How To Get More Storage Boxes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Learn how to increase total number of storage boxes in pokemon scarlet and violet.

Getting more storage boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is actually quite a simple method. If you are not in any hurry, then the game will increase your storage boxes automatically as you capture more pokemon. But there is a manual method to get more storage boxes, too, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Key Highlights

  • Storage boxes are spaces where you can store your additional pokemons.
  • You can increase your total number of storage boxes to a maximum of 32 as of yet.
  • Storage boxes can be accessed from the main menu at any point in the game.

Storage boxes have been a crucial part of every pokemon title, and scarlet and violet are no different. They allow players to store additional pokemons that they catch during their adventure. So, in this guide, we will have a look over both the available methods to get more storage boxes and also discuss what storage boxes actually are for the new players.

How To Get More Storage Boxes

what boxes look like
Storage boxes [image captured by eXputer]
At the start of your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adventure, if you access the storage boxes from the menu, you can see that the initial total number of boxes provided to you is 8. This means that apart from the 8 pokemons you can have in their party, you can have 30 x 8 = 240 more pokemons. Given that 30 pokemons can be stored in 1 storage box.

The first thing that comes to mind after seeing this small number is how to get more storage boxes, and there are 2 methods of doing so.


For the manual method to get maximum storage boxes, you will need to have at least 17 pokemons in total. Initially, when you open your storage box, you will see only 8 boxes available. All you need to do is put 1 or more pokemon, out of those 17, in each of the boxes. Next, close the storage box menu and return to the normal game. Access the storage boxes again, and you should see that the total number of available boxes should double, that is, 16 available boxes.

You can repeat this method and get 32 storage boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You just need to fill those 16 storage boxes with 1 pokemon, assuming you have 17 total pokemons. Basically, you need to have 1 pokemon in your party at all times, and you can send the other 16 in the storage boxes. That is why you will need 17 pokemons for this method.

After filling in the 16 storage boxes, with one or more pokemons, close the storage box menu. Then access it again, and you should see that your total number of storage boxes has increased to 32.

Now, you should have 32 available storage spaces to store your pokemon partners. 32 storage boxes mean that you can store a total of 960 pokemons, with 30 pokemons in each storage box. And since you can have 8 pokemon in your party, so the maximum number of pokemon you can have in the game is 968 as of yet.


With the initial 8 boxes, you can store 240 more pokemons. Assuming that you have not used the manual method to increase your storage boxes, once you capture your 241st pokemon and send it to your storage box, you can see your total number of storage boxes increased to 16. The same is the case when you have these 16 boxes filled.

That is, after you capture your 481st pokemon and access the storage box tab, you will see your total boxes increased to 32. The game increases the total number of boxes for you itself, automatically. And players have to do nothing with this method to get more storage boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Why Should You Get More Storage Boxes

For all veteran Pokemon players, the concept of storage boxes is not a new one. But Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have attracted many new players to the pokemon world, for whom storage boxes are rather new.

Like all other pokemon titles, in scarlet and violet storage boxes are spaces where you put your extra pokemon in. Since you can only have 8 pokemons, at any time, in your party, hence the rest of the pokemons you catch are sent to the storage box. The idea of the storage box is to allow players to catch more than 8 pokemons.

Aside from storing additional, unused pokemon, storage boxes also allow players to organize their teams, store shiny pokemon, or even create a living Pokedex.

How To Access Storage Boxes

where to find boxes in the menu
Where to access Boxes from [image credit: eXputer]
Unlike previous Pokemon titles, you don’t need to travel to a certain place to access your storage boxes. All you need to do is press the X button on your switch to bring up the Main Menu. From here, select and open the Boxes option, and voila! You have access to your storage boxes.

You can switch pokemon in and out of the storage box or organize them after opening the storage box. If you press the All boxes button, you can see the total number of boxes available. In case you have filled a box completely with 30 pokemons, the box icon will appear as closed. While in the case of an unfilled storage box, a poke ball can be seen over an open box. An empty storage box will be shown as an empty open box.

Keep in mind that you can only access your pokemon boxes if you have reached Poco park in the story and are able to capture pokemon.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the latest addition to the Pokemon titles. With smooth gameplay, fresh graphics, and whole new open-world mechanics, scarlet and violet have been a huge hit, just like their predecessors. The game has introduced players to a whole new region and an entire generation of new pokemon. Players have a lot to look out for when playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

But just like the previous titles, some things remain the same. The concept of 8 gyms, farming money, items such as the amulet coin, and storage boxes; are the same as the previous pokemon games. Storage boxes are used to store additional pokemons that players catch during their adventure. With the help of storage boxes, players can catch and store different types of pokemon from the region and strategize to get an advantage in pokemon battles. 

At present, players can only increase their storage boxes to a maximum of 32, with a maximum space of storing 960 pokemons. Players can hope to see an upgrade to this number in later updates of the game, allowing for more storage space. But this is the limit as of this moment in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

If you are having trouble in your pokemon scarlet and violet journey, do read Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Tips & Tricks. Or if you are a veteran player wondering about fossils in the game, check out our Fossils guide. You can also get all started in pokemon scarlet and violet, as explained in our How To Get All Starters guide. Let us know in the comments if you found this guide helpful.

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