Psychonauts 2: Emotional Baggage Locations in Lucrecia’s Lament

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Lucrecia’s Lament is the penultimate mental world of Psychonauts 2, and is home to many Emotional Baggage collectible locations. The level takes place in the mind of Nona Aquato, who we now know to be the infamous Lucrecia Mux. You take a dive into this mental world alongside Ford Cruller in an attempt to once again face the dreaded Maligula, and lock her away for good. Moreover, this level only becomes playable once you have fixed the Astralathe by helping out Bob Zanotto in Bob’s Bottles, and Cassie O’Pia in Cassie’s Collection. Lucrecia’s Lament introduces you to the mental construct Ford created to keep Lucrecia isolated from her past. However, as you progress through the level, Nona shares the genuine memories she made after having her psyche altered by the Astralathe. The level finally reaches its climax as you arrive at the location where Maligula is kept locked away.

Lucrecia’s Lament contains all five pieces of Emotional Baggage collectibles featured in Psychonauts 2. This puts it in the company of other larger mental worlds such as Loboto’s Labyrinth and PSI King’s Sensorium. However, unlike those previous mental worlds, Lucrecia’s Lament shows you all of the bags for the Emotional Baggage collectibles near the end of the level. This means that the only real searching you will have to do is for the tags, which can then be reunited with their respective baggage towards the end. The tags you do have to find can be pretty well-hidden, though. So, stick around as we go through the location of every Emotional Baggage collectible in the trip down memory lane that is Lucrecia’s Lament in Psychonauts 2!

Emotional Baggage Locations in Lucrecia’s Lament

The Suitcase

This is the first collectible you can snag in Lucrecia’s Lament. You will come across it in initial Flea Circus section of the level. Once you have helped all three circus acts play out, a relieved Nona will invite you and Ford up to the High Dive platform. As you get to the top, Nona will jump into the cup below, beckoning you to do the same. You should, however, hold out, and hop onto the large billboard on the right. Afterward, make your way to the far end. Here, you will come across the Suitcase tag at the end of a ledge.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Lucrecias Lament
Suitcase tag

You will find the Suitcase bag itself near the end of the level in the Mental Dam section. Once you have taken care of the wide variety of enemies, it will drop down in front of the dam along all the other baggage. The Suitcase will be on the right side, just behind the Purse.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Lucrecias Lament

The Steamer Trunk

The next piece of Emotional Baggage in Lucrecia’s Lament will be the Steamer Trunk. The tag for this lies at the start of the Nona’s Quilts section. This is the new location where you end up with Ford after you jump into the tea cup following Nona. After the initial cutscene, proceed ahead until you come across a river. Instead of crossing, though, you should go to its left bank. The Steamer Trunk tag will be here, next to a sewn log.

The Steamer Trunk tag
Steamer Trunk tag

As for the Steamer Trunk itself, you will find it at the end in the Mental Dam location along with the other Emotional Baggage collectibles in Lucrecia’s Lament. The Steamer Trunk will be on the far-right of the bunch. Jump over the platforms and reunite it with its tag.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Lucrecias Lament
Steamer Trunk

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The Hat Box

Continuing with this Psychonauts 2 guide, the next Emotional Baggage collectible you can snag is the Hat Box. You will find the tag in the Nona’s Quilts section as well, only slightly ahead from where you snagged the Steamer Trunk tag. After crossing the river, you will eventually come to Nona’s first portal. Here, she will reminisce over the first memory she made after the Astralathe incident – meeting Raz’s father Augustus Aquato.

Before you go into the portal, however, go around to the small clearing behind it. The Hat Box tag should be bobbing here.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Lucrecias Lament
Hat Box tag

The Hat Box will be found in the Mental Dam section with the rest of the baggage after defeating the baddies. When looking towards Dam holding back Maligula, look towards the far-left end. You should spot the Hat Box here, just behind the Duffle Bag.

The Hat Box
Hat Box

The Purse

Moving ahead, you will be able to secure the Purse tag. This is, once again, found in the Nona’s Quilts section. After going down a long winding path littered with Censors and Regrets, you will stumble upon the second portal of the section. After the cutscene that follows, go through the portal and immediately turn back to the right. The Purse tag will be behind the portal on this side.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Lucrecias Lament
Purse tag

To reunite the tag with the Purse, wait till you get to the Mental Dam section, and look for the Purse on the right side of the baggage collection that drops. It will be the bag closest to you.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Lucrecias Lament

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The Duffle Bag

For the last Emotional Baggage collectible in Lucrecia’s Lament, you will once again have to look in the Nona’s Quilts section. After crossing the second portal and collecting the Purse tag, you will see a downward-heading path flanked by thick trees. Proceed ahead, and you will immediately go up against some Doubts. After disposing of them, look for a black button in the ground. Subsequently use your Telekinesis ability to pluck it out.

You should now see a dark hole in the ground. Go through it, and you will eventually end up in small clearing away from the main path of the level. There won’t be much to do in this clearing, aside from defeating another Doubt enemy, and then collecting the Duffle Bag tag.

The Duffle Bag tag
Duffle Bag tag

Like every other piece of baggage we have covered so far, the Duffle Bag will also be found towards the end of the level in the Mental Dam section. This will be the first bag on your left. Walk up to it to reunite it with its tag.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Lucrecias Lament
Duffle Bag

Lucrecia’s Lament Baggages Summary

With that, you have secured every piece of Emotional Baggage within the world of Lucrecia’s Lament in Psychonauts 2. You can now continue with the main story and enter the final mental world of Fatherland’s Follies, or you can backtrack to complete some side quests such as the Scavenger Hunt!

How does it feel to be nearing the end of this wonderous game? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. And if you missed any collectibles, also take a look at our Emotional Baggage guides on Hollis’ Classroom and Compton’s Cookoff!

FAQs - Lucrecia's Lament

How many Emotional Baggage collectibles are there in Lucrecia’s Lament in Psychonauts 2?

This level features all five pieces of Emotional Baggage. They include the Suitcase, the Steamer Trunk, the Hat Box, the Purse, and the Duffle Bag.

Can I collect all of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in my first playthrough of Lucrecia’s Lament?

Yes. The collectibles can be secured easily on your first playthrough, and a revisit is not necessary.

What are the locations of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in Lucrecia’s Lament?

The Suitcase tag lies in the initial Flea Circus section. The Steamer Trunk tag, Hat Box tag, Purse tag and Duffle Bag tag are spread across the Nona’s Quilts section. All of the bags are found in the end in the Mental Dam section.

How can I revisit or replay the level in Psychonauts 2?

You can only replay this level once you have finished the game. To do so, visit the Collective Unconsciousness through a Brain Tumbler. You can find one in the Heptadome in Green Needle Gulch, or in Sasha’s office inside The Motherlobe.

What rewards will I get for collecting Emotional Baggage in Psychonauts 2?

Emotional Baggage are collectible items that reward you for exploration and encourage you to visit new areas. They reward you by helping level up your Intern Rank.

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