Redfall: All Characters [Abilities, Skills, Playstyle]

Learn everything, such as abilities, upgrades, skills, and more about the four characters in Redfall in order to pick the best one!

There are four different Redfall Characters that you can choose from while embarking on your journey of saving the island of Redfall from the vampire infestation. But before you begin your journey of taking down the various hordes of enemies, you need to make the important decision of choosing which character you want.

As you can’t re-spec or swap out which character you’re playing in the middle of Redfall, you’ll need to ensure that you pick a character that suits your playstyle. Each character has a unique backstory, but importantly they have their own set of abilities and skill trees that greatly affect how they play out. Therefore, it is important to consider all these factors while deciding on a character.

Important: You will not be able to switch characters later on in Redfall. Therefore, it is important to choose one that best suits your playstyle.
Key Takeaways
  • There are four characters in Redfall, each with their own unique abilities, skills, and backstory.
  • Each character has three abilities that define their playstyle and role.
  • In the skill tree, each character has different sections that are dedicated to upgrading their abilities.
  • The characters also have one common section that mainly focuses on increasing stats such as ammo capacity, firearm damage, and more. 
  • Every character in Redfall also has access to perks that provide passive buffs.


  • Layla is an aggressive character with psychic abilities, making her great at offense and defense.
  • Her backstory involves a medical trial that gave her telekinetic powers, which she now uses to fight against the vampire menace in Redfall.
  • She has three abilities: Umbrella, Lift, and Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks.
  • Each ability has three tiers of upgrades available, which can be obtained using skill points.
  • Layla’s perks focus on increasing her psychic abilities and helping her deal with environmental damage.
  • Her playstyle is fast-paced and versatile, with a balance between offense and defense. She is especially useful for traversing the game world and manipulating the environment.
  • It’s important to use Layla’s telekinetic abilities effectively in combat to eliminate enemies and protect herself and her allies.


  • Remi is a tactical character with support abilities and a robotic companion named Bribón.
  • Her background is in engineering and robotics, and she arrived on Redfall to train the Coast Guard personnel in search and rescue operations.
  • Remi’s abilities revolve around her robot, which she uses to distract, control, and defeat enemies.
  • Her Siren ability can attract enemies and reduce their defense, while her C4 Charge can stun groups of enemies and deal massive damage.
  • Her ultimate ability, Mobilize, creates an area where allies are healed and revived over time.
  • Remi’s playstyle is versatile, allowing her to be an asset in both solo and team play, with a mix of offensive and supportive capabilities.
  • Properly upgrading her skills can make her a significant damage dealer while supporting her teammates.
  • Remi is the only character in Redfall with healing abilities, making her an ideal choice for solo players.


  • Dev is a prominent cryptid hunter and inventor who uses cutting-edge gadgets and technology to fight the supernatural.
  • His abilities revolve around area-of-effect attacks, making him great for crowd control and dealing with large groups of enemies.
  • Dev’s arsenal includes the Arc Javelin, Translocate, and Blacklight, which can be upgraded with skill points earned as you level up.
  • Dev’s perks offer passive boosts and additional damage against vampires, which he specializes in taking down.
  • Dev’s playstyle is supportive, ideal for players who prioritize stunning and collaborating with teammates, but less suitable for those who prefer direct confrontations.


  • Jacob is a former Special Forces sniper turned mercenary who now dedicates his life to exterminating dark creatures with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Jacob’s skillset revolves around stealth and reconnaissance, making him an indispensable asset in any group.
  • His Raven ability enables him to dispatch his bird to mark all enemies in the vicinity, even those hidden behind walls or at a distance.
  • Jacob’s Cloak ability grants him the power to become invisible, approach enemies stealthily, or change positions unnoticed. It bestows a bonus to his movement speed, enabling him to maneuver around adversaries undetected.
  • The ultimate ability in Jacob’s arsenal is Heartstopper, which summons a spectral rifle capable of inflicting significant damage on enemies.
  • Jacob’s playstyle is tailored to a stealth-oriented approach. He is an exceptional option for players who prefer a stealthy approach in Redfall.
CharacterBackstoryAbilitiesBest Suited Playstyle
Layla EllisonBiomedical Student who moved to Redfall to pay for student debt but uncovered Psychic abilities.
  1. Umbrella: creates a psychic barrier that deflects incoming projectiles and causes a Psychic explosion after absorbing damage.
  2. Lift: summons a psychic elevator to propel yourself or your teammates skyward, useful for reaching elevated positions but leaves you exposed to enemy fire.
  3. Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend: calls upon her vampire ex-boyfriend Jason, who swiftly dispatches foes and can heal you and your teammates.
Fast-paced offense playstyle is recommended. You can use her Umbrella ability for a strong defense. Overall great character for solo players.
Remi De La RosaA highly trained engineer and robotics specialist who arrived at Redfall Island to train the Coast Guard personnel but decided to stay and help the survivors after the vampire outbreak, utilizing her talents and experience to do so.
  1. Siren: Send Bribón to a location and attract enemies with his Siren, distracting them and dealing electrical damage.
  2. C4 Charge: Throw an explosive device that sticks to targets and surfaces, stunning groups of enemies and dealing a large amount of damage when detonated.
  3. Mobilize: Creates an area where allies are healed and revived over time, with upgraded versions having the area appear around Bribón as well.
Remi has a versatile playstyle that combines both aggressive and supportive elements, making her a valuable asset in both solo and team play, with a focus on utilizing her robotic companion Bribón and healing ability Mobilize.
Devinder “Dev” CrouselyA prominent cryptid hunter with a passion for the supernatural and cutting-edge gadgets; financing his own research through book sales and creating his own equipment, despite his affluent family severing financial ties with him.
  1. Arc Javelin: Dev throws a javelin that creates an electrified hazard to zap enemies, with an extended range upgrade to damage multiple enemies simultaneously.
  2. Translocate: Dev tosses a translocation beacon to teleport and leaves a translocate terminal for allies to follow, with an efficient battery upgrade to remain active for longer.
  3. Blacklight: Dev uses a modified camera rig to generate a burst of UV light that petrifies vampires and staggers human enemies, with a lumen intensity upgrade to increase the radius of the effective area.
Devinder’s playstyle in Redfall is ideal for those wishing to adopt a supportive role, with abilities that emphasize area-of-effect attacks and stunning opponents to control crowds, but his damage output is limited, making him less suitable for players who prefer direct confrontations.
Jacob BoyerA former Special Forces sniper turned mercenary who was sent to the island of Redfall by a private military company called Bellwether. He encountered a Vampire God on the island, which left him with a vampiric eye and a spectral raven companion.
  1. Raven: A talking Raven companion that marks nearby targets and scouts ahead.
  2. Cloak: A stolen Bellwether cloaking device that makes him invisible unless he attacks.
  3. Heartstopper: Spectral sniper rifle Heartstopper, which allows him to auto-target enemy heads and deal massive damage.
Jacob’s playstyle is focused on stealth and long-range combat, utilizing his Raven companion for reconnaissance, Cloak ability for stealth, and Heartstopper rifle for eliminating enemies from afar.

Layla Ellison

Layla Ellison in Redfall

Starting off with Layla Ellison. She is often described as the more aggressive character and can come up with some interesting tactics using her psychic abilities. She’s also great at defense, making her a good option for beginners.


Layla Ellison’s journey to Redfall began with her pursuit of a degree in biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University.

  • Although she arrived with high hopes, she quickly found herself buried in student debt and without a clear path to financial stability.
  • In a bold attempt to make ends meet, Layla volunteered for a medical trial at Aevum Therapeutics, seeking not only monetary compensation but also a potential solution to her persistent migraines.

However, the medical trial took an unexpected turn, and Layla found herself endowed with extraordinary telekinetic powers akin to those possessed by the vampires wreaking havoc on the island.

  • Rather than exploit her newfound abilities for personal gain, Layla resolved to defend the survivors of Redfall and combat the sinister vampire menace.
  • Layla’s tenacity and resourcefulness are defining aspects of her character.
  • She refuses to be constrained by her circumstances, choosing instead to forge her own destiny.
  • Her telekinetic powers grant her a distinct advantage in the battle against the vampires, enabling her to manipulate her surroundings and effortlessly vanquish her foes.

Additionally, Layla’s background in biomedical engineering proves instrumental to her character development.

  • Possessing a sharp scientific intellect, she is constantly exploring new ways to enhance her powers.
  • Her abilities can be viewed as an extension of her intelligence, as she continually experiments and pushes the boundaries of her capabilities.


redfall characters
Layla Abilities [image by eXputer]
In Redfall, you’ll find that Layla has a set of distinct abilities that give her an edge in both combat and navigation throughout Redfall Island. From the outset, she has three abilities at her disposal: Lift, Umbrella, and Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, each offering its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Layla’s first unlockable ability is Umbrella, which allows you to create a psychic barrier that deflects incoming projectiles, providing much-needed protection for both you and your allies.
    • The Umbrella can also cause a Psychic explosion after absorbing damage.
    • Be mindful, though, as it can also block your teammates’ projectiles, so judicious use of the Umbrella is crucial to avoid inadvertently hampering your allies.
    • Additionally, while utilizing Umbrella, your mobility is somewhat restricted, leaving you susceptible to flanking attacks.
    • The ability is unlocked at Level 2.
    • Active: 20 Seconds
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
  2. With Lift, her second ability, you can summon a psychic elevator to propel yourself or your teammates skyward.
    • This is particularly handy when you need to seize a tactical advantage by reaching elevated positions.
    • However, be cautious, as the slow ascent of the Lift can leave you exposed to enemy fire, so it’s essential to employ the Lift wisely.
    • You’ll need to wait till Level 3 to unlock the ability.
    • Active: 7 Seconds.
    • Cooldown: 25 Seconds.
  3. Lastly, Layla’s ultimate ability, Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, calls upon a formidable ally, Jason, her vampire ex-boyfriend, to join the fray.
    • Capable of swiftly dispatching foes and even healing you and your teammates, Jason proves to be an invaluable asset in battle.
    • However, since the ability is only accessible at Level 5 and has a lengthy cooldown, strategic planning is essential when deploying such a powerful companion.
    • Active: 20 seconds.
    • Cooldown: Need to charge up through Psychic Residue.

Ability Upgrades

Redfall characters skill tree
Layla Skill Tree [image by eXputer]
As you might know, you can use your skill points in the skill tree to improve your character’s performance. But, the Skill Tree is divided into three main sections, Ability Upgrades, Passive Buffs, and general upgrades. The first section that we’ll cover is the ability upgrades for Layla.

Each ability has three tiers of upgrades available. Each tier is further divided into multiple options. That is why we’ve formed a section for each of the three abilities that Layla has.

Umbrella Upgrades

The Umbrella is the first ability that you’ll unlock as Layla, and it is quite a useful defensive ability as long as you pick the best upgrades for it.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 2 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
OvercastUmbrella will be able to recharge faster1
Bullet HailAccording to the damage absorbed by the Umbrella, the Umbrella blast will deal more damage.1
Rain CollectorYou can refill your regular ammo through the damage that is dealt to the Umbrella1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 3 required)
Made in the ShadeMore damage can be absorbed by the Umbrella, and it can be activated for longer durations2
ThunderclapThe Umbrella Blast damage gets increased damage and range2
DownpourPsychic Residue is granted through the damage inflicted on the Umbrella2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
ThunderheadUmbrella blast range and damage are increased, and enemies hit by the blast will cause psychic explosions.3

Lift Upgrades

The next ability that you’ll get to unlock as Layla is the Lift. It is a great skill for attaining tactical advantage over your enemies.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 3 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Hold the LiftThe duration of the Lift has been significantly extended, allowing for a longer time in mid-air before descending back to the ground.1
Psychic LobbyA new lift can now be summoned in addition to the original one, providing increased mobility and maneuverability on the battlefield.1
Psychic SharpeningWhen using the lift ability, you and your allies will receive a boost in bullet damage while in mid-air, increasing your chances of dealing significant damage to your enemies.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 5 required)
One More FloorThe Lift ability propels individuals to greater heights, allowing for a broader view of the battlefield and increasing the potential for strategic advantage.2
EnergizedWhen utilizing Lift, your allies also benefit from the ability to reload their weapons more quickly while in mid-air.2
Passenger ResonanceAs you and your allies enter the Lift, a powerful psychic shockwave emanates from the group, causing nearby enemies to be staggered and thrown off-balance.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Top FloorEnemies who dare to approach them will be met with a powerful shockwave that launches them into the air, rendering them vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, the Resonance effect that passengers feel while in your lifts now extends further, and they will also deal damage to nearby enemies. Furthermore, the attack boost from Psychic Sharpening is now more potent than before, making your attacks even deadlier. To top it off, Layla has gained the ability to summon an extra Lift, giving you and your allies more mobility options.3

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Upgrades

The Vampire Ex-Boyfriend is ultimate ability of Layla and is quite useful for dealing with multiple enemies. With the different upgrades, you can increase the range, damage, and timing of the ability.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 6 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Time After TimeJason’s presence on the battlefield is prolonged, allowing him to dish out more damage before he disappears.1
Died in Your ArmsJason’s lightning-quick reflexes enable him to attack more frequently, keeping his enemies on their toes.1
Out of NowhereThe impact of Jason’s teleportation causes a powerful shockwave, stunning any enemies in the vicinity and leaving them vulnerable to further attacks.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 5 required)
No Mountain High EnoughThe range for Jason’s attack will be increased, allowing him to reach further2
Wrecking BallThe inflicted damage by Jason will get a boost, allowing him to deal more damage.2
I Will SurviveIf Layla gets downed while her ability is active, Jason will be capable of reviving her, allowing you to be more aggressive and not be worried about your health for a short duration.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Go On Your Own WayJason’s strength has been amplified. Now, not only do his attacks deal more damage and extend further, but they also have a unique power to heal Layla and all those nearby for a percentage of the inflicted damage. With these enhancements, Jason is a force to be reckoned with, a formidable ally to have on the battlefield.3


Every Redfall Character has access to “Perks,” which are essentially just passive buffs. Each character has unique Peks which suit their specific playstyle. Layla’s perks are focused on increasing her psychic abilities and dealing with environmental damage.

NameRequired LevelDescriptionRequired Points
College Diet2Layla recovers health by eating food.1
Telekiwhatsis3Damage taken from Death Mist, Fires, and Electrical Hazards is reduced.1
Tekekiwhosis4Allies that are near Layla will take less damage from Death Mist, Fires, and Electrical Hazards.1
Sensitive5Picking up an orb of Psychic Residue will grant you a bonus amount of Psychic Residue.1


layla psychic
Layla’s playstyle [screenshot by us]
Layla, one of Redfall’s four playable characters, boasts an assertive and fast-paced playstyle, making her the go-to choice for players seeking a balance between offense and defense.

  • Her telekinetic abilities form the core of her combat approach, offering both offensive and defensive maneuvers that contribute to her versatility in battle.
  • Her Umbrella ability functions as a protective shield, blocking incoming enemy projectiles and solidifying her status as an exceptional defensive character.
  • Simultaneously, her Lift ability allows her to soar above the field while raining down fire from mid-air, doubling as an effective traversal and offensive technique.

Although Layla’s ultimate, Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, may not be as powerful as other Redfall characters’ ultimates, the Time After Time skill can bolster its effectiveness by prolonging Layla’s presence on the battlefield. For players eager to explore, Layla’s Lift ability simplifies rooftop access.

  • Additionally, her telekinetic powers facilitate the manipulation of the environment, forging new routes through Redfall.
  • When playing as Layla, it’s crucial to make the most of her telekinetic abilities.
  • Utilize her Umbrella ability to deflect enemy projectiles and her Lift ability to ascend above the battlefield, allowing Layla to swiftly and effectively eliminate adversaries.

Remi De La Rosa

Remi De La Rosa in Redfall

Remi is the next Redfall character in the list and is described as the tactical character that also has a support unit alongside her. Although not as techy as Devinder, she makes good use of her gadgets and engineering abilities to help her against the Vampires. She is often referred to as the support-styled character out of all four characters.


Remi De La Rosa is a highly trained engineer and robotics specialist who studied at MIT, where she perfected Bribón, a highly advanced robot capable of providing decoy, cover, and attack assistance in various search and rescue operations.

  • Her brilliance led her to join the Coast Guard, where she traveled to different bases training them in remote-operated search-and-rescue technology.
  • Remi arrived at the island of Redfall with the intention of training the local Coast Guard personnel and equipping them with new gear to improve their efficiency in search and rescue operations.
  • However, she arrived just before the vampire outbreak and decided to stay and help as many people as she could.
  • Her efforts were in vain as the last ship off the island failed to escape, thanks to the vampires’ wall of water.

Despite being stranded, Remi remains determined to help the survivors and stop the bloodsuckers, utilizing her talents and experience to do so. Her combat engineering skills are top-notch, and she does her best with medium-range weapons that keep enemies within range of her abilities.


redfall remi character
Remi’s abilities showcase [screenshot by eXputer]
Remi’s abilities revolve around her robot Bribón, which she uses to disrupt, control, and defeat enemies efficiently.

  1. Her first ability is Siren, which allows her to send Bribón to a location and attract enemies with his Siren. This ability can be upgraded to reduce enemy defense, last longer, and even deal electricity damage to nearby enemies.
    • Remi’s Siren ability is handy for distracting enemies and drawing their attention away from her and her allies.
    • Bribón can be upgraded to absorb damage and even heal while simultaneously dealing damage to enemies.
    • Unlocks at Level 2.
    • Active: 10 Seconds.
    • Cooldown: 35 Seconds.
  2. Her second ability is her C4 Charge, which she can throw and stick to surfaces and enemies. It can stun a group of enemies and even finish off a vampire without the need for a stake if detonated.
    • Her C4 Charge is an explosive device that sticks to targets and surfaces and can be detonated to cause a large amount of damage to any enemies caught in the blast radius.
    • Upgrades to C4 Charge can increase the range and damage.
    • Unlocks at Level 3.
    • Cooldown: 20 Seconds.
  3. Remi’s ultimate ability is Mobilize, which creates an area where allies are healed and revived over time. The ability makes Remi great for team play, but it also works well in a pinch while playing solo. Upgrades will also have the area appear around Bribón as well.
    • Finally, Mobilize creates a rallying point where allies are healed over time and can even revive any downed allies.
    • Upgrades to the ability can increase the healing duration and range.
    • Unlocks at Level 5.
    • Active: 10 Seconds.
    • Cooldown: need to recharge using psychic Residue.

Remi’s abilities are best utilized with medium-range weapons that keep enemies within range of her robot’s abilities. She is a versatile character and can be an asset to any team, especially when she has Bribón with her.

Ability Upgrades

Just like with the other Redfall characters, Remi has three different abilities. Therefore, she has three unique skill trees associated with upgrading those abilities.

Siren Upgrades

The first ability that you’ll get to unlock for Remi is Siren which helps distract enemies using your little robot companion. The upgrades can make it more effective.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 2 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Extra AnnoyingThe Siren ability lasts longer, creating distractions for more than just 10 seconds.1
Deadly DistractionWhile Siren is still active, any enemy that gets affected or distracted by it will also take extra damage from any other sources of damage, such as your or any only partner’s attacks.1
Self-RepairBribon is granted the ability to heal you throughout the duration of Siren.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 3 required)
Wireless RechargeThe cooldown for Siren is shortened, allowing you to use it more often.2
Electrostatic FeedbackThe enemies that get distracted by Bribon and also try to attack it will get inflicted with electrical damage.2
Reinforced ComponentsBribon becomes more resilient to damage by acquiring extra health.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Robot RockNot only can Bribon distract enemies, but it can also shock any enemy that gets too close and can use that to regain health.3

C4 Charge Upgrades

The next ability that you get to unlock as Remi is the C4 Charge. The fact that it can stick to any surface and the explosion is controlled means you can use it quite tactfully to damage your enemies.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 3 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
OOMPHThe effective region for the blast region is increased.1
Quick AssemblyThe C4 Charge’s cooldown is decreased, allowing you to use them more often.1
Gel PackAny enemy that is caught in the explosion of the C4 Charge will also continue to take additional damage from any other sources of damage,1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 5 required)
Directed ChargeThe damage that is caused by the C4 Charge explosion is increased.2
FlashbangBesides just damaging enemies, those that are caught in the blast radius also get staggered.2
BOOM JumpIf you are any of your allies are caught in the blast radius, you get launched upwards, attaining a tactical advantage.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Cluster BombThe damage and explosion area for the C4 is improved and increased. Additionally, the charge will release more explosives when it is detonated.3

Mobilize Upgrades

Remi is usually considered a support unit mostly due to her Ultimate Ability, Mobilize. It allows you to heal your teammates and even revive anyone in the radius, making it a great support ability.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 5 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Command VoiceThe effective region where the healing and revival abilities of Mobilize apply is increased.1
On Your FeetNear the start, in the initial pulse of healing, Mobilize will restore more health than usual.1
ResonanceThere will be another point and radius for healing, and it will be centered around Bribon. The radius will be half of the original.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 6 required)
Lingering InspirationMobilize is able to last and heal for longer durations.2
PerseveranceThe initial pulse of healing will ensure that you take lesser damage from any sources of damage for a short duration.2
Constant InspirationIf you or any of your allies stand next to Bribon, you will get a small bit of health recovery.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Beacon of HopeThe area of Mobilize now inflicts damage over time to enemies, with improved radius, duration, and healing capabilities. Additionally, Perseverance’s damage reduction, Bribón’s Resonance radius and healing, and Constant Inspiration’s healing over time are all increased.3


Perks are essentially passive buffs that can help aid your character in different ways. Ideally, you want to invest in them as they only cost a single point, and there are only four of them.

NameRequired LevelDescriptionRequired Points
Always Prepared2As Remi, you will be able to carry more Medical Supplies1
I Can Make That3Any support currency item will have a lower price for Remi1
All Up In4At closer range, Remi can deal more damage. It only applies to humans1
Mi Familia5If there is an ally close to Remi, they are also capable of dealing additional damage to human enemies at a close range.1


remi fighting
Remi’s playstyle [image by us]
Remi stands out as a distinct and adaptable character in Redfall, providing players with a mix of offensive and supportive capabilities. As an engineer and robotics expert, Remi excels in both individual play and team assistance, making her a valuable component of any team composition.

  • Her powerful C4 Charge ability is ideal for eliminating clusters of enemies or laying traps to catch opponents off guard.
  • Additionally, her Gel Pack ability amplifies the damage received by enemies struck by the subsequent blast for a brief duration.
  • These skills render Remi a force to be reckoned with in solo play, particularly when battling swarms of adversaries.

Remi’s robotic companion, Bribón, plays a crucial role in her arsenal, serving as a decoy, shield, and attacker simultaneously.

  • Bribón excels at diverting enemy attention, and when used in conjunction with Remi’s Siren ability, it enables the team to dispatch foes effortlessly.
  • Siren, Remi’s ultimate, summons a robot to the center of the battlefield to distract enemies, allowing the entire team to concentrate fire on the preoccupied crowd.
  • Combine this with her C4 Charge, and you can create a chain reaction of explosions to decimate enemies in unseen areas.

As the sole character in Redfall with any form of healing ability, Remi is the top pick for solo players.

  • Her Mobilize ability can restore health and revive both her and her allies within its range.
  • Hope Beacon, an upgrade to the skill, damages enemies within the Mobilize area over time while increasing the ability’s radius, duration, and healing output.
  • Requiring three skill points to unlock, Hope Beacon proves to be a worthwhile investment.
  • Remi’s playstyle uniquely combines aggressive and supportive elements, making her a versatile character in any team arrangement.
  • Her healing and distraction abilities render her an optimal choice for cooperative play, while her C4 Charge and Gel Pack skills turn her into a formidable solo player.
  • Properly upgrading her skills allows Remi to deal significant damage while supporting teammates, making her an indispensable asset in any team composition.

If your goal is to help your squad withstand the most challenging scenarios in Redfall, Remi is undoubtedly the character for you.

Devinder “Dev” Crousley

Devinder Redfall plot story
Devinder Crousley in Redfall

Devinder, or Dev, is considered as the verified cryptid hunter out of all the Redfall characters. His abilities make him great for a crowd-control character, and he is great at dealing with large groups of enemies. His backstory is also quite compelling as it sets him up perfectly for fighting against the vampires in Redfall.


In Redfall, you’ll come across Devinder Crousley, or Dev, a prominent cryptid hunter with a penchant for cutting-edge gadgets and technology.

  • As a character, Dev’s abilities revolve around his innovative inventions.
  • His passion for the supernatural has led him to become an ambitious inventor and author of books on the subject.
  • Despite facing difficulties in gaining recognition for his discoveries, Dev has managed to finance his own research through the sales of his books and by creating his own equipment.
  • Moreover, his affluent family has severed financial ties with him, leaving him to support his research independently.

Devinder’s arrival in Redfall was motivated by a desire to promote his book and delve into an extraordinary paranormal occurrence.

  • Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s perspective), his arrival coincided with a vampire invasion of the town.
  • Fortuitously, Dev had brought his equipment along, which turned out to be highly effective in combating the vampire menace.
  • He joins forces with other survivors on the island to repel the undead onslaught, all the while documenting the experience for his online followers.
  • As a talented inventor, Dev has crafted his own arsenal of anti-vampire weapons, including a staff that emits powerful ultraviolet light, capable of reducing basic vampires within its range to ashes.
  • This weapon is especially effective for dispatching large groups of adversaries.

Armed with an array of self-developed weapons and devices, Dev proves to be an indispensable ally in the battle against vampire incursion.


redfall character devinder abilities
Devinder abilities [captured by eXputer]
As a character in Redfall, Devinder Crousley, or Dev for short, boasts a unique set of abilities designed to combat the vampire onslaught. These abilities emphasize area-of-effect attacks, which can harm or incapacitate multiple enemies simultaneously.

  1. One of Dev’s standard abilities is the Arc Javelin, allowing you to throw a javelin at foes or surfaces, subsequently creating an electrified hazard that zaps enemies in the vicinity.
    • By upgrading the ability, you can extend the range of the electrical pulse, enabling you to damage multiple enemies at once.
    • Arc Javelin shines during chapter missions that involve close-quarters skirmishes, as the stun effect packs quite a punch.
    • Unlocks at Level 2.
    • Active: 7 Seconds.
    • Cooldown: 25 Seconds.
  2. Another regular ability in Dev’s repertoire is Translocate, which involves tossing a translocation beacon and then teleporting to it by pressing the corresponding button again.
    • Your allies can use the translocate terminal left behind by Dev to follow suit.
    • This instantaneous upgrade to Lift lets your teammates follow you with ease, making it an invaluable tool for escaping or gaining a tactical advantage.
    • However, some players might opt for a more lethal ability over a single-use mobility action.
    • Unlocks at Level 3.
    • Active: 12-15 Seconds.
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds.
  3. Dev’s third ability, Blacklight, employs a heavily modified camera rig that generates a potent burst of UV light.
    • The UV light petrifies vampires and staggers human enemies within its radius.
    • You can upgrade the ability to provide healing, as well as extend the radius and effect duration.
    • Blacklight is particularly effective against clusters of the Redfall’s most formidable enemies, but it requires a few seconds to cast and is centered on Dev, often resulting in him taking damage while setting it up.
    • Unlocks at Level 5.
    • Active: 12 Seconds.
    • Cooldown: need to recharge by collecting Psychic Residue.

Ability Upgrades

dev skills
Devinder skill tree [captured by us]
As you level up, you’ll get skill points that you’ll need to use in order to upgrade Dev’s different abilities. Depending on your playstyle, it is important to choose one main ability that you rely on the most and try to invest in its skill tree as much as possible.

Arc Javelin Upgrades

The first ability that you get access to with Devinder is the Arc Javelin. It is great for stunning enemies. Here are the relevant upgrades for it.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 2 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
High VoltageThe electrical pulses that are generated by the Arc Javelin get increase in their effective range.1
Shock LanceIf the Arc Javelin hits an enemy, besides just the regular electrical pulses, it releases an immediate electrical pulse as well.1
ShakedownEnemies that are struck by the Arc Javelin or the electrical pulse generated by it will have a chance of dropping more valuable items1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 3 required)
Power SurgeThe electrical pulses generated by the Arc Javelin are capable of dealing more damage, and more pulses are generated in the same time span.2
Just PhysicsEnemies getting directly hit by the Arc Javelin will take significantly more damage.2
EnergizeIf you or any of your allies are within the range of the electrical pulses from the Arc Javelin, you will be able to dish out more electricity damage using firearms or melee weapons.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Lightning StormThe electrical pulse now possesses the ability to chain to other enemies when it hits a target, effectively increasing its range of influence. In addition, the range and damage of the electrical pulse will also be increased, while the duration of the Arc Javelin will be improved.3

Translocate Upgrades

Translocate is an extremely useful ability that helps Devinder move from point A to point B, making him the best in traversal out of all the Redfall characters.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 3 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Ambient RechargeTranslocate ability’s cooldown is reduced.1
ION ExchangeYou are able to swap places with any enemy within the vicinity of the Translocate device when you activate it.1
Reverse EntropyIf you or any of your allies translocate, they will be able to negate all negative effects and also heal for a certain duration.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 5 required)
Efficient BatteryThe portal created by Translocate will remain active for longer, allowing you to go through to your previous location.2
Discordant ConjunctionTeleporting between the two portals will create a shockwave at both ends that can deal damage to and stagger anyone close by.2
Wave DestabilizationExtra weapon damage will e granted to anyone that goes through the portals.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Quantum KerfuffleThe Reverse Entropy skill heals more, and the translocate portals last for longer. Additionally, translocating will create a decoy in your previous location that the enemies will target instead of you.3

Blacklight Upgrades

Devinder’s ultimate ability is Backlight, and it is effective against vampires and stunning them.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 5 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Lumen IntensityThe radius of the effective area is increased1
Photon SharpeningThe Petrification effect that is caused by the Blacklight will last longer.1
Light TherapyAnyone (you or an ally) in the range of the Blacklight will be able to get a healing effect for a short duration.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 6 required)
Energy RedistributionThe emitting effect of Blacklight will last for a longer duration.2
UV SaturationAny enemy that gets staggered by the Blacklight and its effects will take additional damage for any other source.2
Particle AdherenceAnyone (your or an ally) in the range of the Blacklight will be capable of dealing additional firearm or melee damage to enemies.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Ultraviolent LightThe active time and the radius for Blacklight are increased. Additionally, at the end of the ability, the Blacklight will explode and shatter any vampires with the petrification effect.3


Perks offer overall passive boosts that can help you against enemies. As Devinder specializes in taking down vampires, many of his perks offer additional damage against them.

NameRequired LevelDescriptionRequired Points
Go Get ’em, Dev2After Devinder is noticed by an enemy, he will get additional firearm and melee damage for a short duration.1
Much About3Devinder is able to get more support from salvaging gear.1
Night Hunter4Vampires go into their vulnerable state and stay in it for a longer time due to Devinder’s firearm and melee attacks.1
Color Commentary5Allies close to Devinder will be able to deal additional damage to vampires.1


Dev fighting
Devinder playstyle [screenshot by eXputer]
Devinder Crousley is a standout character in Redfall, boasting a playstyle that distinguishes him from the rest. As a vampire hunter, he relies on inventive gadgets and weapons to eliminate supernatural creatures.

  • One such ability, the Translocator, is reminiscent of Dishonored’s Blink skill, enabling Devinder to throw a device and teleport to a specific location.
  • This proves particularly handy when extricating himself from challenging situations or swiftly reuniting with teammates.

Devinder’s playstyle is ideal for those wishing to adopt a supportive role.

  • Although his Arc Javelin is his sole damaging ability, the Translocate skill is perfect for quickly regrouping with teammates or reaching higher ground, which can prove beneficial.
  • Devinder’s playstyle is most effective when collaborating with other players, especially Jacob, who can offer cover fire from elevated positions.

Devinder is also an optimal character for players who prioritize stunning as their main gameplay tactic.

  • Devinder exploits shock damage to stun and staggers both vampires and human opponents.
  • By hurling his Arc Javelin into the ground, a cluster of enemies accumulates shock damage and becomes immobilized, allowing Devinder to unleash a barrage of bullets upon them.
  • His ultimate move deploys a UV camera that stuns human foes while petrifying vampires, making them easy to eliminate with a single shot or melee strike.
  • Devinder’s playstyle is indeed unique, making him an exceptional support character.
  • His stunning abilities are particularly advantageous when facing groups of enemies, and his Translocator ability facilitates nimble and strategic map navigation.

However, it is crucial to recognize that Devinder’s damage output is limited, making him less suitable for players who prefer direct confrontations. If utilized to his full potential, though, Devinder can become an invaluable asset to any team.

Jacob Boyer

Redfall plot
Jacob Boyer in Redfall

Jacob is a former mercenary and is mostly considered the stealthy and long-ranged user out of the four Redfall characters.


Jacob Boyer, one of the four characters in Arkane Studio’s Redfall, is a former Special Forces sniper turned mercenary who now dedicates his life to exterminating dark creatures with unparalleled accuracy.

  • He was sent to the island of Redfall by Bellwether, a private military company that undertakes contracts for governments and corporations globally.
  • Jacob joined the military as soon as he reached the eligible age, eventually becoming a member of a covert Special Forces unit where he participated in numerous reconnaissance and combat missions.

Following his discharge, Jacob became part of Bellwether and embarked on various contracts worldwide.

  • It was one of these corporations that brought him and his unit to Redfall under enigmatic orders known exclusively to his superiors.
  • When vampires overran Redfall, Jacob encountered one of the so-called Vampire Gods, an event that left him with a vampiric eye and a spectral raven as his companion.
  • This experience tormented Jacob’s conscience, ultimately leading him to desert Bellwether and ally himself with the remaining humans, employing his remarkable combat skills for their benefit.

As the group’s long-range specialist, Jacob leverages his precision and stealth to catch enemies off-guard. His abilities are a testament to his background as a Special Forces sniper and private military mercenary.

  • According to Jacob’s official bio, he honed his sniper skills during his time in the Special Forces and private military service.
  • Growing up in foster care in Ashton, West Virginia, he cared for numerous cats and developed a strong affection for them.
  • Additionally, he has a love for mystery novels, a penchant for poetry—particularly Emily Dickinson’s works—and an aptitude for playing the acoustic guitar.
  • On the other hand, he despises caves, being filmed, and individuals who harm cats.


Jacob character redfall abilities
Jacob abilities [image by us]
Jacob Boyer, an ex-military sharpshooter, was dispatched to Redfall as a member of an elite security force but found himself separated from his team due to unforeseen circumstances. Excelling at stealth and long-range combat, Jacob can silently eliminate enemies from afar and become invisible to infiltrate enemy lines.

  1. Upon reaching Level 2, Jacob acquires a talking Raven companion that aids him both in and out of combat.
    • When perched on his arm, the Raven marks nearby targets, while releasing it sends it flying in a straight line to mark any enemies it encounters.
    • The skill enables him to direct his raven companion to scout ahead and mark enemies.
    • By holding down the corresponding button, the Raven remains perched on Jacob’s arm while scanning for nearby enemies.
    • Marking enemies provides a significant advantage in Redfall, as it equips players with crucial information that can lead to effortless eliminations.
    • Cooldown: 12 Seconds.
  2. At Level 3, Jacob gains access to a stolen Bellwether cloaking device that renders him completely invisible unless he attacks.
    • By activating his purloined Bellwether Cloak, he can vanish from the enemy’s sight.
    • However, attacking will reveal his position once again.
    • This ability proves invaluable in a variety of situations; for example, Jacob can use his Cloak to reach an optimal sniping position undetected or to escape when facing overwhelming odds, making it particularly useful when playing at the highest difficulty setting.
    • Active: 10 Seconds.
    • Cooldown: 20 Seconds.
  3. Finally, at Level 5, Jacob unlocks the ability to summon the spectral sniper rifle, Heartstopper.
    • Its scope can quickly switch between visible enemies, allowing Jacob to effortlessly eliminate them with precise headshots.
    • Using its sights, he can lock onto enemies and deal massive damage.
    • The Heartstopper auto-targets enemy heads when aimed, enabling Jacob to eliminate any foe within his line of sight in mere seconds.
    • Although the weapon has limited ammo, even its initial capacity without upgrades can dispatch a considerable number of adversaries.
    • Active: 5 shots or 10 seconds.
    • Cooldown: need to recharge using Psychic Residue.

Ability Upgrades

Jacob tree
Jacob Skill Tree [image by us]
Like with every other Redfall character, the skills are divided according to your different abilities. As Jacob is focused on stealth, many of his abilities and upgrades offer abilities to help him become more stealthy.

Raven Upgrades

The first ability that you unlock as Jacob is his Raven. It is quite useful for scouting and discovering enemies from a distance, allowing you to pick them off without getting too close.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 2 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Bird’s EyeThe radius in which Raven is able to scan enemies is increased.1
Pervasive MemoryEnemies remain marked for longer, and Raven’s scanning radius while flying is also increased.1
Early BirdThe cooldown for Raven is decreased.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 3 required)
Marked for DeathMarked enemies get inflicted with more damage through any other source.2
Killer CorvusThe Raven can fly for longer distances and faster while also being able to inflict damage on any enemy that it touches. It can also destroy vulnerable vampires.2
DeadeyeAiming down sights while looking directly at an enemy will mark them for a short duration.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
UnkindnessThe Raven’s strikes now trigger the creation of additional ravens, which attack surrounding enemies. The Raven’s scanning range and mark duration are also improved. Additionally, Jacob is able to mark targets at a faster pace when aiming down sights.3

Cloak Upgrades

The Cloak is the main ability that makes Jacob perfect for stealth-styled gameplay. It can help you gain a tactical advantage by positioning yourself behind your enemies or even getting past them without conflict.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 3 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Battery EfficiencyThe Cloak and invisibility granted by it will last for a longer duration.1
CamouflageWhile using the Cloak, you will gain damage resistance while wearing the Cloak and even for a short time after it. Nearby allies will also be granted the same effects.1
Vicious StrikeAttacking while Cloaked will deal extra damage.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 5 required)
Battery RechargeThe cooldown for the Cloak ability is reduced.2
Air SupercavitationAnyone cloaked with the Camouflage Field will be able to move faster and also pass through traps such as tripwires without being detected.2
Hidden StrikeThe Cloak will not end when you attack, but it will shorten the duration each time you strike.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
Perfect GhostJacob’s enemies in his line of sight become marked. While cloaked, Jacob gains increased damage output and can attack more frequently before the Cloak deactivates. Additionally, the Cloak’s duration, recharge rate, and damage resistance are improved.3

Heartstopper Upgrades

Heartstopper is what makes Jacob ideal for long-range out of all the Redfall characters. If you want to eliminate enemies from afar, then you need to consider investing in the Hearstopper upgrades.

Tier 1 Skills (Level 5 required)
SkillDescriptionPoints Needed
Extended MagazineHeartstopper has more ammunition and can also last for a longer duration.1
Shock and AweNearby enemies are also knocked over if an enemy is struck with the Heartstopper.1
TransfusionAfter killing an enemy with the Heartstopper, Jacob will instantly heal and regain health.1
Tier 2 Skills (Level 6 required)
FlatlineJacob receives auto aim, where the Hearstopper automatically aims at another enemy after eliminating one with Hearstopper.2
Heart BurstAfter defeating an enemy with the Heartstopper, all nearby enemies also take damage for a short duration.2
Adrenaline RushJacob will regain health as long as Heartstopper is active.2
Tier 3 (Level 12 required)
And You’re to BlameJacob’s Heartstopper ability now has the capability to hit marked enemies that are located behind walls. Furthermore, the duration and damage of Heartstopper have been increased, while the healing effect on Jacob has been improved.3


Jacob used to be a mercenary, which is why many of his perks are focused on taking down human enemies.

NameRequired LevelDescriptionRequired Points
Deeper Pockets2Jacob will get access to more lockpicks and rewire kits1
Melee Training3Jacob will be able to deal more damage using melee.1
Sharpshooter4Extra headshot damage is applied to human enemies.1
Drill Instructor5Allies that are close to Jacob will also be able to deal extra headshot damage to humans.1


jacob fighting
Jacob playstyle [captured by us]
As a Redfall character, Jacob Boyer stands out due to his distinctive abilities and playstyle. These characteristics make him an excellent choice for both solo stealth missions and team play, where he offers valuable support to his teammates.

Jacob’s skillset revolves around stealth and reconnaissance, making him an indispensable asset in any group.

  • His Raven ability enables him to dispatch his bird to mark all enemies in the vicinity, even those hidden behind walls or at a distance.
  • The skill is essential for tracking enemy movements and identifying their locations.
  • Moreover, with upgrades, the Raven gains the power to eliminate foes in its flight path.

Jacob’s Cloak ability is another vital component of his repertoire, granting him the power to activate his purloined Bellwether Cloak and become invisible.

  • The Cloak allows him to approach enemies stealthily or change positions unnoticed.
  • Additionally, the ability bestows a bonus to his movement speed, enabling him to maneuver around adversaries undetected.
  • When playing as Jacob, you will likely be relying on the Cloak quite often while trying to figure out a way to deal with a large number of enemies.
  • It can also be quite useful in story missions or when you’re just out in the open and trying to get to a place without being detected.

The ultimate ability in Jacob’s arsenal is Heartstopper, which summons a spectral rifle capable of inflicting significant damage on enemies.

  • This skill is invaluable for eliminating key targets or taking out foes from a safe distance.
  • By using the sights to lock onto enemies, you can effortlessly deal lethal damage.

Jacob’s playstyle is tailored to a stealth-oriented approach. Although navigating through Redfall without attracting the attention of vampires and hostile humans can be challenging, Jacob’s unique abilities make it much more manageable to remain hidden.

  • Employing his Raven to mark all enemies in the area, you can then use his Cloak ability to sneak up behind them, enabling you to dispatch them with melee attacks from behind and potentially remain undetected throughout the mission.
  • To sum up, Jacob Boyer’s one-of-a-kind abilities and playstyle make him an exceptional option for players who prefer a stealthy approach in Redfall.
  • With his skills centered on reconnaissance and stealth, he is an invaluable member of any team and can be counted on to provide support in a variety of situations.


With that you know about all of the Redfall Characters. All four of them offer their own unique playstyle and abilities that can come in handy in all sorts of situations. Regardless of which character you choose, you’ll have access to a wide skill tree that can help you enhance your abilities and defeat the various enemies in Redfall.

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