to complete a class. Now, if you want to pass the history class in Pokemon Scarlet and violet and unlock the shrine locations you would need the history answers.

Key Highlights

  • To complete the history class, players need to complete 6 lessons, 1 midterm, and 1 final.
  • The answers to the history exams are pretty tough since they focus on the region of Paldea.
  • You get rewards for completing all lectures, passing the midterm and the final, and finally after capturing all 4 legendaries. 

The history class can easily be said as the most difficult class out of the 7 because it focuses on the region of Paldea. And players need to have extensive knowledge about the whole new Paldea region, to answer the different questions asked in the exams correctly.

History Answers

History teacher Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
History Teacher: Ms. Raifort [Image by eXputer]
The history lectures, by Ms. Raifort, can be divided into 3 sections: the 6 normal lessons, 1 mid-term exam, and a final exam. So, a total of 8 classes come under the history subject. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to get 3 out of 5 mid-term answers right and 4 out of 5 answers correct in the finals to pass the history class.

Although it seems rather boring to attend 8 classes inside a game. But the completion reward makes the whole tiring process worth it. You can just skim through each lecture in under a minute and take the answers for the midterm and finals from here. This does feel like cheating, but we know how boring lectures can be especially inside a game.


There are 6 lessons with a midterm after the 3rd lesson and a final after all 6. And Ms. Raifort will ask the players a question during each lesson that are:

  1. What exactly was believed to rest in the depths of the Great Crater – inside Area Zero?

Ans. Treasure.

  1. Approximately how many years ago was it that the Paldean Empire began to rule this region?

Ans. About two thousand years ago.

  1. Tell me – approximately how many years ago was this academy of ours established?

Ans. About eight hundred years ago.

After the third lesson, there is a midterm exam, and after taking the exam the lessons will resume.

  1. I said that one of the treasures was “a set of tablets.” What do you think these tablets were?

Ans. Wooden planks for writing on.

As you finish the fourth lesson, you should head towards the lobby. You should see Ms. Raifort by the bookshelf on the ground floor. Talk to her and answer that you don’t believe that the story is make-believe. This is important in unlocking the shrine locations towards the end.

  1. What was the name of the team that first made it to the deepest reaches of the Great Crater?

Ans. The Area Zero Expedition.

When you start the sixth lesson, there will be a short comment by Ms. Raifort. “To start from our present and study history in reverse?!” Both answers to this question are correct since it is purely an opinionated question.

  1. What is the name of the famous professor who unraveled the Terastal phenomenon mystery?

Ans. Professor Sada in Pokemon Scarlet (or Professor Turo in Pokemon Violet).

Note that there is no reward for a correct answer during the lessons, nor is there a penalty for any wrong answers.


The midterm exam takes place in the 4th class, after 3 lectures. There are 5 questions in the history midterm with no time limit. The questions in the midterm come from what the teacher has taught in the lectures. But even if you didn’t pay attention during the lectures, we have you covered.

  1. What is the name of the geological formation in the center of the Pladea region?

Ans. The Great Crater of Pladea.

  1. What was long believed to rest in the depths of Area Zero?

Ans. Treasure.

  1. How many years ago did the Paldean Empire begin to rule this region?

Ans. Approximately 2,000 years ago.

  1. How many years ago was this academy built?

Ans. 805 years ago.

  1. Those seeking ___ need to look no further than the oranges of Paldea.

Ans. Knowledge.

In pokemon scarlet and violet, to pass the history midterm exam, you need to get three answers right out of 5. You will get the result instantly after the midterm from the information desk. After passing the midterm, you can continue your lessons. You still have 3 more history lessons to go after the midterm.


The history final takes place after the 7th class, after 6 lessons and 1 midterm. Just like the midterm, the history final also has 5 questions with no time limit. The questions are all from what Ms. Raifort has taught in her lessons and the answers for the history final are as follows.

  1. What is the area within the Great Crater of Paldea called?

Ans. Area Zero

  1. How many years ago was this academy founded?

Ans. 805 years ago.

  1. Which of these did not appear in the Paldean fairy tale about the four treasures?

Ans. A folding fan.

  1. Which Area Zero Expedition member wrote the record of the team’s activities?

Ans. Heath.

  1. How many years ago did Professor Sada/Turo invent Tera Orbs?

Ans. 10 years ago.

In pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to get four answers correct out of the above five to pass the history final. You get the results right after finishing the exam from the information desk of the academy.  After passing the history final exam, your history classes will end.


The main reward you can collect from a class is after passing the class’s final exam. Although the rewards are just some experience candies the main reward you get from Ms. Raifort in the end is worth attending the boring classes. Experience candies can help your pokemon get a little experience even without taking part in a pokemon battle. They vary in size; ranging from extra small to extra large, over a span of 5 sizes.

You get x5 Exp. Candies S (small) after passing the midterm history exam. You get to take the midterm after completing 3 history lessons and getting 3 out of 5 answers right. Players can get x35 Exp. Candies S by passing the midterms of each of the 7 classes.

Once you pass the final history exam, you get rewarded with x5 Exp. Candies M (Moderate). You can pass the history final by getting 4 out of 5 answers right, and you can attend the final by completing all 6 history lectures and passing the midterm. Players can get x35 Exp. Candies M by passing the finals of each of the 7 classes.

Shrine Locations

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shrines information
Ms. Raifort telling about shrines [Image captured by eXputer]
The main reward from the history classes is the shrine location you can unlock. After you have passed the history final exam, you need to find Ms. Raifort and talk to her. You can find her in the ground floor lobby, near a bookshelf. Finally, after a chat, about the legendary pokemons, along with the purpose of stake, she will place the location of shrines on your map.

Moreover, by this, you not only unlock the location of the shrines of legendary pokemons but also fast travel to the shrines. With the shrine locations in your hands, you can go out to capture the legendary pokemons.

After catching all four of these legendaries, you can again talk to Ms. Raifort for your final reward, which is TM 140 – Nasty Plot.

How To Take A Class

Where to talk to take classes
Talk to him to take class [Image Credit: eXputer]
Apart from the three main storylines in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can also take part in many other side missions. One of those is taking classes at the academy. Players have the choice of attending lectures in the Naranja Academy or Uva academy depending on whether they play Pokemon Scarlet or Violet respectively.

To start any class, all you need to do is enter the school and make your way towards the information desk. There talk to the person sitting at the desk and choose the class you want to take. Initially, the classes you can take are pretty selected but as you progress through the story, and defeat Gyms, you unlock more and more classes.

Other Classes

There are a total of 7 different classes you can take in Pokemon Scarlet And violet. These are:

  • Biology by Mr. Jacq
  • Maths by Ms. Tyme
  • History by Ms. Raifort
  • Languages by Mr. Salvatore
  • Battle Studies by Ms. Dendra
  • Art by Mr. Hassel
  • Home Ec. by Mr. Saguaro

All these subjects will have 8 classes in total; 6 lectures, 1 midterm, and 1 final. Although It does seem pretty hectic attending all those classes in a game. But since you can easily go through a lecture in a minute so they aren’t that much of a problem.

All these classes will have the same rewards, Exp. Candies after midterm, finals, and attending every lesson. However, the main reward after completing the finals and talking to the professor will differ for each class.


Taking classes, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is completely up to the player. There are 7 different classes available for the players to take, with each having different rewards upon completion. Yes, taking classes inside a game seems very boring and a waste of time, but the rewards you get upon completing these classes are worth the effort. Not only do you learn about the game, and the brand-new Paldea region but you also unlock access to the legendaries when you complete the history class.

You can take classes at Naranja Academy or Uva Academy, depending on whether you are playing pokemon Scarlet or violet. Since classes unlock as you progress the main story in the game, we recommend players complete the Victory Road journey or at least have defeated some gyms in the Paldea region. So that they have access to all lessons at once and don’t have to go back and forth.

After this guide, we hope you ace your history classes and are on your way to capturing the legendaries. We would recommend having False Swipe on you as you go on to capture the legendaries, to make sure you don’t faint them. If you are having trouble with finding shiny pokemons then give the How To Find Shiny Pokémon guide a read. Let us know your thoughts about classes in a pokemon game in the comments below.

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