Return To Monkey Island Forgiveness Frog [Explained]

One of mind wrecking puzzle in Return To Monkey Island is when you have to ask for forgiveness from Carla

Completing the game Return to Monkey Island is not an easy task. Even if you are planning a difficult revolt and just looking for your mop, you will always have taken creative steps to solve the problem. That also means that things might appear useless to you at first, but later on, they will be very important in solving the riddles. One such puzzle is when you have asked for an apology from Carla by using the Forgiveness frog.

Key Takeaways
  • The Forgiveness Frog puzzle requires players to purchase the frog from the International House of Mojo and use it to write a heartfelt apology letter to Carla to obtain a cookbook.
  • Players should write a letter to Clara using persuasive words and express their remorse to her.
  • You should focus on these phrases and include them in your letter; “Dear Carla” and “Sorry for forgetting the book I borrowed”.
  • Remember to use her motto during the letter as well.
  • Now you have to persuade Clara again using the frog of forgiveness to win her sympathy.

What To Do With A Forgiveness Frog

First of all, you will need to chat with the ship’s quartermaster on LeChuck’s ship before you get the mop. Furthermore, you should then travel towards the docks in order to find Carla’s re-election and also her slogan. Therefore, you should borrow the mop by speaking there with the cook who is in Scumm Bar’s Kitchen.

Reach the area where Carla’s monument is present, it would be on Low Street there you should reach the plaque, you will get the location. There, just purchase the Forgiveness Frog and make sure to get hold of a knife from the International House of Mojo. Then you will be required to contact the Governor’s Mansion to get the ingredients book.

Players In the game now should write a letter of remorse to Carla. They can compose this letter by using a feather quill and the Forgiveness Frog that you bought earlier.

Apology Frog
Getting the Forgiveness Frog

It depends now on how much you have progressed in the game up to this point. Keep in mind that the third and fourth words that you will see in the letter will be according to the progression you have made.

Compose A Letter

However, it is very important that in the first two phrases, you should write t “Dear Carla” and “Sorry for forgetting the book I borrowed” in Return to Monkey Island. Now while writing the third phrase, you must write her motto. Later in the fourth phrase, it doesn’t matter what you write; it wouldn’t have any effect on the puzzle.

When you are done writing the apology letter, now return back to Scumm Barr, and there you should give the book to the cook. He would be already occupied with his work; use a knife that you purchased before to cut away a chunk of his mop. There is the map; you will get the exact location of the mop tree, but you have first to give it to Wally at Maps-n-More on Low Street.

There is a forest near to the Museum of Pirate Lore you should now travel there. After reaching there, you should chop a piece of wood from the specific tree that the map indicates; finally, after getting the wood, use the inventory menu to create the mop with that wood.  

Reach To The House Of Mojo

In order to board LeChuck’s ship and to reach Monkey Island, you should get first employed as a swabby. Remember that it is very difficult thing; to obtain the mop, you will be required to have a cookbook from Carla’s Governor’s Mansion. It needs to divert cooking to the Scumm Bar.

Offer the book
Give the book to the cook.

Carla is not willing to let you have any more of the books, as she knows that there is a chance you might not return them back to her. Also, she is not accepting the apology too. That is why all you need is a Forgiveness Frog from the House of Mojo.

Heartfelt Apology To Carla

No doubt the frog that you have is a magical one, but if you don’t give it heartfelt touch, it will probably work. If you deliver a blank frog to Carla, then she won’t forgive you, and you will not receive the cookbook either In Return to Monkey Island. Moreover, utilize the information that is available on the island about Carla to write a sympathetic apology for the frog.

Apologizing to Carla

You should know that Carla is famous for her actions in Sato Domingo. Also, you need to promise her sincerely that you will always return her books in the future after you have successfully convinced her that you will always return her books and have learned your lesson.

Final Words

No task is straightforward in Return To Monkey Island game. Moreover, the game is filled with various interesting puzzles and requires real intelligence to solve them. One such puzzle in Return To Monkey Island is when you have to use an apology frog. You are required to use forgiveness Frog to ask apology from Carla in Return To Monkey Island Game.

She has a number of good books on display; however, if you borrow one specific book, she will not lend you that. This is because she thinks you won’t return that book to her. Fortunately, you can convince her to trust you by composing a heartfelt letter and using a magical frog.

The game is set in a fictional version of Caribbean islands, and Return To The Monkey Island follows Guybrush, who wants to solve complex mystery puzzles. He does that by exploring different Islands and getting in and out of trouble. If you want to know more about the game, then we encourage you to read our Return To Money Island Review.  

Return to Monkey Island has two difficulty modes which are casual and hard. The only difference between the two modes is the complexity of the mysteries and puzzles you have to solve in the game. Read our Return To Monkey Island Casual and Hard Difficulty to know all about these two modes. 

Moreover, the Return to Monkey Island game has several interesting and challenging riddles that players could ever wish for. Remember that some of the riddles are very much enjoyable, but some might cause trouble enough to quit the game. Even worse, you might just get stuck in the same place and not move farther into the game’s plot.

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