Return To Monkey Island: Convincing All Crew Members

Our guide is about one of the objectives in Part 2 of the Return To Monkey Island which requires convincing crew to change their vote. 

Return To Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure game with a well-paced story and a beautiful art style. After you have successfully boarded the ship there will be another mission for you to complete. In Part 2 of Return To Monkey Island, you will be convincing crew in the favor of going to Monkey Island.

Key Takeaways
  • Convincing Crew is a part of the second chapter in Return To Monkey Island
  • There are five crew members on the ship that you need to convince to change their vote. They are:
    • Iron Rose.
    • Flambe, Flair.
    • Apple Bob.
    • Putra. 
  • Each of the members will have a different request and you need to complete them in order to change their vote. 
  • After that, you need to ring the bell once to call for another vote and conclude the mission. 

Convincing The Crew Mission 

The mission will start when you board the ship. Before you convince the crew you will have to escape the hold and get out of the sight of Captain Madison.

Getting out of hold
Getting out of the hold

Furthermore, you will also need a flattened skull before you move on to convincing your crew. Also, we have created a detailed guide on all the trivia cards in Return To Monkey Island including their location and spawn points. 

After you have successfully found the flattened skull that will help you complete the Monkey Island potion your next task will be convincing the crew. While Guybrush has formulated a detailed plan to get there you will have to face a lot of obstacles on your way.

Guybrush’s Plan

The biggest obstacle is the whole crew of the ship voting against Guybrush’s plan. Guybrush proposed that they follow the ship of Captain Madison and get to monkey island. But the stubborn crew does not want to hear it and will propose against it.

Convincing crew in Return To Monkey Island
Voting for the first time

This will present you with a new objective at hand which is to convince the crew members to vote in the favor of going to monkey island. Each of the crew members will need a lot of convincing and they will also put forward a request. Some of them will need an item which you will find for them.

Bribing them will work here and they will switch their votes. While you are at it don’t forget to check out our guide on the apology frog in Return To Monkey Island. 

Therefore, you will have to find the item required by each crew member to get an anonymous result. it might seem a lot of work but the requests are not that time-consuming. We have also formulated a guide on how to get scurvy dogs. 

Crew Members Of The Ship To Convince

There will be a total of five crewmates on the ship. However, you will not have to interact with Gullet while completing this mission. You will need to convince them all if you want to go through with your plan. Following our other members present on the ship that you need to convince. 

  • Flambe
  • Iron rose 
  •  Putra 
  •  Flair 
  •  Apple Bob 

Now the first crew member that you will be convincing is Putra. You will need many items as well for the report that we will discuss later on. Before you go any further don’t forget to check out our guide on casual or hard difficulty. 

Let’s see how you can convince each of them to change their vote in your favor. 

Convincing Putra To Change Her Vote 

When the players interact with Putra they will learn that she is not happy with her status on the ship and wants a promotion. If you interact with her more and ask her why her title is not that of her chef she will tell you that she has been trying to get a promotion and change her title from that of a cook to a chef.

Convincing Putra in the crew in Return To Monkey Island

Furthermore, she will also tell you that LeChuck refuses to sign off her papers of promotion. Now players will be presented with an opportunity to change their vote. When you offer her your help she will give you her the papers for her request for promotion. All you need to do now is get LeChuck to sign on it.

However, it is not that easy. now you need to go back and interact with the ghost pirate again. When you select one of the dialogue options where you tell him your plan he will give you the First Swab’s Report. While you are at it don’t forget to check out our guide on the all endings in Return To Monkey Island. 

Swab Report 

To get the report go straight inside his cabin with the chef and interact with him. Here you will be able to learn an alternative way by which you can get to Monkey Island. However, he will throw you out of his cabin with some paperwork that you will need to complete.

This piece of paperwork it’s called the First Swab’s Report. The report will require 5 items and you need to take it to Rose in order to be signed off.

Items For Swab Report

First, you need to find the ghost rats that will be sitting outside the cabin and add them to the report. In order to do that you need to take the report out of your inventory. Then you need to select the rats and go out of the cabin.

Moreover, you need to enter the Galley that will be located on the left side. It is opposite the cabin and you need to enter the whole Galley into the report in the same way. In order to add the Galley to the report, you can choose any of the safety and health issues on the ship. 

Now leave the Galley and go straight to the hold. You will be able to spot a greased-up porthole there. After you click on it you will be able to add it to the First Swab’s Report successfully. Now you need to collect the ghost chicken glop. In order to do that you will need to give these chickens some chicken feed to eat and wait for them to do their business. Till then you can go and collect other items on the report.

After you visit them again you will see some of the chicken glop lying about in the hold. Add this chicken glop into your First Swab’s Report. Keep in mind that if you want to see the chicken splat you will need to feed the chickens the chicken feed in the sack found near the ladder.

Next, you need to make your way up to the deck of the ship. You will find some stains on the portion nearby that you can add to the report. They will be near some empty boxes either to your right or left. Lastly, you need to find Gullet and he will be in the rudder of this ship. He will be stuck there and you can add him to your First Swab’s Report by interacting with him. 

Completing The Report

As soon as you are done collecting all items on the report you need to head back to the deck. Here you need to look for Iron Rose and ask her to approve the report. She will approve it and give the report back to you as well as some other papers. These papers will need a seal of approval from LeChuck. Also, you will have to open your inventory after this happens and add a request for promotion on the papers.

Doing so will give you a set of combined papers that will appear in your inventory. Now go back to the cabin of LeChuck again and hand him the combined papers. As soon as you though, LeChuck will sign the papers which include the promotion of Putra as well.

After receiving the stamping request for promotion you need to go back to Putra and hand her the papers. Doing so will convince her to vote in favor of going to the island. Her title will change from that of a cook to a chef. 

Convincing Iron Rose To Change Her Vote 

Now head over to Iron Rose on the ship. She is the quartermaster of the ship and you need to interact with her as well. When you complete her dialogue options you will learn that she has lost her faith in the ghost pirate, LeChuck.

Convincing iron rose in crew in Return To Monkey Island
Iron Rose

Also, she will tell you that she has forgotten why she joined the crew and what inspired her so much. Now in order to convince her you will need something that will show her that LeChuck is inspirational and that she made the right choice by joining the crew.

Motivational Pamphlet

You won’t need to search the whole ship in order to find something that will help. Luckily in your inventory, you can find a motivational pamphlet. The pamphlet will have all the benefits and perks of joining LeChuck’s crew. All you need to do is to take out the pamphlet and show her.

After reading the Pamphlet she will be convinced that she made the right choice in joining the crew and will agree to change her vote in order to go to Monkey Island. 

Convincing Flambe To Change His Vote 

First, you need to find Flambe in the crow‘s nest. Flambe will be reading a book when you find him. When you interact with him and complete his dialogue options you will come to know that he will be willing to change his vote. However, changing his mind is not so easy as he will require you to look for a Scorched Alaska.

Convincing flambe in crew in Return To Monkey Island

Since he is an avid lover of eating and sleeping, it is important that you find Scorched Alaska if you plan on changing his mind. In order to find it, you will need to go back to the kitchen. You can ask Putra to make Scorched Alaska. However, the Scorched Alaska she will make will not be that hot the way Flambe likes.

Finding The Glow Stick

After she has whipped up Scorched Alaska you need to take it and head back to the deck. Keep in mind that she will only make you Alaska after you have helped her get the promotion. You need to head towards the southern part of the ship in the direction of the Canon.

Near the cannon, you will spot a glowing stick lying about. However, the players will not be able to pick it up and we’ll actually be required to trim it by using the knife. After you have successfully trimmed that tip of the glowing stick, you can combine it with scorched Alaska.

After that, all you need to do is return to Flambe and give him the concoction. He will throw aside his book and take Scorched Alaska from you. After that, he will tell you that he will vote in the favor of going to the monkey island. 

Convincing Flair To Change Her Vote

Flair will be outside the kitchen. Upon interacting with her you will come to know that she will change her vote easily but she does have a request that you need to complete. She will tell you that she needs her grandmother’s Whale Knife in order to change the vote.


After completing her dialogue options you will be able to learn where you can find it. She will tell you that she left the knife stuck in the back of Gullet.

Getting The Knife

By now the players will know that Gullet has been thrown off the ship. So you will need to make your way back to him. He can be found quite easily when make your way out of the porthole and go down the hold. Taking a lift you will see the rudders of the ship.

Climb down the ship and you will be able to see him stuck there. Furthermore, you will see a knife sticking out of his back as well. Examine the knife and you will be able to remove it. Now you need to go all the way back to Flair and give her the knife. Doing so will convince her to change her mind and vote to go to monkey island. 

Convincing Apple Bob To Change His Mind 

Lastly, you will need to interact with Apple Bob and change his mind. He can be found quite easily as he will be hanging upside down right beside Iron Rose. When you interact with him you will find that he is quite bored on the ship and needs some entertainment.

Convincing crew in Return To Monkey Island
Apple Bob

While he will say any source of entertainment will satisfy him, he will reject all the ideas that you put forward. After completing all the dialogue options with him you will come to the conclusion that he enjoys reading the most. Luckily when you last interacted with Flambe he will have given you a joke book.

You just need to give him the book in order to change his mind. Now all that is left to do is to ring the bell and start the voting session. Head towards the right side of the ship and go up the stairs. You will see a bell located right next to the ship’s wheel. 

Calling The Vote 

In order to call the word, you need to ring the bell once. Doing so will gather all the crew members and they will vote in favor of going to the monkey island.

After that, you need to steal the map. To do so you will have to ring the bell twice and wait for LeChuck to come out. As soon as he comes out of his cabin and starts to shout on the crew you need to sneak off into the cabin. There you will be able to spot a secret map on his desk.

Get The Secret Map

Now you need to swap the map with the fake one. After that, you need to send the skull you got before to the other ship. Doing so will allow you to follow them to the monkey island.

cabin of LeChuck
Snatch the Map

To send the skull you need to go to the cannon and put the flattened skull in it. Light up the cannon and it will shoot the skull to the other ship. This will conclude Part 2 as well as your mission and objectives for it. 

Wrap Up

Our guide on the convincing crew mission in Return To Monkey Island comes to an end here. Hopefully, after reading our guide you will be able to convince each of the crew members to change their vote. If you have any queries related to our guide make sure to leave them down in the comment section.

If you want to know what happened in Part 1 make sure to read our guide on all chapters. There you will find the details and challenges each and every chapter holds. 

Also, if you are facing the issue of Return To Monkey Island crashing on your PC make sure to read our guide on it as we have listed all the possible fixes for the error. Furthermore, you will also need LeChuck’s map so make sure that you read our guide on it.

As it will explain a step-by-step process of how you can get the map easily and get to Monkey Island. You will need the map after you have successfully convinced your crew to reach the mysterious island. 

We have also curated a detailed guide on how to get an eye patch and bite of thousand needles. You will need the eye patch recharged using the bite of thousand needles to complete your disguise and get on the ship.

Our guide today will discuss one of the missions that require a convincing crew in Part 2 of Return To Monkey Island. Also, you will learn what items you will need to change each of the crewmate’s minds and make the crewmates vote in the favor of going to the monkey island. 

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