Resident Evil 7: Survival guide

Shut the door behind you

If, nevertheless, you’re like most players and solely the victim of an indestructible psychopathic hillbilly family, read on for the genuine ways to withstand the gloriously confused Resident Evil 7.

Key Takeaways
  • Use your ears to your advantage: The enemies in Resident Evil 7 are very noisy, so you can often hear them coming before you see them. This gives you a chance to prepare or avoid them altogether.
  • Examine every corner: There are many hidden items and areas in Resident Evil 7, so it’s important to explore thoroughly.
  • Abuse your saves: The game gives you plenty of save points, so don’t be afraid to use them. This will help you avoid losing progress if you die.
  • Use the map: A map is a valuable tool that can help you navigate the game world and find your way back to important areas.
  • Block sometimes: Blocking can be a lifesaver in Resident Evil 7. It can help you absorb some damage and give you a chance to counterattack.
  • Get the shotgun as soon as possible: The shotgun is the most powerful weapon in the game, so it’s a good idea to get it as soon as possible.
  • Take advantage of the storage: There are many storage containers in the game world. These can be used to store items that you don’t need immediately.
  • Use what you have: Don’t be afraid to use every item at your disposal. Even seemingly useless items can be helpful in certain situations.
  • Blend the items: You can blend certain items together to create new items. This can be a great way to conserve resources and make new weapons and healing items.
  • Cache antique coins: Antique coins are a valuable currency in Resident Evil 7. You can use them to purchase items from the merchant or to unlock secret areas.
  • Keep the steroids: Steroids can temporarily increase your health and damage your output. They can be a lifesaver in a tough situation.
  • Keep your buddies close: The game gives you a few allies who can help you out in a fight. Don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage.

Your ears are your best partners

Resident Evil 7 has accumulated some tricks from different modern horror games, including the terrifying indie series, Amnesia Like in the Amnesia games, RE7 highlights sequences where you’re being chased by foes you can’t overcome and your exclusive hope is to sneak from and dodge them. Whenever that occurs crank up the sound. The trustworthy way to track your enemies is to monitor their footsteps and/or insane, maniacal mutterings.

Examine each corner

Similar to a classic Resident Evil game, RE7 provides you inadequate means with which to endure the psychotic . For longtime fans, that will presumably be added between the game’s strengths — but it may be frustrating to modern RE fans, they may be used to moving the games at an expeditious velocity. In this game, gradual and constant wins the race: You should actually use the time to pick over every terrifying inch of each extra room you find. That is when there’s not a bloodthirsty redneck chasing you nearby.

Abuse your saves

Previous Resident Evil games restricted the number of time you could save by demanding a particular item to do so. That limitation has been lifted, so go ahead and “save scum” (saving repeatedly and restarting if you twist something up) all you require. This is exceptionally useful for object scavenging: Store and reload as much as you want, you’ll have many times to decide which containers to use your restricted lockpicks on, or use the “psychostimulants” item to expose unknown item locations, note their locations, then reload and obtain them while saving your valuable sources of gathering tool.

Use the map

Like a genuine Resident Evil game, RE7 highlights several labyrinthine, befuddling settings, including the sprawling bayou villa at the game’s center. Fortunately, the developers added a handy map you can reach with the press of a button. Even before you find each area map (remember to keep scavenging!) the map will load in as you go, so it’s evermore useful to be thorough.

Block sometimes

It may seem absurd, but you should not always turn tail and run or seriously continue shooting when an attacker is heading down on you or striking in your face. Sometimes the valid option is to tap the block button and pin up your arms in resistance. It’s not accurate — you’ll normally still take some suffering — although it’s something.

Occupy the shotgun as soon as possible

In Resident Evil 7’s first real big area (unlocked after the garage fight) you’ll find a shotgun in the main hall. Accumulating it up traps you in the place, but there’s a process to get it before the subsequent big boss fight. To obtain it, discover the scorpion key, which you are going to find in the basement near the “processing area”, then advance to Grandma’s room, located off the rec room on the second floor. Take the broken shotgun there and swap it for the working one to acquire the weapon. Just don’t let Papa zombie locate you nearby in nana’s unmentionables.

Shut the door behind you

Few opponents are extremely dumb to open doors (as the game itself will tell you often on loading screens). It doesn’t eternally work, but shutting doors behind you as a habit will at least make you feel safe, and sometimes that’s enough.

Take advantage of the storage

Most areas wherever you locate a tape recorder save station will also have a big green box for you to collect objects. Place anything you won’t instantly use — from chem liquid to external ammo — inside storage. When you start running low you can go back and resupply (and save your game too), although you’ll be troubled if your inventory fills up in the midst of a boss fight or if you can’t pick up a key item while scary Colonel Sanders is hunting you.

Use what you have

In Resident Evil 7 you’ll get health items, ammo, and other resources in a limited form, the game itself try to give you enough to get by (just that adequate amount, not beyond that). So, don’t walk around all bloodied up or reload an earlier save every time you drop a shot and drain a bullet; You’ll have lots of supplies when you need them (i.e. heading up to a boss fight), and save scumming every last variable will get the fun out of it.

Blend the items

Throughout Resident Evil 7 you’ll find pieces like “chem fluid” and “gunpowder.” You can blend these in your inventory to make handgun bullets. There are lots of combinations: Chem fluid and green herbs make first aid medications, and later you’ll find stronger chem fluid that can make better first aid and bullets. There are many numerous combos after that (you can see the opportunities in the “combine” tab of your inventory), so keep seeking new things as you go.

Cache Those “Antique Coins”

The antique coins you discover resting around seem useless for the initial few hours, but once you escape the main house and step into the yard you’ll want as many as you can find. Seize as many as you can obtain and stash them in storage.

Keep the steroids

If you happen to discover some steroids on this devilish course you can utilize them to enduringly increase your strength (don’t think about it too hard). Nevertheless using the steroids will also heal you, so don’t use them right away if your strength is full when you find them; Save the steroids for a pinch and save a strength tonic in the manner.

Keep your buddies close

Resident Evil 7 is gloriously scary at times, but the developers apparently also knew when to not take it too seriously. Either way, bringing a buddy onward for the ride can make the moments you jump out of your chair a little funny, and the times when you giggle even entertaining.

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