Redfall Achievements & Trophy Guide [Full List]

Learn how to get all 66 Redfall Achievements and trophies to get 100% completion!

Redfall has just been released, and everyone is scavenging around to find and acquire all of the trophies in-game. Trophies help to complete the game to 100% completion. To aid in this quest for everyone, this Redfall Trophy Guide will be featuring all information required about all the Redfall Achievements & Trophies.

Key Takeaways
  • Redfall includes a total of 66 trophies, 60 of these are main story trophies, while the other 6 are secret achievements.
  • To get many of these trophies, you will need to complete certain quests.
  • There are many missable achievements, such as Avenging the Good Doctor, Skin of Their Teeth, and many more.
  • If a Missable achievement is missed, in order to get that achievement again, you will have to restart the game from the beginning. 
  • Getting all 66 achievements will reward you with 1000 Xbox Gamerscore.

Redfall Achievements

Redfall includes 66 available trophies, 6 of which are secret, but worry not, the list below includes details to acquire these as well! All 66 of these trophies accumulate to 1000 Gamerscore, which might help you in the race to get to the top of the Xbox Gamerscore leaderboard. Each trophy has its own gamerscore tied with it, and we have made sure to let you know the gamerscore for each trophy.

Main Redfall Storyline Trophies

the Enter of Your Own Free Will trophy
 Enter of Your Own Free Will trophy in Redfall.

These trophies are directly linked with the main storyline and are easily accessible. Following the steps on how to unlock each of these trophies below should be helpful in redeeming them. 

Trophy NameHow to UnlockGamerscore
Skin of Their Teeth (Missable)After completing the main quest, Two Birds, One Stone, you can then complete one of 3 side quests; for this, choose the side quest, A Voice In the Dark. Complete this quest with all 3 Hostages alive to get this trophy.10
Sucks To Be YouDestroy your first Siphon and earn this trophy.10
Heart AttackEnter the door labeled on the map by a glowing door with a blue circle surrounding it. Once in, go to the end and sever the three connections to the heart and destroy the heart to unlock this Redfall Achievement. 10
Enter of Your Own Free WillEnter the vampire’s nest by entering the door labeled by a glowing door encapsulated in a blue circle on the map. Entering this nest will automatically unlock the trophy.10
Welcome to the NeighbourhoodComplete a Neighborhood.17
Home Is Where the Heart IsUnlock your first safehouse and turn on the UV Lights without alerting the guards to get this trophy10
Catch and Release (Missable)Rescue anyone of the civilian hostages around the Redfall map, and this achievement is all yours! You can find 3 civilian hostages in the basement of the Overton Theatre.10
I Like My Stakes Rare!Stake your first Vampire when you arrive at the Fire Station.10
Wounded WhispersCollect your first Grave Lock, an audio diary of sorts, to unlock this trophy.10
Blood Will Have BloodFind and steal your first Blood Remnant, which can be found on slain vampires or at the bottom of Vampire Nests.10
Ne Plus UltraFind and steal your first Unrivaled Item.17
Neighbourhood Revitalization (Missable)Complete all 11 main missions in the first area of Redfall, Redfall Commons.17
Revelations (Missable)Collect and listen to the dictaphone in the upstairs office of Pastor Powell’s house during the main quest, “What’s in the Attic?” This will unlock the trophy.10
Contingency Plans (Missable)Complete all campaign missions, including the optional ones, to get ahold of this trophy.17
Block Party (Missable)Complete all 5 neighborhoods in Redfall Commons to unlock this achievement.35
Neighbourhood Watch (Missable)Complete all 8 neighborhoods in Burial Point to get access to this trophy.35
Scream TeamGain Layla’s complete trust and confidence.17
Monster Hunters ClubGain Devinder’s complete trust and confidence.17
Blood BrotherGain Jacob’s complete trust and confidence.17
FriendgineeringGain Remi’s complete trust and confidence.17
Bad WiringDisable a tripwire using a rewire kit. Tripwires can be found around the map.10
Sic Transit Umbra (Missable)Complete all of the main missions in Burial Point to get this trophy.17
Radio SilenceFind and destroy the Hollow Man, who is at the top of his lair.10
Bell-ringerDestroy Bloody Tom in the mission, Bloody Tom.10
Silence Is GoldenDestroy Miss Whisper when faced against her in the quest, Kill Miss Whisper.10
Good MorningDestroy The Black Sun, the final boss in the game.35
Grounded Defeat your first Rook.10
Fly FisherDestroy your first Angler.10
Peek-a-booDestroy your first Shroud.10
You Clean It UpDestroy a Blood Bag without exploding it. You can do this by using your UV gun to turn it to stone, and then a quick melee attack will do the trick.10
Throw The First StoneDestroy your first Sin Eater.10
ICUDestroy your first Watcher.10
Faith Healer Collect all 100 Grave Locks scattered around the Redfall Map. Gravelocks are very well hidden, so this might take some time.35
From the Shadows (Missable)Destroy Gloria during one of the main story quests, The Key to Wellness.10
A Cry in the Dark (Missable)Destroy the Wailing Shadow. You can summon the Wailing Shadow by firing a flare in the sky at the Hilltop Gravesite in Basswood.10
Sisterhood (Missable)Discover the fate of the Blackwood sisters and collect their heirlooms.10
What Lies Below (Missable)Uncover the Irving family mausoleum in the Burial Point Cemetary.10
Check, Please! (Missable)Loot the blood remnant on table 12 in Jolly’s Seaside Corner.10
Empty Nest SyndromeDestroy a Vampire’s nest without waking up or killing any vampires. It is best to get this trophy done as quickly as possible, as the vampires nest will evolve as you progress.17
Starve the Beast (Missable)Complete Metamorphosis; a Safehouse mission without the Vampire being nourished. Make sure no Bloodbags reach the vampire when you complete this mission.17
Someplace to Be (Missable)Reach a landing site before the supplies land during the safehouse mission, Bellwether Supply Drop.10
Ask Not For Whom The Horns Blow (Missable)During the main quest, Fall Like Lightning, before you make your way to the Tempestas, disable foghorns to unlock this Redfall Achievement.10
Bloody Initiate (Missable)During the main quest, One of Us makes sure to reach the end of the infiltration mission path. Follow the quest objectives listed, and you should be good to go!17
Sepsis (Missable)During the main quest, One of Us, poison the Bellkeeper’s Blood offering.17
So Anyway I Started Blasting (Missable)Break infiltration during the main quest, One of Us. You can do this by shooting a friendly cultist in the Campgrounds.10
Right This Way (Missable)Navigate the Psychic Woods without entering through the wrong door. Take only specific doors which are labeled by the following:

  • “Must Have Bage To Enter” door.
  • “Records” door.
  • “Reading Loft” door.
  • “The Red Door”
Nice Try (Missable)Enter through the wrong door 3 different times to unlock this trophy.10
Harvest’s End (Missable)Kill the Harvestman during The Festival.17
Blacklight Down (Missable)Turn off Bellwether’s defensive UV lights and leave them off during the main quest, What Does Bellwether Do?10
Rum Runner (Missable)Enter Bellwether’s stronghold via the Bootlegger Tunnel in the main quest; what Does Bellwether know?10
Under a Bushel (Missable)Get the lamp without encountering The Keeper in the mission, Restore the Lighthouse.17
Enemy of My Enemy (Missable)Free Trevor Ash from the UV Lights in the side quest, Eclipsed.17
Dexterity Save (Missable)Take the survival tips without triggering the tripwires.35
Bob’s Final Hour (Missable)Kill Bob, the Radio Host, during the main story quest, Lost in the Fog.10
Helping Hand (Missable)Complete all Side missions in Redfall Commons.35
Good Samaritan (Missable)Complete all Side missions in Burial Point.35
Curious Finch (Missable)Read Nurse Tran’s mother’s dedication in his birdwatching book. You will need to complete 2 Maritime Center missions beforehand, “Ward Family Tree” and “Dr. Youngs Project,” to get to the third mission, “Birdwatching.10
Eagle Eyes (Missable)Complete The Lost Unit without triggering any Bellwether tripwires.35
Friends ‘Til The EndReach the highest tier of trust with three heroes at one time.17
I Spit On Your Grave (Missable)After completing the main mission, A Grave Situation, where you plant a pocket watch on Dr. Hunt’s father, you have the option to steal the watch back. If you steal Dr. Hunt’s father’s pocket watch back, you will get this trophy. This will not hamper the completion of the mission.10

Secret Redfall Achievements

secret achievement in redfall
The Secret Achievement; “Say Goodbye, Joe” in Redfall.

This Redfall trophy guide isn’t just for the trophies everyone knows about; we have made sure to include information about the 6 Secret achievements, so you can get all 66 trophies in Redfall! Check out this list, which features only the secret achievements.

Trophy NameHow To UnlockGamerscore
DeforesterationDestroy the Burial Point blood tree by staking 3 of the vampire hearts that are feeding the blood tree.10
Spit TakeDestroy a Death Mist Spewer.10
Saw That Coming (Missable)Spot and avoid the Cultist’s trap during the side quest, The Abducted Brother.10
Lights Out (Missable)Cut the generator at the Coast Guard Station during the main quest, Lost in the Fog.10
Say Goodbye, JoeKill Joe Creelman in the main Quest, “The Black Sun“.17
Avenging the Good DoctorAvenge Dr. Hunt’s death by killing the vampire that killed him. Simply complete the main mission, “A Grave Situation: Find The Doc.” and you will have access to this trophy!17

Final Thoughts

This concludes the extensive Redfall trophy guide, and by using the steps mentioned above, you can be sure to get all the trophies you desire! There are a total of 66 trophies to obtain in Redfall, out of which 6 are secret, and obtaining all of these will reward you with 1000 Xbox Gamerscore. 

If you are playing Redfall right now, make sure to check out guides such as Redfall: All Characters and get yourself acquainted with all the characters. You might find yourself a new character to love and adore!

Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one or any specific guides you have been looking for. 

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