Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers Locations

Psychic Machines.

The Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers quest is one of the many different side objectives that players can undertake in the game. This one in particular though, takes place in the large open wilderness that surrounds the headquarters of the Psychonauts.

Many players have had some difficulty locating the objectives due to them being extremely well hidden in the open maps, but the good news is that you don’t actually require any particular PSI-Power or upgrades to reach them. The only three abilities you require for this task are Levitation, Pyrokinesis and the PSI-Blast, and you have access to them from the beginning of the game.

So with this Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometer guide, we’ll show you all of the locations you have to visit for this side quest.

Key Highlights
  • Firstly you will need to have completed the Hollis Classroom and the Hollis Hot Streak Levels. After that complete the tasks in Motherlobe Part Two so that you can get access to areas that are outside the Motherlobe building.
  • “Vent All the Psycho Seismometers For Gisu ” is the name of the side quest that you will need to do. After reaching outside the building look to the left. Talk to Gisu and you will be able to start the quest.
  • 099 Location: There is a cave known as the Blastcap Becky Cave which will be covered by a cobweb, burn it down and acquire the first of the three Psycho Seismometers.
  • H18 Location: The location for the H18 is the Aquato Family Campground. There will be a blocked cave entrance, clear it and you will come across the second Psycho Seismometer.
  • Q33 Location: The Q33 can be found inside the area of the sign that says Campfire. Use the windstream to lead you to the location of the third Psycho Seismometer.

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometer Guide

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Questgiver Gisu.

To start with, it should be mentioned that getting to this point in the story requires the player to have completed a decent chunk of the game. They will have to have completed both the Hollis’ Classroom and Hollis’ Hot Streak levels, which are essentially part of the same mind.

After that, The Motherlobe – Part Two will begin and you will have to go through another checklist of objectives. None of them are too complicated, but we obviously won’t go into them due to spoilers. At the conclusion of all these tasks, players will gain access to the areas outside of the Motherlobe building.

From here, we will begin the step-by-step process of finding all the Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers.

Vent All the Psychoseismometers For Gisu Walkthrough

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
The Treehouse.

As the heading implies, the name of this side quest is called ‘Vent All the Psychoseismometers For Gisu.’ To start this, exit the Motherlobe building and immediately look to your left. Across the water you should be able to see a large treehouse built on top of the biggest tree in the area.

Jump across the log path and make your way up to the structure. As you approach, the sound of music should guide you towards the correct route. Upon reaching the entrance of the treehouse, players should be able to see two of their fellow interns inside; Morris Martinez and Gisu.

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Talk to Morris for a bit of interesting dialogue if you want, but the goal here is Gisu. Interacting with her will allow you to start this quest and begin the hunt for the Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Quest Objectives.

There are three of these in total, and they are spread across The Quarry and the Questionable Area locations. For reference, the map where you talk to Gisu is actually The Quarry, so you don’t have to travel far to reach your first target.

099 Location

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Blastcap Becky Cave.

From the entrance of the Motherlobe, walk north across the levitating platforms until you reach the Psychoisolation Chamber. Instead of entering this building, head to the right and grind the first rail you see to reach an elevated cliff that leads into the Abandoned Mine. Don’t go in yet though.

Look around a bit instead and you should see a wooden sign that reads ‘Blastcap Becky Cave’. Next to this should be an enormous cobweb that’s blocking the entrance to the area. Burn it down using your Pyrokinesis ability and head inside for some light platforming across some water.

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Psychoseismometer 099.

At the end of this cave, players should find the first of the Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers. Interact with it to initiate a challenging combat simulation that will pit Raz against multiple waves of enemies. After all of them have been defeated, the machine will successfully be vented.

 H18 Location

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Questionable Area.

As soon as the first objective has been completed, exit the Blastcap Becky Cave and enter the Abandoned Mine to your right. Make your way through this until you reach another open location known as the ‘Questionable Area’.

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Aquato Family Campgrounds.

Now keep going past the giant lumberjack and diner until you reach a bunch of wooden camp signs. One of these should have an arrow pointing to the right, as well as some text that reads ‘Family Camping.’ Follow this arrow past the broken bridge to reach the Aquato Family Campground. This is where Raz’s family can be found.

These are also the exact same campgrounds where the ‘Search for Queepie’ optional side mission can be completed. We actually have a full guide up on How to Find Queepie.

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Psychoseismometer H18.

As soon as you enter the camp, turn to the left and you should be able to squeeze though an extremely narrow path that leads to a blocked cave entrance. Clear the rubble with your PSI-Blast, and go inside to find the second of the Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers. Once again, you have to interact with the machine for a slightly tougher combat simulation. At the end of this, the venting will have been completed.

Q33 Location

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers

To find the third and final Psychoseismometer, head back to the entrance with the wooden camp signs and this time turn down the path leading to the left. You should eventually reach an archway with another sign that reads ‘Campfire?’  

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Light The Fire Pit.

From here, you have to reach up into the treetops. A few different paths can take you there, but the easiest route I’ve found requires the fire pit in the middle of the area to be ignited using Pyrokinesis. This creates an updraft that can be used together with the Levitation ability to carry you up to the platforms.

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers
Psychoseismometer Q33.

You’ll have to do some more jumping at this point, but eventually you’ll find a wind stream that leads directly to the third Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers. Jump into the stream and activate Levitation once again to be carried to the machine. Now you’ll have to participate in the hardest combat simulation yet.

Once all three machines have been vented, go back to the treehouse in the Quarry and speak with Gisu. If you have already beaten the main story, she can instead be found in the campgrounds with your brother Dion

As a reward for completing this quest, players will be rewarded with a bunch of Psitanium as well as the Good Vibes Achievement/Trophy.

This has been eXputer’s Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our Psychonauts 2 Review.

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