How To Get Radiant Ore In Slime Rancher 2 [Explained]

The guide covers the locations of Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2.

Radiant Ore is an important resource in the game that you need to collect initially. It lets you unlock and upgrade various tools and skills. You can use Radiant Ore at the fabricator machine for upgrades. One significant upgrade is Jetpack, it requires 10 Radiant Ores, 10 Phosphor Plorts, and 450 Newbucks to make. 

Key Highlights
  • Radiant ore is an important early-game resource.
  • Preparatory steps before finding Radiant ore include looking for Cotton slimes, buying the resource harvester, finding a pink Gordo, and activating the portal to Ember Valley.
  • Ember Valley is the best location to find Radiant ores; you can locate six crystals here.
  • The two most common ways of finding radiant ores are to look for some mining sites and use the vacuum tool.
  • Radiant ores are usually found at mining sites, so visiting them will be the best way to locate them.
  • A vacuum tool is used to collect the radiant ores you have located.
  • Radiant ore is used at the fabricator machine to upgrade your equipment.
Radiant Ore
Radiant Ore In Slime Rancher 2

Radiant Ore is hard to find but is not as rare as a Strange Diamond. The abilities and tools in the game help you with various things. A few of them are listed below.

  • Explore The World
  • Improve Health and Energy

If we specifically have a look at Radiant Ore, it will help you unlock the jetpack from the fabricator. This jetpack will be of enormous help, as you will be able to reach places that are hard to reach otherwise and collect new slimes and resources from these locations. 

Preparatory Steps To Find Radiant Ore

Radiant ore in slime rancher 2
Preparatory Steps To Find Radiant Ore

You can find Radiant Ore in Ember Valley, which has been discussed later in the guide. Before any further delay, let us talk about a few steps that you need to take care of before starting the actual process of finding the radiant ore.

Cotton Slimes

You will encounter cotton slimes at the start of your journey. Moving to the west will make you appear in a big field that has Pink and Cotton Slimes. These Cotton Slimes will produce cotton plorts by feeding on Water lettuce. 

You can also feed them veggies to produce one plorts at a time. Try to look for Pogofruit and water lettuce on the west side of the area. Remember to collect 10 Cotton Plorts, as you will need them later for buying a resource harvester.

Buy The Resource Harvester

Among a couple of things you need to do before finding Radiant Ore, buying the resource harvester is a top one. You will buy this harvester costing 10 Cotton Plorts and 450 Newbucks.

Find A Pink Gordo 

After buying the resource harvester, you will find a pink Gordo. You can easily locate it on the north side of the island. Feed this Gordo until it explodes.

Activate The Portal

Once Pink Gordo explodes, you will use a geyser underneath to climb on the above platform. You will find a button here, and pressing it will activate a portal in the distance. When you enter the portal, you will find yourself in Ember Valley, where the hunt for Radiant Ore begins. 

Where To Find Radiant Ore

where to find the radiant ore
Ember Valley

The best place to get Radiant Ores has to be Ember Valley, and although they are not that rare, they are somewhat difficult to notice and gain, so we will be showing some exact locations where to find Radiant Ores in Ember Valley.

Please remember that the spawn points of these ores are random, and you have to spend considerable time getting all of them the following list that we will show you are just the places where we found the ores.

Before we show you the exact locations of the ores on the map, first, you have to know what a Radiant Ore looks like:

What Radiant Ore Looks Like
Radiant Ore

This is what a Radiant Ore looks like, a purple cubic shape, and you need these to upgrade most of the things in the game, such as Jetpacks. It can drop anywhere from 1-3 ores. Here are a few locations on the map you can find Radiant Ore.

  • Location 1:
First Radiant Ore Location
Radiant Ore Location 1


  • Location 2:
Second Radiant Ore Location
Radiant Ore Location 2


  • Location 3:
Third Radiant Ore Location
Radiant Ore Location 3


  • Location 4:
Fourth Radiant Ore Location
Radiant Ore Location 4


  • Location 5:
Fifth Radiant Ore Location
Radiant Ore Location 5


  • Location 6:
Sixth Radiant Ore Location
Radiant Ore Location 6

These are just some of the locations where we found the ores, and you can check these locations out the next time you search for Radiant Ores. If you get lucky and find the ores from the above-shown locations, you can get anywhere from 8-10 ores, which can upgrade your Jetpack which is very much needed for exploration.

Additionally, Radiant Ore can be located at various locations on Rainbow Island. However, it is not possible to locate these Radiant Ores unless you know of the places where to look for them. We have covered how to reach the Ember Valley above in the guide, and now we will cover a bit more about it. 

Ember Valley

The best location to find radiant ore is Ember Valley. It is located in the west of Rainbow Fields and the Conservatory. The rocks in the Ember Valley are not visible and are hidden beside the cliffs. 

The rocks are pink in color and small and rectangular in shape. You can use a harvester to extract radiant ore crystals from these rocks. Another location is to look around the cliff and at the corners as well. 

It is pretty easy to locate Radiant Ores here, and you can locate six crystals from this location alone. In simple words, you will be able to locate three rocks, each of which will have two resources, contributing to a total of six.

How To Find Radiant Ore

You can find Radiant Ores in various ways. The two most common ways of finding radiant ores are to look for the mining sites and use the vacuum tool. Both ways are discussed below in detail.

finding radiant in slime rancher 2
How To Find Radiant Ore In Slime Rancher 2

Look For Mining Sites

A fact about Radiant Ore is that it is usually found at mining sites. The best way here is to visit all the mining sites on rainbow island and look for radiant ore at all these sites. An important tip here is to visit the bottom of any cliff, as there is a high possibility that you will find Radiant Ore here. 

Use Vacuum Tool

If you have successfully been able to locate all these Ores, it is time for you to get your vacuum ready and start it. You need a tool for capturing and collecting these ores, so your vacuum tool will serve in the best way.

Draw the ores using the vacuum tool, and you can finally have them. Radiant ores are usually located at the bottom of the cliff on a rocky surface. The ores are stuck to the rocky surface, so you will need the vacuum tool to get the Ore deposit from here. 

Using Radiant Ore

You can use radiant ore to upgrade the materials. The process of upgrading materials will require you to have 10 Cotton Plorts. You can earn these cotton plorts by feeding carrots in the cotton field slimes. 

The next step will require you to take these cotton plorts to the resource collector upgrade and into the fabricator. You can find the fabricator location and its use mentioned in our guide Slime Rancher 2 Fabricator Location & How To Use.

This will mark the end of your upgrading equipment and gear process.


Slime Ranchers 2 builds on the Slime Ranchers by adding more exciting features. The game requires you to explore the new Rainbow Island, which has ancient technology, limited resources, and new slimes. Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2 is a resource that you must collect at the beginning of your adventure.

The game has an interesting storyline with various features, such as discovering new resources, upgrading equipment, and flying around using jetpacks. You can spend hours playing the game without being bored. We have also covered Slime Rancher 2 beginners’ guide to help you progress in the game initially. 

The difficulty level in the game varies a lot, and has 3 different options to choose from. You can read our guide on Difficulty options to know more about these modes. Before we dive into the location analysis of Radiant Ore, you should also consider reading our guide on Pulse Wave.

You need to find various resources in the game, and Radiant Ore is one of them. Locating Radiant Ore is not that difficult, as we have covered the preparatory steps in the guide that will take you to Ember Valley. Ember Valley has a lot of rocks that will help you get Radiant Ores. If you follow this guide, you will be able to locate radiant ores easily. 

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