Psychonauts 2: Emotional Baggage Locations in Cassie’s Collection

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Cassie’s Collection is one of the larger levels in the game. This means that, much like Compton’s Cookoff and PSI King’s Sensorium, the level houses all five Emotional Baggage collectibles offered in Psychonauts 2. Sorting these requires you to find their lost tags, and then reunite them with their respective piece of baggage. The tags and baggage can be found in various areas of the mental world.

You can secure all of these Emotional Baggage collectibles on your first playthrough of Cassie’s Collection. They can be tricky to track down, however. That is why in this Psychonauts 2 guide, we will go through the location of each Emotional Baggage collectible that Cassie’s Collection has to offer!

Emotional Baggage in Cassie’s Collection

Here is a quick rundown of all the Emotional Baggage locations in Cassie’s Collection:

CollectibleTag LocationBag Location
The PurseIn the Teacher's Domain section, on the balcony to the right of the paper knight and dragonOn top of the wooden railing in the same room
The SuitcaseIn the Deep Inside the Teacher's Domain section, on a stack of books to the right of Children's Corner doorOn top of the stack of books in the initial Librarian's Desk section
The Duffle BagIn the Waterfront section, at the end of the left walkway near a paper cycleNext to some crates at the end of the left walkway
The Steamer TrunkIn the Librarian's Desk area, on the golden ring surrounding the large globe chandelierHidden to the right of the large drawer labelled '158 D-F'
The Hat BoxIn the Waterfront section, on the red book platform surrounded by paper sailboatsOn the red book platform, waiting for its tag

The Purse

This is the first piece of baggage that you come across in the level, and it can be found in the Teacher’s Domain section.


After learning the Projection ability from Teacher Cassie, you open a locked door and go through an extended corridor. Eventually, you will end up in a room filled with math equations. Once here, you will need to defeat the host of enemies that pop up. After doing so, an exit location will be revealed with a lever-controlled door. Climb up to this location, and you will see the Purse tag bobbing to the left of the door.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Cassies Collection
Purse tag


The Purse is tucked away in the same room. After collecting the tag, backtrack to the other end of the room. Make your way onto the balcony where a paper knight and dragon are engaged in (mostly verbal) combat. To the right of the duo, atop the wooden railing, will be the Purse.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Cassies Collection

The Suitcase


For the next Emotional Baggage collectible location, you will have to head to the Deep Inside the Teacher’s Domain section in Cassie’s Collection. This is where you exit after collecting and platforming through the second book required by the Librarian.

You will initially have to take care of some baddies. After doing so, progress through the level by jumping over some folding books. You will then reach a larger book with a windmill on one page that is creating a gust of air. Use your Levitation Balloon to ride the gust to the top, and then look back where you came from. You should subsequently spot a chain of thought bubbles. Grapple onto them using Mental Connection, and they will take you directly to the Suitcase tag perched on the side of a pillar.

The Suitcase tag
Suitcase tag


For the Suitcase itself, you will have to head back to the initial Librarian’s Desk section. To the right of the Children’s Corner door, there will be a stack of single books. You should be able to easily spot the Suitcase resting atop the stack. To reach it, use the Pouncy Ball ability to jump onto the cavity in the wall to the left of the stack. You can then simply jump onto the stack and secure the Suitcase.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Cassies Collection

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The Duffle Bag

Next up, head towards the Waterfront section of the level to find the locations of more Emotional Baggage collectibles. Here, Counterfeiter Cassie tasks Raz with finding three pieces of evidence against Fannie Flats.


For the Duffle Bag tag, proceed to the left-most section in the location. This will be the pink Print Shop. To get to it, you will need to ride the paper sailboats that lead to the side entrance of a drainage tunnel. Open the door you come across using your newly-acquired Projection ability. Then, follow the tunnel to the end and climb up the ladder.

Once you’re in the Print Shop area, defeat the enemies and then look for a locked door labelled ‘Returns.’ This will be next to a pile of ink cartridges. Once again use the Projection ability to unlock this door, and the Duffle Bag tag will be sitting on the other side.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Cassies Collection
Duffle Bag tag


To reunite the tag with its bag, return to the door which Raz used to entered the Waterfront section. Behind this small building will be two walkways that lead down to the docks. Follow the walkway on the left where a paper cycle is parked. Proceed to the end, and you will find the Duffle Bag next to some crates. That’s another piece of Emotional Baggage sorted in Cassie’s Collection!

The Duffle Bag
Duffle Bag

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The Steamer Trunk


The Steamer Trunk tag is also stashed away in the Waterfront section.

To find it, go towards the Market location in the middle. After making your way past the paper sailboats and jumping across two trapeze bars, you will encounter an inclined book producing an air gust. Use your Levitation Balloon and let the gust propel you forward. Afterward, you will see another book that produces a vertical gust column. Instead of riding this, however, land on the book and look towards the left. You should spot two red bookmarks sticking out of the pile of oversized books. Jump across these bookmarks, and you will arrive at the Steamer Trunk tag below an orange paper lamp.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Cassies Collection
Steamer Trunk tag


To completely secure this Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage collectible, you will have to head back to the Librarian’s Desk area in Cassie’s Collection.

In the center of the room will be a large globe chandelier. You need to get atop the golden ring surrounding it. To do this, start by jumping onto the open drawer between Children’s Corner and Literature Lane. Subsequently walk across the rope, and jump onto the rope above. After that, it is only a matter of platforming across a series of opening and closing drawers by using Time Bubble. You should eventually reach a drawer that can extend very close to the ring of the globe. Use this to jump onto the golden ring.

Once you are here, use your Projection ability and direct your archetype to pull the lever switch below just to the left of Literature Lane. Doing so will start raising the globe. Once the globe reaches the top position, you will see a gallery going all around the edge of the room. Jump onto it and then look for a large drawer labelled ‘158 D-F.’ You should be able to spot this to the right of Paper Ford Cruller. Hidden just to the right of this drawer will be the Steamer Trunk.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Cassies Collection
Steamer Trunk

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The Hat Box

Finally, we move on to the last Emotional Baggage collectible in Cassie’s Collection in Psychonauts 2. This is the Hat Box, and this can once again be found in the Waterfront section.


Head to the right-most location in the Waterfront area, which is the green Fish Cannery. Go past the front door using your Projection ability, and jump across the sinking platforms. You will finally arrive at the door leading to Exhibit C of the evidence against Fannie Flats. Before entering the door, though, look to the right. Here, on another sinking platform next to an ink waterfall, will be the Hat Box tag.

The Hat Box tag
Hat Box tag


To reunite the tag with its bag, backtrack towards the center of the Waterfront area. Look for a bunch of paper sailboats encircling a red book. Get to this red book by either jumping across a series of sinking platforms, or by hitching a ride in one of the boats. Right on this red book platform will be the Hat Box, waiting for its tag desperately.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Cassies Collection
Hat Box

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Conclusion — Emotional Baggage in Cassie’s Collection

That concludes our Psychonauts 2 guide on the locations of every Emotional Baggage collectible in Cassie’s Collection. What was your favorite experience about surfing between the inky lines of this mental world? Let us know in the comments. Additionally, if you’re aiming to reach full completion for Psychonauts 2, take a look at our Emotional Baggage Guide for Hollis’ Hot Streak!

FAQs About Cassie’s Collection

How many Emotional Baggage collectibles are there in Cassie’s Collection in Psychonauts 2?

This level features all five pieces of Emotional Baggage. They include the the Purse, the Suitcase, the Duffle Bag, the Steamer Trunk and the Hat Box.

Can I collect all of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in my first playthrough of Cassie’s Collection?

Yes. The collectibles can be secured easily on your first playthrough, and a revisit is not necessary.

Where are the locations of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in Cassie’s Collection?

The Purse and its tag are in the Teacher’s Domain section. The Suitcase tag is in the Deep Inside the Teacher’s Domain section. The Duffle Bag and its tag, the Hat Box and its tag, and the Steamer Trunk tag are in the Waterfront section. Lastly, the Suitcase and the Steamer Trunk are found in the initial Librarian’s Desk section.

How can I revisit or replay the level in Psychonauts 2?

To replay the level, visit the Collective Unconsciousness through a Brain Tumbler. You will find one in the Heptadome once you reach the Green Needle Gulch area.

What rewards will I get for collecting Emotional Baggage in Psychonauts 2?

Emotional Baggage are collectible items that reward you for exploration and encourage you to visit new areas. They reward you by helping level up your Intern Rank.

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