Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Restaurant Makeover [Guide]

Our guide will help you complete A Restaurant Makeover quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can help Remy restore his restaurant.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of exciting activities for you to try. However, cooking is undoubtedly one of the most important and fun activities in the game. If you enjoy cooking, then you should definitely take on the quest called A Restaurant Makeover in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Key Highlights
  • The Restaurant Makeover quest is going to be given to you by Remy. You will be tasked to make a number of dishes for a lot of customers.
  • Remy’s quests are mostly cooking-related, so make sure to gather as many ingredients as you can.
  • After completing A Restaurant With A Great Little Chef you will be able to unlock Remy.
  • After unlocking Remy, you will then be able to help Remy with a Restaurant Makeover. 
  • Buying Furniture and acquiring different materials is going to be required in order to complete the quest. Furniture can be bought from Scrooge McDuck.

A Restaurant Makeover Quest 

After you have finished the “An Important Night At The Restaurant” quest, the next quest you will be taking on is A Restaurant Makeover quest. The quest will require you to cook a lot of delicious meals for a lot of customers. You will also be making meals for the food critic with Remy in Paris.

A Restaurant Makeover in Disney Dreamlight Valley
A Restaurant Makeover in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Since you will be making quite a lot of recipes in the game, it is important that you read our guide till the end to see how you can make the whole process more convenient for you. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to make apple pie, as you will be making it as a part of Remy’s questline. 

But before we go on with the quest, let’s see how you can unlock Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

How To Unlock Remy 

In his quest, he will have to go through three important quests. But before that, you will have to unlock him in the game. Also, all of his quests are about cooking, so it is important to get your hands on all the possible ingredients that you can find in the game. Some of the ingredients that you can collect also include garlic and onion. 

talk to Remy
Talk to Remy

To unlock Remy, all have to unlock the ratatouille realm in the Dream castle. After that, you have to select A Restaurant With A Great Little Chef, and you will be able to gain access to his quest line. Now you will be able to take on his quests, and there are three of them in the game.

The one we discussed today is A Restaurant Makeover. While you are at it, make sure to go ahead and check out how you can make jam waffles. 

Tasks For The Quest 

There will be many tasks that you will have to complete in order to finish the quest successfully. While it might seem quite lengthy, it is, in fact, very easy, and you won’t have to spend much time going around completing the tasks. Following are all the tasks you need to complete for the quest. 

Renovating the restaurant in A Restaurant Makeover in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Restoring the Restaurant
  • Go to his restaurant and meet Remy. 
  • Next, you need to enter the restaurant and see what it holds. Make sure to explore it as much as you can, as you might find some important items lying around. 
  • Talk to Remy about his restaurant, and make sure to go through all the dialogue options in the game. 
  • The most important part of the quest is buying furniture for the restaurant. You will be able to get the furniture kit for the restaurant from Scrooge McDuck. 
  • After buying the Restaurant Furniture Kit, take it to Remy in his restaurant. 
  • Next, you have to find four important ingredients for Remy. These are Wheat, Raspberry, Carrot, and Oregano. 
  • Now go and bring all the ingredients required by Remy in the game. 
  • After giving him all the ingredients that he needs, follow him into the restaurant. 
  • Interact with Remy and complete all his dialogue options. 

As soon as you complete The Night At The Restaurant quest, you will be able to unlock the A Restaurant Makeover quest. When you help Remy in his kitchen and invite him into your Valley, you need to go and meet him. He will be right outside his restaurant and will be sad about the state of the restaurant. 

However, According to him, after a renovation, the restaurant will be as good as new, so you will have to help him restore the building to its previous state. Also, make sure to check out our guide on all the voice actors. 

Buying The Restaurant Furniture Kit 

As soon as you unlock the restaurant, you need to head inside, interact with Remy one more time, and go through all his dialogue options, and you will be assigned the task of renovating the restaurant.

furniture kit for A Restaurant Makeover in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Restaurant Furniture Kit

Remy will ask you to go and look for Scrooge McDuck as you will be able to buy a Restaurant Furniture Kit from him. 

Now you need to leave the restaurant and search for Scrooge Mcduck’s store. After locating the store, head inside and interact with him. Eventually, you’ll reach an option of ordering some items from Scrooge McDuck. Go ahead and select furniture from the options. Now choose requests and then click on Remy.

After that, he will see an option of buying the Restaurant Furniture Kit. It will be available for 2000 Star Coins. Make sure to read our guide on blue furniture for Merlin that you need to complete in order to finish his quest. 

Use 2000 Star Coins to buy the Restaurant Furniture Kit and bring it to Remy. 

Finding The Ingredients For Remy 

Now you need to collect a certain amount of ingredients so you can get started with cooking. Remy will show you a list of ingredients, and he will request you to find half of them while he finds the other half. Also, we have created a guide on how to get worms so make sure to check it out. 

List of items
Get the Ingredient list from Remy.

The ingredients you need to find are the following. 

  • 25X Wheat 
  • 15x Carrot 
  • 10x Oregano 
  • 15X Raspberry 

Let’s see where you can find each of these ingredients in the game. 


You can find Oregano plants in the Plaza, and they will spawn randomly. 


In order to get rest where you need to search in Peaceful Meadow and Plaza; they will be located in large bushes all around the region.

With each Raspberry Bush you harvest, you will get a total of three Raspberries. 

Carrot And Wheat

The seeds for Carrot and Wheat can be found easily in Peaceful Meadow when you visit with the style of coffee. However, you will have to upgrade his stand at least two times before you are able to obtain the seeds. 

A Restaurant Makeover in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Find all ingredients

All you need to do now is plant them and make sure you water them regularly so they can grow fast. Soon will be able to harvest them. You will get a total of 1 carrot with each carrot seed.

On the other hand, you will get a total of two pieces of Wheat every time you plant a Wheat seed. So in order to get the total amount of them, you will need to plant at least 13 wheat seeds and 15 carrot seeds. 

Completing The Quest 

After you have successfully collected all the ingredients, look for Remy and give him all the ingredients you have collected. You will be able to complete the quest now and unlock the next one.

It will be called Remy’s Recipe Book. Furthermore, the players will also be able to buy different ingredients to cook dishes in the game.

Don’t forget to experiment with the recipes and cook different items. Don’t forget to read our guide on all the characters, which includes all the upcoming characters in the game as well. 


Read our guide on recipes to see what possible recipes you might be making in this quest. 

Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to make money faster as well, since you will need a lot of Star Coins and your adventures to purchase different items. 

We have formulated a guide on how to unlock fast travel, as most of the quests in the game require a lot of traveling among different biomes. Also, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to get clay, as you will need it to craft certain items.

You will be making a lot of fish sandwiches as a part of the quest as well, so it is important to let you read our guide on it. Also, Remy will ask you to make a banana pie for him as a part of the quest, so it is important that you check out the recipe for it.

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