Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk: How To Beat Crispin

Here is my take on defeating Crispin by using some of the best tips and strategies in the game!

The new DLC added new challenges for the players, including defeating the Blueberry Academy Elite Four. Crispin is one of the most powerful trainers you will face. To beat Crispin in the Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, you will need to come up with effective strategies to take him down with ease. 

Important: It’s necessary to have one Fire type in the team to tackle Crispin’s Exeggutor. Ideally, keep one Fire, one Ground, two Water, and two Rock types in your team.

Before You Start: Make sure that all of your Pokemon are at least level 75 or more before you challenge Crispin.

Key Takeaways
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk adds tougher opponents, including Crispin, which is hard to beat if you are not prepared enough.
  • To beat Crispin with ease, level up your Pokemon to 75 and use Rock, Ground, and Water type Pokemon.
  • Use a Fire-type Pokemon for Crispin’s Exeggutor in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 
  • Terastallize your Water-type Pokemon against Crispin’s Blaziken, as it’s his final Pokemon in Indigo Disk DLC in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk Crispin’s Team

Crispin’s Team consists of the following Pokemon along with their movesets, abilities, and held items. 

PokemonLevelMovesAbilityHeld Item
Rotom77Will-O-Wisp, Overheat, Thunderbolt, HexLevitateRocky Helmet
Talonflame77Sunny Day, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, RoostFlame BodyFocus Sash
Exeggutor78Leech Seed, Psyshock, Protect, Solar BeamHarvestSitrus Berry
Camerupt78Earth Power, Heat Wave, Ancient Power, Zen HeadbuttSolid RockExpert Belt
Magmortar78Psychic, Thunderbolt, Heat Wave, Sunny DayFlame BodyPassho Berry
Blaziken79Stone Edge, Temeper Flare, Focus Blast, Shadow ClawSpeed BoostAssault Vest

1. How To Beat Crispin’s Rotom

beat crispin rotom pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk
Crispin’s Rotom using Thunderbolt (Image captured by eXputer)

Crispin owns a level 77 Heat Rotom with the ability to ‘Levitate.’ It is a Fire and Electric type Pokemon; I recommend you beat it with your Water or Rock type Pokemon. Unfortunately, since Rotom has Levitate, Ground-type moves, which are usually four times stronger against a Heat Rotom, will do no damage. Furthermore, your Water-Type Pokemon will be weaker than Rotom’s electric attacks.


  • Bring two Rock-type Pokemon till Rotom is in the battleground. 
  • Beware of Rotom’s Will-O-Wisp as it will burn your Pokemon, causing them to lose a little hp each turn, becoming less resistant to damage, and also reducing your Pokemon’s damage to the opponent. 
  • Defeat Rotom as soon as you can; it will be much harder to beat later on in the battle if Crispin brings out Exeggutor, as Rock-Type Pokemon are vulnerable to Grass types. 
  • Do not bring Psychic or Ghost-type Pokemon, as they will be weak to Rotom’s Hex move, which will inflict double damage if your Pokemon is affected by a status condition. 

2. How To Defeat Crispin’s Talonflame

beat crispin talonflame pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk
Crispin’s Talonflame (Image by eXputer)

Crispin’s Talonflame isn’t too hard to beat, and you can take care of it once you have defeated Rotom. It is a Level 77 Fire and Flying type Pokemon with the ‘Flame Body‘ ability. It will be weak to Rock, Electric, and Water-type Pokemon.


  • Since you already have two Rock types on the field from your fight with Rotom, I recommend them to use them with Talonflame since they would be four times more effective against Talonflame. 
  • Get a Rock-type Pokemon with high-speed stats to take down Talonflame before it uses Sunny Day.
  • Sunny Day will boost the power of other Fire-type Pokemon, and Exeggutor will not need an extra turn to charge his Solar Beam. 
  • Be vary of Talonflame’s held item Focus Slash that will keep him protected from one-hit knockouts.

3. Vanquishing Crispin’s Exeggutor

beat Crispin's Exeggutor
Crispin’s Exeggutor (Image taken by eXputer)

Crispin’s Exeggutor is a menace to deal with. It is a Grass and Psychic Pokemon. Seeing a Grass-type Pokemon with a fire-type Elite Four will catch you off guard if you are not prepared. Furthermore, Exeggutor is harder to beat because both Rock and Water types that are strong against Fire Types will be weak against it. 


  • Bring a strong Fire-type Pokemon with high-speed stats that can quickly take down Exeggutor before it beats your other Pokemon. Fire-type Pokemon will not receive a lot of damage from the same typing.
  • Exeggutor Solar Beam is one of the most powerful moves, so be wary of it if you have Rock or Water-type Pokemon in the field. 
  • Exeggutor will have a Sitrus Berry as a held item; furthermore, with his Harvest ability, he can get more Sitrus Berry to hold and use when needed. Therefore, defeat it before it gets a chance to heal. 
  • Exeggutor knows Psyshock, so do not bring out your Fighting or Poison-type Pokemon who are weak to it. 

4. Beating Crispin’s Camerupt

beat Crispin's Camerupt
Crispin’s Camerupt (Image by eXputer)

Crispin’s Camerupt is a level 78 Fire and Ground type Pokemon with the ability Solid Rock. It isn’t a challenge to beat if you have Water-type Pokemon on the field. 


  • Your Rock-type Pokemon will not do well against Camerupt because they will be weak to Ground-type attacks.
  • Your Water-type Pokemon are your best bet against Crispin’s Camerupt because Water attacks will be four times more effective against Camerupt. 
  • It’s recommended to increase the speed and attack of water types. 

5. Defeating Crispin’s Magmortar

beat Crispin's Magmortar
Crispin’s Magmortar (Image captured by Me)

Crispin’s Magmortar is a level 78 Fire-type Pokemon with the ability Flame Body. It can be a tricky Pokemon to beat because he holds a Passho Berry that reduces damage received from Water-type attacks. You can use your Ground, Rock, or Water Pokemon against him. 


  • Use either a Ground or Rock-type Pokemon against him for maximum damage, as Water damage is reduced by Passho Berry.
  • I do not recommend bringing a Water Type since Crispin’s Magmortar knows Thunderbolt, which can catch you off guard. 
  • If you use a Ground type, the Earthquake move is recommended, as it can hit all opponents’ Pokemon at once. However, make sure that it doesn’t damage your partner standing by your side. 
  • Defeat Magmortar quickly before he uses Sunny Day. 
  • Beware of Magmortar’s Flame Body; do not use physical attacks against it. 

6. Finishing Crispin’s Blaziken

beat Crispin's Blaziken
Crispin’s Blaziken ((Image captured by eXputer)

Crispin’s Blaziken is his ace and a tough one to beat. It is a level 79 Fire and Fighting type Pokemon. Crispin will terastallize Blaziken, so make sure you are prepared for that by terastallizing your Water type Pokemon. Blaziken is Crispin’s final Pokemon. 


  • Be wary of Crispin’s Temper Flare move, as it can hit you hard. 
  • Make sure that you have taught some priority Water-type moves like Aqua Jet that allow you to hit first more often. 
  • Make sure that the Water-type Pokemon you terasrallize has high-speed stat. 
  • Blaziken can use Shadow Claw, so make sure you don’t use a Water-type with Ghost or Psychic as a second type.
  • It’s a good idea to give your Pokemon Focus Sash, as it will keep you from getting knocked out in a single hit by Temper Flare. 

My Thoughts

It took me a few tries to defeat Crispin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk DLC, but with the help of the tips I suggested in my guide, you will be able to beat Crispin easily. I also recommend you prepare well beforehand, such as buying enough Revives and Max Potions in case you need to heal your Pokemon during battle.

You should also try to raise your Speed and Attack stats through Feathers and other items that raise stats permanently. Use TMs to teach strong moves to your Pokemon and make sure they are leveled up enough. You should also get some suitable items for their Pokemon that give them certain advantages during battle. Check out Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Walkthrough for more helpful guides.

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