MultiVersus Reindog: Perks, Moves & Strategies

This guide contains information on how you can unlock Reindog in MultiVersus along with his Moves, Perks, and Strategies.

If you’re planning to become the best MultiVersus player among your friends, then it’s important to know all about the different characters in the game, including Reindog. Reindog is an exclusive character added in MultiVersus which comes alongside his own perks and moves. However, without a good strategy, you can’t really get the best out of Reindog in MultiVersus. Luckily, that’s exactly what this guide will help you with.

Key Highlights
  • Reindog is a support class character from the world of Zanifeer and was tasked with protecting the Royal Family
  • Reindog’s world was the first to fall during a dimensional cataclysm called “The Nothing” and Reindog was the sole survivor
  • There are three ways to unlock Reindog in the game: spending Gold, using Gleamium, or using a character ticket
  • Reindog has two skin variants: the default “Battle” skin and a “Roman Centurion” skin
  • Reindog has a variety of moves that can be divided into grounded and aerial categories, each with a specific function in combat
  • His perks include decreasing the cooldown timer by 10%, reducing the incoming damage by 4%, and Projectile Gray Health
  • Reindog’s abilities, such as Meteor, Fireball, and Power Crystal, can be used to control the battlefield and push back enemies, giving allies an advantage.

Who Is Reindog In MultiVersus

Reindog in MultiVersus
New Character in MultiVersus: Reindog

Most characters that you will come across in Multiverses can be recognized, and they can be Tom & Jerry, Finn, and Batman. However, we are sure that you have never heard of Reindog before MultiVersus ever. Some players took out their frustration on Twitter, asking who Reindog is, while some started adoring the cute character.

From what Warner Bros has revealed, Reindog comes from the world of Zanifeer. The character was one of its many kinds, and their task was to guard and keep the Royal Family safe. That is the reason why the character is of support class and possesses moves based on team protection.

The lore of the character is rather sad. Its world was the first one to fall during a great dimensional cataclysm under a phenomenon called ‘The Nothing.’ Moreover, Reindog was the sole survivor in its world.

Reuindog’s build summary table: 

Grounded MovesAerial MovesStatisticsAttacking PerksDefending Perks
Fluffy Combo (Side)
Ptoo! (Neutral)
Back Bumper (Up)
Love Leash (Neutral Special)
Tail Swipe (Down) (Side Special)
Flounce Pounce (Down Special)
Fireball (Down Special)
Power Crystal (Up Special)
Ptoo! (Neutral)
Flying Chomp (Up)
Spin-Dog (Side)
Tail Swat (Down)
Fireworks Master (Side Special)
Love Leash (Neutral Special)
Flying Floof (Up)
Meteor (Down)
Mobility: 3/10
Damage: 4/10
Ranged: 6/10
Support: 8/10
Fire Fluff
Make It Rain, Dog!
Hit ‘Em While They’re Down
Static Electricity
Crystal Pal
Kryptonian Skin
Projectile Gray Health

Unlocking Reindog

There are mainly three ways through which you can unlock Reindog in MultiVersus. You can spend 3,000 Gold which you can earn by playing the game, finishing challenges, and completing missions.

The second way of unlocking the character is by using 700 MultiVersus Gleamium. The Gleamiums are a premium currency that you can buy from real money. Lastly, you can use a character ticket which you can get through the Founder packs and add-ons that you can get through appropriate online stores.

Reindog’s Skin Variants

Skin Variants of The Character
Skin Variants of Reindog

The default skin of Reindog in MultiVersus is just the creature with a cute smile which is called ‘Battle.’ However, the other skin gives him a neat suit of armor. The suit also makes him look like a Roman Centurion. You cannot unlock the skin through the gameplay, and rather you will have to spend 1,500 Gleamium, which is the premium currency of the game.

All Reindog Moves In MultiVersus

Moves in Combat
Movements of Reindog

All the moves of the character can be divided into two main categories, which are grounded and aerial.


  1. Fluffy Combo (Side): A combo of headbutts and swipes.
  2. Ptoo! (Neutral): The character spits a powerful projectile that bounces off the ceiling, ground, and walls.
  3. Back Bumper (Up): Reindog will charge upward and slam enemies with its back.
  4. Love Leash (Neutral Special): He will create a heart tether from Reindog that can connect to the allies. The enemies in the beam will deal damage continuously. If you attach it to an ally, the character will pull them towards himself.
  5. Tail Swipe (Down): He will slam down with a strong tail strike.
  6. Flounce Pounce (Side Special): Reindog will do a strong forward pounce.
  7. Fireball (Down Special): The character will launch a fireball, which will leave a firewall if it hits the ground. It will also apply a fire debuff to any enemy whom it strikes.
  8. Power Crystal (Up Special): Reindog will create a crystal over its head. Then, a lightning bolt will strike at that location after every few seconds. It can also apply an electrical melee buff to allies or an electrical debuff to enemies.


  1. Ptoo! (Neutral): The character will spit a powerful projectile that bounces off the ground, ceiling, and walls.
  2. Flying Chomp (Up): He will bite upward.
  3. Spin-Dog (Side): Reindog will rapidly spin and strike several times to break the armor.
  4. Tail Swat (Down): He will do a powerful downward tail strike.
  5. Fireworks Master (Side Special): The character will do an aerial spinning attack.
  6. Love Leash (Neutral Special): He will create a heart tether from Reindog that can connect to the allies. The enemies in the beam will deal damage continuously. If you attach it to an ally, the character will pull them toward itself.
  7. Flying Floof (Up): Reindog will become a rolling ball. Allies can pick him up like an item and throw it at the enemies.
  8. Meteor (Down): He will launch a fireball downward, which applies a fire debuff to enemies it strikes and leaves a firewall if it hits the ground.

Best Attacking Perks For Reindog 

Reindog in MultiVersus: Abilties
Perks of Reindog

Since Reindog is a supporting character, we recommend you make a combination of partner assisting moves, offensive attacks, and debuffs. You might use him in 1v1 battles, so it will be best to use damage-dealing perks as you will have no one to support.

Signature Perk: Fire Fluff

The Fire Fluff is undoubtedly the best signature perk for Reindog, which gives its fireball a large firewall as soon as it impacts the ground. His fireball is the main damage dealing powerful attack, and once you increase his strength, Reindog’s attacking ability will suit your aggressive strategy.

Perk Slot 1: Make It Rain, Dog!

The main focus of Reindog’s abilities is debuffs and projectiles. This perk increases the team’s projectile speed which makes the team along with him more effective. It can even help you in locking down the arena, and if you get technical, you can even push the enemies further and off the stage entirely.

Although your team will be receiving a 25% increase in projectile speed, the downside of the perk is that the projectile is relatively slower, but you can speed it up while they are on fire without charging a bunch.

Perk Slot 2: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down

The second slot perk will deal increased damage when you hit rebuffed enemies. Since Reindog constantly debuffs enemies due to his supporting class, the perk will help the team overall in dealing overall damage.

The perk also focuses on increasing the character’s attacking ability rather than supporting. So, if your strategy is aggressive, then you should surely pick it up. We recommend you keep an ally who deals high damage, such as a Bruiser or an Assassin.

Perk Slot 3: Static Electricity

The last perk mainly focuses on debuffing the enemies. The perk will apply a shock to the enemy team through a projectile when allies stay on the ground for four seconds. The perk bonus is still a nice addition to the loadout, even though it requires your team to stay on the ground. The only downside of the powerful Static Electricity is that the timer resets as soon as the team leaves the ground.

Best Defending Perks In MultiVersus For Reindog

If you are not in a 1v1, you will be expected by your allies to keep the support as high as possible. Your teammates will play more aggressively, knowing and trusting that there is a supporting character on the roster.

Signature Perk: Crystal Pal

The signature perk will allow you to be a better defensive tool and let you push away the enemies who are trying to close up on the arena to attack. The Crystal Pal will follow the Reindog as he descends. Remember, the perk can be unlocked once you reach the mastery level of 8 with Reindog.

Perk Slot 1: Coffeezilla

The first normal perk will decrease the cooldown timer by 10%. It will allow you to utilize the love leash and the fireball more. If there is another character on the roster with Coffeezilla, using it together will decrease the cooldown by only 15%.

Perk Slot 2: Kryptonian Skin

It is one of the premium perks that you can apply to any character. Its purpose is for the defense as it reduces the incoming damage by 4%. It improves the survivability of the team, especially when the opponents have high damage dealing characters. If there are two characters in the team using Kryptonian Skin, the damage will reduce by only 6%.

Perk Slot 3: Projectile Gray Health

The name of the perk changed, and you might know it as Retaliation Ready. With this perk, once you knock down an enemy from a projectile, your team will get three grey health for three seconds. Moreover, the effect will stack in case the perk is applied to both teams.

The perk was overpowered, and so MultiVersus decided to nerf the duration of it from five seconds to three seconds. The stacking power was also reduced from eight to four.

Strategies And Tips

Although Reindog is a supporting character in MultiVersus, it does not mean that you can’t use him flexibly. The perks mentioned above will make Reindog deal more damage to the enemies. You can even sue him as a tank as he is capable of receiving a great amount of damage.

The main focus while playing Reindog is to play safe and stay alive so you can use your Love Leash to keep your allies safe. His Neutral Special ability allows you and your teammates to go at off angles and off the side of the arena to attack. If you see that the danger is close, you can simply press the input again. Doing that will simply yank them back to safety.

You can easily control the battlefield and push back enemies by using Meteor, Fireball, and Power Crystal. It will also give your allies an advantage as the enemies will be distracted and most vulnerable. If any of your allies need help, make sure you are there, as Reindog can scrap close areas pretty well.

Other Useful Information

Warner Bros’ new game MultiVersus is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows. It is a crossover fighting game that is free to play. You get to see some of your childhood characters and some recent characters, such as Rick and Morty, Jake, and Taz. However, characters such as Reindog are totally new in MultiVersus, and players are thinking about whether they have seen it earlier or not. 

MultiVersus Characters
Characters of the MultiVersus

Each character in MultiVersus has a special role that plays a part in the overall strategy of the team. The special role can be identified as classes, and it lets the players know the strengths of a character.

There are a total of five classes in the game, which are Bruiser, Tank, Mage, Assassin, and Support. The Bruisers, like Batman, deal damage to enemies by using their fists. The Tanks, like Superman, can receive a lot of damage and cover the team.

The Mages, like Bugs Bunny, deal major damage by using projectiles; you can use them for long-range attacks. The Assassins, like Arya Stark, use weapons to slay down the enemies. Lastly, Support, like Reindog, helps their team by providing aid in duos matches of MultiVersus.


That is all from our side, and we hope you will like Reindog, the new and wholesome character of MultiVersus. The community is also expecting Warner Bros to properly introduce him and his lore so they can enjoy it even more. Read the How To Toast In MultiVersus guide so you can know how to get toast and how to use it in MultiVersus. 

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