Return To Monkey Island Bragging Achievement Guide

This Return To Monkey Island Bragging Achievement guide will showcase how to get the achievement for players!

In our Return To Monkey Island Bragging Achievement guide, we will uncover all that you need to know about the objectives you need to do and how to achieve the achievement.

Key Takeaways
  • Return to Monkey has an achievement known as “Bragging Achievement” wherein you have to tell everyone in town about your plans. 
  • This achievement has 13 different objectives that you must complete. These steps include:
    • The Lookout: The first spot where you spread your word is the Lookout where you meet an elderly man.
    • Scumm Bar Pirates: Next, you go into the Scumm Bar which is a rusted old bar. You will need to talk with the Pirates at the bar.
    • Scumm Bar Cook: After meeting the pirates, you must go to the kitchen of the bar and meet the cook.
    • More Pirates in Scumm Bar: Guybrush will have to interact with the new pirates and avoid any arguments and then spill the beans.
    • Voodoo Lady: She can be found at the International House of Mojo.
    • Wally’s Objective: Wally is another character who can be told about the plans, you can find him at Map’N More Shop.
    • Otis is in Jail: The next character Guybrush has to meet is Otis who has been imprisoned. You can enter the jail from High Street.
    • Stan is In Jail: Another person that needs to be informed is Stan who is also in jail.
    • Locke Smith: The Locksmith is the next character who needs to know about your expedition. You just need to enter his shop and have a conversation with him.
    • Carla Governor’s Mansion: Carla is a major character (found in Governor’s Mansion) in the game and therefore it is very important to tell her about your plans.
    • Curator In Museum: Go to the Museum of Pirate Lore and meet the caretaker of the place.
    • Old Pirate Leaders: It is the last group of people who should know about your journey. You can meet them at the Fish Shop located on High Street.

The achievement will have 13 different “objectives” that the player will need to complete. It will essentially be described as you going around town to tell everyone that you want to discover the secret of Monkey Island and look more into it. With that, let’s get started! 

Lookout Area 

Return To Monkey Island The Lookout
The Lookout

Starting things off, the first objective players must look into will be the lookout. It is an objective you can’t miss and will be achieved during part one of the gameplay. 

Essentially, you’ll meet an old man looking out over the edge of a mountain cliff, and you will walk towards him. You’ll interact with the guy, and you’ll first tell him how good it feels to be back on monkey island. 

After a bit of small talk, the old man will catch up with you, and you will instantly get to the main topic at hand, which will be “bragging,” and you’ll bring up the fact that you’re going on an expedition whereby you’ll find the secret of the Monkey Island. 

Scumm Bar Pirates 

Return To Monkey Island Scumm Bar Pirates
Scumm Bar Pirates

Moving on, the next objective will entail players needing to make their way to The Scumm Bar, it will be a beating-down building that looks like an old bar. Before you enter, Guybrush will exclaim that he needs to talk to the “pirate leaders” who will be in the bar. 

Once you enter, you’ll need to make your way forward, and Guybrush will wonder if the pirates should be present here. Upon not recognizing the pirate leaders, he’ll ask the actual pirate leaders that they should get up, so they don’t get caught by the actual pirate leaders. 

Captain Lila will exclaim that they ARE the pirate leaders, and captain Madison will tell Guybrush to get lost. You’ll then gets a few dialogue options whereby there will be an option for you to ask about the finances of the expedition. 

Madison will tell Guybrush who he thinks he is, and while Lila mumbles about murdering you, Madison stops them. And then Guybrush tells them about the expedition that he wants to go on.

Scumm Bar Cook 

Return To Monkey Island Scumm Bar Cook
Scumm Bar Cook

The next guy that you will come across will be a cook. Once you go deeper into the Scumm Bar, he will be in the kitchen, which will be an absolute mess. There will be food strewn about everywhere, and there will also be a copious amount of blood everywhere on the carpet and cooking pots. 

The cook will say hello to you and ask you how you have been, and the game will present a total of 4 dialogue options to you ranging from Fine, Good, Peachy, and the Same Old. he will then process to talk to you about the governor, and you can say how she has been. 

After the right cook asks you whether you have kids yet or not, there will be five other options for you. One of them will be about the bar’s atmosphere, the new pirate leaders, the health inspector, the cook’s good work or the expedition and of course you want to choose the option about the expedition. 

More Pirates in Scumm Bar 

Return To Monkey Island More Pirates in Scumm Bar
More Pirates in Scumm Bar

The next set of pirates you will need to meet will also be present again in the same Scumm Bar. However, this time, instead of needing to make your way towards the end of the Scumm Bar, you’ll be able to meet them when you first enter the bar. 

The quest hint will prompt you to talk and interact with the pirates. Instead of catching up with the pirates and asking whether the place belongs to them or not, Guybrush will instantly tell them that he plans on investigating the Secrets of monkey island. 

One of the pirates will exclaim that it doesn’t seem like that much “pirating” to him. Another pirate will be standing towards a barrel, and Guybrush will also tell him that he plans to investigate. 

The pirate tells him that it will probably only be a T-shirt or something and won’t be an important investigation; another pirate will take an interest in your future expedition and say “good for you” when you tell him about your plans. 

Voodoo Lady

Return To Monkey Island Voodoo Lady
Voodoo Lady

The next objective will entail players needing to make their way over to the international house of Mojo. In the house, they will find the Voodoo lady, and the quest will prompt you to enter the house whenever you wish. 

Once you go in, Guybrush will instantly say something about how the place hasn’t changed at all, although many years have passed. The house itself will be pretty grim. Nonetheless, it will still be interesting to look at. Skulls, sale banners, potions, and witchy items will be scattered everywhere. 

Walking alongside the main entrance, you’ll find a lady with green hair wearing a red dress and adorning a green necklace, and she will instantly recognize you as Guybrush Threepwood. She will then say that she has been waiting for your arrival, 

There will be a few dialogue options ranging from Guybrush telling her that it’s been years and that he will search and go on an expedition if the Voodoo lady has enough cash to finance his search. Before Guybrush even gets the chance to reveal his plan, the Voodoo lady will say that she already knows his plans. 

Wally’s Objective 

Return To Monkey Island Wally

The next objective you will mainly have will be with a character named Wally, who will be present in an area known as Wally’s Maps N More shop. The quest prompt will tell you to er the shop, and you can do so by opening up the door. 

Once you enter, you will encounter Wally sitting on a chair, and they will have red hair. Guybrush will first say hi to Sally, and without a blink of an eye, Wally will switch their position towards the right end, look towards the globe and stop spinning it. 

Without a second thought, Wally will then say that Guybrush wants to go on an expedition to uncover the secrets of Monkey Island, effectively rendering Guybrush silent because he didn’t expect Wally to know already what he was about to say, but yet they did. 

They will then engage in small talk, after which you will get a total of 4 dialogue options, which will range from Guybrush looking for a map to him saying that there are sure a lot of maps here and that the shop across them is in major trouble. He will also ask if Wally has a map of the secret. 

Otis In Jail 

Return To Monkey Island Otis

The next part of the main objective to get the Return To Monkey Island Bragging Achievement will be to visit a character whose name is Otis, and they will be present in the jail. Guybrush will first need to make his way over to High Street and find a note there, after which he will be prompted to enter the jail. 

There will be two people in the jail, one on the left end and one on the right end, who will say that there is a visitor, and upon closer inspection, he will notice that it is indeed Guybrush, and he will say hello to him. 

The guy in prison will then further say that he looks extremely different from how he used to be. And Guybrush will then say thank you to him for noticing, then it will show three dialogue options, one will be that of the secret that he wants to work on, another being that of him asking Otis what he was in for this time, and another about Guybrush going back.

Stan In Jail

Return To Monkey Island Stan

Being in the same jail, you’ll need to encounter then further another person who will be named Stan. Stan will essentially be a salesman who repairs, mends, and then sells used ships. Stan will first say that he should “watch his boots” since there will be a lot of water in the area where he is working. 

Guybrush will say hi to Stan, and Stan will say to address Guyrbush as his son. There will be five different dialogue options that you can choose from when addressing Stan further. 

One of them will be Guybrush being sorry to see Stan being in jail, the second one being that he will want to purchase a ship, the third being that he will ask the reason for Stan being in jail, while the fourth and fifth one will be him helping Stan break out of jail and a “see you later.” 

Guybrush will then ask what the best way to steal a ship from someone is, and they will continue conversing about small talk over the process of successfully stealing a ship. After that, Guybrush will reveal his reasons for needing a boat.

Locke Smith 

Return To Monkey Island Locke Smith
Locke Smith

Once you’ve made your way out of the jail, you’ll want to make your way to the locksmith. Open the door if you want to gain access to the entrance to the locksmith, and once you’re inside, you’ll encounter a shop with a man wearing magnifiers. 

Apart from that, there will be tons of locks and keys that will be present in the shop. The locksmith will first welcome you into the store, and you’ll introduce yourself to the locksmith, and the man will introduce himself as “Locke Smith.” 

Guybrush is bewildered at the name of the man, and Guybrush will asks whether he’s kidding, to which Locke Smith will reply that he isn’t since his family wanted him to be in the family business and hence named him the name. 

The four dialogue options will include one being if Locke Smith can make keys, and another one will be Guybrush sticking to the main topic of his expedition. Choose the option where you tell Locke Smith about the expedition, and he will say that it’s really exciting to hear him say that. 

Cobb in Scumm Bar 

Return To Monkey Island Cobb

As for your next objective, you’ll be prompted to make your way back to the Scumm Bar once again. When you enter the bar this time, apart from the regular batch of pirates that are usually there, there will also be Cobb present, who is an NPC in the game. 

Guybrush will first say hi to Guybrush and then say how weird it is to see him being here after all those years that have passed. Cobb will rebuttal a remark by saying that he’s been declared a crucial historical landmark. 

The dialogue options will include Guybrush saying that the place looks different, about the secret, asking about Loom, and saying that he had a nice time talking to him. 

Without another thought in his mind, he will tell him about the expedition and his plans and ask Cobb whether he wants to accompany him on the expedition.

Carla Governer’s Mansion 

Return To Monkey Island Governer's Mansion
Governer’s Mansion

As for the next objective, you might want to make your way to the governor’s mansion next. It can be done by joining this objective with the first one we mentioned, then taking a detour and heading back into the interior island area. 

From there, you will be led to the main map, and it will be fully covered in purple landmarks; you can head forward, after which you can then take a left, then go straight, and then steer left and stop at the location where it says “Governer’s Mansion.” 

Once you click on it, you’ll be able to see the mansion, which will be covered in blue and purple paint, and there will be yellow lights lighting up the insides. Enter the mansion, and call out for Carla, after which a woman’s silhouette will appear in front of you, and she will also be holding a sharp sword. 

She’ll slide her way down the railing and will attempt to duel with you. There will then be a total of three dialogue options offered to you, which will range from “anything but your cooking” as well as Guybrush asking when the last time Carla bathed or him showing Carla a hack. 

After selecting the middle option, they start with their minor duel and have small talk in between. After she asks what you’re doing here, you can simply open up and reveal the real reason why you’re here to visit her. 

Curator In Museum 

Return To Monkey Island Curator in Museum
Curator in Museum

The next objective you will have to complete will be when you venture forth and walk towards the museum. You will first need to go over a bridge made of stone and pavement, after which you will encounter a small ship that will be lodged in the cement, and then you will see a signboard with the words “Museum of Pirate Lore” written. 

Enter the museum, upon which you will be present in a building with many, many unique items for display. Heading into the area, there will be a person who will be the museum curator. 

The quest will then further tell you that you should talk to the museum curator and have four dialogue options. The first is a self-introduction, the second describes the museum as “quaint,” and the next two are about the curator wearing a pegleg and needing to look around the museum. 

Guybrush will then go on to tell the curator how he wants to find the legendary secret of the monkey island and how he plans to go on the trip to uncover as many secrets as possible. 

Old Pirate Leaders 

Return To Monkey Island Old Pirate Leaders
Old Pirate Leaders

Last but not least, you might come across a fish shop that you will need to visit in order to get your hands on the last objective. Once you’re on the main street, go to the high street and enter the fish shop. 

The shop owner will tell you to have a small look around, and you might be able to notice that there will be two pirate leaders that will be sitting at the table. You can tell them about your plans, and you will get the achievement. With that, we will wrap up our Return To Monkey Island Bragging Achievement guide!

Guide and Photo Credit: TrophyTom

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