Return To Monkey Island: Chapters & Story Length

Return To Monkey Island features different chapters in the game and our guide will explain each of them.

Return To Monkey Island is the sixth installment in the series and is a great point-and-click adventure game with a classic art style. We go on a journey with Guybrush, completing different chapters in Return To Monkey Island with each chapter more engaging than the other. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Return to Monkey Island, you have to complete 6 chapters. Each chapter is as enjoyable and engaging as the other. 
    • Chapter 1: A Friendly Place.
    • Chapter 2: A Dangerous Journey.
    • Chapter 3: Return To Monkey Island.
    • Chapter 4: Things Get Complicated.
    • Chapter 5: Beneath The Monkey Head.
  • The Length of the game depends on the difficulty you have chosen and the nature of the puzzles.

Our guide today is about all the chapters that you have to complete in Return To Monkey Island as well as the time each chapter takes. Read our guide till the end to see what adventures each of the chapters in the game holds for you and how much time you will be required to complete each one of them. 

All Chapters And Parts 

You will get to experience five different chapters in the game and each holds a lot of exciting puzzles and missions to keep you hooked. 

These chapters are referred to as parts of the game. Below you will see every chapter that you will get to take on in the game and some details of it. 

Part 1- A Friendly Place 

The first chapter that you will experience in the game is called A Friendly Place. Here you will be introduced to the gameplay mechanics and you’ll see the characters that you will be interacting with throughout the game as well. Make sure to check out our guide on the trivia cards in Return To Monkey Island as they are an important part of the game. 

all chapters in Return To Monkey Island
Island of Melee

We continue the story of Guybrush when he returns to the Island of Melee. You play as Guybrush and you will see a lot of new faces as well as some old friends and foes in the first chapter.

The chapter will begin on the Lookout Tower of the island. Guybrush will start a conversation with Old Pirate Lookout. We have also created a guide on all the endings in Return To Monkey Island so you can check how to see what possible endings you can expect. 

He tells the old pirate lookout that he is going to search for the Secret Of Monkey Island. The Old Pirate Lookout asks if he is going to go on this voyage with his nemesis LeChuck. Also, don’t forget to check out our guide on an eye patch and bite of thousand needles as they are a part of the first chapter in the game. 

first chapter in Return To Monkey Island
Part 1: A Friendly Place

Also, you will go through a lot of dialogue options that will affect your story one way or another. You will also get to experience different regions in the game like the Scumm Bar where you will meet a group of pirate leaders.

Furthermore, you will have to collect some Trivia Cards that will be scattered in different locations in the game as well. The new pirate leaders are called Trent, Lila, and Madison. You can interact with them and find out more about Monkey Island. Also, you can discuss the crew and ship availability as well as funds with them.

In the first chapter, you will also get to find a ship. You need to get a job on the boat of your nemesis LeChuck‘s ship. However, you will need a disguise to board the ship as you have been blacklisted from entering the ship.

You will need some items for that and in order to avoid spoilers, we will leave the nature of these items up to you to find. Moreover, you will also meet Carla and apologize to her as well. You will venture through the streets, high and low, and visit many shops like Maps N More.

Part 2- A Dangerous Journey 

In the next part, we see Guybrush leave the island and start his adventure and the dangerous sea. Your first mission will be getting out of the hold and it is quite hard.

You will get to interact with Captain Madison here while you fix some parts of the ship. Also, you will find some skulls lying about that will help you in your mission. The ship itself has a lot of activities to keep you engaged.

Furthermore, there will be a telescope that can be used to scan the horizon. Undoubtedly the most obtuse activity is convincing the crew to go to Monkey Island. 

chapters and parts in Return To Monkey Island
Part 2: A Dangerous Journey

The crew will have five members that you need to convince and they are Iron Rose, Flair, Putra, Apple Bob, and Flambe. You need to talk to each one of them and convince them to change their mind and make them vote in the favor of going to Monkey Island.

Also, they will ask for something in return in order to change their mind. After completing the requests you will be able to convince them to vote in the favor of going to monkey island and unravel the secret it holds. 

Now you need to ring the bell and the group members will be able to vote in the game. After some cutscenes and some dialogues, you will move ahead to part three of the game. Now, this is where the hard part of the game starts so be prepared for the dangers that lie ahead. 

Part 3- Return To Monkey Island 

Finally, we see our protagonist come back to Monkey Island in this chapter. Also, keep in mind that the event you face and the hard mode will be a little different from the casual mode. In the previous chapter, our protagonist managed to snag a secret map from the ship. You will need to explore the sea floor and there will be a sign that reads that the walk to monkey island is 6 minutes.

Luckily for us, Guybrush is able to hold his breath for almost 8 minutes so it will give you plenty of time to explore the whole area. As soon as you reach the dry land you will be able to pick up some items lying around. It includes a skull as well. We recommend starting at the Red Berry Bush when exploring the island. 

returning to Monkey Island
Part 3: Return To Monkey Island

After that, you can go trekking to Volcano Beach on the West side of the map. Also, don’t forget to check out the shipwreck that lies in the northeast and from there you can make your way to the Giant Monkey Head on the eastern side of the map.

Eventually, you’ll come across a group of pirates who will require you to discover the secrets of LeChuck. You will need to find three of his secrets including his theme song, catchphrase, and his favorite food.

After you have successfully uncovered his secrets you need to head back to the Monkey Head and give all the information to the pirates that require it. As soon as you reveal the secrets you will find yourself in trouble and soon part four will begin. 

Part 4- Things Get Complicated 

The end is approaching fast and the challenges are getting harder. Guybrush will make his way back to Melee Island in this chapter. As soon as you reach the island you will be presented with a list of objectives that you need to complete for the chapter end in order to progress in the main campaign.

chapters detail in Return To Monkey Island
Part 4: Things Get Complicated

You will need to go to the low street and meet Voodoo Lady. There you will come across a new character in the game as the Voodoo Lady tells you to meet them outside. Head outside the International House of mojo to meet them.

Now you need to collect some Island Keys in order to unlock the secret of Monkey Island. We will also need to get a map of the sea which you can get from Wally at his shop. 

You will also need to go to Scurvy Island and explore it a bit in order to complete some objectives in the game. After you have collected all the keys required you need to complete some challenges as well.

There are many areas that you will explore during the chapter including the Shipyard and the Museum. Also, you will meet the Ice Queen who you need to challenge to the Contest Of Heartiness. 

You will be traveling back and forth between different islands like Scurvy Island and Bare Bones Island. The chapter is quite extensive and might require you longer than 2 hours to complete. As the end of the chapter approaches you will need to go to Terror Island as well to collect the key to the area.

The last key that you will be required to take is the Golden Key and after that, the chapter will end when you insert all five into the locked safe. Then the final chapter will begin and you will be able to unlock the secrets of the island. 

Part 5- Beneath The Monkey Head 

Now you and Elaine will be in front of the Giant Monkey Head on the monkey island. She will give you a recap of the journey so far and all the challenges you went through to come to this very spot. The Monkey Head will be open and you can now hop inside.

As soon as you go inside you will meet a friend as well however you need to continue down the path. Also, you will come across a crewmate as well and they will tell you to stop. 

Last chapter
Part 5: Beneath The Monkey Head

But you need to keep moving forward and go up with all the strength you have. Eventually, you will come across a series of rooms and each will have a statue of a monkey inside. There will be four of them and they will be missing something presenting you with another challenge at hand.

Also, there will be a lot of puzzles here to solve and you will have to go through a total of Three Rings of the monkey statues. When you have completed the challenges you will be able to reach a stone slab. There you will see a Wheel that you can rotate in order to unlock the secret of monkey island.

Total Length Of Chapters And The Game

The Return To Monkey Island’s game length depends entirely on the nature of the missions and objectives. If you have played the previous installments then you will be able to complete them in no time. However, the average amount of time that you will need to complete the whole game is roughly 8 to 10 hours.

Also, if you decide to use the Hint Book you will be able to complete the game in a shorter amount of time. We recommend that you complete the challenges on your own in order to enjoy the true essence of the game.

Furthermore, the difficulty of the game will also decide the amount of time you will need to complete each of the missions. In casual mode, you will be able to complete the missions easily however if you are playing hard mode then you will require longer than 2 hours to complete each chapter. 

Wrap Up

Our guide and all the chapters in Return To Monkey Island come to an end here. Hopefully, after reading every guide you will get an idea of what challenges you might be facing in each of the chapters and how long it will require you to complete them. You can leave any queries you have in the comment section down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We have curated a detailed Return To Monkey Island Review that you can check out to see the detailed analysis of our experts on the game and what they think about its gameplay. Like any other point-and-click adventure, you will be going through a lot of missions and completing different objectives. 

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