Changing Pokemon’s Tera Type In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Learn how to change the tera type of pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet.

Story Highlights
  • You can talk to a NPC to change the Tera type of your pokemon.
  • Changing tera type of a pokemon requires special items.
  • You can obtain tera shards through a handful of methods.

The tera pokemon you catch aren’t always of the tera type that you want them to be. This is why the game introduced a mechanic to change their tera type. In case you were wondering how to change a pokemon’s tera type in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, then look no further. We have covered all the necessary information that you need to go about this. 

Changing The Tera Type

How to Change a Pokemon's Tera Type in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Talking to the sushi chef. [Image Credit: eXputer]

You can only change the tera type of your pokemon once you have progressed past a certain point in the story. For that to happen, all you have to do is defeat the normal-type gym leader in Medali’s Treasure Eatery.

How to Change a Pokemon's Tera Type in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Changing the tera type. [Image captured by eXputer]

Once you have successfully collected fifty tera shards of your wanted type, all you need to do is go to the Treasure Eatery Restaurant. Over there, you can speak to one of the NPCs, the sushi chef, who will take your shards and perform the change you want. The tera type that you change to will depend on the type of tera shards that you hand him. 

Collecting Tera Shards

How to Change a Pokemon's Tera Type in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
A tera pokemon in the game. [image source: eXputer]

The tera type of pokemon can be changed in Scarlet and Violet. But it is not an easy ordeal to do so. Players have to collect a certain item that makes it possible to change the tera type in the game. This item is called a Tera Shard, and players have to collect them if they want to change the tera type of pokemon that they have captured. 

These tera shards are very rare items, and rightfully so. If they were common items, the game’s balance would have been disturbed. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, there are only a couple of ways through which you can obtain these tera shards. We will now cover these methods in detail.


The first and more obvious method is through the overworld. Players can come across tera shards randomly in the overworld as they are lying around. These shards are finite in number, and you will have to explore a lot to come across these tera shards. This method of finding them is sufficient if you don’t require a lot of tera shards but they are not nearly enough if you want to change the tera type of multiple pokemon.

To make these spots stand out, there is sometimes a beam of red light that shines through them. This makes it easier to spot them, and these treasure troves can sometimes contain some tera shards. But it is not a foolproof method, as you have to depend on RNG to give you the shards that you want. 

Tera Raids

This is where the other method comes in. The other way to obtain tera shards is through tera raids. Once you complete a tera raid, you will get a tera shard as a reward. The type of shard you get depends on the tera pokemon itself, and each type has its own specific tera shards.

If you want to change the tera type of your pokemon, you will need 50 tera shards of that specific type. It may seem like a huge amount, and that is because it is. The tera pokemon can shift the tide of a battle which is why changing their type is gated behind a lot of effort. 

This is by far the most effective way of collecting tera shards in the game. Players can grind through these tera raids and quickly rack up tera shards. Keep in mind that this method only works for raids that are 3 stars or above. Lower-level raids will not drop tera shards as a completion reward.


This is another method through which players can obtain tera shards in the game. By completing classes at the academy, you get awarded certain tera shards. For example, if you complete Miss Tyme’s class, she will reward you with fifty rock-type tera shards. Similarly, if you complete Hassel’s class in the academy, you will be rewarded with fifty dragon-type tera shards.

Area Zero

This place is worth mentioning as well for obtaining tera shards. Once you are in the cave of area zero, you have a chance to get tera shards. These spots are signified by their unique sparkle, and you can go ahead and collect them when you spot these. 


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the most current entry in the Pokemon series. It has modernized the tried-and-true formula and switched to a more open-world approach. Because it makes being a Pokemon master more exciting, fans have embraced this upgrade.

The gimmick of this generation of Pokemon is Tera Pokemon. Like Mega Evolutions and Dynamax mechanisms before it, it gives this generation’s Pokemon a new level of complexity. Pokemon known as tera types have an additional defensive type as well as a new attacking type. This implies that a flying-type Pokemon can terastallize into an electric-type and cease to be vulnerable to electric-type attacks.

This new mechanic has delighted fans since it breathes new life into venerable Pokémon. We have now finished our guide on how to change a pokemon’s tera type in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We hope it was helpful to you in this regard.

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