Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk: How To Beat Drayton

Utilize these Tips and Strategies for an easy victory against Drayton.

On your quest to defeat the Blueberry Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk, you will eventually need to beat Drayton, one of the elites. Drayton is a strong Dragon-type trainer; defeating him can be overwhelming if you are unprepared. 

Before You Start: To make sure you are prepared enough, raise the levels of your Pokemon to 75 to 80, also increase the speed, attack, and special attack stats.
Key Takeaways
  • To beat Drayton in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk, you have to use Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type Pokemon
  • Raise your Pokemon to at least level 75 to 80 before facing him. 
  • Drayton’s Archaludon is a force to be reckoned with in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk. 
  • It is recommended to bring four Ice-type and two Fairy-type Pokemon to defeat Drayton easily in the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk. 

Drayton’s Team

In Pokemon Scarlet/ Violet Indigo Disk, Drayton’s Team consists of the following Pokemon along with their held items, abilities, movesets, and levels. 

PokemonMovesAbilityHeld ItemLevel
DragoniteExtreme Speed, Thunder Punch, Ice Spinner, TailwindMultiscaleYache Berry78
FlygonEarthquake, Stone Edge, Fire Punch, Breaking SwipeLevitateLife Orb78
HaxorusEarthquake, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Dance, Iron HeadMold BreakerFocus Sash79
SceptileDragon Cheer, Leaf Storm, X-Scissor, AcrobaticsUnburdenWeakness Policy79
KingdraRain Dance, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, HurricaneSwift SwimExpert Belt79
ArchaludonElectro Shot, Draco Meteor, Flash Cannon, SnarlStaminaAssault Vest80

How To Beat Drayton’s Dragonite

Pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk defeating Drayton's Dragonite
Drayton’s Dragonite (Image by eXputer)

Drayton’s Dragonite is a formidable opponent, and inflicting a lot of damage to it can be challenging since it holds a Yache Berry. The berry can be a nuisance as it halves the damage received from an Ice-type super-effective move that would normally inflict four times the normal damage to Dragonite. To top it off, it also has Multiscale ability that further decreases damage when at maximum Hp. 


  • Dragonite is a Dragon and Flying type, so Ice, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy types are super effective against it. 
  • Since damage from Ice-type moves is halved due to Yache berry, it will inflict the same damage as other super-effective types. 
  • Dragon-type Pokemon is not recommended to use against Dragonite as they would be weak to its Ice Spinner move. 
  • To take it down efficiently, increase the speed and relevant attack or Special Attack stats of your Pokemon as much as you can. 

How To Crush Drayton’s Flygon

Beat drayton flygon Pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk
Drayton’s Flygon (Image captured by eXputer)

If you play your cards or, in this case, your Pokemon right, Flygon isn’t really much of a challenge, and I was able to take it down with much ease during my playthrough. Flygon doesn’t reduce damage received from players like Dragonite, which makes it easier to crush with your super-effective moves. 


  • Flygon is weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy types.
  • I highly recommend you bring out your Ice-type Pokemon in the field as Ice-type moves will deal four times the normal damage obliterating Flygon. 
  • Flygon has the ability Levitate making Ground-type moves utterly ineffective against it, so don’t use those against it.

How To Obilerate Drayton’s Haxorus

beat Drayton's Haxorus in indigo disk
Drayton’s Haxorus (Image captured by me)

Drayton’s Haxorus is a level 79 Dragon-type Pokemon; It holds a focus slash, meaning you will need more than one hit to take it down. Since it has no secondary type, it is equally weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type Pokemon.


  • Do not bring out your Fairy-type Pokemon against it, as Haxorus knows a Steel-type move, Iron head, that Fairy-type Pokemon are weak to. 
  • You might think that Tinkaton, which is a Steel and Fairy type, is a good choice to bring against it but beware of Haxorus using the move earthquake, which Tinkaton is weak to. 
  • Your best bet against Haxorus is to use an Ice-type Pokemon and moves on it. 
  • Increase the speed of your Ice-type to take Haxorus down quickly, as it can prove hazardous to your Dragon and Fairy-type Pokemon on the field. 

Vanquishing Drayton’s Sceptile

beat Drayton's Sceptile
Drayton’s Sceptile (Image by eXputer)

Drayton’s Sceptile is a level 79 Grass-type Pokemon. It can be a menace to deal with, as you wouldn’t expect a Grass-type Pokemon with a Dragon trainer. His held item is Weakness Policy, which increases his Attack and Special Attack stats if you use a super effective move on it. Furthermore, Sceptile’s speed will increase after it uses the held item with its ability Unburden. 


  • Make sure you finish off Sceptile in a single hit with a super effective move; you don’t want that attack raised by its held item.
  • Sceptile knows the move Dragon Cheer that can support its fellow Dragon-type Pokemon, another reason to take it down as soon as you can; you might want to raise your Pokemon Speed. 
  • Sceptile has a lot of weaknesses including Flying, Fire, Ice, Bug, and Poison. You can defeat it with an Ice-type Pokemon on the field. 

Defeating Drayton’s Kingdra

defeat Drayton's Kingdra
Drayton’s Kingdra (Image taken by eXputer)

Drayton’s Kingdra is a level 79 Water and Dragon-type Pokemon. It has the ability ‘Swift Swim’ that it can use to boost its speeds while it rains. Its held item is the Expert Belt that increases the damage of super-effective moves. So make sure you don’t use any Pokemon types that are weak against it.


  • You might think that since Kingra knows no Dragon-type moves, it will be safer to use a Dragon-type Pokemon against it; however, Kingdra knows Ice Beam that Dragon-type Pokemon are weak to.
  • The best Pokemon type to use against Kingdra is Fairy-type since they can inflict super effective attacks without any repercussions. 
  • Kingdra knows Ice, Water, and Flying-type moves, so avoid using Pokemon weaker than these types. 

Finishing Off Drayton’s Archaludon

Pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk defeat drayton Archaludon
Drayton’s Archaludon (Image captured by eXputer)

Archaludon is Drayton’s ace and final Pokemon that he will terastallize into its Dragon-type Tera Form. It is a level 80 Steel and Dragon-type Pokemon. Its typing combination is hard to counter as all Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type Pokemon that are strong against Dragon-type Pokemon will be weaker against Archaludon. Furthermore, Archaludon holds an Assault Vest to increase its Special Defense. 


  • Try to finish off Archaludon in as few hits as possible, as its ability, ‘Stamina,’ will increase its defense every time it gets hit. 
  • You will need Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type Pokemon against Archaludon, which has a second type to avoid getting obliterated by its super-effective attacks. 
  • Do not Terastallize your Pokemon into Ice, Dragon, or Fairy types; it will leave you vulnerable. 
  • I recommend you use Steel and Fairy-type Pokemon like Tinkaton and Mawhile, as they are only weak against Ground and Fire types. 
  • Gyarados, who knows Dragon-type moves, is also an excellent choice to bring in the field against Archaludon.

My Thoughts

I had to go through several retries to beat Drayton during my playthrough of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk. He is a formidable opponent, and you must prepare well before facing him in a match. It’s important to increase the level of your Pokemon to at least 75 to 80. Try out various Mints to balance out your stats.

It’s recommended to make other preparations, like buying Potions and Revives, that you can use if need be. Increase your Pokemon’s stats using Feathers or other stat-increasing items. Give your Pokemon useful items to boost their strengths; also, check out my guide on beating Crispin if you are having trouble taking him down to get similar tips and strategies. For more content, check out Pokemon the Scarlet And Violet Walkthrough.

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