Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt: Items Location Guide

This is eXputer's complete guide on the locations of each and every one of the Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt items.

Similar to the first game in the series, the Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt is an extensive list of collectibles that can be found scattered in various locations all over the game world. And when I say that, I am specifically talking about the actual Hub World of the Motherlobe and the surrounding wilderness, not the various mental worlds you’ll visit like Hollis’ Classroom.

Here’s a quick look at all the Scavenger Hunt Items and their locations:

Day- Old SushiMotherlobeNoodle Bowl
Psychonauts Name Plaque MotherlobeAgents Wing
Astronaut Ice-creamMotherlobeNerve Center
Enemy Surveillance Device MotherlobeArtifact Storage
Agent Orientation The QuarryOtto Matic Workshop
Unexploded BombThe QuarryOutside the entrance to abandoned psitanium mine
Psitanium Knife The QuarryStrange Plant Cave
Novelty MugThe Questionable AreaLumberstack diner
Can of CornThe Questionable AreaSassclops Cave
Switchblade HatchetThe Questionable AreaWater Wheel
Human SkullThe Questionable AreaFunicular
Mini Murder Bug BotGreen Needle Gulch Nona's River House
Viking HelmetGreen Needle Gulch Helmut's Stage
Beehive Shaped Like My PhoneGreen Needle Gulch Behind Cassie O'Pia's House
Signed Copy of MindswarmGreen Needle Gulch Cassie O'Pia

Motherlobe Scavenger Hunt Items

Each of the 5 items can only be found within the confines of the Motherlobe building.

But having access to the building does not guarantee a clear path to a few of these items. You will have to acquire some additional powers for this by actually playing through the story.

Day-Old Sushi

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Day-Old Sushi.
Area Motherlobe
Location Noodle Bowl

The easiest item on this list is the Day-Old Sushi, and it can be found in the Psychonauts cafeteria within the Motherlobe building. Starting from the Atrium, look for the sign that reads ‘Noodle Bowl.’ This should be directly opposite the Mail Room, which you have to visit as part of the main story early in the game.

Walk inside, then turn to the left and look along the buffet line to find a glowing object. This is the Day-Old Sushi.

Psychonauts Name Plaque

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Psychonauts Name Plaque.
Area Motherlobe
Location Agents Wing

After you exit the hall that leads to the Classroom, you should be able to see another hall at the opposite end that reads ‘Agents.’ This is where the offices of agents Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello can be found. This area isn’t too big, so if you look around for a while, another door, like in the image above, can be found next to a water cooler.

Unlike most other Scavenger Hunt items, the Name Plaque does not glow at all. What you have to do is simply walk up to the door and a prompt to interact with it should come up. Now press the button to pick up your second collectible from this list.

Astronaut Ice Cream

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Astronaut Ice Cream.
Area Motherlobe
Location Nerve Center

The Nerve Center is the room at the northernmost part of the Motherlobe building. You have to play through at least Hollis’ mind to gain access to it.

  1. Once inside, you should be able to see a few different computer terminals near the center of the room.
  2. Approach the one that is lit up with a green light, and then press the button prompt when it comes up on screen.
  3. As soon as you do this, the first computer will turn off and another one should light up instead.
  4. This sequence should repeat a few more times, at the end of which you will be rewarded with the Astronaut Ice Cream.

Deck of Cards

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Deck of Cards.

Now, this Scavenger Hunt item is fairly easy to find, but actually entering the location where it’s hidden is another matter altogether. Players have to complete a decent chunk of the game to reach the point where they are able to enter the mind of Compton Boole, and then complete the thoroughly enjoyable Compton’s Cookoff level in order to acquire the Senior Bowling Pass. With this in hand, they are finally able to enter the Astral Lanes Bowling Alley.

  1. Once inside this previously locked location, go ahead and use your Telekinesis power to throw some bowling balls into the lanes.
  2. Once you have bowled a total of four times, the Deck of Cards will appear out of the machine.

Enemy Surveillance Device

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Enemy Surveillance Device.
Area Motherlobe
Location Artifact Storage

The Enemy Surveillance Device can actually be found in the exact same area that Raz finds himself trapped inside during his hazing, and right before this side mission is officially given to you. The location is called the Artifact Storage Room, and it is located right next to the classroom entrance.

  1. Go inside and make your way, though, until you have to burn a giant painting to open up the path.
  2. Then, you should notice a door to your right with a single light bulb hanging above it.
  3. This can only be opened with the help of the Astral Projection ability, which you unfortunately only get during the last third of the story.
  4. But once you do have it, open up the door and collect the Scavenger Hunt item inside.

Quarry Scavenger Hunt Items

After completing ‘The Motherlobe – Part Two’ and gaining clearance to leave the Motherlobe building, players can explore the surrounding Quarry area to collect three more Scavenger Hunt items.

None of these require any additional powers apart from the ones you start the game with.

Agent Orientation Laserdisc

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Agent Orientation Laserdisc.
Area The Quarry
Location Otto Matic Workshop

Once you can leave the main HQ, go ahead and visit Otto Mentallis in his lab in the Quarry. You can reach this building by exiting the Motherlobe, and immediately heading to the right. A path of floating platforms should appear to help you cross the lake.

  1. When inside, go past Otto and his workstation and look for an electrified hallway to the right.
  2. This seems dangerous at first glace, but passing over the electricity with your Levitation bubble does not let you take any damage.
  3. So make your way to the end and pick up the Agent Orientation Laserdisc from atop a wooden crate.

Unexploded Bomb

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Unexploded Bomb.
Area The Quarry
Location Outside the entrance to abandoned psitanium mine

In order to reach the Questionable Area, players will have to make their way through an area known as the Abandoned Mine. This is right next to the Blastcap Becky Cave, where one of the Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers can actually be found. 

  1. Right before entering the mine, you should be able to see a campfire near the entrance.
  2. If you ignite this with your Pyrokinesis ability, this will create an updraft that can be used in tandem with the Levitation power to gain a lot of air.
  3. At the apex of this lift, players can glide onto a slim platform that contains the Unexploded Bomb.

Psitanium Knife

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Psitanium Knife.
Area The Quarry
Location Strange Plant Cave

Near the back of the Motherlobe building, there are a two different areas that are of note to the player. One of these is the Secret Garden where players can undertake the Psychonauts 2 Rare Fungus Side Mission for Lili, while the other is a cave that contains the Psitanium Knife item.

  1. The cave is fairly easy to reach, and so is the Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt item inside it.
  2. All you have to do is perform some simple platforming, and the knife should be in your hands in a few seconds.
  3. There are no hazards that the player should be concerned about here.

Questionable Area Scavenger Hunt Items

The Questionable Area is connected to both the Quarry and the Green Needle Gulch. This is the location where Raz’s family has set up camp, as well as where the How to Find Queepie side mission takes place.

A total of four more Scavenger Hunt Items can be found here.

Novelty Mug

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Novelty Mug.
Area The Questionable Area
Location Lumberstack diner

As soon as you enter the Questionable Area, there should be a large abandoned diner to your left. If you go inside here, you can have a hilarious conversation with Sam Boole, one of your fellow interns.

  1. Then, if you look to the exact left of this NPC, you will find a locked door with the Novelty Mug behind it.
  2. To open this, you will once more require the help of the Astral Projection ability, but again, this is only gained near the end of the game.
  3. We’re actively not telling you how you get this power because it’s tied to specific story events that could constitute spoilers.

Can of Corn

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Can of Corn.
Area The Questionable Area
Location Sassclops Cave

In the northeastern corner of the Questionable Area, there is a small cave network dedicated to the Mystery of the Sassclops. If you go inside here and look around a bit, eventually, you should find a campfire in front of a message board. 

Ignite it with your Pyrokinesis ability, and once again ride the updraft with your Levitation power to glide onto a piece of jutting rock. The Can of Corn can be found right here.

Switchblade Hatchet

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Switchblade Hatchet.
Area The Questionable Area
Location Water Wheel

Now, this Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt item is hard to miss because it involves the giant waterwheel in the middle of the lake. As players can see, it’s moving incredibly fast, so you’ll have to slow it down using the brand-new Time Bubble power. This, however, can only be acquired by playing through one of the best levels in the entire game, so I won’t go into any spoilers. Simply keep pushing through the main story until you unlock it.

  1. But after you do have it in your possession, walk up to the waterwheel and use the Time Bubble on it.
  2. The ability should slow it down long enough for you to jump up its paddles and climb onto the roof of the house attached to it.
  3. You can now easily collect the Switchblade Hatchet from on top.

Human Skull

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Human Skull.
Area The Questionable Area
Location Funicular

There is an extremely noticeable Funicular ride in the northwestern part of the Questionable Area map. It’s broken at the start, but you can learn how to fix it with the help of our How to Fix the Funicular in Psychonauts 2 guide. It’s not a particularly complex task.

But once the engine is fixed and the ride has started moving, players will notice that one of the cars has a Scavenger Hunt item on top of it. Wait for it to come down, and then jump on top to collect the Human Skull.

Green Needle Gulch Scavenger Hunt Items

The final four Scavenger Hunt items can be found within the Green Needle Gulch map. This is the end-game area, and once you enter it, you cannot leave until the story has been finished.

Don’t worry If you haven’t collected all of the items before this point. You can still complete this side mission by returning to the earlier locations after the credits roll.

Mini Murder Bug Bot

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Mini Murder Bug Bot.
Area Green Needle Gulch
Location Nona’s River House

When you enter the Green Needle Gulch and start making your way through the area, one of the first structures you will visit is a broken-down wooden building. There are some story cutscenes here, but we’ll ignore them for the sake of preventing spoilers.

  1. Simply enter the building and climb the stairs to the second floor.
  2. Walk around until you find a passageway covered in vines, and burn them down using the Pyrokinesis ability.
  3. With the way clear, go outside and walk along the broken terrace to eventually find the Mini Murder Bug Bot.

Viking Helmet

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Viking Helmet.
Area Green Needle Gulch
Location Helmut’s Stage

The central structure you have to visit in the Green Needle Gulch is the Heptadome. This is the extremely colorful building that you can see from across the map.

  1. As you reach its entrance, turn left and start walking down the path that’s covered in honey.
  2. Almost immediately from here, you should notice a small shed with a rusty bus underneath it.
  3. Make your way to the back of this vehicle to collect the Viking Helmet.

Beehive Shaped Like My Phone

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Beehive Shaped Like My Phone.
Area Green Needle Gulch
Location Behind Cassie O’Pia’s House
  1. When walking down the same honey-covered road as the last item, keep going until you reach a house on top of a hill.
  2. You’ll have to do a bit of platforming to reach the peak, but by this point in the game, you should be fairly skilled at the task.
  3. Now, before entering the door to the house itself, walk to the right side and make your way to the back of the building.
  4. The Beehive Shaped Like My Phone should be right there.

Signed Copy of Mindswarm

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt
Signed Copy of Mindswarm.
Area Green Needle Gulch
Location Cassie O’Pia

Now this final item is extremely spoiler heavy, so I’ll attempt to be as vague as possible. As part of the main story, players will have to enter the house mentioned in the previous heading and interact with a specific NPC to enter their mind.

While initiating this NPC in dialogue, you will get a chance to ask them to sign something for you. As soon as the dialogue prompt appears on screen, press it to receive your Signed Copy of Mindswarm.

And with that, we’re done with all 16 items. Your reward for completing this monumental task is your old outfit back, as well as the ‘Keep Your Shirt On’ Achievement/Trophy.

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt - FAQs

Can you miss any of the Scavenger Hunt items?

No, there is absolutely no chance of missing any items.

How long will it take to collect every item?

If you know where to look, all 16 items can be collected in under 30 minutes.

Should I collect all previous items before heading to Green Needle Gulch?

You do not have to. After beating the story, the game allows you to freely fast-travel between all locations.

How do I change into my new outfit?

You can change your outfits by visiting the bathroom in the Motherlobe Cafeteria.

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