Redfall Triangulation [Walkthrough]

This Redfall Triangulation lists all the vital steps players must take to disable 2 Antennas & Signal Source & complete the mission.

The Redfall Triangulation mission is an essential early-stage objective that requires players to disable an enemy signal source in Old Town, thereby weakening the vampire and cultist stronghold in the area. This pivotal mission not only improves player communications by eliminating signal interference but also helps establish a foothold in Redfall, setting the stage for future challenges.

Key Takeaways
  • The Redfall Triangulation mission is crucial for weakening enemy control in Old Town, which helps players establish a foothold.
  • Completing the Triangulation mission eliminates interference from the enemy signal source, improving player communications and teamwork.
  • To complete the Triangulation mission, players need to complete the following steps:
    1. Find supplies in Old Town to establish a foothold against vampires.
    2. Unlock the Old Town Safehouse by activating the generator and capturing the neighborhood.
    3. Initiate the Triangulation mission from the safe house map to disable the enemy signal source.
    4. Resupply and prepare for rooftop traversal before embarking on the mission.
    5. Interact with two antennas, whose locations may vary between playthroughs, to triangulate the signal source.
    6. Utilize rooftop traversal mechanics to reach antennas while avoiding cultists and vampires.
    7. After activating antennas, use the in-game map to find the yellow circle, set a marker, and head to the waypoint.
    8. Fight off enemies guarding the signal source, locate the glowing green satellite dish, and disable the signal.
    9. Challenges include a lack of clear guidance and confusion in finding the signal source.
    10. Overcome these challenges by effectively utilizing the in-game map and waypoints to locate and disable the enemy signal.

Unlocking the Old Town Safehouse

Old Townhouse objective [Images Source: Manugames92]
Before you actually progress with the Triangulation mission, you will need to first find supplies in the Old Town and after that, turn on the Generator in the neighborhood. 

Find Supplies In The Old Town

In the early stages of Redfall, players are required to find essential supplies in the Old Town section. This area is crucial for establishing a foothold against the vampire threat. As players explore Old Town, they should keep an eye out for resources that can aid them in their fight, such as ammunition, health kits, and other valuable items. These supplies will help ensure the players’ survival and progress in Redfall.

Turn On The Generator & Capture The Neighborhood

To unlock the Old Town Safehouse, players must first locate and turn on the generator powering it. Activating the generator not only provides a secure location for players to regroup but also helps to make the neighborhood safer to traverse.

  • Once the generator is operational, players must then focus on capturing the neighborhood, which involves completing safehouse missions to clear out any remaining vampire and cultist threats.
  • Successfully capturing the neighborhood will solidify the players’ presence in Old Town and provide them with a vital base of operations for future missions.

Triangulation Mission

Triangulate Antenna source

The Triangulation mission serves the critical purpose of disabling the enemy signal source within the Old Town. This enemy signal source interferes with the players’ communications and allows vampires and cultists to maintain a stronghold in the area. By disabling the signal source, players can weaken the enemy’s control and make it easier to accomplish their objectives.

Pick Up The Mission From The Old Town Safehouse Map

To initiate the Redfall Triangulation mission, players must first locate the Old Town safehouse map within the safe house. Once they have found the map, they can pick up the Triangulation mission and begin their quest to disable the enemy signal source. This mission is vital for players to progress through and establish a foothold in the Old Town neighborhood.

Resupply And Prepare For Rooftop Traversal

Before embarking on the Triangulation mission, it is crucial for players to resupply and prepare for rooftop traversal. In the safe house, players should ensure they have ample ammunition and health kits, as they will face various enemies while attempting to complete the mission.

Additionally, players should familiarize themselves with Redfall’s rooftop traversal mechanics, as they will need to jump on air conditioning units, awnings, and ledges to reach the antennas and eventually disable the signal source.

Interacting With Two Antennas

During the Triangulation mission, players must interact with two antennas to triangulate the enemy signal source’s location.

  • It is important to note that the locations of these antennas can differ between playthroughs, adding an element of unpredictability to the mission.
  • Players may also encounter different objective locations when joining a friend’s game, further emphasizing the importance of adaptability and exploration.

Climb On Air Conditioning Units & Reach Rooftops

To access the antennas, players will need to utilize rooftop traversal mechanics. Climbing on air conditioning units, awnings, and ledges will help players reach the rooftops where the antennas are located. When near a ledge, players should press the jump button again to clamber up it. Redfall encourages vertical exploration, so even seemingly impossible jumps may be achievable with the right approach.

Cultists & Vampires Patrol The Streets & Alleyways

As players navigate the rooftops and streets of Old Town in search of antennas, they should remain vigilant for enemy encounters. Cultists frequently patrol the streets of Old Town, while vampires can often be found lurking in alleyways. Players must exercise caution and be prepared to engage in combat with these enemies while attempting to triangulate the enemy signal source’s location.

Disabling the Signal Source

Disabling signal source objective

To pinpoint the location of the enemy signal source, players must first activate the two antennas they have discovered. By interacting with both antennas, players can triangulate the signal’s origin and proceed to disable it, thereby weakening the enemy’s control in the area.

Open Map & find Yellow Circle

After activating the antennas, players should open their in-game map and look for a yellow circle, which represents the search area for the signal source. This circle provides a general indication of where the source is located and helps players focus their search efforts.

Set A Marker & Head To Waypoint

Go to the far end, as shown on the map, to disable the signal source

With the search area identified on the map, players should set a marker within the yellow circle and head towards it. As they approach the marked location, an objective waypoint will appear, guiding players directly to the signal source. This waypoint is crucial for navigating the potentially confusing streets and rooftops of Old Town.

Fight Off Enemies & Locate Satellite

Signal Source disabled

Upon reaching the signal source’s location, players will likely encounter a group of enemies guarding the area. Players must engage in combat and defeat these enemies before they can disable the signal source. After clearing the area of hostiles, players should look for a glowing green satellite dish, which represents the enemy signal source.

Important: Hold X/Square to disable the signal and complete Redfall Traingulation mission.

Finally, to disable the enemy signal and complete the Redfall Triangulation mission, players must approach the glowing green satellite dish and hold the X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation) button. Successfully disabling the signal will weaken the enemy’s control in the Old Town neighborhood and allow players to progress further in Redfall.


Redfall Triangulation completed

Although the Triangulation mission itself is not inherently difficult, it presents a unique challenge due to a lack of clear guidance from Redfall. Players may feel disoriented or unsure about their next steps, which can cause frustration and prolong the completion of the mission. The absence of straightforward instructions requires players to rely on their intuition and problem-solving skills to accomplish the mission objectives.

Finding Signal Source Can Be Confusing

Locating the enemy signal source during the Triangulation mission can be particularly confusing for players. The absence of a clear objective marker or an obvious path to the source may lead to aimless wandering and uncertainty. Players may find themselves searching for an extended period before finally discovering the source’s location, which can detract from the overall enjoyment of the mission.

Use Map To Locate Yellow Circle & Disable

Despite these challenges, players can overcome the obstacles presented by the Triangulation mission by effectively utilizing the in-game map. By locating the yellow circle on the map and setting a marker within it, players can obtain a waypoint that guides them to the signal source.

By following this waypoint and carefully searching the area, players will eventually locate the glowing green satellite dish and be able to disable the enemy signal source. This strategy, although not explicitly provided by Redfall, is crucial for successfully completing the Triangulation mission.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Redfall Triangulation mission is a vital stepping stone, as it weakens enemy control and paves the way for further progress. By enhancing player communications, encouraging exploration, and honing combat skills, the mission establishes a strong foundation for players to face more complex challenges as they advance through Redfall.


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